Mphwiyo insists Kasambara plotted his shooting: Malawi cashgate

Malawi’s former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo told the court that that former Justice Minister and Attorney Ralph Kasambara – who was arrested in connection with the shooting, knew more  details of his movements and the security at his house, maintaining that he was behind the plot to  murder him.

Mphwiyo:  Gun shot survivor in Malawi 'cashgate' testifies in court

Mphwiyo: Gun shot survivor in Malawi ‘cashgate’ testifies in court

Kasambara:  Accused

Kasambara: Accused

Mphwiyo, whose shooting on 13 September 2013 led to the unravelling of the systematic looting of millions of government money dubbed ‘cashgate’, has been testifying in his attempted murder case.

He told the court that Kasambara, who he had earlier claimed had given him “ten days to live” unless he honoured certain government payments,  has been following his movements even up to South Africa where he had a meeting together with one of the suspects Pika Manondo.

“I did not travel to South Africa with Manondo and the manifests will show that. I was in South Africa between 6 and 8 August [2013]. But the fourth accused [Kasambara], knew I was there, he must have been following me,” the gun-short survivor told the court.

Mphwiyo also wondered how Kasambara knew which security lights had been installed after the shooting at his upmarket Area 43 suburb of the capital, Lilongwe, where the shooting took place if he claimed that he had never been to his house.

“He knew the perimeter of my house better than myself and could direct which security lights should be covered. That, my Lord is even more scary,” Mphwiyo said.

Mphwiyo reiterated that he did not mention Kasambara to the police who visited him while he was hospitalised in South Africa following the shooting because he was afraid for his life since Kasambara was a minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and a senior officer of the court, but also had influence in government.

Kasambara, who has been charged with conspiracy to murder Mphwiyo, denies the charges. He is on trial alongside four others, including a former soldier Macdonald Kumwembe who is said, according to court papers, to have been one of the two hired ‘contract killers’.

In his testimony, Mphwiyo maintained that Kumwembe “is the face I saw at the gate when I was shot.”

He said: “I remember being shown a passport which showed that he [Kumwembe] left Malawi, but if a proper examination can be done, the authenticity of that claim could be challenged.”

He also clarified that he did not identify Kumwembe as he did Kasambara and the Manondo brothers—Pika and Dauka—in earlier police statements because he had never seen him before.

Mphwiyo’s shooting unravelled ‘cashgate’ and the resultant discovery that up to US $30 million was minted from the government payment system, where politicians and businessmen colluded with civil servants for payments for goods and services not rendered to government.

Soon after Mphwiyo’s shooting millions of cash in Malawi kwacha, US dollars and South African rands started pitching up in unlikely places like in car trunks, baby dolls, under beds or in pillow cases.

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42 thoughts on “Mphwiyo insists Kasambara plotted his shooting: Malawi cashgate”

  1. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Both need to be deeply investigated, they are thugs and this is not the first time, forty days have come. Speed up the cases, why is it taking too long like this? mlandu wa Sept 2013 mukuchitapo chiyani agalu inu.

  2. Kaliati wamisala says:

    A lot of theorise are being floated around but most miss the point which is there for all to see.
    Mr Mphwiyo on the material day was driving a stolen car, for which he had not yet paid the seller. He had been warned several times to pay or else…… and rumour has it that the owner trailedhim to every drinking joint he went to. The dollars he had in the reported A3 envelope were presumably meant to pay off the guy.
    There is absolutely no logic in the allegations against the accused. You do not go in a big committee to murder some one ,you send a hit man. I think all the accused have enough horse sense in them to know that.
    It does not make sense to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, In other words killing Mphwiyo was of no benefit to any of the accused, as they still would not received the money , but a quiet blackmail would have done the job.

  3. Boma ili silitithandiza pa nkhani ya Cashgate Zikuwoneka kuti akulu akulu ambiri ndiwokhudzidwa ndikhaniyi Investigate the 92 Billion Cashgate as well please Don’t waste our time running and hiding in a desert of wicked thoughts you Devils deserve to die by MOB JUSTICE

  4. chindere says:

    PHWIYOYO NDI MBAVA NO. 1 AFUNA AZIPULUMUTSE KU CASH GATE POTHAWIRA ZOOMBEREDWA.AMANGIDWE AMAENEYO.AKAPANDA kumangidwa mob justice yizagwira ntchito.azapezeka atafafa anthu atakwiya ndi chilungamo.

  5. Tione says:

    @Chigumbuli, that is what Kasambala said at the gate of Mphwiyo during hearing. He said that in the presence of judge and lawyers.

  6. max ajida says:

    These guys are mafia family mphwiyo and entire group. There is nobody who is innocent . That’s how it works on mafiosi family if one messes up the deal , they take his life or somebody close the person who has fucked up everything or doing unfair business to his friends. These guys know the truth about the shooting . Sentence all these bastards to jail . They brought Malawi to its knees. Until today millions of Malawians are suffering because of these crooks. On radio Zodiak Lutepo asked for giveness to the Malawi coz the deal went sour.

  7. Kaliati Galu says:

    Chimpwiyochi chisatinamizepo apa. Ndiye Mbamva yayikulu ameneyu.

  8. Mbanangwa says:

    Mphwiyo doubts that ‘Kasambara might have been following him in RSA’, probability, presumption etc, such shaky premises etc. did Mphwiyo really do Philosophy at Kachebere before leaving for h university? Unathawira mkalasi, usatochititse manyazi.

  9. eluby chikopa says:

    Chifukwa chani anthu from Nyika Republic are the only ones who think Nkhata Bay Lawyer is not guilty?

    1. Clean Malawian says:

      Stupid eluby. Palinso za tribe apa.

  10. Mbanangwa says:

    This case will either reflect worse on Mphwiyo or government but not Kasambara. Mphwiyo has contradicted himself more than 21 times in his statements. The case will go cold for Kasambara, Dauka and Manondo.

  11. losco says:

    Tiyenazoni anyamata!!!!!

  12. Makape says:

    Piche Yakiri @11 ndiwe mbuli zedi nkhani ya court sumayidziwa. Any contradiction is resolved in favour of accused. Mphwiyo contradicted himself that a fact. Plotting and being seen at crime scene are two different issue. Tsono ambuli inu mukutinji kodi?

  13. Me says:

    Now come to think of it; donors hear all this madness and you expect to get donor assistance.I guess we will do ourself justice to admit that we are a cursed brood.We need devine intervention.This is hell on earth.

  14. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    These people value money more than life. Time will come for each one of you. You will have an encounter with the Lord. Surely you will find that all you have been acquiring is vanity.

  15. Makape says:

    Mphwiyo knows the truth about who shot him and reasons for his shooting. Its about him denying sharing cashgate money with Pika and not with ralph at goof club. That night Mphwiyo had k120 million with him.

  16. Steve Ng'omba says:

    Mbava zokha-zokha

  17. Kasambala has to face reallity. He was nicknamed god father by Manondo.

  18. msukwa says:

    Mphwiyo is the master thief

  19. milimbo says:

    Mphwiyo was shot because he failed to give part of k120 million to Pika

  20. The most dangerous person when it comes to money is Pika Manondo.


  22. Malawiana says:

    Listen to No.2 Masoambeta and you shall be delivered. I personally hate all this nonsense of portlaying Mphwiyo as a victim when it is all of us 15million Malawians who became victims of his theft of public funds. We need 14 years jail term for Mphwiyo because, unlike others who have claimed that they were not in custody of the funds which they stole hence a charge of theft by a public servant could not carry the day, Mphwiyo, as Budget Director, was surely in custody of the national purse.

  23. Chigumbuli says:

    Who can believe a criminal like you Mpwiyo or whatever your name is? The question is, was Kasambara at your gate when you were being murdered if I may say so?

  24. azathu says:



  25. Hebrews says:

    At the end of the day chilungamo chioneke! If not this murder case the money laundering! If not then Cashagate! These three roadblocks, you guys will never eascape! Kunali madolo kunja kuno a China Macholowe, Kwacha Ghambi and Mwithas! Ali kuti! Mulungu simunthu

  26. Chindazi says:

    Mphwiyo…. you are missing the target…. tell the truth and submit to the courts evidence????

  27. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Why is it that this criminal is still roamingthe streets of Malawi. You must be out of your mind to think that the whole minister of justice will go at your domicile in the middle of the night to shoot you while he had access to countless armed criminals at his disposal in prisons around the country. Just confess your crimes and serve for them. Your master is at large waiting to return in the country after the verdict.

  28. Hoitty says:

    Good thing is you lived to tell the tale. If you tell the truth more will be revealed but if you tell half truths luke you are doing now, your enemies will go scot free Mr State witness

  29. Mphwache says:

    Mphwiyo knows a lot more than he is revealing. He knows the connections to Kasambara, the Manondo’s and a lot of other people. He knows who planned his death and why? If he says its Kasambara he is probably right but he is not revealing his part in the whole cashgate saga, that is the missing link. We may never know the truth if he hides it. But nuances of the truth are that Kasambara, Kumwembe, Mphwiyo and the Manondo’s are interconnected, someone needs to start singing now.

  30. Piche Yakiti says:

    No 1 Mge mimba…..upitenso ku xool it appears you are missing the point. Read the story again. Kasambara is behind the plot to kill him, does it mean by virtue of Paul seeing him at his house it means Kasambara ceases to be a plotter???? Fotseki

  31. thakolambuzi says:

    Anthuwa onse ndi akuba no truth in their statements arrest them all that is if gvt is not witch hunting

  32. kayamawa says:

    Amalawi dziko lathu laling’ono choona cheni cheni pankhani iyi chiziwika. Paja amati la 40 limakwana.

    Tizionele limodzi.

    Ma Lawyer, Prosecutors, Investigators gwilani ntchito yanu, mpaka la 40

  33. Mateyo Oyera says:

    Bwana Kasambara, from so-called brilliant lawyer to a murder suspect in a court of law . Very shameful . Whatever the outcome of this case, the image and reputation have been terribly damaged . I sympathise with your wife and kids, if you have any .

  34. brutsha says:

    The truth is that Mphwiyo was politically given the position of budget director to be a central command in siphoning government money to benefit the then ruling party, PP. The same style DPP had used previously. In the process he took advantage of this position to steal for his personal benefit. In the mix was Kasambala who wanted to have his share in the free for all looting of tax payers money. Now, when there was disagreements between them as to who should have lion’s share of the loot, the plot to eliminated each other ensued. It’s that kind of a scenario where hyenas end up fighting for a stolen carcass. These two guys are lucky to have done this in a country that tolerates nonsense. In other parts of the world this is a serious crime and they should have been hanged by now. Just imagine how many innocent lives vanished because of the effects of cashgate?

  35. milimbo says:

    Mphwiyo says he did not mention Kasambara name to police because Kasambara was in government? Is he saying he is now mentioning Kasambara because he is out of government? Was it not proper to reveal truth during that time if this was true? Is he implicating kasambara because he is out of government?

  36. Hot Iron says:

    Ehhh okalowa akalowe bola chilungamo chioneke. We are tired of these stories now.

  37. mtimuni says:

    Kasambara never shot you. Remember the fortuner ZA 7171 hot car owners are the ones who wanted money from you but you did cooperate

  38. msukwa says:

    Mphwiyo tell court truth. You failed to equally share cashgate money with your team. We hear you started quarals at goof club

  39. Masoambeta says:

    Mphwiyo was involved in cash gate scandal. It is unfortunate that some of his gang members wanted his life.
    The state should quiz Mphwiyo who we all know of his relationship with the Manondos.
    Upon completion of an MSc at Chanco, Paul used to live at the Manondos. He was then one of Dumbo Lemani’s handlers. An insider at Min of Finance with UDF connections got Paul the job. Name withheld.
    Paul has connections at Reserve Bank who played his game smoothly. I Can’t believe how investigators are missing the clues to pin Mphwiyo to this case. Kasambara is only a dog who, being a dog, smelled the kill and wanted his part. Joyce Banda is probably laughing at you all.

  40. mge mimba says:

    Mphwiyo is contradicting himself. At first he said he saw Kasambara at scene of shooting. Now he says Kasambara just plotted his murder? Mphwiyo must be mentally ill

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