Mpasu says Malawi parties need to be institutionalised

Former Speaker of the National Assembly Sam Mpasu has said Malawi parties need to be institutionalised if democracy is to be consolidated in the country.

Mpasu: Dynasties destroying democracy

Mpasu: Dynasties destroying democracy

Mpasu decried in an interview on Daybreak Malawi programme on Capital FM on Monday that political parties in the country are mostly personalised by the leader or founder syndrome.

“We should institutionalise our political parties,” said Mpasu.

He said the trend in Malawi so far is that party founders are only interested to handover leadership mantle to “a brother or a son”.

Apparently, he was referring to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) which is led by President Peter Mutharika and he inherited it from his brother, late Bingu wa Mutharika while United Democratic Front (UDF) of former president Bakili Muluzi is led by Minister of Home Affairs, Atupele Muluzi.

Aford of pro-democracy hero Chakufwa Chihana is now being led by his son Enoch Chihana, MP.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is led by Lazarous Chakwera who took over leadership from John Tembo after his retirement. It was a transfer of leadership without connection to relationship.

Mpasu said parties in Malawi are run like “dynasties”.

He said institutionalisation is positively correlated with the consolidation of democracy and good for stability of interparty competition citing Frelimo of Mozambique and Tanzania where parties have a large bureaucracy, extensive branch network and influential mid-ranking leaders which has seen successful succession plan of leaders.

Mpasu said personalised parties are likely to have gross abuses of power and destabilising succession battles.

“That’s why people leave presidency as billionaires,” said Mpasu in apparent reference to cashgate corruption scandal that leaders in the country are endemic to.

He also argued that some of current problems in Malawi are due to the lack of ideology in the parties.

Commenting on Daybreak Malawi programme, politician –cum-analyst Humphrey Mvula bemoaned that politics in Malawi is no longer about serving the people but self-enrichment.

He observed that Malawian parties are “issue pushers” and by that unsystematic.

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15 thoughts on “Mpasu says Malawi parties need to be institutionalised”

  1. tsetsefly says:

    DPP, UDF, AFORD and other briefcase parties are simply stupid groupings supporting family idiots.

  2. BONFACE says:



  3. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Nanu mwalira choncho.

  4. Bratusha says:

    Anybody who values walking the talk want take the likes of Mpasu seriously. These are the people who were tried and tested in Malawi politics and failed. Malawi is in this mess because of the likes of Mpasu who sow seeds of corruption in Malawi . Bola aziyankhula osati inu a Fieldyork scam

  5. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Muluzi and sons Limited (UDF)
    Mutharika Brothers Incorporated (DPP)
    Chihana Family Estates (Aford)

  6. Analisti wamkulu says:

    Pokhapa bwana Mpasu mwayankhula za nzeru.Malawi will never get anywhere with these dynasties.Who said that the Mutharikas and Muluzi are the only intelligent family to lead Malawi?Bingu made sure to manipulate the system so that his incompetent brother should inherit the mantle,unfortunately nature took charge and we ended having an accidental woman by the name of Mtila Banda.Muluzi senior has also made sure that his clean shaven son Atupele should lead Malawi but the gods have not been with him.His son has proved to be incompetent in every ministry he has been heading.These dynasties have proved to be useless for Malawi and they should be no way repeated in the future.Pitala is using the looted wealth of his fallen brother,while Atupele is using the looted wealth of his six pounds thief father.Its time Malawians stopped tolerating this kind of cheap politics.

  7. Clement Chiwoko says:

    This is the only true analysis of Malawi Politics I have from a politician or from anyone. I still believe Malawi Politics is like politics of children on a play ground wanting to go on a ride without thinking of others.

  8. Wayawaya says:

    Zoonadi Zipani Za Kumalawi zili ndi eni ake. Atamwalira Bingu yemwe anayenera kukhala president wa DPP anali a Goodwell Gondwe koma zinasintha ndikusankha a Peter.

  9. Limbani Maxwell Teputepu says:

    Yaaa Neh..Malawi is a play ground for Politicians whose objective is to milk Malawi. Most Malawian political leaders are there to gamble the poor Malawian citizen.

  10. Xeenoph says:

    Ur right Mr. Mpasu. We need true analysts to level the political ground in our country. Keep it up

  11. The Observer says:

    @no 1 anarchical if you have nothing to just keep quiet, then no one will know how stupid you are !

  12. Charombanthu says:

    There is nothing wrong with sons/daughters taking over leadership of parties from their fathers/mothers. What matters is that this should be done in a democratic way i.e. the new party leaders should be elected at the appropriate conventions and if the people so wish, why not?? Good examples in the developed world are the USA where George Bush Sr – George Bush 2 and now Jeb Bush wants to take the mantle. You cannot exclude brothers/sons because they too are citizens. What is wrong is to impose leaders like Muluzi did with Bingu….

  13. Othyola Tea ku Thyolo says:

    Nachisale Ndiwe wodwala. Zibale through zikwati?

  14. nachisale says:

    There is a connection between John Tembo and MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera. Pali chibale through zikwati but also association. Was late Bingu wa Mutharika related to Bakili Muluzi? These are elites conniving to get power and enrich themselves. By the way, if there was nothing between Tembo and Chakwera MCP leadership contest would not have been dodgy.

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