MRA says local manufacturers not utilising Malawi-Zimbabwe trade agreement

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has observed that most local businesses are utilising the Malawi-Zimbabwe Trade Agreement to boost their businesses.

Ralph Kamoto. MRA boss: Apply

Ralph Kamoto. MRA boss: Apply

Signed in 1995, the Malawi-Zimbabwe bilateral agreement aimed at removing tax barriers and other forms of trade barriers in order to stimulate trade between the two countries.

Under the agreement, goods imported from Zimbabwe into Malawi are given import duty free status, according to Raphael Kamoto, MRA Commissioner General.

“This is the same when one exports goods to Zimbabwe from Malawi,” he said.

Kamoto urged Malawian manufacturers to apply to authority and in the application they should list the goods they want to be exporting for the Authority to verify if indeed the goods are originating from Malawi.

“MRA will then the give the applicant an approval and thereafter notify Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZRA) of the new manufacturer and their products,” said Kamoto.

According to MRA, goods to qualify for duty free status should be wholly grown or produced in the two contracting parties and if the goods are not wholly produced then their domestic value addition should not be less than 25 percent.

Kamoto further said goods should be accompanied by a certificate of origin called Form 60 that is issued by the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI), and be duly endorsed by the manufacturer and certified by MRA.

“Where a product is being exported by a person other than the original manufacturer, the certificate of origin shall be endorsed by the original manufacturer.

“When exporting, one should ensure that he/she complies with the national standards of the two countries,” said Kamoto.

He therefore urged Malawian manufacturers to utilise the agreement to boost their businesses.

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MRA is one of the most corrupt body. Where were you all this time? Thanks for informing us but dont reap us in the end.


Kamoto, what does zimbabwe produce? My foot! They are also importing from Chhina and South Africa. Are you aware that they are even using $US and Rand as their official currency. That trade agreement is useless!

Will Chilongo

What products does these two Countries offer? They are both import dominated nations which do not produce but have been heavily affected Bt material imports either form South Africa or Far East countries like China

you should worry with the things going one inside malawi. indian people are running to much to pay taxes in malawi too much corruption. im azungu and when i was there i saw. indian guys selling put the money in an account of a local malawian guy. after the local guy give the money to indian guy.after delivery the car. you see no pay taxes only put money to pocket. if was me i catch too much situations there. look im available to help you people if you want. its so easy to catch thode people but i think… Read more »

Your english is sub standard not like for mzungu. Wen we say mzungu we mean one who can speak good English maybe u are chinese?


ok are you indian?
you know what i stay too much time without writting thats why but you undertstand me thats for shore
and yes im mzungo not chinese.
but i dont have a degree only secondary school but i already cross too much countries and in all of them people understand what i mean so its not so bad.
i know you have there lots of people too much smart but im not.


i saw your writting too and you dont write nice so why are complaining about my writting?im shore you are indian and you stay a little bit worried thats why.
because only you complained it was only by speach not because the arguments because you know its true

MF Jones

Ndiye ndiwe mzungu?

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