Mphwiyo freed on K10m bail: Makande, Chioko also out –Malawi cashgate

The High Court of Malawi in Lilongwe has granted former budget director Paul Mphwiyo bail in a case which the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) is accusing him of money laundering and theft charges amounting to K2.1 billion.

Mphwiyo: Out on bail

Mphwiyo: Out on bail

Mphwiyo, whose shooting at the gate of his house in the country’s capital Lilongwe on the night of September 13 2013 exposed the plunder of public resources, was arrested on Saturday.

Some of the bail conditions imposed on Mphwiyo include a K10 million bond in cash plus his Area 43  sprawling residence be under court administration. He had also 3 sureties of MK2,000,000 each

Mphwiyo is also expected to be reporting to ACB after two weeks every Wednesdays and should be reporting to  ACB whenever he is going out of Lilongwe.

He is expected to go for medical attention in accompany of an ACB officer.

His lawyer Shadreck Mhango said Mphwiyo still has three bullets in his body after the September 2013 shooting.

“He underwent several surgeries and has a schedule of which he had an appointment with his doctors on Sunday, the day after his arrest,” Mhango said.

Politician Hophmally Makande and lawyer Ishmael Chioko – formally charged with money laundering-  were granted bail on Thursday 48 hours after they were arrested by ACB.

Makande, who is accused of laundering K2.1 billion ($4.5m), surrendered himself to ACB after it was reported that the bureau was looking for him and that it had already searched his house in Blantyre. He is yet to take a plea on the case.

“Makande, sometime in April and September, aided and abated Paul Mphwiyo, Leonard Kalonga, Maxwell Namata and Michael Mphatso to launder K2.1 billion knowing that it was stolen money,” reads a charge sheet.

Chioko, a senior employee at Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera), his charge sheet states that: “In July and September, Chioko aided and abetted Thandizo Mphwiyo to launder K50 million through the Good Deeds Trust.”

Lilongwe senior resident magistrate Paul Chiotcha  ordered both suspects to hand in their travel documents, provide two sureties worth K1 million each, report to the ACB once a week and also surrender K1 million in cash.

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61 thoughts on “Mphwiyo freed on K10m bail: Makande, Chioko also out –Malawi cashgate”

  1. nkhedu says:

    kkkkk musova amene mukungoti mfweeee apa. asiyeni anjoye basi asaaah. inu osaba zanu bwanji?mitu yanu

  2. Mwini Mbumba says:

    Apo Ndiye Eh!! Vindalama, Komano Aboma No Plan, Akanatolera Ndalama Zonse, Zobedwa, Ndikumanga Chi Building Choopsa Ku Lilongwe, Chandarama Zobedwazo, Ndiku Chitchula Kuti: CASH GATE BUILDING :Apo Ndiye Zikanaoneka Tsogolo Lake, Chifukwatu Anthuwa Ali Ndi Vindalama Mpaka K 10,000,000 .00 Bail Yokha, Ayi Ndithu, Mayo Nsonkho Wanga Ine !!!.

  3. mike onondo says:

    my comment is reserved for future use and for the sentence he will be given

  4. Detective says:

    Mashetani they deserve panishment its just begining on the earth wait for hell fire its just a matter of time malawian are suffering because of them to hell with this thiefs.

  5. Mbanangwa says:

    For Paul Mphwiyo, Mk 10 million is a joke indeed. He used to spend millions at gambling in Lilongwe. You should have asked for atleast a billion bail bond.
    Most of us civil servants are failing even to afford a Mk 10,000 per month for entertainment eg swallowing a few beers with friends. We are failing to build houses at home. The economy is biting us a lot and yet other people hav money to spend that easily.had I a machine gun or D 7, I would have pulled down Senzanis’s mansion . We work in the burning sun, perspiring so hard and yet some guys have everything to relax with. I would love if somebody would show us Mphwiyo’s mansions if any especially the 50 million house.

  6. Mapwiya says:

    ACB must also probe Chikaonda who also has a fictitious trust where he is hiding his billions locally and internationally. The trust has a lot of houses as well.

  7. All da pipo are skebengus pliz bwenzan komwe simunadyeko coz da money was meant for the government not individual so b4 itake da law in my hand,pliz return da money.

  8. Nyapala says:

    You call Mphwiyo a civil servant? There is no civil servant who can afford a bail of K10 million. The guy is a thief.

  9. toxic club house says:

    Phwiyo shooting en his survival on 13sep 2013 z a clear sign of GOD’s love on poor malawians hu dedicatively contribute watever lito dey fetch to keep their country running. All dose connected to dis whether revealed or not revealed will not be at peace …..

  10. honey says:

    musasiye chomcho

  11. honey says:

    muchite nawo amenewo makamaka bombe akapezeka

  12. honey says:

    amenewa muchite nawo makamaka bombe uja bwanji?

  13. Limbika GP says:

    We all know why Malawi has always been seating at the bottom of the pile economically. People who have been selfish beyond measure because they want to live in opulence. I pray for the day when leaders will serve because they care. I don’t expect ministers or other public officers to ride bicycles but when we buy cars they don’t have to be German sedans but could do with Toyota Conquests because even these can take us to public meetings . Imagine how many mobile clinics we could instituted with the amount these people lined in their pockets. Malawi is not a seriously poor country , We have not managed ourselves correctly. Many rich Malawians we know should not be called rich because we know most got their riches dubiously. If this country must grow make corruption a serious crime and name and shame those involved in it. When people are not punished no one is afraid to commit same. Rwanda which has just come out of Tutsi / Hutu conflict is now a shinning example of how a country can progress if leaders are willing. There must be a no – nonsense approach to corruption. Start teaching kids in primary school how corruption can erode the freedom of others especially those living in villages. If you go back with this investigation you might find this could have been the pattern of stealing money by most public officials. Most of them knew what was happening but covering for each other. We should learn from this and don’t allow this to happen again. Is it not a shame that govt cannot procure services let alone pay suppliers yet govt officials have filled their pockets . Shame on us.

  14. phade says:

    Zautsiru kungoba. n khuku kalekale akumanga koma apa

  15. Azathu ndalama zidakuyanjani

  16. Yankees says:

    Eeh ndiye kutoleratu mpakana 10 mitta? Ndiye mphwiyo wa mphwiyo ameneyo, Phiri mwapambana swaznedger atate koma mulipo kapena munatha?

  17. Vavlov says:

    Mphwiyo has used stolen money to pay for his bail; this is how people like him fool the government. His shooting is indicative of a deal gone wrong. he is paying for his sins. The bullets in his body should remind him that crooked life doesn’t pay. The government should confiscate all his property and money. But he is a shroud thief, he must have banked money outside the country. the chap stole millions of USD; unbelievable and Joyce Banda thought the guy is a star helping her fight corruption when in fact the opposite is true. She must explain how she made this thief a budget director

  18. M'tsabanaa! says:

    Kkkk Kma Its Tru Kut Ku Prison Ndi Kwa Aphawifee Basi..!

  19. Nadeel says:

    If I had a gun, this could be my first murder attemp. This chicky guy got to be lyched! How I wish mob justice was inflicted on him! Stupid

  20. Even if this guy was in serious business plus his salary, there is no way he would challenge ACB by paying cash and walk out free. This is just enough evedence that this guy indeed is really swimming in bloody money. Go deeper plse!

  21. Quota system says:

    People have money ? Did hr pay all this ? Does that support the fact that he was really looting ?

  22. Smart Namwali says:

    Asaaaaa 16mita bail wapereka pompo ndiye alindizingati? ndi mbavadi imeneyi eti mwadzina lake mphwiyo,chimutu!!!!!!!

  23. dziko lomvesa chisoni munthu waba 2.1billion mukumutulusa ndi 10million yokha nokha simungaone kuti atha kungotapa ka theka pa ndalama zomwe anabazo iye mkusalanso nd ma billion?? Malawi azatchedwa osauka mpaka kale

  24. Gogo Pitala says:

    Father and founder of cashgate is Mphwiyo. His house alone tells a story.

  25. Rompwa says:

    Koma yeah! 10m anthu amakhala ndi Ndalama eti?

  26. James says:

    Amangidwe basi atibera mokwana

  27. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Bola wagonapo ku cell. And every one knows you are a thief. Don’t come close to me, I have got only K150.00 for transport.

    Kwa kuba alibe malemba. Ku vala jekete and sunglasses ngati decent person.

    Pa shamba bwa, a jentele? Was cell more stinking than your house?

    Whenever I think about your behavior, I feel sorry.

  28. Richard Kweps says:

    Can some one explain in simple English the meaning of Mphwiyo’s house being put under court’s administration?

  29. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    EEEEEEEsh ngalombere chedokotala, ntengo olephera nyani pusi sanga ukwere.

  30. salimu says:

    Am a kenyan working for an international NGO. My plea to Malawians is that let the courts deal with the fraud and you people concentrate on development. Every country experiences fraud. In 2010 British public servants stole £2.3 billion. Kenya lost $860 million in a gold scandal but we have moved on. Are you not ashamed that your poverty is discussed in British parliament? Shame on you.

  31. kelvin evans says:

    Was @ court. Mphwiyo pulled out the cash from a camouflage back and paid bail. Iye wautali. Told everybody kuti tonight Kuli kumwa ku alexanders osati masewera.
    He has the backing of kalekeni kaphale. He was only arrested coz kaphale was in uganda

  32. mavuto saona nkhope says:

    Mukupereka bail kwa iwo oba MA MILLION KOMA OBA NKHUKU OSAWA PATSA BAIL

  33. Piper says:

    This guy stole Billions of Kwachas and his bail a mere MK10 million??? Are you for real ??? Pathetic !!!

  34. John says:

    Here is a fact. If all the cashgate thieves can be arrested and give them bail, the gvt will have enough money to support this stupid no aide budget! So get them all, from 2005 ofcourse. Amene anamwalirawo awalipilire ndalama za bail.

  35. yebogogo says:

    Cry my beloved Malawi…..bwana Paul, so arrogant, ndalama zija zinali zakuba…

  36. busisiwe dlhomo says:

    i have been paid my salary today but my account balance is k338.42 and a civil servant is able to foot k10m just like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Clement says:


  38. NICHOLUS says:

    ndinena muchinyanja kuti aliyesa amvetsetse .boma lidziwe izi nthawi yomwe anthu amaba ndalama ife amalawi tinakomana ndi mavuto osaneneka ngati awa:tinataya abale anthu kamba kakusowa mankhwala zipatala ,maphunziro analowa pansi,ndalama zinasowa matumba ,ana anakokoloka ndimadzi kamba milantho ma MP sanamange kamba kosowa ndalama , misewu inaonongeka,ulova,ndizina zomwe inuyonso mukuzidziwa .ndiye nalo pempho langa ,mbavazo musazinyengele pozipatsa chilango mukuti mphwiyo akupita ku chipatala ndiye ayenela kulandila bail ,koma mudziwe kuti nthawi yomwe anaba ndalama tinataya anthu ngati ofanana ndiiyeyo. Mudziwapatsa 20years komanso katundu alandidwe .ZIKUTIWAWA

  39. WAMISALA says:

    ameneyi ndisakumane naye panjira mumva ndapha bax mwati teni souzand kapena teni million? ndiye wapereka koma ndalama zomwe akumuimba nazo mlandu ndi mabilion angapo, zauku

  40. Chindazi says:

    Shupit ………. MK10million cash……… You would have said 5billion cash bond kuti abwezeko ndalama…..

    Take note that this month our company will not deduct any PAYE from staff….. no withholding tax deducted from suppliers in this month and VAT for this will not be remitted to MRA…… shupit………..

    Visit me you MRA pipo…… am the CFO of one major company in Malawi…….

  41. One way says:

    koma ndiye ndalamatu mpaka 10m?

  42. WAMISALA says:

    ine wina ndizamulanga ndekha msonkho wanga ndataya bax zikumandiwawa ndikumva kuwawa kwabaxi,,,,,

    1. Nadeel says:

      Ndipo anthu awa a cashgate akundinyansa koopsa

  43. Sophie says:

    Well done Mr Matemba and the Team at ACB, please probe the Malawi Lawyers who are shield by the President of Law Society akudya ndalama za ma Clients kwabasi!! Bring back all the CASH GATE Money please!!!

  44. Top Voice says:

    Ngati anapanga survive ndi nfuti. Kandendenso ndikachani kwa mphwiyo? Dzipolopolo dzitatu phi mthupi lakemo. Eish ndichimunthu chopatsa mantha nkulu ameneyu.

  45. Nyani Galakunzwani says:

    ine mwezi uno musandidule Pay as you earn ndaona kuti malipilo anga mukuwaseweretsa

  46. Mulhomwe says:

    This guy spends K1,000,000 daily on a gambling machine, pays K50,000,000 cash for a house and you think K10,000,000 is a big deal?

  47. bakuli says:

    Akuluakulu civil servant sangapereke that bond yachuluka.izi zikupereka umboni kuti anatapamodi,koma nanga mkazi wake zilipati pakuti banjali ndi la mbava zokhazokha?

  48. Tonse Takana Chitaganya says:

    kuteloko mukamakhala ku lilongwe mkumazipopa kuti ndinu andalama ndalama zake zokubazo.Lero taonani mwapezeka mbava inu.Now, chifukwa cha chipongwe chimene mwaonesa apa,kutibela ndalama zathu zamisonkho mkumatilalatilanso kuti ndife osauka. Panopa tiyambano kumakubelaninso kuti mwina mungamve kuwawa kobeledwa.

  49. Nyangutela says:

    Ine ndinali ku Court komweko Munthu ameneyi ali ndi ndalama wofunika Boma kufufuza ma Bank onse akunja ngati abisa ndalama Boma lachita bwino kulanda nyumba ya ku 43 kamwana kameneka kukhala ndi nyumba ngati imeneyo zodabwisa.

  50. Patriot says:

    K10 million yachepa. Anaba zambiri uyu. Inakakhala K500 million. Athawatu uyu.

  51. chilungamo says:

    These r the bail conditions which must b given to all Cashgate suspects, they will pay bcoz they have hidden the cash!

  52. wokhuzidwa says:

    just wait for some comimg weeks we will kill them all and fire all their properties.Anthu oipa amenewa osawasekelera pano ma doners onse atsiya kupereka chithandizo coz of the few people who were just thinking enriching themselves.Ndipo akhothi akungotaya nthawi ifeyo ndiamene tikumva kuwawa tithana nawo.

    1. Atsogoleri says:

      Anyone thought of just getting rid of this useless vermin and repossessing whatever property he stole, then returning it to be used for development? It’s a just a thought. I personally agree with the doing away with him part. Someone already tried it……unsuccessfully. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.Coz I’m getting sick and tired of looking at his puffed up, shot up face. Hearing about his expensive medical operations and his gambling escapades.Using whose money? Where does a civil servant get that much money and a home in area 43? Mphwiyo and his ilk are disgusting, it’s time for them to meet their maker.

  53. Jiyi says:

    Good to know a civil servant managing to pay K10Million bail bond. What evidence do you need from Mphwiyo kaya mapwiya.

  54. Livulezi river says:

    K10m bail bond??? So he managed to pay that much?? Shaaaaa!!!!!! At the meantime no comment & comment reserved coz am waiting for the sentence!!!

  55. kokoliko says:

    Imagine all those monies being plundered by one person! Lord have mercy! Enafe nkumangolira basi and yet its tax payers money where we are contributes. zachisoni

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