Mphwiyo testifies: Judge wants shooting case in Malawi ‘cashgate’ concluded by May

Former Malawi Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo, whose shooting on 13 September 2013 led to the unravelling of the systematic looting of millions of government money dubbed ‘cashgate’, on Wednesday returned to High Court in Lilongwe where he has been testifying in his attempted murder case.

Mphwiyo:  Gun shot survivor in Malawi 'cashgate' testifies in court

Mphwiyo: Gun shot survivor in Malawi ‘cashgate’ testifies in court

Mphwiyo was testifying in cross examination by lawyer and former Justice Minister and Attorney Ralph Kasambara – who was arrested in connection with the shooting.

Kasambara, who has been charged with conspiracy to murder Mphwiyo, denies the charges. He is on trial alongside four others, including a former soldier Macdonald Kumwembe who is said, according to court papers, to have been one of the two hired ‘contract killers’.

Other suspects are businessman Pika Manondo, Robert Kadzuwa and September last year, the court granted the prosecution permission to add businessperson Oswald Lutepo to the shooting case.

As the hearing resumed after a long break marred with judiciary strike, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale sought for an adjournment after realising that Lutepo was not in the court. He is reportedly hospitalised.

The defence team comprised of Wapona Kita, John Gift Mwakhwawa and Kasambara himself agreed but Justice Michael Ntambo opted to continue with the case.

Justice Ntambo said so many adjournments are just dragging the conclusion of the case saying he wants it concluded by May.

Before wrapping his cross examination, Kasambara quizzed Mphwiyo how he knows Lutepo and if they used to call each other on the phone.

The gun shot survivor responded by saying he knew Lutepo through Naming’omba Tea Estate and that they used to call each other.

After Kasambara, Mphwiyo now faces Mwakhwawa in cross examination.

In previous court hearing. Mphwiyo said two bullets hit him in the mandible and another went through his shoulder to his chest. One bullet was removed in a South African hospital but two others – lodged in his spinal column – will remain inside the 38-year-old for the rest of his life.

Mphwiyo’s shooting unravelled ‘cashgate’ and the resultant discovery that up to US $30 million was minted from the government payment system, where politicians and businessmen colluded with civil servants for payments for goods and services not rendered to government.

Soon after Mphwiyo’s shooting millions of cash in Malawi kwacha, US dollars and South African rands started pitching up in unlikely places like in car trunks, baby dolls, under beds or in pillow cases.

Mphwiyo is also facing charges of theft and money laundering of K2.1 billion and tax evasion in separate cases.

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24 thoughts on “Mphwiyo testifies: Judge wants shooting case in Malawi ‘cashgate’ concluded by May”

  1. Locked them, so that others should have a lessons by stealing public funds.

  2. Koma Akadzapezeka Wolakwa Ndalamazo Adzabweza?What Is Most Important Is For These People To Return The Monies

  3. Malawi Prisons si masanje ai. Ask Gwanda, Goodal Mai Kalirani etc anakomoka pakomo sa nalowe ndi mkati.
    As much as possible keep away from prisons. Don’t steal.

  4. Hebrews says:

    Remand them into prison so that we can have speedy trials. They are doing dilly dallying because they are trying to buy time and manipulate witnesses and evidence. All the murder suspects are remanded what so special with these ones?

  5. the northern speech says:

    Mob justice

  6. Vimavee says:

    the arrogance in this man annoys me; all that pomp ,shagging other men’s wives, was this stolen money. Lutepo is bedridden now, shitting on himself coz he is paralysed now. God punishes

  7. May is acceptable period for justice to prevail. Other wise these guys will keep on delay tactics end result adzathawa like Jb.

  8. bbaa says:

    Let justice prevail in this.even if it wil take long bt justice is justice. I wil wait 4 it.

  9. mona says:

    A judge munakati milandu yose ya cashgate ithe may tinakasangalala, but with this murder case there is no benefit and we are just wasting time and our hard earned taxes
    You judges mmatha bwanji kupanga adjourn mlandu for 4 months and that is why milandu ya anthu Andale imatha 9 years isanathe, please jack up

  10. mona says:

    Abale mlandu uthe may why not February on march
    Zimatiwawatu mungoononga misonkho yathu a galu inu

  11. zatha lero says:

    Ahhh kodi mob justice ilikuti, izi sizitithandiza ahhhh.

  12. swale says:

    Just ask JB. Moreover she publicly said she knows who did this

  13. Chindere iwe! Vinkhungu tikuomberanga, unamwawi kuti wali kukuchiliska.

  14. Umunthu says:

    Can someone tell us exactly where Lutepo is. Adaba ndalama zathu and we have the right to know his whereabouts

  15. kadamanja says:

    Mpwiyo is just a useless bastard, he doesnt know who shot him.

  16. chikhwalingwa says:

    Suspects cross examining each other in court. Strange, atleast to me.

  17. Malawiana says:

    Want to know why these people became thieves? Read the theory of Cesare Lombroso on criminality.

  18. Yankees says:

    Adayambitsa kumanga anthu ndi amama JB, kuli mkulu uja anthu amangosolora ali duu, mopandaso nkhawa ayi, sitimkazidziwa izi amene sitimadikila timachenji tanu ta after 30 daysto ayi, so make sure iwe Mr no Talk dont only arest those adawamanga amama anthu ayi, uwamangeso amene adaba ndalama m’boma la mlongo wako uja,:D, ukatelo am promicing and I swear u wil gather momentum, but failing to do, no Donors mngakhale pa Floodiyi siitha akutilangila pompano MuLENGI.

  19. Chinawalero says:

    Apite ku Maula basi tatopa nawo



  21. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Koma anthu akuba ngati awa musamawalembe kawiri kawiri zimatiwawatu kwambiri ndipo nkhani ya cashgate musalembenso pa nyasatimes there is end of this case what we want is the end walakwa akalowe sanalakwe atuluke basi nkhani yatha.

  22. nGanGa says:

    mwati may??

  23. Jakala says:

    Mphwiyo just wanted to implicate Kasambara. Mphwiyo doesn’t know who shot him

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