MPs turn to court to block Malawi Savings Bank sale

Malawi lawmakers are turning to the courts in an effort to block the sale of Malawi Savings Bank (MSB), describing the move as an attempt to rob the people.

Leaders of Legal Affairs Committee Chairperson Lewis Chakhwantha and a member of the Budget and Finance Committee of parliament Peter Dimba told reporters in Lilongwe on Wednesday that they will ask courts to stop the government from selling the bank, describing the move as an attempt to rob the people., the Daily Times reports.

Chakwantha (left) : Seeking court intervention

Chakwantha (left) : Seeking court intervention

Chakhwantha, a lawyer by training, conceded that much as Parliament does not have a legal backing to argue their case and the government has not flouted any law in the sale; MPs as representatives of the people they
have a locus standi which is the ‘right to bring action, to be heard in court, or to address the Court on a matter before it’

“We must understand that on the first place laws are made by people for the people. The paramount aim or objective of any written law is to serve the interest of people. So even if a law can border on technicalities or legal jargons, the spirit of the law is to serve to the interest of the people”, explained Chakhwantha, as quoted by the paper.

But spokesperson for the Treasury Nations Msowoya said the MPs have no basis to seek court redress because “the people to be protected are the Malawians who are also the depositors and it is the interest of these that government is trying to protect by inviting strategic investors.”

Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) on Monday opened tenders requesting strategic investors to buy a controlling stake in MSB in which the government owns 100 percent of its shares.

The MPs however claimed that it has already been set-up that Malawi’s fastest growing bank, FDH will buy the tax payer stakes in the bank.

The bank, founded in 2008, is a 100% subsidiary of FDH Financial Holdings Limited (FDHFHL).

“Government intends to sell the bank to few individuals including FDH Holdings at a give away price, when the bank’s assets as of November 2014 were in excess of K46 billion”, said Dimba.

Dimba sai Secretary to Treasury is issuing instructions to the government’s divestiture agency to offer FDH Bank the sale of MSB.

Said Dimba:”If the sale is sincerely by tender, why is the Secretary to the Treasury’s office issuing instructions to PPPC to sell the bank to FDH Bank and render the whole bidding process a farce when they have already concluded the deal behind the scenes?”

The sale of the bank has met resistance from MP who pushed a motion in Parliament last month halting the sale to pave the way for investigations on its viability.

The MPs argue that MSB is the only bank that has wide coverage in the country, especially in rural areas where their constituents are located.

The legislators also accused Finance Minister Goodal Gondwe of being dishonest for informing Parliament that government will halt the sale of the bank when the PPPC is proceeding with the sale.

According to Dimba, MSB already meets minimum capital requirements of US$ 5 million (K2.2 billion to reach the optimum capitalisation level which is ironically what some companies owe the bank,

He also said the central bank is deliberately inflating the capital requirement for the bank to be Base II compliant to K23.7 billion when in fact the bank needs only K5 billion to recapitalise to optimal levels,

“Government is making arrangements as part of the sale process to firstly, write off some toxic debt before the buyout thereby making Malawians repay the toxic loans,” he said.

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Koma abale, chonchi tidziyembekedzera kut malawi atukuka?


Proud of those two MPs who are fighting for our public asset


At 42, why sell the bank? The fact government has abused is not reason enough to sell it. The bank belongs to the people. A good government will come ion 2019 and will let the bank be run efficiently.
The private sector does not run institutions as you think. These are the most inefficient institutions. The make more profits because of profiteering. They overcharge their goods and services. They are in business.


Sell the bank. It has been abused too much. The private sector will run it more efficiently. It is a lesser evil to let it go to private sector that keep it and abuse it and risk complete closure. Inu a MCP, mukulira chani ndi ndale zanuzo. Do nyou really think FDH and one Mpinganjira will give free money to DPP during the 2019 election. Silly!


Iwe Mkwaso aka George Mankhwala ndi mbatama. Basi what goes around you is tribalism and nepotism. That is why your comment is shallow, myopic, symptomatic to a dunderhead: mpake school imakuvuta ku polytechnic. Ntchito kukalembetsa ma assignment. Ndetche lako


Mkwaso ndi George Mankhwala waku MRA, who rose through ranks ku MRA ko coz of nothing apart from nepotism


Please MPs can you get an injuction to STOP this madness!


Mkwaso you are just useless. You don’t know anything. Just shut up. Politicians messed up the MSB. The bank does not need any strategic partner. Govt shed capitalise it and let it run professionally. Goodall Gondwe and other politicians are to blame.

Why write off loans to a national bank? Is government saying they now have a safety net for debtors owing its banks huge loans? If this is not kleptocracy we wonder who must ever complain of cash gate in the high places. Chilembwe, Chihana and others fought for our freedom in vain. We are still chained by economic oppressors worse than the thangata masters. We are still oppressed by the highest political echelons acting with popular consent worse than the case was in the one party era of police-state authority. The irony is that it is the very acclaimed champions… Read more »

And this CEO – Jumbe is waiting for the Govt to establish another bank to aid his appointees to loot taxpayers. That is the problem when you vote along tribal lines. Continue stealing from us and We will just look unto God to help us.

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