MRA calls on Malawians to demand fiscal receipts for goods bought

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has asked consumers to develop a spirit of demanding fiscal receipts for goods bought or services rendered from Value Added Tax (VAT) business operators for their VAT to be recorded and accounted for.

Mbilizi:  buyers should demanding a tax invoice or fiscal receipt

Mbilizi: buyers should demanding a tax invoice or fiscal receipt

Mbilizi: Demand receipts

Mbilizi: Demand receipts

By demanding fiscal receipts or invoice, according to MRA Acting Commissioner General Roza Mbilizi, VAT operators will be forced to use the mandatory Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs), which were introduced to curb tax evasion by non issuance of tax invoices, especially by small and medium taxpayers or VAT businesses.

With the EFDs, sales transactions are monitored and sent electronically through a GPRS modern to the Authority’s central server.

Speaking on Friday during a media training workshop in Blantyre, Mbilizi said the EFDs were implemented to enhance revenue collections by ensuring tax compliance of VAT Registered taxpayers through the use of the Electronic Tax Registers (ETRs).

She, however, said some VAT operators are not using the machines as consumers just walk out of shops without demanding receipts for the items bought or services rendered by the taxpayers.

“MRA implemented these mandatory machines for every value added tax payer to procure, install and use the EFDs to do away with challenges in VAT administration.

“To ensure compliance, the buyers should demanding a tax invoice or fiscal receipt generated by the EFD as this is the only way a taxable transaction will be captured,” said Mbilizi.

She said EFDs provide evidence of sales transactions in a “technically easy and undisputed way” as the daily sales transactions are summarized before being transmitted to MRA’s main server.

“Previously, there was suppression of sales, non-issuance of tax receipts, use of multiple sets of business records, non-remittance of VAT collected and non-disclosure of branches and associated businesses.

“So, the EFDs were introduced to curb these challenges and for the machines to work out perfectly, every consumer must demand a fiscal receipt for goods bought or services rendered from VAT businesses.

“When a consumer pay for a product or service, the machine will register it and at the end of the day transmit details of the all sales to MRA server, making it easy to account for and verify VAT collected on daily basis since the details which VAT operators will be collecting will also appear in our server,” explained Mbilizi, adding that there is also deliberate non acquisition of EFDs by some taxpayers .

She then warned that they clamp down on VAT business operators who are not using the machines and that they be duly prosecuted for flouting tax laws.

During the training, business journalists were taken through several papers on MRA Integrity; Tax Policy, Incentives and Impact on Malawi; Customs and Excise (New Tax Measures); Domestic Tax (New Tax Measures); and update and enforcement of EFDs.

“We need the media to help in disseminating information to the public to report incidences of tax evasion or corruption to either ACB or MRA. Our desire is to have every VAT collected from a buyer recorded and accounted for and used for intended purposes,” said Mbilizi.

It was also noted that there is also lack of knowledge in the administration of VAT to most citizens; lack of consumer cooperation and hostilities towards EFD inspectors; deliberate failure to report malfunctioning EFDs; and impersonation of MRA officers.

And that the number of reported cases is increasing since 2013 as people are now aware of the channels of reporting. In 2013 they received 21 cases, 34 were reported in 2014 and as of August 2015, the Authority has received 53 cases.

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19 thoughts on “MRA calls on Malawians to demand fiscal receipts for goods bought”

  1. It sounds good in words. But not the way tax is collected in Malawi. So old fashion. How can tax be collected by vivsiting the shops or businesses? The same people at MRA who makes DEALS with shop or business owners. I was shocked when I was buying materials for the house, they asked me ” do I want a receipt or no receip”?I asked
    What do he meant? He explained without a receipt I dont pay tax with a receipt there was little addition tax money. I felt and asked myself why Malawians are doing this? Who do we help? Asians who are also living in the same country but dont want to pay tax? I got a receipt. I dont live in Malawi. MRA personel wanted to bribe me by saying he could go and take my accumulation from data. To do so I need to pay him MK20 000, and if I can help him with paying for his car release from port, with my Visa card. There is deals and negations with MRA and ROAD traffic. Malawi need to find a system of tax payment for business owners. To day it is easy for anyone o teach because there is no system of accountance. Also the government has to difference between a big business and small businessez carried by woman. People will be honest if they learn they ar not over paid and contributing to their well being of nation. Corruptioners also should think of this.

  2. NJalanchilombo says:

    Kodi mbava zimenezi ndi anthu? Ndi mbava zosaoneka ndi maso kapena ?Nyama zenizeni kapena.Zidzamwalirabe zonse ngakhale zikuba ndalama za bomazo. Fotseki zawo.

  3. PIERRE says:

    Rose u seem to hav a sprt of hard workn.Giv ur # i shud revl tu the ofc chinyengo mushopu ina k u mzuzu.

  4. Minikwa says:

    Mai Jumu wa domestic mra wakhala akuudzidwa nkhaniyi, koma kungokhala nonoro basi, kuthamangitsa thako, shupiti zanu nonse ku mra! Kodi nkhaniyi a Kamoto sankaidziwa? A Losa Mbilizi 100% yanu kumeneko, anthu ambiri akukuberani makwacha posatolera misonkho yathu ya vat. A mwenye, ma China, ma Burundi, ma Nigeria ndi anthu omwe a ma bizinesi akubera ndalama boma, akungodya misonkho yathu. Za chisoni kuti ma ofesi a mra m’matawonimu angochita ziphuphu kulephera ntchito yoonetsetsa kuti masitolo onse akugwiritsa ntchito makina ndikupereka ma lisiti a vat.

    Zoona mutipatse nambala ya lamya kuti tidzikuudzani zitsitsi zakuya. Komanso mupereke kopositira malisiti a wamba timalandirawa kwa anthu okubawa. Kodi a ma mini-bus ndi a ma bottle store muli nawo pa pologalamu yanji mai Mbilizi? Mai Losa Mbilisi mwayamba bwino makora nadi imwe.

  5. tony more says:

    Collect more so government can steal more.

  6. Employee of MRA are the one who make this country failing to develop. they are strictly collecting customs from Malawian. They charge more from a small item but they allow a container of K100,000,000 to go at k20,000,000. They just receive only k5,000,000 for their pockets and charge them k20,000,000 for general receipt. k75,000,000 for Indians. Do you expect the country to develop? This Information I gathered from a reliable Indian who was very much concerned with the country’s welfare. If they want to be successful go and check the accounts of MRA workers who are offloading containers of Indians. you will be surprised to see huge money to compare with their salaries.

  7. Lt. Col. Chibwatiko says:

    Can MRA publish a revenue performance report for the period the EFD’s were introduced to date.

    It will be interesting to know if the much touted devices have indeed improved revenue collection.

    Steve Kapoloma you have your work cut out for you here.

  8. John says:



  9. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Tidzilipila msonkho kuti mupange fund mlakho, pamsundu pako, mbilizi

  10. Pita Wa Mathanyura says:

    ndipo ineyo whenever there is a chance to evade VAT, i do, why should i be paying the VAT which ends up being abused by you morons,, mwandilira

  11. Kaithaze Chipundwe says:

    Actually i demand not to pay the so called VAT anytime i buy things. And then i also advise the seller not to record such a sale to me. In this way i deny the government from abusing my money if collected.

    Shop owners are also very happy to reduce the price with ALL VAT charges…

  12. botomani says:

    So that you can finance your political maroons. Stupid!!!!!

  13. kabotolokamo says:

    Can some one tell this woman to demand such when she buys tomato at Lizulu Market …MRA ….. corrupt just like the people they work for ……

  14. titus Scoti says:

    SANA ya pa petroda filling station pa Area 30 samapereka ma receipt a MRA. Kodi inu a MRA mulibe ma inspectors to enforce this? Ife ogula tiribe mphamvu to tell the shop owners to have the gadgets installed. Zibwana zedi!!!!

  15. captain says:

    Mbilizi ndi ma blue professionals paja eti? Mbava muletsa bwanji azizanu kuba.

  16. Patriot says:

    Malawians on fire.
    And they will be asking us consumers receipts. If we can’t show any receipt, they will arrest us and jail us.
    That’s Peter for you. He is here to bring misery on malawians, to pour more fire on us.
    This man was not chosen by God.

  17. xxxxx says:

    We also demand sanity at MRA and accountability in the use of our tax money

  18. watipaso says:

    Ife nthawi zambiri timawona ma shop ena amakana kupeleka, ndiye tipange bwanji?

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