Mphwiyo name not in cashgate report

Former Malawi budget director Paul Mphwiyo  who was shot outside his home  at the time he was a whistle blower to the corruption “cashgate” scandal, a systematic looting of public money, has not been fingered in an external forensic audit the Malawi government released on Thursday.

Gun-shot survivor Mphwiyo

Gun-shot survivor Mphwiyo

Gun-shot survivor Mphwiyo and his wife Thandizo were last Saturday arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau on charges of theft, money laundering and obstructing the course of justice.

His lawyers are convinced the arrest was the work of some “cashgate shenanigans” who have infiltrated ACB to discredit Mphwiyo who is the key witness in the heist.

Our sources in ACB have revealed, on condition of anonymity, that a cashgate related camp that was at the core of Mphwiyo’s shooting are the ones spinning the shots to ensure that Mphwiyo is branded as a masterminder of cashgate and not as the person who should be the hero for exposing cashgate.

To everybody’s surprise, the report into the 24 billion kwacha ($48 million) of missing funds, handed to the government on Sept. 25, has not mentioned Mphwiyo in anyway.

Malawians are beginning to wonder how and why the name that was central to cashgate has not featured in any way directly.

It is now believed that some compromised officers in ACB, under the influence of the mentioned cashgaters, are trying to connect the youthful Ivy League Graduate and technocrat to the infamous cashgate scandal in a bid to silence him.

According to Nyasa Times investigations, there are still frantic attempts to connect Mphwiyo and his family indirectly to cashgate against expert advice that it is almost impossible to connect the technocrat to the same.

The report shows that amounts were paid for goods and services that were allegedly never delivered. The document covers April 1, 2013, to Sept. 30, 2013, and details instances of inflated procurement prices and overpayments.

According to the report by London-based Baker Tilly Ltd., people including former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Raphael Kasambara, Oswald Lutepo and others who are also answering charges on conspirancy to murder and attempted to murder Mphwiyo were allegedly involved in some of the deals.  They deny any wrongdoing.

Earlier this month, Treza Namathanga Senzani became the first Cashgate suspect to be imprisoned by the Lilongwe High Court for three years.

Senzani pleaded guilty and has said she won’t appeal her sentence.

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Baker tilley auditors were hired without public procurement process. Their hidden purpose was to cover up the role of jb and her cohorts like mphwiyo in the cashgate


let us not get fooled by the forensic report. The fact remains that money was stolen. Had a properly qualified Malawi firm carried out this job it would have easily linked the suspects. A lot of money was paid to this British firm only to leave the country still gasping for information. Presently the real culprits are yet to come out. Where would one have put all that money. Obviously some activity must have happened. By the way how much has been recovered by way of confiscation of bank accounts. Yet to see


The money will end up in DPP pockets again.



Rashid ibrahim

Malawians its time now for us to realise that these so called politicians they do regard we as puppets so they indeed eat from da same plate and they just want to blindfold us to say they are trying to end corruption,NO they are all perpetrators bastards and selfish people.malawians UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FELL

Livulezi river

Sikusinja @ 8, you are very right. The mere fact that other peoples’ names are not appearing on the conmen list should not fool us. People may need to know how Sithole got all that money at once. Here 5 Ws will do its work, hence who gave what, when & where and why? Simple!!!! This Mphwiyo guy has got his part! Ngakhale Roy Kachale akuwuwa uja, ali ndi zakeso zikubwera!!!! Remember ESCOM fire gate siinayambike ikubwera. Inu mungoti pheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Proud to be Malawian – shame to be from a country which rewards incompetency, fraud and corruption. Malawians, we need to grow some stones – We need to grow huge balls – Cashgate, its all nonsense, childish and lacks honesty – as long as the current political breed is allowed to lead, another 50 years of no economic growth is inevitable. We don’t need DPP, PP, MCP etc – all full of gross and failures. We need to tart anew. Let’s all rise up, and do a Ouagadougou, even a Houti. We are a laughing stock. The judiciary, executive and… Read more »

Cashgate killed PP and will continue to kill many if we do not kill it. DPP beware cashgate can kill you if you do not kill it. It has killed a lot of Malawians as they failed to access services like medicine and security. It also kills perpetrator how can someone with HIV survive in prison – they will die. So kill it before it kills DPP and many Malawians.


The people mentioned were only legal outlets to so many others, it was systematic you know. So it is foolish to think that only those mentioned in the report are only cashgaters.


Tiwona zimenezi!

Tipatseni salary ife!

ibrahim makwati

zikukhala ngati maina ena akumva kupweteka zikukhala ngati maina ena akuona chizungulire zikukhala ngati maina ena akubisala: komatu maina ena AKUBISIDWA ETI SHAAAAAA jast wait and see

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