Mpinganjira denies making death threats to Mphwiyo

Former minister of information Brown Mpinganjira, popularly known as BJ, has denied that he was threatening gun-short survivor former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo to make payments to companies and individuals in ‘cashgate’ affair.

Mpinganjira after testifying at Lilongwe High Court: Denies there was '10 day to live' threat

Mpinganjira after testifying at Lilongwe High Court: Denies there was ’10 day to live’ threat

Mphwiyo (right) attended the court session, going home

Gun-shot survivor Mphwiyo (right) attended the court session, going home

Mpinganjira was subpoenaed to testify in the ongoing case of attempted murder of Mphwiyo.

The case is on a stage where former Justice Minister Raphael Kasambara SC, Pika Manondo and McDonald Kumwembe are defending themselves after the court ruled they have a case to answer.

Mphwiyo whose shooting on 13 September 2013 led to the unravelling of the systematic looting of millions of government money dubbed ‘cashgate’, told the court that  Mpinganjira warned him that Kasambara and former  People’s Party (PP) publicity secretary  Hophmally Makande, had given him “ten days to live” unless he honoured certain government payments.

But in his testimony, Mpinganjira told the court in Lilongwe on Wednesday that he never issued death threats to Mphwiyo.

He also said Kasambara never threatened Mphwiyo at any point.

Mpinganjira told the court that he knows Kasambara  – Senior Counsel – for years as a legal counsel and fellow politician.

He also knew Mphwiyo as a friend even before he was appointed budget director and that during his interactions with both he has never heard or being told by Mphwiyo that he was receiving threats.

Mpinganjira said to his best knowledge there were no threats from Kasambara to Mphwiyo in any form.

He said the statement which Mphwiyo told the court that he approached him to issue threats from Kasambara is false as he never knew of any threats.

Mpinganjira who was called as court witness told the presiding Judge Michael Mtambo that he only read in papers about the alleged threats but he knew nothing.

When Mtambo asked Mpinganjira to explain to the court how he knows Kasambara, Mpinganjira said he had known him for long time as legal counsel and recently as a politician in PP government.

And the evangelist-cum-politician told the court he knew Mphwiyo and they were still friends.

Mphwiyo’s shooting unravelled ‘cashgate’ and the resultant discovery that up to K24 billion million was minted from the government payment system, where politicians and businessmen colluded with civil servants for payments for goods and services not rendered to government.

Soon after Mphwiyo’s shooting millions of cash in Malawi kwacha, US dollars and South African rands started pitching up in unlikely places like in car trunks, baby dolls, under beds or in pillow cases.

Western donor countries and agencies reacted by freezing up to US $150 million in aid for Malawi.

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20 thoughts on “Mpinganjira denies making death threats to Mphwiyo”

  1. Former JB Supporter says:

    Munya muona you thought poti Kasambara is a Tonga (the toniest Malawi tribe) then he was an easy target. You forgot he had the backing of God.

  2. Bob says:

    All this is JB’s making. She wanted to implicate Kasambala as a scapegoat to gain political mileage. But alas the evil never won the elections. Now its pay back time.

  3. mbani says:

    kasambara is a machine baba

  4. Jamu says:

    Mpinganjira is a mafia. He already has blood on his hands. He ochestrated the killing of MCP cadre Chiwaya in 1999

  5. Daniel Jenya Min of Finance says:

    I already said in court that prior to shooting himself, we were investigating mphwiyo on cashgate matters. He became madish when he discovered kuti tadziwa kuti amaba. Chances are 10 out of 10 that he wanted to commit sucide

  6. Menyani says:

    Mphwiyo is just a good thief. He shot himself trying to commit sucide after atamupanikiza ku office nkhani ya over expenditure

  7. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are watching very close

  8. Prophet Mwanawadakasambara says:

    Viva Raphael a pupil of Uliwa primary school. God knows you are innocent and he is fighting for you.

  9. Emk says:

    Insufficient evidence

  10. Margoofoolie says:

    Following the case well the DPP (Kachale) shouldn’t be blamed because wherever the PP were plotting their thievery in readiness for the elections, aka gale wasn’t there. Kasambala’s name came into the picture by his friends he was stealing government money with. All the DPP is doing is utilising the evidence as submitted by the witnesses/culprits. Bring into the courtroom Bophani and let him argue out the case with Pika Manondo and Oswald Lutepo who mentioned that they were instructed to come up with cooked-up statements in order to protect someone. Unless that someone cannot be mentioned then incarcerate Bophani, Kadonje, Njanji, RBM Governor, Mpwiyo and all those who were involved in the signing of those huge amounts of cheques. Definitely this was a directive from above but those in court now are dilly-dallying because of a reason and until the reason behind their secrecy is known, these court proceedings is a waste of resources. It was established that government money was stolen, why and how did that happen at such supersonic speed without those heading the Accountant Generals office and the Reserve Bank heads not noticing the malpractice? Something is not adding up here and someone somewhere is aware of what is happening.

  11. Mpangazira says:

    Mphwiyo is my friend. He has told me several times kuti he shot himself because of cashgate pressure he was getting from his office. Thats why mfuti sidapite mu court ndi yake yomwe

  12. Wanakabaghe says:

    Kasambala musiyeni ayende

  13. pido says:


  14. Ine says:

    Mulandu uwu Judge adzagamula kuti Mphwiyo Sanaomberedwe

  15. Former JB Supporter says:

    Tatiyeni nawonitu ma comment anu inu munkasokosa pano kumupaka zitosi Kasambara dzana lija. We were very few here who saw it kuti chinali chinyawu anamusemera Kasambara.

    A Malawi vuto lanu ndikupelewera nzeru. You are too lazy to think.

    And nyasatimes how could you award personality of the year kwamunthu wopanda nzeru ngati Kachale, may be nanunso mulibe nzeru.

  16. BOKHO says:

    Wagwa nayo wagwa nayo ameneyo. Leave Kasambara alone please. We need him in Legal practioner

  17. smart says:

    so phwiyo is foolish,he wants to get away ponama galu wamunthu.ngati umadya wekha uyenera kuyankha wekha.osapachika munthu wosalakwa……..galu………chindere…palikundu.

  18. kunyeziwa mussa says:

    plz amalawi kasambara z innocent angomuzunza munthu uyu wy cant u cal jb 2come kudzawatchula anawombera mphwiyo? ndi ndale chabe izi misonkho yathu amalawi tiyembekeze kumusupa kasambalayu mayooo ine ndalama zijaaaaa!

  19. Mphwiya says:

    Mary kachale wagwa nayo

  20. Kingmam says:

    Ngati umalandila ma call from anonymous pple ndiye kuti u know someting.

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