Mphwiyo to face more cashgate charges: State ask judge to deny bail over ‘new evidence’

Paul Montfort Mphwiyo, the former budget director at the finance ministry, would obstruct justice if freed pending trial, prosecutors said at his bail hearing.

Mphwiyo when he appeared at the High Court in Lilongwe

Mphwiyo when he appeared at the High Court in Lilongwe

DPP Mary Kachale: We have new evidence

DPP Mary Kachale: We have new evidence

Mphwiyo remains in police custody since his arrest on Saturday as High Court is yet to rule whether he is going to be given bail or not following the state plea to the court not to give him bail.

His lawyer Shadreck Mhango applied for bail on Wednesday but the State prosecutors vehemently opposed his release.

Mhango asked the court to give Mphwiyo bail as he is already on other bail in a related cashgate offence and he is always fulfilling the requirements as such he can’t r jump bail in the latest case.

He also told the court that bail is one of his constitutional rights and he is innocent until proven guilty.

Objecting to the bail application, Deputy Director General for Anti Corruption Bureau  (ACB) Reyneck Matemba who was representing Director of Public Prosecution, Mary Kachale who was in Blantyre for another case, urged the court not to give Mphwiyo bail as the state is yet to finalise some investigation.

Matemba told the court that they had no issues against his bail but as the end of business on Monday they came across to new vital information which they need to investigate before Mphwiyo is given bail.

He asked the court to allow the State keep Mphwiyo in Police custody as the state needs maximum of two weeks for them to finish the investigation infamous cashgate scandal and the government is determined to recover every tambala stolen.

Kachale said on Wednesday the state has discovered more issues in connection with the plunder of public resources in the infamous cashgate scandal and the government is determined to recover every Tambala stolen.

“Malawians should not think we are harassing the suspects when they see us arresting and re-arresting them. We are seeking justice,” said Kachale.

The state had made a frantic plea to Judge Esmie Chombo not to release Mphwiyo and others including former Accountant General David Kandoje.

Mphwiyo once hailed as an anti-graft crusader has been charged along with 17 other officials in the country’s widening “Cashgate” scandal which originated in 2005.

The multi-million-dollar scandal prompted foreign donors – who provide around 40% of impoverished Malawi’s budget – to pull the plug on aid worth around $150m.

Mphwiyo two years ago was shot outside his house and badly injured when he was reported to be about to expose a network of corrupt officials.

He was previously credited with overhauling the public finance system to close loopholes that allowed fraud, and for cancelling dubious government contracts.

An audit by British experts ordered by then president Joyce Banda found that $30 million had been looted in a period of less than six months in 2013 while Mphwiyo was in the powerful position of budget director.

Oswald Lutepo, the chief suspect in the fraud, was sentenced to 11 years in jail.

Judge Esmie Chombo is set to pass her verdict .

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42 thoughts on “Mphwiyo to face more cashgate charges: State ask judge to deny bail over ‘new evidence’”

  1. Debris says:

    Muli busy kuwapasa ma bail mmalo moti mumalidze ma case wa koma mukudziwa kuti MA DONOR atula zolembera pansi chifukwa cha zoputsa zomwe ma judge mukupanga, munthu othyola nyumba ndikuba katundu wambirimbiri ndikuwasiira anzake kuti zibani ine zanga ndaba kale anali oti ndi kumusiya kuti akhale pa bail next to big fish?ayi ma court a mmalawi muno mumakonda anthu omwe aba ma billion cholinga muomole papakulu “mind u judjes the government of Malalawi is going down because of u”mphwiyo should be rearrested for fast track & jailed.

  2. patson says:

    Forgive him gun shot wounds are enough

  3. mukharapwio says:

    government shd open a work camp/concentration camp or anything comparable to a gulag for these people to produce food all year round under irrigation using watercans,pails,the sharduff,the laborious treadle pump(don’t use motorised pumps they will be under IHL) atleast on a field 1ha per convict,they shd make manure,till,plant ,irrigate,weed,apply manure/fertilizer,harvest,dry,shell,apply actellic.these then be used to feed patients in hospitals.or else use them to make quarry for the construction of roads,schools,hospitals etc.asamakangowazako nkhuni basi they shd contribute smthng back into the economy they worked so hard to crash/disrupt maka Mphwiyoyo ati ndi hard worker atha kuphwanya kwale wambiri

  4. mtima wa nyani says:

    KODI AKUDA AVALA TSITSI LACIZUNGUWO NDI MADAM MPHWIYO?? NDE NGONYASATU. ANAWAY POTI BAMBOWOSO NDI MOMWEMOSO, MA GOLILa looking okha okha, nanji kukhala ku ndende- no proper bath soaps- koma sopo ndimuweme wanyane mwe

  5. Boma Limakonda Okuba Ma Billion;ali Wakuba K100,000 atamaliza kale mlanduwake atamutchaja zaka 10, tikuvutika apa kamba ka agalu amenewa

  6. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    Mom Kachale no any sane Malawian says that you are harassing the wicked Mphwiyo and his mafioso friends.Infact these wicked people should be shackled in chains.The moment you leave them free on bail,they will bolt like the murderer chanthunya friend who went through our porous borders with the knowledge of corrupt immigration people.Let these evil people face the music.Mom Kachale you are a very caring courageous woman in Malawi than the big momma Joyce who is in her self imposed exile.She spoke highly of these thieves and she must be shitting wherever she is hiding.Arrest all these scum of cashgate people and sell all their ill gotten properties to recover tax payers money to build modern schools and hospitals in Malawi.Thank you Mom Kachale for being so brave.You are dismantling the mafioso group bit by bit until all is finished.You are great woman lawyer in Malawi.We need people like you.

  7. mai kachare amasuta wankulu kapena ayi

  8. MLOMWE says:

    They are murders nawonso aphedwe

  9. Mashamase says:

    Ya muluzi too

  10. mtembozuke says:

    You stupid lawyers, Stop protecting these robbers. sometimes I feel like your best supporters of this cash gate because of your greedy and selfishness.

  11. Zangaphee says:

    Mphwiyo, make sure you defend yourself not to go to prison because if you are locked for long up to 10 years, the danger is that makosana akuchindira Thandi muja iwenso umachindira a ChinaManganaye

  12. Actimel says:

    Kodi zindalama zinali ku NDATA zija anamangidwa ndi ndani? Musatinyase apa inu oti muna bela ma vote. Ngati pali anthu akuba ndi a DPP. We are watching you! Amangeni lero mawa ndinu. Ndale za pa Malawi za umve.

  13. johnM says:

    incompetence by the state agencies at its best.

  14. ndafa kale says:

    Kaya akafele kundende komweko ife tilibe nao ntchito anthu oipa kwambiri!!!!!

  15. ADE says:


    1. Inu says:

      Read catefully. They have discovered new vital evidence which will bring more charges. He has already been charged for the one that he is in the cell for

  16. The Analyst says:

    Sometimes I cry for the days of old, when the word harassment was not mistaken for kindness.

    Mary Kachale, are you sure there is any stupid idiotic fool who thinks that arresting and re-arresting Mphwiyo equals harassment? Don’t cheat us or yourself! No single Malawian does! In fact we think you are according them too much freedom. Just look at how arrogantly these thieves can carry themselves going to court – with bottled water in the air, smiling faces, hands in the pockets, boisterous moves. Hasn’t their arrogance surpassed that for the women of Zion described in Isaiah 3:16? What happened to handcuffing thieves?

    In the days of old, these people could not only have been handcuffed but also in NYAKULA to and from the court before being crocodile-dined-n-wined. They wouldn’t even be in a suit n tie, they wouldn’t even smile or walk boisterously. The word “bail” was even deleted from all dictionaries found in Malawi. That way guilty-conscience would quickly hit them n thus regret their actions. And justice was not only done but was seen to be done also (thanks to Kasambara – the wicked). And nyakula really was harassment not the arrests n re-arrests you mistake for harassment today.

    I therefore cry for the days of old.

    1. darth maul says:

      braz analyst, read my #3. my thoughts exactly! tikuaweta udyo anamadya misonkhowa

      1. The Analyst says:

        Exactly Darth. Pajatu kamuzu anali na ng’ona n wouldnt waste time on them

  17. Malawian says:

    May i suggest that ACB and government should consider that everyone who worked at Accountant General and Ministry of Finance between 2005 to 2014 submit his or her assets and also that the Ministry of Lands and Housing as well as Malawi Housing Corporation publish the owners of houses in Lilongwe and Blantyre. This should include cleaners. I am saying this because Account clerks with a qualification of as low as JCE were able to build houses with 6 months. There are a number of houses in Area 49 for example owned by these lowly paid officers and one wonders where did they find the money to build these houses. If permitted i can publish their names. I am also a government worker but i did not have a decent house because my pay cannot manage to build one. I am still saving to get a loan from the Bank

  18. Wadyera says:

    What goes around comes around. You can run but you can not hide. With new evidence, we expect more arrests to be made so who ever benefited from the loot will one day be cornered. Mwanjoya mokwanira. Evil begets evil and good begets good.

  19. State Counsel says:

    Stay strong Mphwiyo the state do not have direct evidence against you but only circumstantial evidence which is not admissible in the Courts of law. There are a lot of Ps’s and Directors the state is failing to arrest because the government has given the orders not to arrest them. Its a shame that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution has not arrested a single big fish from the Lomwe belt. How many Ps’s and Directors in the government who are Lomwe’s? There are plenty of them who approved vochours before the Office of the Accountant General signed the cheques. The Office of the Accountant General does not approve cheques but only sign approved cheques which Ps’s from various ministries authorise. If you convict Mphwiyo and Ralph then the majoriy of the Ps’s, Directors, Ministers, Khumbo Kachali, Saulos Chilima are all going down

  20. Lovemore says:

    Mwapeza evidence yanji, inform us malawians pliz chifukwa its our monies.

  21. adona says:

    Anthu opanda chisoni! let justice prevail! These mafias must pay sure! Mphwiyo ndi nzako Kasambara, nonse mbava zokhazokha! kumwambanso mukazunzika more than this unless you repent you thieves! ife kumatuwa inu mukumanga nyumba za ma jacooz? lero mwazisiya kumakagona mu remand? koma Satana wanu wakuonetsani mbonaona! inu mungamatsatire nzeru za satana? simunamve kuti kwake ndikupha, kuba ndikuononga?? there is no free gift from the devil, this is pay back time!

  22. ambuya chik kay says:

    munkanjoya mukumwaza ndalama mma bottle store. ife kumaoneka zitsiru, amphawi. lero ife tikudyabe ka ndalama kathu kakang’ono komwe kaja mwa ufulu inu mukukhalira mma khoti ndi mu ndende. Mulungu amaonatu

  23. Malawian!!! says:

    Koma nde kunalitu kudyatu a Paulo!!!!!!! Mayooooh men amenewa!!!!

  24. Bolamoyo says:

    DPP Mary Kachale should be commended for the job well done. She is courageous and brave enough to face the cashgate cases head on. We want strong ladies like you. Young as she is, but able to pursue the cases in the right direction. Let us all make sure that this lady is encouraged to do the needful other than frustrating her. The government, please you always promote the undeserved ones. Make sure you follow and track what is happening. Ifetu tikuzitsata ndipo sitizakusekelerani pa ma promotions osadziwika bwino.

  25. Uyu ndi Kape says:

    Tikuti K577 Billion ndi imene ikulepheretsa ma donors kutithandiza! Mzipatala anthu akufa chifukwa you are backing the thieves for K577B. Get it going now

  26. Charter says:

    This guy is a thief, yet people standing around him seem to be admiring him! What’s wrong with us? Why does a thief feel like he is important?

  27. chemussa wakwatabu says:

    so this guy who was hailed as the key in locking cashgate loopholes now is facing the hangmans loop,accussed of stashing billions my foot!yet his mums house stays unfinished down in songani,its true that none is righteous,thus says the LORD!napepe peeee!

  28. Yaya kumudzi says:


  29. Owen says:

    This is november we are waiting for the names in the k577 million scam to be exposed please let all the thieves be brought to book justice to take its cause

  30. SONG says:

    This is very pathetic.

  31. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    JB abwere fast…..lembani warrant of arrest ndikamutenga ineyo ndimesa iyeyo amati mphwiyo waomberedwa bcoz akuthesa katangale, mayi woipa

  32. mapwevupwevu says:

    Paulo Mphwiyo afere ku jele limodzi ndi nzache Rough Kasambara !

    Anthu oipa kwabasai!

  33. Fenali A L says:

    577 Billion kwacha cash gate case when is it starting

  34. mtima wa wawa says:

    Eeeee nkhani zovuta izi. Ambuye alowelere basi.

  35. NYONYO says:

    chonena chagwera mkati

  36. darth maul says:

    mwayambapotu masanje anu aja you trial and error prosecutors. just finish these cteatures quickly with the evidence you have now and then hit them with the new crimes while they’re inside the cooler.

    all the money you’re blowing on fuel, hotel rooms and allowances is going to surpass what was stolen. kamuzu would have known what to do (cement nsima, crocodile buffet, acid bath……)

    1. The Analyst says:

      Exactly Darth Maul! Kamuzu wouldn’t waste time on these wicked bufoons!

  37. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Odi uko alimmwana agwilitse, moto ndi uwo ukupita kwatsala ntchile.

  38. hyndee says:

    Tiuzenitu new evidence mwapezayo. Muzingoti mwapeza new evidence awuzeni atolankhani alembe.

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