Mtawali ready for Malawi task: Caretaker coach

Caretaker coach Ernest Mtawali says Malawi national team, aka the Flames, can become one of the top five sides in Africa and expressed his delight for his appointment but was quick to call on the support of the fans and other stakeholders.

Mtawali: Ready for Malawi coaching role

Mtawali: Ready for Malawi coaching role

Former Malawi midfield maestro, Mtawali, took over on Sunday following the sacking of Head coach Young Chimodzi and his assistant Jack Chamangwana after the Flames lost as home 1-2 to Zimbabwe in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Mtawali welcomed his appointment in the interim basis, saying he would get down to business.

“I’m a very happy to be offered the chance to coach my country,” Mtawali said.

“I’m looking forward to the task ahead. I’m hoping that everyone, fans and supporters will get behind the team which has good players,” said the revered former Flames professional player, who has played in France, Argentina Middle East and South Africa.

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) extraordinary executive meeting recommended that the government should not renew Chimodzi and Chamangwana’s contract and instead hire Mtawali on caretaker basis.

“I would like to thank FAM for offering me the chance to coach the team on interim basis,” Mtawali said.

“It’s important to get down to work ,” added Mtawali.

The caretaker coach’s immediate assignment is against a friendly game against Uganda on 6 July as part of the activities to commemorate the Independence Day.

Malawi face Swaziland in September in the second Africa Cup of Nations group qualifiers. Swaziland beat group favourites Guinea 2-1 away creating a more challenging task.

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46 thoughts on “Mtawali ready for Malawi task: Caretaker coach”

  1. Ujeni says:

    Consider George Nyirenda on the middle position. Gustine is still good he can combine well with Esau with support from fisher, John Banda n mecium on the left we can build a strong team.

  2. Let us work harder we can won the game become.Mpira umatha koma kuzifila too much alaaa!!!!!.

  3. phodogoma. says:

    So this David is ready for Malawi task. He expects to do what real David did to Goliath. Angoti tioneore malemu Mata…. anatero.

  4. papa the kitendist says:

    Ku malawi kuno mpira uliko koma maplayer kunyenga too much plus bibida. Muchepetse mwamva allaaa!!!

  5. Sulaimana amali says:

    Flames muyisova

  6. dapalapa says:

    Kinnah mumadana naye chifukwa ndiwa kumpoto – koma is one of the best coaches ever in Malawian Football History. Mtawalinso ndiwa kumpoto… lets wait and see if where someone is coming from tells how genius he is. bravo! bravo! bravo! Ernest!!!!!

  7. You asshole calling yourself Zimbabwe warrior, you don’t have your own online sites in your country that you come on our site and talk shit? What is Zimbabwe today if I may ask? I can’t believe there are still people in Zimbabwe who are proud to be Zimbabweans. Go fix your shit in your country with your stupid old man. You’re such a dick and you think life is football and ZANU Pf…pathetic country with pathetic people.

  8. Mbanangwa says:

    As Malawians, we are too negative about players coaches. Young Chimodzi and Jack Frican Chamangwana could not build a team within such a short period o f time. They are far below Jose Mor’s talents . W should have given the two two more years .

  9. Nzavias says:

    How come josephy kamwendo, akalowamo timaluza , thats not a good player of national team. mukasiye yamikan fodya , lucky malata, the genius juniour phiri, forsake chamangwana and chimodzi!

  10. malawian weniweni says:

    who you ever call yourself Zimbabwe warrior supporter.Stop being a fool.Probably you are a fool for being mistreated by frail oldman Mugabe.Zimbabwe has ugly shona women with big ugly booties.You cant compare your ugly women with the beautiful women from Malawi.I hate your ugly accent.You like sadza alot and breaking wind with your ugly booties.Leave the beautiful Malawian women alone.You r a useless chicken.

  11. bob says:

    A coach, my advice is be courageous and drop Joseph Kamwendo, he is the club type not national team material. Then forget about Ziko Mkanda, he is just not qualified for the team. Kufuna kugoletsa yekha ali patali, shooting posture iiiih, zolaula. Pa golo mpumitseni Harawa, wachepa nazo for now. Finally Lucky Malata, for obvious reasons.If you do that you will seethe team improving. The rest of the players should go back to basics of football (textbooks) by Danny Blanchflower and Vince Hillary.

  12. Bora musatidyese galu ngati m’mene munapangira last time ndi ang’onamo…..inu nde tizakuwochani

  13. nkhawazatha says:

    I remember Ernest as a very handsome young man in dreadlocks. Age has taken its toll. How is your sister- the beauty who was a secretarial student at Polytechnic


    You Malawians, you are a laughing stock. We beat you at your home ground and you expect to excel away from your home. You idiots. Just concentrate on growing tobacco you. Concentrate on dividing your nation through federalism. Concentrate on drinking kachasu with your dirty Malawian harlot. A player who drinks sachets and you expect him to score. Who is ernest Mtawali after all. Do coaches play football, you idiots


    fam does well by appointing Ernest Mtawali to coach the flames . To say the truth Malawi has plenty of quality players that , they can deliver but the problem is poor fielding that cost Malawi Team a loss.

    Finally Malawi team will do better in the remaining game so lets all support a team(the Flames).

  16. Phodogoma says:

    My brother livewiere, yes you were livewire as a player, not as a coach.For you to have an impact as a coach then do the following
    1.Be mature in the upstair when substiting
    2. Develop high leve of consultation skills especially on the team selection.
    3. Consult those people who are in the field like the Humprey Mvula , Charles Nyirenda, sports journolists, cosult supporters,
    4. Any player who made a blander for the past four games should not be picked at all
    5. Train your players on: endurance , pressure absorption, picking up from weakness,
    6, Encourage players to play the type of COSAFA standards: short passes, keeping balls for sometimes, ways for creating goals,
    7. Be careful with Uganda, it is not an easy meat at all, according to your situation, consider it litmus test for you not as 6 July celebration,Malawians will measure how long you are.
    8. Do not seat phwi on the bench when your boys are under panic. Tell what they can do for you meet one of them when things are working so that you can advise them when the game is in progress. Listen to supporters as your 12 player when things are not working. Supporters do have a neutral team selection skills.
    9 Work out something on last minute pressure when you are leading.

  17. Sweet Boy says:

    Did Ernest Mtawali indeed say he has come to coach the country or Malawi national team, and was it an error by the reporter? If that is what he said then expect the same usual madeya since the guy is not aware of his job specifications. Not all Malawians are footballers Ernest/Mr. Journalist.

  18. mahara says:

    goalkeeper should go and this defender Malata should also go if we want our national team to be winning games.

  19. Ya that Harawa guy is laughable, he is not the national team material

  20. A COMMONER says:

    Ernest, can u outline what is the vision u hv 4 the team even though u r an iterim coach. What criteria wil u use 2 choose players 4 the team? As the driver of the bus 4 the team now, each passenger on the rite seat or else offload them cos they wil cause trouble 4 u. By the way do u hv the rite coaching licence? If u lose next game u wil join the list of statistics of jobless coaches. Learn frm the past coaches. Do the rite thing WIN & WIN

  21. duma wa duma says:

    To tell the truth malawi doent know how to play soccer, u can change coaches frm chewa to tumbuka, lomwe, yao, even foreigners it want change any thing. This called fam they need to go to the rural areas and choose young boys in primary schls hope u will create a better team ever. Not these town madalas they are here after money not to make their country proud. Ask how did Ruben malola selecting the national team squad.

  22. EddyK says:

    Abale was Zimbabwe Useless? Anationetsa kuti economy does not play football. Full stop. Our team and the coaches played much into the mind games of Zimbabwe. The game was lost by the team’s belief that ana a Mugabe akwela Munorurama and they relaxed

  23. ujau says:

    good luck but remember to take out goal keeper Harawa, HE DOESN`T Deserve to be a national team product plus mr bluder defender give him last chance.

  24. abie sekete says:

    Ernest Wire Chirwali you will soon get the boot after one loss due to poor goalkeeping.

  25. Jabulani Kuveya Mudede says:

    Go and get a coach from the moon, Zimbabwe is going to top the group, nomatter what

  26. makito says:

    Good luck, I meant , not” lick”

  27. makito says:

    Good lick adada Mtawali. I trust you know its not catching ba baju mu Leha.

  28. Teacher says:

    As I said earlier on, your key to success will be instilling discipline in the team and do not tolerate mediocrity. The main problem with Malawian players is lack of self confidence. They lack creativity when it’s needed most in the game. We see our players shooting without purpose if at all they shoot on goal. Crossing the ball without any target. Running without any idea to position themselves in a better position to score. Defending while panicking yet they are all alone to pass around the ball or build a counter attack. Playing for a national team is a privilege. One has be exceptionally talented, trusted and committed. Not based on name or the team he is playing for. Command your authority well and redeem us from the mediocrity we have suffered. Once again this is my free advice to you Ntawali

  29. Kavuluvulu says:

    Go, go, Earnest. May be the Flames can salvage the lost glory.

  30. mphatso says:

    all coaches shhould be hired on temporary basis osamangowakonda ngati condomu then nkuwataya.Ernest once coached flames and it did well but you left him out now you take him on the same basis again alas flames….Ma back pass athe.Ku defence sikomapanga za chamba one mistake imakhala 18 yard kumakhala ndi mtima wofuna kupheratu keeper osati za Atusaye Nyondo back pass ali mkati mwa box mu game ya zimbabwe ija.zosewera cosmetic football sizitithandiza tikufuna anthu othamanga look at mmene ikusewelera namibia fast ,even swaziland fast pa malo osati za ife zomangochedwa then back game iri yonse mukugawa zigoli zaulele.All the best to Mr Mtawali

  31. Let’s take solace in the netball team and hope they will compensate for their useless brothers who choked up to a useless zim team.

  32. Let’s accept the fact that we are not a footballing nation we are rather a umfiti..balling and a cash gating nation of run by a caretaker president peter mathanyula. Everything is a joke here now.

  33. Joseph Moyo says:

    as for youngchimoz and his comrade they didnot know what they were doing y didnt they continue with thewining team against zimbabwe?how can they give aman of match just2min?jelousy chani?they deserved the sacking

  34. Joseph Moyo says:

    Ernest Mtawali must b given enough time in order to b assessed we say no to xpatriate coach we have no money to pay a foreigner.All we need is enough resources for him bas!

  35. olila says:

    good one……he will do it

  36. preckad says:

    My advise boss……keep that young squad that played in South Africa………so called professional players are a waste of time and money…..!

  37. Che Ngongoliwa says:

    Congratulation. Please try to maintain team that played at COSAFA except the goal keeper and the defender was scoring in his own goal. You are giving us hope. Remember this is your interview if you want the job on 1st August 2015.Please chart with experienced people in football like Humphrey Mvula, Charles Nyirenda etc. They will help you. Be flexible on team selection. Team selection is a very important tool for the success of the team.

  38. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    Sorry Mr Chimodzi it was by design but misfortune.

    Congratulations Mr Mtawali.
    Welcome on board

  39. faiti says:

    you are welcome mtawali. malawians love you andyou have all the support, of fans, administration and players. a chimodzi analibe new tricks and philosophy. amayendera kuloweza. we know you will take flames to great heights. bravo mtawali! all the best!

  40. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    The problem is not the coaches themelves but players. As long as the pool of players remain unchanged, even if you bring number one coach in the world, the performance and results for flames will remain the same. The so called professional players are perpetual bench warmers at their clubs, how do you expect those players to produce miracles. Mxiiii. Poor decision. There is need to develop the game from grass roots. Player akaka sewera mpira pa Mozambique and Zimbabwe that isnt an indicator of quality player? FAM you have goofed lobg tym. Enanso of the so called professional players play in lower leagues. SHAME .

  41. Truck says:

    I think Young Chimodzi and Jack Chamangwana can coach better Flames rather than Ernest Mtawali .The problem with Flames on Saturday was because of Goalkeeper
    not the Coach ,mark my words sooner or later you will remember Chimodzi and Chamagwana .

  42. A Chimodzi ndi a Chamangwana anachita zinthu ngati kuti sanasewereko mpira chibadwireni. Munakhumudwitsa mtundu waaMalawi kwambiri ndipo ndikanakonda tikanakhala muulamuliro wa Idi Amini kuti tikangokuponyani mu Shire basi. Zowona mungayambitse maplayer a socials first eleven mkuyisiya pa Bench? Munaganiza bwanji anganganya inu?

  43. opportunist says:

    Try ur luck.

  44. Afanaze says:

    Coaching is not the issue. Its the mothership that needs overhaul

  45. mbani says:

    I don’t think he is a better coach than Young Chimodzi mchewa wa kwa mutu and Jack Chamangwana mlomwe wa kwa Bvumbwe ths whole FAM executive has to resign.Achita manyazi look at John Kaputa what do u expect kuchinyidwa ndi okwela Munolulama shame on u Walter

  46. Damage says:

    Ask guidance from God when executing your duties. Malawi is possesed with choleric satani nature . Otherwise , we wish you all the best together with our lovely national team. Flames need to leave behind the burning embers ! Not the shame we have had . God bless Malawi !

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