Mphwiyo hospitalised, Kauwa released on bail

Arrested former budget director Paul Mphwiyo is ill and is being watched by police at the hospital where he is being treated for heart problems.

Mphwiyo ;  Gun-shot survivor in hospital

Mphwiyo ; Gun-shot survivor in hospital

Mphwiyo was arrested Friday by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), in a joint operation with the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), together with businessperson Shiraz Ferreira and Nelson Johannes Kauwa of Thuso Group on charges bordering on tax evasion.

He was however taken ill on Saturday after complaining of heart problems.

Mphwiyo, whose shooting on 13 September 2013 led to the unravelling of the systematic looting of millions of government money dubbed ‘cashgate’, has been scheduled for a medical check up in South Africa but could not travel as he has been in and out of law enforcing agencies, facing various accusations.

Two bullets hit him in the mandible and another went through his shoulder to his chest. One bullet was removed in a South African hospital but two others – lodged in his spinal column – will remain inside the 38-year-old for the rest of his life.

MRA deputy director of corporate affairs Steve Kapoloma said Mphwiyo and the other suspects “will appear in court soon to answer criminal charges.”

The access to justice has been affected in Malawi with the strike by judiciary support staff.

MRA has since release Kauwa.

And a warrant of arrest for businessperson and cashgate chief suspect Oswald Lutepo had also been issued.

Lutepo is accused of evading tax of about K1.8 billion (about $3.6m) from 2011 to 2014. The alleged evasion relates to non-payment of value-added tax (VAT) and income tax.

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40 thoughts on “Mphwiyo hospitalised, Kauwa released on bail”

  1. wodabwa says:

    mphwiyooooooooo ! Dzina ndi khope plus khalidwe ndende kufafana

  2. charity kabango says:

    ndine mbuli pa nkhaniyi.

  3. syamboza says:

    kodi nkhani ya Bakili ija bwanji? yoba ndalama za boma ija? imamugwetsa ma disc ija?

  4. gulukunyinda says:

    Mphwiyo ku court ananena kuti iye samaba he is hardworking young man mpake ali ndi mansion ija, ndi ma benz ndi ma fortuner ngakhale salary yake ili k250,000. MRA inadabwa pamene paja kuti chuma chonsechi muli nacho bwanji simukuonesa ma record opereka msonkho? Anazipachika yekha ameneyi. Plus ndalama ya bail K15 million anatulutsa mchikwama ameneyi, amfufuzenso account yomwe zinachokela.

  5. batatawala says:

    Akulu akulu lest be honest,this MRa guys are being unfair,Mr Karim Abdul Karil Batatawala of Lido Electrical has been charged 17 billion for tax invasion in 2012 but the story is still on because Batatawala is busy corrupting government official and MRA staff to have his case cancelled.I salute one Mr Ngutwa who was the Director of Investing @ MRA for being 2 professional on how he handled Batatawalas case but to our surprise Abdul Karim Batatawala dished out millionz to one top offiers @ MRA to oust Ngutwa and ngutwas contract has been terminated.Malawianz read this with interest and follow up from whea I hav staterd @ MRA what’s the position of this story.This indian is refusing to pay 17billion kwacha to malawi government on a case he has already failed to defend himself in court.

  6. Makavelli Banda says:

    Hell is on earth Bruv.You were a hero by then when you were swimming in illgotten riches and now time has come to reap what you sowed with the crooked old Mum who praised you that you were a no nonsense budget director while deep down you were swindling billions meant for the impoverished Malawians.You have forgotten the money you were splashing at Golden Peacock like you won a lottery.A mere civil servant who was living a Hollywood style.These people are not heroes but mere thieves.Some of us are not concerned with these cooked up illness.You lock up people with very deadly diseases,so why should these thieves of the Lutepos,Mphwiyos and other high profile thieves be given preferential treatment.They stole and should do time like anybody else.Malawi’s economy is not ticking at the moment because of the few greedy people who wanted to amass everything for themselves.Hard earned taxpayers money of impoverished Malawians should be returned back otherwise Malawi will have massive demonstration if the authority are not doing anything on the cashgate thing and tax evasion.

  7. hfty says:

    Zayamba kukuthimba tsopano. Kumangolongeza chuma cha boma m’thupi umati mtima usatupe? Ayi chirani kuti muzayankhe machimo anu pansi pompano

  8. cristiano says:

    Never thought mphwiyo has a heart, if he has one he could not have put millions of people now suffering in malawi through his actions. Please please kick him out of hospital

  9. Dennis kamala says:

    MW pcells&prison are graveyards he’s not fit for it anapangidwa operation yovuta muthuyu

  10. Balalitsani says:

    koma yes zimakoma ponjoya ena kumaoneka useless ngati sanapindule ndi mkalasi osadziwa kuti mukuphatikiza ndi kuba zonse. shame

  11. joshua saini says:

    Get well soon brother but the only problem you have to face the law,sorry brother that is life

  12. joshua saini says:

    Get will soon brother but the only problem you have to face the law ,sorry brother that is life

  13. Mwenecho says:

    why r u not seizing the property we r now tired atipfeze mu mchesi pa rent

  14. Titus German says:

    Asanamizire kudwala ameneo

  15. Ma battery a mlakho says:

    Chifere konko chi mbava chadyera chozikonda.Mxiiiii!

  16. ANALYST says:

    We already know that matenda a anthu ngati inu amayamba akakumangani! Koma mukamaba, komanso “kudya money”, mumapita even ku Las Vegas muli pheee……….


  18. koma says:

    Samadwala akydya ndrama bwa?zabodza basi

    1. party says:

      Imagine, pokuba ndalama sadwala koma akalowa ku cell. Zabodza zimenezo asatipusitse lija ndi kale asaaaa

  19. nyapapi says:

    Mudzamulipila zambili mkuluyu,inu phe.


  21. Patriot says:

    Patsala pang’ono….Timva Breaking news yosakhala bwino. Why?
    Mphwiyo akudziwa msyina ambiri a iwo amene anaba K92 billion ija.

  22. airline says:

    Another big thief is up to now evading court proceedings and eventual prison lock up on the pretext of a dislocated spine disc. Therefore do not be surprised that subsequent thieves are following suit

    1. nkhedu says:

      yaaa copy & paste(chair style )

  23. wakukaya says:

    Lutepo everywhere tangochimangani ichi.50years in jail with hard labour.

  24. Cashgate 1 says:

    MRA sili serious. evading tax since 2011 mpakana 1.8 billion, one person. Where were you all these years? How many others are evading tax with such huge amount? But yet mukungobela and kufinya anthu amabiziness ang’onoang’ono. I now believe that Malawi is not poor, we’ve all the resources that we need, including money to cover our budget deficits, but some of these organizations like tax collecting bodies are contributing negatively to realize that. Who else is evading tax: Masangwi, Mulli, amwenye and you can’t pin them because mukuteteza ntchito zanu. Vuto lolowa ntchito chifukwa cha ankolo ndilimeneli.

    1. nkhedu says:

      Dats malawi for us.I was also wondering the same.

  25. Johnt says:

    Just, why are you arresting people when the courts are closed anyway? it’s not like anything fruitful will come out of it, will it? Why not just wait till all the judicial strikes are over then arrest them, and before they get heart attacks, process their cases, lock them up, and throw away the keys. Adzikafela ku ndende konko. Mwangosowa chochita or what?

  26. Mboba says:

    Matama onse balala! Udwala sunati!

  27. getrude says:


  28. JAYJAY says:

    “iam a hard working young man” that’s what he was saying osadziwa kuti he is evading tax and stealing taxes paid by others.or chitafa chimenechi chilibe kanthu.

  29. Akhale komweko. He is a criminal. We are suffering because of him and his friends at the Capital Hill. Oswald Lutepi should be locked up for the condessions on the radio.

  30. JAYJAY says:

    Nthawi yookolola yakwana koma pali ena ambiri a ma business ndi ma civil servants amene akubabe panopa through ma account ena osati account no 1.komanso pali ena amene ankaba nawo koma sakutchulidwa or mpang’ono pomwe.sichilungamo chimenechi

  31. Perks says:

    Anthu amene adya bwino ndalama zathu akalowa mu ndende mumati akudwala, stop that nonsense,. If you go to the cells at cichiri etc, there are many prisoners who are not well, very sick but they are not attended to. Nde mukufuna kunena chani. He is just one of the risoners, let him rot there.

  32. Truth Pains says:

    Inu Lutepo is a longtime thief. Take it or not, the K2.6 billion is only for JB reign. During Bingu’s reign, he stole more than this figure. Have you ever quizzed him on his foreign accounts? You will be shocked!

  33. Mandeche says:

    Nkhani za mbava imeneyi zatopetsa .mxiii.

  34. collins kafa says:

    Govt is being harsh on mphwiyo. Why not jst gve him police bail and push for his quick trial.
    They simply want him to hang jb

  35. Aceton says:

    No wonder he has to.He is reaping on what he sow.Pray for a quick recovery cause we rely on him,especially this order of the day Cashgate.

  36. Wawaman says:

    This Lutepo Seems He Started Crooking The Country Longtime Ago Whilst Bingu Was In Power.It Will Not Be Surprising To Hear That He Also Had A Hand In The Stealing Of K92bn During Bingu Era.

  37. The Patriot says:

    Ikakuona litsiro si kata! Mphwiyo mmene ankataka amati ndi udolo ndipo sangazepezeke!
    Moral of the story: amene mukuba panopa while in government watch out! Chalo ni mazgora! For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction!!

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