Mphwiyo attempted to jump bail, surety tells Malawi court

Crispin Ernest Banda, who was the surety for former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo, claimed in the High Court on Wednsday that Mphwiyo planned to jump bail.

Mphwiyo:  Gun shot survivor in Malawi 'cashgate'  implicated Kasambara in his shooting

Mphwiyo: Gun shot survivor in Malawi ‘cashgate’ implicated Kasambara in his shooting

Banda asked High Court judge Esmie Chombo to be withdrawn as a surety for Mphwiyo’s bail in the theft and money laundering charges amounting to K2.1 billion.

In his application prepared by private practice lawyer Ralph Kasambara, who is one of the suspects in the case of attempting to murder Mphwiyo, Banda told the judge in her chamber that he had information that Mphwiyo was planning to jump bail.

He asked the court to order a refund of his K2 million bail bond which the court granted.

Mphwiyo on Monday applied to the bureau to be allowed to travel to South Africa for medical aid. In December last year, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) allowed Mphwiyo to travel to South Africa for medical treatment.

Two bullets hit Mphwiyo in the mandible and another went through his shoulder to his chest. One bullet was removed in a South African hospital but two others – lodged in his spinal column – will remain inside the 38-year-old for the rest of his life.

ACB deputy director general Reyneck Matemba said Mphwiyo has since found the new surety and court examined him to be satisfactory.

Mphwiyo, whose shooting on 13 September 2013 led to the unravelling of the systematic looting of millions of government money dubbed ‘cashgate’,

The gun-shot survivor implicated Kasambara, a former minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs at the time of the incident, as one of the people that wanted to kill him.

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27 thoughts on “Mphwiyo attempted to jump bail, surety tells Malawi court”

  1. Federal says:

    Iwe Hoho Mzimba mtundu wako wabwino. Ok. Komatu mtundu wakowo ndi wokuda bi ndi mitima yomwe. Moti palibe kampani yomwe ingapange mafuta ozola oti uwonekeko bwino. Kodi black ameneyi wa ku DR Congo paja. Koma nyanja ili pafupi nanu. Ngati chili chifaniziro cha Mulungu ndiye anali asanamalize ntchito yake. Mtundu umenewu kungapezeke ma albino, ndakaika. Bwanji pamenepo. Stupit.

  2. BigMan says:

    It is absolutely pathetic to have Ralph Kasambara who is a prime suspect in all of these cases, still allowed to represent clients in the same case as well as surety of the man who he is accused of attempting to kill. The Malawi law Society is an arse!!!!

  3. Banda mutengeko says:

    K2 million adamupatsa ndi Mphwiyo yemweyo amubera chabe

  4. Gvt must wealth or not arrest all people who r involved in cashgate scandal says:

    Gvt must wheather or not should arrest all people who r involved in cashgate scandall

  5. lucifer says:

    Ralph watikwana kagwere uko

  6. mesho says:

    Ralph you are a Satan you attempted to kill Paul and now you are persecuting him coz you are a lawyer shame on you

  7. Avicenna says:

    Typical mafia tactics rafaelo,pure thuggish rather.

  8. mjiba says:

    this stupid mphwiyo should be locked up immediately. if the surety is saying mphwiyo will bolt a ACB mukukana? what more evidence do you need????????? amangidwe pompano

  9. Hoho Mzimba says:

    To be frank aKasambara mukutichitsa manyazi maka maka isi atonga anyinu.

    Khalidwe limelo loyenera alomwe. Mukutionongera mbiri yabwino ya mtundu wathu. Mwachitika uli na ada bwana? Awana viyo cha!

  10. Chimphamba Nedi says:

    Dear Patriot,
    I greatly appreciate your taking time to give an informed feedback. I always think that it is better to discuss the issue and to know it than just to leave it to wondering. A Malawi ambiri Timangodabwa, kudabwa ndi kudabwa. Thanks, Patriot.

  11. nasimelo says:

    I think allowing Ralph ksambara to get involved in a case about his accuser in a different case is a classic case of ‘CONFLICT OF INTEREST’ the law is allowing Ralph to victimise Mphwiyo and this is a clear case of it. inu a Rafeelo lachi 80 likupeza because that chi 40 linakwana kale

  12. These guys are playing hide & seek. If indeed Mphwiyo had wanted to jump bail why didn’t the guy just report the matter there and then? Any wonder the courts have still gone ahead granting permission to Mphwiyo to go for medical check-up in RSA despite allegations that he had intentions to contravene his bail conditions?… Nkhani apa ndi 2mlln kwacha plus poaching ya ma player basi====

  13. fisi matama says:

    Uyu mukuti Ernest Banda,ndi munthu omvetsa chisoni,2million adaitenga Kuti? Go down u wil find the pinpoint why he has done that.

  14. Shameful and indeed.

  15. I read somewhere of ethical canons or proffession appropriatness which is supposed to guide the law proffession . But itappears our system has no ethics. The culprit in this case is our law socielty or the judicial commission for allowing this. In a normal legal setting suspension would have bn metted until proven onnocent. Since Malaw has got sick sick arms of government thats why this is allowed.

  16. Ezekiel says:

    To present himself it’s because he is a lawyer himself so don’t be Checking here he is a man and well capable to handle this issue alone that’s Kasambara I know.

  17. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Kasambara should not represent any body before his case is concluded. Yes, there may be no law in the books preventing him but our moral/conscience should do that. Law demands integrity and Kasambara has no integrity.

    No wonder most people don’t resign from their positions even if they have committed something wrong. Politicians are main culprits of this mentality.

    2mita ndiyambiri amwene. M’dalayu wapsya.

  18. nasimelo says:

    This is Ralph kasambara’s attempt to frustrate Mphwiyo. it is way too obvious, these two have a grudge match going and we are letting them play chase

  19. collins kafa says:

    It’s all fishy due to kasambara also representing this Ernest guy. Koma like him or hate him kasambara ndi katundu @ law

    1. koma says:

      Kuli another katundu kwamwamba oziwa Law.moti Kasambara law yake sizatha kunthandiza patsikulo.

  20. there’s something behind this story coz I don’t understand.

  21. the patriot says:

    Chimphamba Nedi, I had the same misgiving and asked a lawyer’s clarification. His answer was that there is no law that stops a practicing lawyer who is at the same time answering charges from practicing law at the same time until he/she has been found guilty. So in the meantime Mr Kasambara will be sending other people with less vicious crimes to the gallows while he, himself, answering more serious charges remains outside and untouched. Such does not even begin to fit in “Animal Farm’s” understanding of the workings of this sick world.

    It is, of course morally empty, by any standard. But then, does Malawi (or the whole of Africa for that matter) have any standards, one would ask!! and all this starts right from the top. The presidency in Malawi is questionable, our politicians are questionable, our justice system is questionable, our law enforcers are questionable, the clique of our CEO’s is questionable and we can go on and on. Anywhere else, the presidency would not have taken on the mantle in view of the stolen vote or at best would resign; any where else our MP’s would not even step into our honorable house; anywhere else most of our judges would not sit on the bench…….. and our lawyers, need I go on!!

    Can we wonder then when the country’s development is in the negative direction!! The truth about Malawi is that “we the so called Malawians, ourselves, do not love our country”, period. That’s the one and only reason we behave and do things the way we do them. It’s like we are living in a rented or borrowed country.

    Had the whites behaved half the way we the Africans behave, the west would not be where it is now. Just look at Zimbabwe. Robert inherited a robust economy. Where are they now. The same is happening to/in South Africa. We are now hearing of power outages already. It never happened in all those years under the Boer. Zuma is already in the limelight for dipping his figures into the national coffers. That’s Africa; that’s Malawi.

    Sad, very, very sad, indeed.

    1. moya says:

      our Mps make laws why the hell can’t they put this law into operation. They were meeting recently but useless hide we have discussing same usual business than current hot issues like this kasambara anomaly. We are waiting for the british to make that law for us.

  22. Kokotowa says:

    If Mphwiyo and Kazambara escape jail I will personally castrate them myself!

  23. Boyd Kilembey says:

    He will enjoy medical treatment in South Africa while Hewe poverty striken povos are dying of curable diseases like malaria because the money was stolen from them. How does a mere civil servant have the dough to afford medical treatment in South Africa. Something is seriously wrong with Malawians. I think it is time mob justice was considered. Eveywhere I see from the time one is born, there is injustice, injustice, injustice!!

  24. Banda mutengeko says:

    Mphwiyo is a good thief

  25. Chimphamba Nedi says:

    From the laypersons point of view, I find the continued practicing of Law of an accused person, Kasambara SC , in closely related cases in court, a mockery to justice and to the profession of Lawyers. Its morality stinks and it is for me PROSTITUTION at its best. Someone accused to have been involved in Cash gate in no mean measurement can actually continue to make money out of the cases of other clients equally accused. By the way, he represents himself in court… for me therefore, he does not pay someone. Can someone school me…YOU LEARNED LAWYERS! Where will this folly stop. For me it does not add up.

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