Msowoya for Malawi electoral reforms

Speaker of Malawi parliament, Richard Msowoya has called for electoral reforms to improve the representativeness, legitimacy and inclusiveness of the electoral process and its outcomes.

Speaker Msowoya:  Electoral reforms

Speaker Msowoya: Electoral reforms

Speaking on Sunday in Mchinji at a political rally addressed by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera, Msowoya, who stressed that he was speaking in his capacity as MCP vice president, said lawmakers should change the electoral laws to ensure elections are credible at every stage.

He said Malawi’s Constitution allows MPs to change laws where necessary.

“When I went to Parliament, I noticed that there are problems with how we manage our elections especially at constituency level. We must know the results of the local council and parliamentary elections before the results leave the constituencies.

“Even for the results of the President, it is important that the results at constituency level are known before those papers leave for the main tally centre in Blantyre. It is up to you MPs to bring the laws that will address these problems,” said Msowoya.

A national post election conference exposed dissatisfaction by several stakeholders with the management of the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections.

There have been calls to scrap off the first-past-the-post electoral system and other reforms aimed at improving legitimacy of the country’s election system and the credibility of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

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36 thoughts on “Msowoya for Malawi electoral reforms”

  1. JOBIEWTA says:

    I like Msowoya

  2. Mabotcho says:

    Pliz give us chance to vote in dispora

  3. xxxxxx says:

    Msowoya remember there are three branches of government and you are suppossed to work with them professionally. The three branches or powers of government, viz are Executive headed by president , Judiciary headed by Chief Justice, and Legslature headed by the speaker. Then why are working with somebody outside these.

  4. Mandanda says:

    A Msowoya, there is no need for electoral reform in Malawi. Malawi needs people reform. People jhandling the electroral process are the ones that need reform. lack of professional integrity, corruption, no respect for rules and regulations, political patronize are the key problem areas. The electoral process and guidelines are clear but only that the bad people are managing this process.

  5. mtumbuka1 says:

    Mphang’ombe , we can’t understand you try to write in Chichewa. You seem to be a dpp asshole.

  6. Nyikamwaka says:

    Hon Msowoya has come up with a very good proposal which should be embraced by all concerned Malawians and MPs should sit and endorse change of our defunct election laws. I further propose the change should include a limit to terms for the MPs. If the President is limited to two terms, why not MPs. They should also not be there for life. Other people should be given chance to show their capabilities. Most constituencies are being maginalised by the life MPs who have not done or made any efforts to develop their areas other than enrich themselves.

  7. mtumbuka1 says:

    Mphang’ombe, we can’t understand you try to write in Chichewa. You seem to be a dpp assholes.

  8. Willie Chimseu says:

    mr speaker,there is alot to be done with our laws not only election laws. What about recall provion and time flem for mps?

  9. Chisomo Konyani says:

    Msowoya has exposed his ignorance of electoral laws in this country. Election results are announced and posted at EVERY STREAM and aggregated first at every polling station. Monitors get a copy of the results at every stage . The station results are then aggregated by the CONSTITUENCY RETURNING OFFICER who announces the results at constituency level before they are sent to the National Tally Centre.
    MPs results are known at this level .

    The constituency returning officers submit their results to the DC or CEO of the council who aggregates redults of the presidential election at district level before forwarding them to the National tally centre.
    The reforms that msowoya is calling for are already in place . There is nothing new he is asking MEC to introduce.

  10. Mbanangwa says:

    JB Original ndi we womvetsa Chisoni. Anthu amalephera mayeso chofukwa chosawerenga ma ‘Instructions’. Msowoya clearly said it he was speaking as Vice President of MCP, not Speaker. In short, Msowoya is wearing two hearts at the moment. Do not forget, he is an MP.
    You have scored 0 out of 10. Kikikikiki

  11. Loko Nkhwangwa says:

    Nanunso musamangomvera ziri zonse. Mtumbuka anganene mfundo yeniyeni? This is the worst Speaker in Malawi’s history.

  12. DOBO says:

    Number 4 and 7 comments are by same one person. In democracy,there is equal opportunity to win election.What catch my interest in MCP is its survival for 20 yrs out Government,Most if not all former post independent ruling parties have gone in most countries eg UNIP in Zambia, AFORD has gone.Its now,OFF is going down and down instead of MCP,Let us wait and see if DPP will survive after the Mutharikas..For PP its survival depends on how DPP and UDF will survive.Coming to Kaliati has said,there some sensible in it.At least Malawi such people with ideas not people like No 7 who just follow things blindly.

  13. Wistombi says:

    Speaker Uyu Ndiye Gaga/Madeya

  14. Dr Mbewe says:

    This speaker is the best. We must have credible elections. Not elections decided by mbendera and one eyed Kenyata nyirenda. Kulumbira ku high court

  15. Wolira says:

    I voted in Zomba Masongola in the last elections. By 6:15am, only 15 minutes after voting had opened, two ballot boxes were already said to have been full. Amavota usiku anali ndani…Thank you Richard. Wake up you sleepy parties…

  16. Kenkkk says:

    Maphang’ombe, you are really stupid. How can it be stealing votes in advance if at constituency level all parties are represented and witness the counting and the results as to who has won or lost?

    You also need to go back to school to know the meaning of murder or murderer.

    Electoral reform is long overdue in Malawi and the speaker is right.

    Moving Mec to Lilongwe is the rightful requirement because everything of national importance has to have its hqtr in LL. It doesn’t mean mcp or other parties will win elections just by moving the hqtr to LL. Did it stop southerners stealing govt coffers when all ministries moved to Lilongwe? Only stupid ignorant people think that way.

  17. Alufeyo says:

    Thanks Richard that you have realised. As long as the current system is maintained we shall never ever have an elected govt. Am from Bt in Chileka but i believe that 2014 witnessed the worst election partly because we had a former DPP lawyer who had also been DPP attorney General as Chairman of MEC. JB was stupid to approve the appointment of Mbendera because Madam Msosa knew what she was doing. Despite all the manipulation DPP could only get 36%. When Chilima says we will win he is actually saying we will syeal as we did in 2014 only that in 2019 we shall do it better. Wake MCP etc.

  18. loyd says:

    Bwana Speaker, am agree with u.

  19. guta says:

    Amenewa a speaker of the national assembly, a neutral one!!

  20. Mclaren says:

    My own contributions:

    The voting should start from 7 o’clock in the morning and ends at 14:00 hours. Counting of votes should be completed by 17:00 hours. Results should be announced right at polling centres before being announced elsewhere. The tally centre should be moved to Lilongwe

  21. The Patriot says:

    I agree totally. Its very sad to have a President of a country who won less than 36% of the vote!

  22. A Maphang’ombe you are intimidating who? Who will just be watching when you are killing?

  23. Zangaphee says:

    Guys,tisanamizanepo apa,ngakhale atapanga ma electrol reform awowo,palibe chipani cha kumpoto kapena pakati chimene chitazalamulirenso,MCP izathera ndi kutsutsa basi.DPP ndi UDF more fire.

  24. JB Original says:

    As a Speaker why talking about electral laws at a rally of zinyau/ gologolos
    and not in parliament. Nawenso wameta. Change the laws. Do you think laws are votes. Lets wait and see. Most northerners
    still remember that MCP neglected their region for 32years.

  25. I agree with hon Msowoya that elections results must be announced at district level before they are sent to the national tally center kuti one amend akhala a kula multi mobera awonekere poyera!

  26. kester chipala says:

    Mcp simuzalamulaso Muluzi anatiuza kuti olo mutatithira doom mmaso tisazavotere mcp.inu muzikhala osusa choncho basi.Achakwera anuwo akangolephera 2019 azizabwerera ku chalichi.peter president vice Atupere 2019 bopanda kukaika.

    1. ma says:

      nanga Chilima

  27. True the first past the post should be scrapped because that clause does not do Malawi justice.

  28. maphang'ombe says:

    Even if the Election Commission is moved to Mzuzu, MCP will never rule this country. Thats why I hate this thing the murder, Richard Msowoya. He is neutral like the Chimunthu Bandas, the Lewis Chimangos. He is useless. Road accidents are waiting for you. How many you will survive. Watch out your mouth and plans. Kumeneko ndiye kubera mavoti in advance.DPP and UDF have already opened their eyes wider than yours plus MCP.In 2019 it will not only your phones out of reach but also all MCP MPs will be behaving with insanity.Panga fwifwifwi. MCP will never have mapwevupwevu here in Malawi.

  29. Rodgers Banda says:

    That will partly solve the problem but without fedelism it’s a cry in the wilderness.

  30. Myao says:

    MBANI – AGREE with you 100%, the capital city must deal with ‘capital’ issues

  31. stain says:

    You think if electoral commission move to Lilongwe MCP will win Malawi election… Maloto

  32. Kavuluvulu says:

    Mutumbuka wamahara uyu.

  33. mbani says:

    very important and the office has to move its hq to Lilongwe

  34. papi says:

    Zoonadi mathanyulayi adalowa thru the back door and amve mbebe mwana WA hule uyu mcp 2019 bomaaaaaaaaaaa

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