Msaka justifies Malawi housing subsidy: K7bn to benefit 15,000 people

Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Planning, Bright Msaka,  has defended the K7 billion budget allocation to the subsidized cement and iron sheets  programme  by the  ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying over 15,000 low income families would benefit from the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Program (DHASP) which is scheduled to start as a pilot this year.

Msaka said in a ministerial statement in parliament on Monday that the program will see government subsidising cement and iron sheets to low income Malawians such as those who live in thatched houses and mud floors as well as people with disabilities and orphans.

The Minister said  the K7 billion will “translate in 80 low cost houses per constituency and 15,440 beneficiaries across the country in this pilot year.” Malawi has 193 constituencies.

 Msaka: Malata and cement  subsidy for the poor

Msaka: Malata and cement subsidy for the poor

He said the program at local level would be implemented through a special vehicle known as Housing Development Group (HDG) which would be established at each area of the Group village headman.

“To ensure that the HDG’s are insulated from political parties and other forms of manipulation, their formation will be facilitated by Community Development Assistants,” he said.

The Minister added that the program in consultation with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare will also identify and provide a house, kitchen, toilet and bathing room to 965 to the elderly and feeble, female or child headed households and people with severe disabilities.

During debate on the subject last week, leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera said that government should have instead provided private sector incentives for production of cement and iron sheets.

In the house, the matter has received criticism including  Mangochi-Monkebay parliamentarian Ralph Jooma of PP  who argued that  said government should consider subsidizing other national services such as health, education and water.

Lilongwe East MP Ezekiel Ching’oma said the impact of the subsidy would be negligible considering that only 100 people would be targeted in each of the 193 constituencies.

He said when DPP was campaigning; they never said the subsidy would be targeted, but changed tune after winning the vote.

Said Ching’oma: “It means that for each constituency, there will be 500 beneficiaries by the end of the five years. It has to be noted that 80 percent of Malawians live in poor housing, in this way the impact of this programme, after five years, will surely be close to negligible.”

Rumphi West MP Jacqueline Kouwenhoven said the new subsidy would just create a new dependency on the part of Malawians.

She said: “When we start building houses for people, next they will look to government for other areas. That K7 billion could have gone into health care or education and people would be better helped through this.”

Dowa East MP Richard Banda said the new subsidy “should have been pended until our economy was manageable.”

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44 thoughts on “Msaka justifies Malawi housing subsidy: K7bn to benefit 15,000 people”

  1. Chembezi says:

    This is total madness.A cool K7 bn only 15,000 people annually times 5 years!! Oh my God why not invest in productive area?

  2. Hahahahahaha mwayamba kutsutsana ndi a President?

    Peter wangothalika anati 100 koma anduna mukuti 80 pa constituency ndiye pamenepa timve ndani?

    Kodi malatawo mudzapereka aulele?
    Tikudabwa pomwe mukuti ozagula ndi ana amasiye ndi olumala ndiye ndalama azazitenga kuti?

    Boma laboza chomene ili nganya we.

  3. mona says:

    This is just another form if cashgate muwona the whole contract ya 7 billion will be given to Mulli a Malawi sitidzamva

  4. He is trying to fulfill one of his Campaign promises I don’t see anything wrong with that,all we can do is to wait who knows may be the initiative may materialize
    don’t just bark for the sake of barking,this project is far much better than Mudzi Trust
    Mmalawi sadzatheka basi!

  5. chekambewa says:

    Kodi inunso munavota osati munavotera yakuphwa ija ndiye muzitinamiza apa kagwere iku

  6. Boko says:

    Hahahaha, kikkiiii aMsaka who doesn’t know you. What a thief and corrupt person. Just tell us that this subsidy is for you, hule uja Kaliati, alomwe onse ndi Pitala Matanyula. Becoz you can never, I NEVER buy or build anyone a house except the Thyolo people. So just share the money among the lomwe’s and keep quiet. Don’t waste our time vomitting things tht you can’t do. Who doesn’t know you Msaka and the Mutharika’s. Fotseki. Pitani mukakwerane ndi Matanyula wanuyo. Rubbish.

  7. binali gama says:

    Its the only way to thank those that voted Mutharika into presidency, REMEMBER!

  8. Mulangizi says:

    Malawians live in poor houses we agree.
    The Minister has done his job and people in authority can tick the box, but are we doing the right thing at the right time? Lets put politics aside, I know you promised people the moon but you cannot even give them an egg. Please learn to accept advice, this subsidy is not the appropriate thing this time around. Look at the economy is getting back on its knees. Not so long away from now, forex and fuel will be getting scarce! Can we be focusing on how we can enhance productive sectors of the economy to bolster our forex earnings? This subsidy is but a useless misdirecting of scarce resources to some unproductive investment. The cost of which will be huge but with little value for the money spent. Its not too late though, you can change and put the 7 billion MK to some good use now.

  9. Community developer says:

    1) The target for this subsidy are the very poor. Not all 15 million people in Malawi are very poor. Adjust the donomenator for your calculations and came again,
    2) This program is part of package of programes to develop the country, others include rural electrification, water and sanitation project, education for girls etc, so dont treat this program in isolation, it will work in tandem others to synergistically DEVELOP rural community over the five years.

    Can not believe lots of MPS and nyasa readers would thick Joelmoses galu wa PP has writted a sensible thing. Agalu a PP inu eti. Fotseki.

  10. Danny says:


  11. concerned says:

    K7B can be allocated to develop a new irrigation scheme where over 1,000 farming families can be growing their crops three times per year for over 50 years. Alternatively if that money be invested in a local company than can have strong backward and forward linkages and can employ more people and after several years maybe 5 years payback that investment to government. If we have to walk the talk, its time to move from aid to trade. zaulele sizilemeletsa anthu.

  12. kachikho says:

    Subsidies do not work in a poor country like Malawi because they happen at the expense of other vital services which benefits majority such as health services. We have heard from other parliamentarians that due to shortage of madicens in our hospitals the best the patients get irrespective of what they are suffering from is a panadol . What the majority in Malawi want is empowerment through the provision of good education and health services . Our people want to be empowered so the they are able to provide for themselves and their families

  13. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    Jealousy MPs! TIDZIYAMBA NDIFE A MALAWI.Help your people,kumanga ka chimbuzi kwa nkhalamba kudela kwanu,osamangopanga phokoso ndi makani pamene inuyo anthu akwanu akuvutika kwambiri.HALF LOAF IS BETTER THAN NONE.GO DPP,GO APM

  14. Makito says:

    Koma abale, that an SC can provide the above statement is beyond my comprehension. How can a cement and iron sheets subsidy provide ” a house, kitchen and toilet and bathing room”? Have you turned the subsidy to JB’s mudzi trust? Ayi ndithu we goofed povota, and che Mbendera you have messed up big for this nation.

  15. MAN says:

    With this nepotism in place; the Only peopke to benefit From this subsidy will be Lomwes Nobody Else !! Wake up Malawi !!

  16. James says:

    Sometimes one wonders whether school helped some people. simple things are becoming complicated to them. the target of 15000 people out of almost 15 million people in the country is inconceivable. Are they saying that only 15000 people are poor? what criteria would be used to identify these poor people. Angopezerapo popangila cashgate. In fact they will turn themselves in to “poor people” and use all the money without the real poor benefiting from this. We have thieves at their best, greedy and squanderors.

  17. Professor Mambosasa says:

    This is a childish policy with no direction at all, typical of APM’s shallow thinking capacity. Waste and abuse of our thin resources. Mutharika cannot and will not handle this country. He is already the biggest flopper and in 3 years time, he will have caused economic mayhem to this country!!! He is just a journeyman pretender who doesn’t even know what he is doing.

  18. jb says:

    parliament should simply vote against this and reallocate to education or health

  19. Nabetha says:

    And you call this a subsidy. I thought this incentive was going to benefit most of Malawians more especially those leaving in rural areas.



  21. John says:

    How many schools can 7billions give us? And hospitals? The problem here is Msaka’s ministry got allocated that money and HE HAS NO CLUE HOW TO CONSTRUCTIVELY use it. Take the money and put it into those important portfolios please.

  22. John says:

    The benefits are not to ordinary Malawians but to those rich and powerful who will start cement and iron sheets business. That’s chitukuko Malawi style. Who told you we need gvt to build us houses in rural areas? We do that on our own you imbeciles! We need hospitals, roads, schools, education equipment, things that an ordinary citizen has no control over. No wonder this gvt is said to be TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY ON THE GROUND. Just out of curiosity, where do you MPs stay that you have no clue about what your own people NEED not WANT? What use is a big house when you are sick, jobless and illiterate?

  23. DIZZY WA DIZZY says:

    This is not the way porverty is adressed.Government should find viable means of adressing peoples lack of buying power.They should create opportunities,people should have money in their pockets,create jobs and implement policies that can help alleviating peoples suffering.Kamuzu had development policies,review all of them,implement what wasnt done.If outdated,fine tune them to meet the standards of the time we are living.Community development shouldnt be just a song.The community development assistants must do their work,recomend to government the peoples needs,ma khansalanso mugwire ntchito.This is Malawi,for US not only 4u.LISIKU LYAMBONE KWA WOSOPE A MALAWI.

  24. Economist says:

    My analysis is that this whole idea of subsidizing consumption which does not translate into any meaningful gain for our country is indeed a missed opportunity….Look as long as we want to move a country from poverty to prosperity, subsidizing consumption is indeed misplaced. Seriously we have better projects to spend our resources on, I wonder when the government leaders will stop thinking of gaining popularity over things which will not take us anywhere….why not invest that money in Greenbelt project, or some other agricultural projects which have the potential of boosting our economy, look 7 billion given to 15,000 people its a jock!!!! with a population of 15 million that means only serving 0.1 % of the population….yes u say its a pilot which means it will be expanded to more people if successful, that’s even a headache for me…eish!!! Here are the problems face it! 1. This whole program will be prone to corruption, 2. this will just bring divisions becoz not even the poorest will even benefit from this 3. How do u identify poor people to benefit? do u know that almost 40 % Malawians may be living under poor housing conditions, do u want to tell me that u can provide for all these….its a shame!!! What good will an individual who leaves in an iron thatched house get if he can not produce food for himself, if he can not get a job, if commodity prices are exorbitantly high, … because our economy can not produce enough goods and services for both domestic and foreign markets. Seriously this is not the time for such things, we need to ensure that we make decisions that will help citizens with long run gains and at the same move our country towards production not just consumption. Scare resources are supposed to be spent wisely not just for political gains in the name of social protection.

  25. Alex says:

    They just want to use this project to milk the already meagre taxpayers money

  26. peter says:

    Bwana Msaka osangoyamba geni ya matemba bwanji ? Mufuna kuwanamiza a malawi. Mulibe manyazi? Subsidy ya malata ndi cement yachiani? Inu ntchito yanu ndi ya muofesi basi osati mudziwanamiza a Malawi

  27. Paul J.C.Mwafulirwa. says:

    Anybody who claims to have been born and raised in the rural setting of our Malawian society will not be in support of this project. Who are these low income beneficieries,if we may ask? The low income group that we know in the village setting is currently even failing to affors a bundle of grass( ntolo) at about Mk200 and we expect them to buy Iron sheets and cement for a house? This top down approach to developmental issues is not sustainable. Let us hope the government listens to free advice and change course. It is not too late after all.

  28. Thumbwefu says:


  29. Patriot says:

    Nde bolani Mudzi Transformation ya Amayi where more than 15000 families got free houses, boreholes, taps, goats, chickens etcchanging their lives.
    Pa 15000 po, mubapo zingati? Mukamaliza kuba, only 2000 will benefit fro that programmeand possibly “nepotism” will highly be considered in this both beneficiaries, suppliersand transporters.
    Paja ndi chipani chobweretsa ma division mudziko ichi. Because ofits nepotistic tendancies, that it why some sections of the country are now talking “federalism” is the way to go.

  30. Fathi Shehab says:

    subdidy on cement &irondhrets part of politivisns creating dependency sydrime on the poor. i dint agree and the lawrer ministrt msaja justifying oe defending this, snd why chief ehen councillors are to kead in developmentsl mstyers. they sre not rven mentionrd what role they will play. muzikambanso jawiri?
    chonfonde vommunity development fund ikutani

  31. baba oniwa says:

    Makobidi abedwe basi ija inali campaign

  32. mboma says:

    wastage of time and resources, to me this is mudzi transformation trust, which was heavily attacked by the DPP guys themselves, only to end up doing the same project, shameless idiots!!!!!!

  33. GCM says:

    My personal school of thought is instead of all these subsidies, why don’t we as a country channel as much resources as possible towards tertiary education. Training as many teachers, nurses etc on a revolving fund system. It takes about 4years to train a nurse or a teacher, in the next 4years subsidy money is Channelled towards this cause. Once the trained personnel start working, they start paying back that money slow slow and that money is used to train more people. That way we say goodbye to subsidies. If we manage at least a proffessional per household, it will be their duty to transform villages, building nyumba zamalata, kukumba migodhi etc. I feel it’s a more sustainable approach as opposed to subsdies. Let’s debate guys!

  34. Jabulosi says:

    This Vote should not PASS, reallocate these monies to health, education and other crucial areas!!!!!

  35. MaiMai says:

    MPs dont jyst argue, reject this budget until they remove this useless subsidy..

    useless government. A Chilima if you were opepera like this at airtel would the company had grown? Nde mwapepera msangatu. Young people like you should help this old maniac to think.

  36. Paulos Banda says:

    A Msaka angakhale productive bwanji ngati amangokhalira mahule m’tauni. Kutereku akunganiza za hule wa kwa Njerwa Bridget.

  37. Useless Government says:

    The Same People who caused Bingu’s Fall out of Good Governance are the same people who are pretending to be angels just because of Ground Nuts Basket,they are busy leading already misled Peter Mutharika to his downfall…

    Very soon Feudral Government is hear to stay in Malawi and lead Malawi into uneven Developments not these Subsidies which are politically motivated to favour few Individuals who support the Ruling Party!

    You must be joking Big Time Mr Bright Msaka!When Bingu wa Mutharika of Bineth Trust died you authorised payment of some cheques the job which was not yours,you must be held responsible for that!

  38. Is that so. says:

    You are great cheats! If only you had made this clarification during the campaign am sure many would not have voted for dPP. By the way one of DPP campaign messages was that prices of commodities will be reduced once elected and I challenge Zodiak to replay the advert if DPP zealots think am lying. Where are you on this campaign promise?

  39. mzunzunde says:

    dats true and clear arithmatic bro.aziziwadi kuti nafeso timaganiza.

  40. this is a means of stealing money so that it should be used in the southern region or for DPP personal use. I thought Msaka was better off but it is another dunderhead with subjective poverty who is there to serve his ethinic master. Let me urge the MPs that this Bill shold be denied at all cost. GOD IS IN CONTROL

  41. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    It’s a big joke !! Only 15,000 people ? Are you serious ? Come on , is he saying the truth ?

    Even in Botswana where the population is less than one and half million they cannot accept that nonsense .

  42. LIKOMA says:


  43. aphuzitsi 11000 simuwalemba ntchito muti ndalama palibe. tangoziwona zomwe zili profitable between iron sheets and employ those teacher.boma ili litithandizadi ndakaika.2500 pipo alembedwa pamalata inu mufuna 8o basi atemana wanthu.

  44. Joelmoses says:

    that translates to 1 person getting K466,666.67 in a country where the population is almost 15 million. This further translates that 1/1000 persons/ years will benefit. For how many years are you looking at this benefit malawians if the poverty levels are so high.Are we serious as a country to start such a useless project? I hope many ministers and DPP officials will start the malata and sementi bussinesses. This in short is misdirection of resources….my foot. If this bill or whatever you call it passes in parliament then Malawi as a country is doomed.

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