MRA raids Bingu estate valuer Yeremiah Chihana: Impounds computers, files -report

Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) officials accompanied by armed police officers on Friday raided offices of the government-hired valuer of the estate of former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika, and went away with computers and files after a six-hour search, it has been reported.

Yeremiah Chihana: Raided

Yeremiah Chihana: Raided

Yeremiah Chihana,, proprietor of YMW Property Investment in Lilongwe, said officials from the public tax collector took two files, a desktop computer and a laptop computer containing information about the Bingu estate, The Nation reported on Tuesday.

The  search started around 3.30pm and ended at 9.30pm and that the MRA wanted the Bingu files, according to Chihana.

MRA officials, who were five in number, produced a search warrant obtained from the Blantyre Magistrate’s Court which Chihana signed, the paper reported.

Chihana is said to have identified three of the officials through their business cards as Gerald Ngondoma, Christopher Chidammodzi and a Mrs. Mumba.

“They [MRA officials] said they wanted the Bingu estate files, but when I told them that they [files] are also available at the Registrar’s and Attorney General [AG] offices, they said they wanted to find out whether I paid tax on the fees I collected for carrying out a valuation exercise of the estate,” the paper quoted Chihana.

Chihana, who was engaged by the administration of former president Joyce Banda to evaluate Bingu’s estate in 2012, said he was not worried with the seizure of the computers, saying: “I did not receive any payment for the work I did; hence, no need to pay tax. If that is the only reason they have taken the computers, then my conscience is clear.”

According to Chihana, he got K42 million for operational expenses out of which K22 million was given to the Mutharika family.

He said: “The exercise needed extensive travels; hence, we needed the money. But for the payment of the work, I got nothing.”

Chihana valued his Bingu estate at K61 billion and said the wealth of the estate is expected to go beyond K61 billion (about $152m) after full assessment.

The assessment was disputed by the Mutharika family as an exaggeration.

Chihana said Mutharika had houses in Singapore and some property in the United States of America (USA) which he did not include in his initial assessment.

Bingu wa Mutharika died of cardiac arrest on April 5, 2012.

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85 thoughts on “MRA raids Bingu estate valuer Yeremiah Chihana: Impounds computers, files -report”

  1. nyasi mmaso says:


  2. John M says:

    Stupid Country! An Stupid People!!!!!!! Do you think peppl of Malawi are blind? Rubbish!!!

  3. chikumbutso mipando says:

    Ralph Kasambara and Geoff Nkhata should be questioned as well. I work at the Registrar General’s Office and I saw how Ralph and Geoff manipulated figures on late Bingus Estate just to fill their pockets. Chilungamo chioneke basi!!!

  4. luvolwethu mpeta says:

    thinking that chihana will also do some evaluation on the property of the mathanyula kahuna after he kept on changing how much he is worth??????????? hehedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Malawi is poor struggles but they think the will do better with rma, never are just punishing their own people. You know government suppose to let the people who’s going out of country to come back goods money and so on to charge them fear custom duty the people who are coming home with car bakies they charged unfear duties that’s why in the country they are using bicycles as public transport this is not good at all. The person who bring their cars trucks is not only them will benefit but the government also will benefit.

  6. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    MRA, MRA, police being used to cover-up the truth. Note: ‘When you twist the truth watch-out when it springs back’ .

  7. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Likely they are trying to erase the records of his brother’s theft of public funds and misuse of funds to construct a house in Europe. Peter is also trying to erase records of how he acquired wealth that he has declared. Obviously it was from his brother. He has over-blown his declaration and now he is correcting the figure. Time of accumulation of wealth may also not be when he was working in US.

  8. Willie Chirwa says:

    Oh what a daring raid by MRA. Hope you will see this to the end and tell us what you got otherwise Uh! First how did this guy get this so mouth watering contract with government. was it through a competitive bid or rather those contracts you get from Bwandilo or Machasi. This company was in 2001 or thereabout engaged by Lilongwe City to do a valuation of Area 2 residential area for city rates and alas every entry in the roll was contested why? The question is was the valuation od the Bingu estate done in good faith or was it one of those exagerations?

  9. chejali says:


  10. Liberalist says:

    Two sides of debate. One side, if Chihana did not pay tax then it shows how MRA can be used by Presidents in this stupid country. Why did MRA not get the tax then? No wonder Bingu & Peter were siphoning K70 million every two weeks. Side two, If Chihana was used by JB to put Bingu in bad reputation then Peter has the right to put the records straight. But we Malawians must look at this issue with an open mind becoz politics is a dirty game played by dirty people. When u support one side, it really shows that you are a Primary School 8 SES learner dropout who can only look at issues from one angle of what is a latitude not analyse the cause of MRA roughing up Chihana

  11. m'tsutsa says:

    m’nkantheni pumbwa ameneyu.selfish dude.


    Palibe nkhani pamenepa. If a search warrant was presented, then the search was legitimate bola mumubwezere ma computer ake mukathana nazo. Otherwise nothing is wrong here. Everyone can be searched at anytime.

  13. makumba says:

    Zavuta ku town

  14. Dolo Bucci says:

    Akuti atambwali same tana. Kasambara is ready to defend Chihana I am sure.

  15. Palikanthu says:

    The way I look at it, this raid is linked to APM False Asset declaration.
    All I ask is that Chihana should be infuriated enough to demand that the MRA should raid all other suspected avoiders of tax starting with all Asians that palm oil Politicians, all Nigerians that palm oil licencinsing departments, all Malawian lawyers that aid and abeit cashgate looters…
    The money realized can go a long way to boost the budgetary support of this plundered nation!

  16. Its displeasing to see that pple are being tortured for the service they offered to the nation. Don’t bring us back to the tatus quo of ur late bro. We are tired of humiliations.

  17. Bololo says:

    If China valued the property at K61 billion, then his fee must be 1% , which was about K610m. Add costs then in the region of K700m. Your guess for his tax bill is as good as mine. Now knowing that he was dubiously awarded that contract by the cash gate master minds he must have shared the heist with other criminals. One thing for sure his riches have skyrocketed lately, including that black 4×4 he bought duty free through Enoch Chihana! And the farms he got from Press he is renting to Exagris and yes that office block at Mzuzu roundabout, ESCOM renting part of it.

  18. OMEGA BEMA says:

    That’s pure politics

  19. Kwasakwasa says:

    Another Cardiac Arrest for Mutharika family. I can see Peter will go faster than he came on the political scene. Stupid one-toothed bull!!!

  20. Jelbin mk says:

    People are mistaken, Chihana did not have an interest in Bingu’s estate but the estate was supposed to be evaluated after his death so that the government could collect its taxes from a deceased estate which was going to be owned by beneficiaries who are not presidents hence the need to be taxed because the beneficiaries were not going to be enjoying a tax free privilege. He did not just wake up one morning and embark on an evaluation exercise. In the process the Muntharikas family was supposed to be given money by government so that they could travel to different countries and places with the evaluator in order to get the actual figure from which MRA was to collect duty fees so I wonder why the same MRA is after their own hired person? And as it is operational costs are not taxable especially if you are hired by the same government of which has an overall authority to deduct the duty fee before it gets to the hired personnel. If anyone queries this then should ask him/herself as to why does the same government deduct all government employees before the money gets to the employees? Its because they know you won’t be able to pay it because the most difficult thing to pay on earth is a tax thus why every government gets its share before the money gets to their employees even in private companies this happens the company deducts from its employees and hand the money over to governments so this is really just a vengeance tactic for APM.

  21. Wa ku Mchinji says says:

    Yeremiya Chihana mk 42million osamanga manda a bamboo wako… mbuzi

  22. stratigist says:

    He said he received mk 42m and bribed the muntharika with23 yet he says he never received money .nfinyeni .cheque wete paid to him 3.5billion

    1. martha says:

      Pali nzeru pa zomwe mwanenazo? Who should bribe who here? CHIHANA or Bingu’s family?

  23. Doreen Dambuzo says:

    I have no qualms if MRA has genuine cause to break into Chihana’s offices and conduct their investigation.

    However, I would urge them to do the same to known smugglers and tax evaders like Masangwi.

    No selective justice here. APM can provide MRA with evidence to aid their investigation on Masangwi.

  24. Aphiri says:

    Good this bastard thought he owns all the properties in the world

  25. james kantkule says:

    Do not leave out Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara and former Registrar General Geoffrey Nkata. These 2 guys were on the forefront manipulating figures for Bingu Estate. These 2 lawyers should be taken to task together with Chihana

  26. killy msiska says:

    Y talking about the late bingu?

  27. Mw says:

    Hope the learned professor will not take us back to the days before his late brother’s death.Should Malawians start praying for God’s intervention once again? Everything is very possible.

  28. Mkwaso says:

    Atumbuka kudzikonda. This guy has not been paying taxes. MRA musamusiye galu ameneyu. Why do you call this witch hunting. Komatu Judiciary and Legislature, its northerners leading. Mudziyamika a fisi inu. If anything, its the central region which has a raw deal in the running of affairs of this country.

    1. Jelbin mk says:

      Ku judiciary mukunanako bwana atumbikawo anakalowa ndi maphinziro awo osati zanu zina za appointment iweyo anakuletsa kikaphunzira za law ndani kuti usakapezeke ki judiciary ukunenako????? Some people are bewitched that they always they look ay anything from the north as something wrong, uchedwa nazo izi pota kwa bambo ako ndamene you should be accusing for not sending you to school not northerners because we won’t send you to school by any means especially with that rotten behaviour, no!!!!!!

    2. Sniper SC says:

      zagwirizana bwanji ndi mtundu mwana wagalu iwe!?

  29. VYOTO says:


  30. Uchisiru wa malawi

  31. Bob says:

    I for one can see another cardiac arrest sooner that otherwise. Nkhani zake zimayamba chonchi.

  32. Mwama Du says:

    Hahahaaaaaa! MRA to Chihana’s office. Ndale za pa Nyasaland.

  33. Mwakipiki says:

    What else do you expect from the government of mafias? Cry my beloved country

  34. Kokotowa says:

    Yes Yeremia! Mkazi wako Loveness Gondwe ali bwanji? Kodi akuphunzirabe ubusa uja?
    Plz my friend answer me quickly coz I want to put her in my plans akakukwidzinga for tax evasion!
    Nalikukuti wachabechabe iwe!

  35. truuuu says:

    This is the time APM will go astray heavy time. He started with his close associate at Sanjika now targeting people outside Sanjika.

  36. Asset Declaration says:

    Oh my god! Here we go again! MRA, please be professional. Yes Chihana must pay tax, no two ways about it but if MRA hasn’t received any tax for the bingu work, it is not the equipment confiscated that will produce evidence. I thought the payment came from govt? Can’t you verify the amount paid without cinfiscating any property? You know where the burden of proof lies, why can’t you do your job professionally? You want people to be claiming that you are harrassing them when all you are doing is claiming what belongs to ceasar? What did you confiscate from masangwi when he connived with your own commissioner to evade tax and smuggle some banned stuff using eight trucks.

    Now let’s turn to some exciting stuff. So bingu, he who entered office with one trouser and a garden in zimbabwe, ended up not only with ndata mansion plus hefty foreign accounts but also property in USA and Singapore? Was he also a lecturer in law at some university in USA for 30 years?kkkkkkk………..little by little we are discovering why this country stands as it is at 50 or is it 51?

  37. Kenkkk says:

    Mra, you are becoming stooges and puppets of DPP and Peter. Your behavior is very unprofessional. Why raid Jeremiah’s office and confiscate computers? Is this all because of the cheating asset declaration of APM who is now failing to reconcile with the assets he inherited from his brother?

    Jeremiah was just doing his job as per instructions given to him. Expenses are never taxed as long as you have valid receipts. How many people or consultants are you going to track down for tax evasion or is it avoidance?

    Please don’t trouble hard working
    Malawians while your corrupt DPP asian friends walk free without paying a single tambala of taxes to you. If you had collected all the taxes owed by these thieving amwenye friends of yours, our govt would not even need budgetary support from donors.

    All you should have done as suggested by others is to write to Jeremiah to ask him what salary or fees he received from the work he did on the Bingu estate and whether he paid any taxes? Depending on how he responds, then you should have taken the steps you did if he was being coy with the facts.

    You harass fellow Malawians Koma amwenye akunyelani pano.

    Why didn’t you harass Jeremiah during JB time? So DPP have sent you, you are really stupid burgers!!! You can destroy the computers you have taken but the information will never be destroyed because there are always back ups of many forms, online ones using different devices, off site storage, human brain, etc.

    By the way am not condoning people who don’t pay their fair share of taxes!!!

  38. Sangwani Mkandawire says:

    sizoona ganizani bwino,akupwetekesani yemwe wakutumaniyo.njoka yofasa imakhala ndi ululu woopsya kaya mukuyesa km muzayesa pam…. nkumangidwaso

  39. mike says:

    These mra guys are very professional, chihana waba ndalama zambiri in property evaluatiins even za anthu ena and a lot of evaluing buildings.i dnt believe this is witch hunting.mra will recover a lot of unpaid taxes out.u nysatimes come back and report to us after a month.

  40. Jihad John says:

    Too many thieves in Malawi from the top to thugs that have killed a policeman in Limbe. We hear about the president declaring US$8 million and a few days later making a u-turn to say it was wrong but has $2 million. We hear of BEAM milking NAC and yet the owners have billions. We hear of people stealing caskets from graveyards. What are we up to? Cashgate etc

  41. mustafa says:

    MRA is being used to scare northerners . Please all tumbukas be ready for the persecution that is coming . .

  42. Magang'a says:

    Mr. Chihana you remember unkayankula motumbwa nthawi imene ija kuteloku anakupatsa MWK42 Million just to sit in the office and evaluate the worth of late Bingu? And utiuzenso kuti panali mgwirizano wanji pakati pa iwe ndi JB? And zimene munasindikiza zija munakazitenga kwandani popeza akubanja anakana kupanga nawo zanuzo?

  43. Kadakwiza says:

    Wana wa Mpoto let us fight for our own country. Let us separate from these crooks, we are tired of being oppressed.

  44. Nkhombokombo says:

    It is not YC we are interested in we only interested foremost in the wealth uncovered. No one can amess 61bln from a capital of about 150mln in a period of 10 years. Don’t try to hide the dirty work of the wicked. Equally the brother is not telling the truth about his wealth. Most people are in doubt of the declarations given by our so called Excellences. We don’t vote for these people to rich but let them to lead and rally along with the populace to develop the nation. We are wasting our valuable time to forge ahead. Our 50 years wasted should be a lesson to us. It will not make sense to have the wealthiest President the Nation is the poorest nation in the World. We should be ashamed!.

  45. chigawenga says:

    We are watching there should be no intimidation or an attempt to tamper with the evidence. Allow the truth to come out and Malawians should stop being docile and meek. Bingu stole lots of money from the nation. This includes loyalties from Kayelekere mine which was being deposited in his personal account. We also want to know about all the side deals he made with Mota Engil the most corrupt foreign corporation doing business in Africa. Mota built Bingu’s villa in Portugal please investigate and return all the stolen loot to us its rightful owners.

  46. pamsundu says:

    My fellow tumbukas never accept witchhunting assignments to whom are you crying?

  47. Nyakulama says:

    Mizimu yakwiya muchonganso a Chihana munkafuna kutchuka, sono mwahuno ng’ombe za zyokera ku dazbomu, manyi muchitenge uli mwana wa kwithu? uku nkhuyamba pera vinandi vikwiza ehe!!

  48. Bwana wa London says:

    Wakuba Mutharika onse!!

  49. Gonamkulawe says:

    Yeremia Unya Uwona Ino Ndi Nthawi Ina Nthawi Ya Mayi Sukagwirika Iwe Olo Ukamayenda Umakhalangati Sufuna Kuponda Pansi

  50. Pacharo says:


  51. Patriot says:

    Ndi chifukwa chake amalawi tife ndi njala chaka chino. Nsanje too much.

  52. MKWAPU says:


  53. Balamanthu says:

    Here again.Chihana is one person I have never agreed with in many issues.However, intimidating him is just stupid and bad politics.One thing I know is that he is one of the most top notch valuers, well qualified and does not compare with many that masquarade to be valuers in Malawi.Why my brother Ralph Kamoto has sunk this low given that he has gone to bed with each government that has come to power speak volumes of how unprofessional he is.Such kinds of things will not help our country to advance when vindictiveness is at the center of everything we do.Check whether Kamoto himself is upto date with his tax returns and whether he pays tax as such on his many stolen properties

  54. Martithians Chihana says:

    There is a strong case for Yeremia Chihana to answer herein and this man must been taken to task because according to the powers vested in him by JB it is purely illegal taking further the valuation exercise.He must indeed suffer the consequences for doing such evil matter to support JB’S MOTIVES and this is one reason she on the RUN.

  55. mollen says:

    You gave the Mutharikas 22million? Why my brother?

  56. Ine Nchewa says:

    These are the fruits of for Pres J Banda ….how can one start the estate evaluation of the late owner without public advertisement (this another official corruption pleas ACB help us again ) as required by law Mr Chihana you have a case to answer you know what you did…..what was your interest to this estate of the late President….Now ndi izi there is no politics ndizofuna izi Achihana pano your friend JB anakuthawani mutani nokha…

  57. Danny says:

    Ambuye lowelerani pachirichonse mu Malawi muno tokha sitikwanitsa .Ziwanda zachuluka pa Malawi.Holy Ghost fire adule matcheniwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Divine intervention ikufunika immediately!!!!!!

  58. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Politics of intimidation. Mukulimbana ndi K42 million? We are waiting the K92 billion theft report.

  59. Mphuti says:

    Enya nadi Chihana chindere chakufikapo. Wakwiba chomene uyu. Mfinyeni nadi.

  60. Bokhobokho says:

    So MRA stooped so low as to accept to be used to scare Yeremiah. You are accomplices in the plunder of national resources!

  61. Mkwaso says:

    The truth of the matter is that this Chihana guy has not been remitting taxes to MRA since 2009. He is deliberately twisting facts for his own convinience helped by Tumbuka journalists. Just pay up the taxes, Yeremiah other than cooking up stories.

  62. Gobodo says:

    Koma chi Nissan Patrol chija sichidatuluka mu business yomweyi. Amathawa msonkho ameneyu musamusiye choncho ngakhale anatulutsa report yachilungamo cha chuma cha bingo

  63. matchonisa says:

    APM on vengeance

  64. Chindazi says:

    1. MRA you would have asked Chihana to produce evidence if he paid tax on the valuation exercise.
    2. If Chihana had said no, I did not receive any payment,,, then you would have asked for proof.
    3. If Chihana was paid, you would have asked him if he remitted any tax on consultation fee,,, that VAT charged… if Withholding tax was deducted when payment was made then check with the other party if he remitted the Withholding Tax…. Chihana should have just produced the withholding tax certificate.
    4. Operational expenses are disbursements which Chihana is supposed to pay VAT on them…Since he says he received 42million, he was supposed to pay MRA 16.5% of this.
    5. Upon receipt of actual fees charged, Chihana is supposed also to pay. 16.5% of the total fees.
    6. MRA you would have done an audit at the Chihana offices rather than taking the computers…. if Chihana was not compliant then you would have taken necessary action. Amwenye akukukanikani in town…. they bribe you with cash,, others cars….

    7. Mr Chihana,,, learn to be accountable on every transaction that you do….. as a consultant,, there is your money and government money.
    8. MRA….. Can you also visit most lawyers in town…. they don’t remit vat collected on fees charged.

    1. M23 says:

      I don’t think you know how VAT works. It is the supplier of services to Chihana who have the responsibility of paying VAT on which it is charged. Therefore if the K20m was used on operational costs as claimed by Mr Chihana, the supplier of those services has to remit VAT to MRA. The VAT that Mr Chihana has to remit is the VAT on the fees he charges, which has not been paid according to him less the VAT he has been charged on purchase of various items and services. Which means if he has not been paid any fees but has been paying for goods and services on which VAT was levied for the purpose of his business, then it is MRA that owe him money and would be recovered from VAT that he will have to pay MRA.

  65. Ana amuna a mphongo says:

    A Chihana simukunena kuti muna charger zingati nanga chifukwa chiani simukukumbusa ngongole. Boma liliri ngati ufumu. Mfumu sichoka bomanso silichika. Muuzeni APM ndi anyamata ake ajupatseni malipiro anu. Ntchito mubagwira kale. Kapena mukudikira a mwali akungozungulira kunja aja akazabwera kuti mulandire malipiro. Ndi boma linakutumani bambo. MRA ikufuna zao.

  66. BOMA LA KUBA says:

    These MRA guys were deliberately sent by a certain party and some individuals to destroy information of K92 billion Bingu-gate. Watch out. They will delete everything. But they will fail because there must be a back up of information elsewhere. Shame the government.

  67. Iwe Chihana, in 2012 you were one of those who danced, merried and ate when Bingu died. I have a list of you including Kasambara who had a meeting at LL Golf Club. Unya uwona Mtumbuka iwe. Umuuze mako Joice Banda kuti nkhuyu zodya mwana zimapota mkulu. Sunati ayi, limba nazo Mtumbuka iwe!

  68. MBACHI says:


  69. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    Comment: ifyakwa! ngani palibe apapa!

  70. mbani says:

    Nothing good here Mbava zokhazokha

  71. shosa says:

    Mwawona vindere vyakufikapo vyambaso kusuzga banthu.

  72. chilungamo says:

    mwana wakwitu waleke basanko aba bakudana na chilungamo…

  73. namarokoro says:

    Mr Chihana please get your facts clear: You are saying that you never got paid for the consulting work and yet you are saying you got paid for K42m as operational expenses, out of which K22 was paid to the Mutharikas. Is K42m not part of the counsulting work? Is operational expenses not part of consulting work? And why did you give the Mutharikas K22m? K42m as operational expense is a lot of money. You must have travelled to USA and Singapore a few times on Business Class or first class and stayed in 6 star hotels eating caviar.
    Nyasatimes tell us more otherwise this story is cloudy hence the raid by MRA. MRA do your work mopanda mantha

  74. Western Cambriger says:

    Tiyeni nayeni mtumbukayu, amaoneka dolo nthawi yawo zaka ziwiri zapitazi, lero nayeni , osamusiya chomcho, angazolowere

  75. Atupele Keba says:

    Birds of a feather flock

  76. MABALU says:


  77. napawekha says:

    ndi iwe mwana kwambiri wachepa nazo galu,finye,nazikambe

  78. Patrick Phiri says:

    Nanga mlandu wa Chihana ndi APM unatha bwanji?

  79. Israel Difense Force says:

    Are these officials who went to impound the items aware of cloud computing???????

    1. Muloshi No. One says:

      MRA has done it before. He’s not the first one. Let’s wait and see.
      They work to balance the equation. The information sought will just be there to provide clues.
      In the final analysis his Assets will also tell how much tax he has paid before acquisition. Assets = Capital + Liabilities

  80. Precious says:

    Who said DPP is a reformed party or that APM will do business unusual? These are guys who have no vision of how to develop the country and thus will spend energy on witch-hunting.

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