MP Njikho under fire over Constituency Development Fund in Mzuzu City

Youth activists in Mzuzu have described as shoddy a decision by Mzuzu City legislator Leornard Njikho of re-allocating funds that were meant for the rehabilitation of the Msongwe and Zolozolo Health Centres under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Njikho: Faces constituents anger

Njikho: Faces constituents anger

The activists – Nyozomo Gondwe (Ex-Mzuni Student Union President), Charles Kajoloweka (Executive Director, Youth and Society), Tiyane Nyirenda (African Enterprise Mission) and Mandewa Lungu (Social Commentator), speaking on a programme aired live on the Voice of Livingstonia (VoL), took their turns lambasting Njikho for the move saying the act was unfortunate in Malawi’s present democratic dispensation.

According to information gathered by Nyasa Times, about K4 million was allocated towards the renovation of dilapidated Zolozolo and Msongwe Health Centres but a decision – after a brief meeting between Njikho and Mzuzu Mayor His Worship Mkandawire – was reached that the money go towards the roofing of a primary school in Mchengautuba which had been damaged by a storm early this month.

“The Mchengautuba incident was a disaster and as such was supposed to be treated as such,” said Kajoloweka. “It would have been covered up by the Disaster and Preparedness package.”

In Malawi, about half of the money allocated for projects is diverted or misappropriated altogether, a study published by independent non-governmental watch dog revealed recently.

“That’s why we need a proper structure in place that will not only monitor our MP [Njikho], but also all other MPs in the country,” opined Gondwe. “With that, MPs in the country will no longer regard constituencies as personal estates.”

According to Gondwe, MPs in the country must learn to develop self fiscal discipline.

“They are the ones that plunder resources at a national level when appointed to ministerial positions,” he said.

Njikho could not answer his mobile phone several times his number was called.

Also in attendance at the panel discussion, funded by the National Democratic Institute (NDI), was Dan Msowoya – former Alliance for Democracy (Aford) – who urged parliamentarians in the country to forget politics and focus on providing meaningful insights that can help towards developing the nation.

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16 thoughts on “MP Njikho under fire over Constituency Development Fund in Mzuzu City”

  1. It seems people have a personal Vendetta against Charles-a common thing among failures in Malawi, Hey gentlemen we are in a democracy and consultation is the key to the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS!

  2. mwawanthu pulikani says:

    It seems people have a personal Vandetta with Charles-a common thing among failures in Malawi, Hey gentlemen we are in a democracy and consultation is the key to the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS!

  3. MWENECHO says:

    Uncle Josy and the Mayor goofed big time here. They never consulted Councilors on the relocation of resources. The MP is being misled by his Campaign-time advisors including Mr. Spencer who thinks he knows it all. Uncle Josy must be careful if he is to survive a number of foolish scandals. The activists are right. The resources spent on the school were meant for the clinics. Thus a point ! They are simply reminding the MP and the clueless youthful councilor to be accountable on the decisions made on behalf of the majority.

  4. Mzuni says:

    Kajoloweka-kiss mabondo!!! LDF is controlled by MPs and in consultation with ward councilors; in this case Mayor; paja mulibe office; m office we prioritize; its rainy season now; do you reckon it is good idea to renovate Zolozolo clinic(yomwe mumakanyelako madzulo) than helping the kids get a good shelter? for your information Zolozolo clinic is under Mzimba North District Hospital and they will/ and are supposed to source funds themselves after all; K4m sikandalama kokwana; Charles Kajoloweka ndalama za Tilitonse mwafuntha nazo eti, mukugundila ku Moni Lodge ku Chimaliro, mwayamba viwawa; kiss mabondo shatapu

  5. Koma Malawi says:

    Inu why hide you are not youth but malova iwe Kajolweka ndi mzakoyo please learn how CDF works and see if the MP was wrong. Let me warn you the so called youths to properly know how LDF works . Dan Msowoya the useless so called politician

  6. mbuzi says:

    there is something wrong with this story? the writer did not make an effort to find out how the CDF works? does an MP have unilateral powers to move the money around as he or she wants? or many be the pannelists themselves do not know? Its not fair to rush to blaming someone when one is ignorant of short of facts.

  7. Zanga Phee says:

    bola uyu wangopanga re~allocate si alomwe anatenga za Nac kukapangira pwando.

  8. thako says:

    choncho mkumat tikufuna federalism, zdzaenda? mbwenumbwenu nyan wamunthu

  9. Chiyombo says:

    thumps up MP& Mayor. First things first. Bravo.

  10. Mbanangwa says:

    I feel both projects are of equal importance. Education and Health are all rights according to the Declared charter of 1948 to which Malawi is a signatory . However,the Disaster Risk Preparedness Fund should do its job as well.
    I like the way the youth have taken their challenge to take to task the legislature inMzuzu. If all youths in Malawi followed suit , crime would reduce heavily. This is a different age. Education is the key, it opens up one’s eyes to claim for their inherent rights which are not man-given , but God-given.

  11. Felix says:

    I dont want to support any side. But I think it was good thinking by the MP and the mayor to rehabilitate a school. The health center only needs renovation while the school was damaged. Please think before you start pointing fingers at other people.

  12. Patriot says:

    Tie ya Blue.
    MP wa DPP ameneyu. Ndizosadabwitsa. Remember NAC-gate.

  13. ganimunthu says:

    Ha ha ha you cal yourselves non governmental organisations and fail to raise money for the projects you are talking about and yet you want to accuse the MP for the project of supporting some children at access quality education. Go to he’ll and leave alone our man. He is doing a good job but you guys we do not know what you are doing you can not point at anything tangible. Sanabe uyu wathandiza ana bravo bravo Njikho

  14. khumbo harawa says:

    no no its not like there is a special fund for zolozolo and msongwe clinics and projects r underway.Wat we shud know as of now is that the CDF is controlled by the MP.

  15. Malindima says:

    Diversion of funds! Isn’t this nepotism? One of the reasons given by the very proponents of Federalism from there is the need equal distribution of funding for equal development to eradicate nepotism. Here is nepotism at it best. George Owell in his book titled Animal Farm wrote: ” All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”
    Any form of Government whether applying Federalism or Socialism or Capitalism or Communism will never distribute funding equally.
    Don’t be deceived that Federalism wil bring equal development in the midst of these selfish idiots!

  16. Talibo ZOA says:

    Ndiye mukatero muzichitira nsanje zitukukoza ku south ndi centre,

    Chonsecho ndalama mungothyolera matumba mwanu malo mopanganazo chitukuko

    Azathu akupoto vuto lanu ndi chiyani?

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