Mtawali recalls Simplex, Gaba in Malawi squad

Malawi national football team coach Ernest Mtawali has recalled former first choice goalkeeper Simplex Nthala to the national team as he has been named in a 25-man squad for Tanzania game.

Mtawali announcing his squad to Malawi media -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mtawali announcing his squad to Malawi media -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Flames players during training...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Flames players during training…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Gaba: Return to Malawi duty

Gaba: Return to Malawi duty

Malawi face Tanzania in a midweek match in Dar-es-Salaam in the World Cup qualifier first leg match.

Mtawali has also called Bloemfontein Celtic striker Gabadinho Mhango who has been sidelined with an injury but there is still no place for South Africa’s top University of Pretoria striker Atusaye Nyondo.

Platinum Stars midfielder Robert Ng’ambi has also found his way into the squad despite a fallout after the South Africa based player was not included in the squad.

The return of Nthala underlines Malawi’s lack of reliable goalkeepers over the years as Mtawalai has shown his disappointed with Mighty Be Forward Wanderers blamed for the two-all draw.

The list also reflects Mtawali’s move to entrust the youthful players by maintaining Surestream Academy goalkeeper Bright Munthali and including his teammate Levison Maganizo nd Chawanganga Kaonga.

The Flames coach justified the inclusion of Nthala in the squad saying his performance was impressive.

“Simplex had done well in training and deserves to be part of the team,” he said.

He also clarified that Ng’ambi who has hit top form at Platinum Stars this season so far with two league goals is a good player.

“Ng’ambi was not dropped but just not used. He is a top player and in top form and we need him

The following is the full list of the squad;

Goalkeepers : Simplex Nthala Brighton Munthali

Defenders: Stanly Sanudi, John Lanjesi, Yamikani Fodya, Miracle Gabeya, Pilirani Zonda
Limbikani Mzava,

Midfielders: Isaac Kaliati, Chimango Kayira., Robert Ng’ambi, Micium Mhone, John Banda
Levison Maganizo, Gerrald Phiri Junior, Dalitso Sayilesi

Strikers: Manase Chiyesa, Robin Ngalande, Chawanangwa Kaonga, Frank Gabadinho Mhango.

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72 thoughts on “Mtawali recalls Simplex, Gaba in Malawi squad”

  1. Ngwachi Chikoya says:

    Flames went down 2-0 to Taifa stars. Professionals Samata and Ulimwengu scored each in Dar. Flames can do the same and even better when we meet on Sunday. Let’s support Flames. The team has also professionals and Stars will be at our home ground – the chance is ours God bless!!!

  2. Ngwachi says:

    We the flames have to play it cool. Taifa stars went a goalless draw against the Eagles – all the analumi!!!

  3. Frederick Mwakalenga says:

    I wish de flames all the best.Guys fight tooth and nail up to last 95 minutes.

  4. ule in mozambique says:

    lets jst wait & see. the resuits wil prove him wrong or right.

  5. sande says:

    Mr coach all the best,thus fantastic u selected young players with potential to show wat they are capable.i don’t see this squad failing they are great players except for gaba he has been out for some days hope he going to perform.

  6. Joseph Moyo says:

    Mtawali is a confused coach i feel pity for him because if he loses no kind words for him watishosha.when Nthala was doing well he never called him.he called him when he is serving aban as for Gaba mmmm i believe currently there r better players than him locally.

  7. Wyson chipolonga says:

    Kumawaganiziraso ma prof osati kumawaiwala ayi.

  8. Ya don’t be arrogant Ntawali, that’s good that you have included Robert Ng’ambi he is the best player, like him or hate him.

  9. Pr. kumwembe says:

    mwawasiyawo nde wochinya mwatenga ophonya okhaokha! mwadana nawo chani maprof? mwafuna! mpaka Kamwendo? aaaa kaya? mwasiya mpira mmbuyo.

  10. thumbwe man says:

    Ma comment ambuli sadabwisa. Kikikiki mafoniiiiii! Shaaaaaa chembwiye those r for ma paparazi

  11. Toney Gondeh says:

    Zabwino zonse amalawi koma chibwana selection yabwino kwambili

  12. Brazilian wax says:

    Point of correction, @ 57 I don’t think those are necessarily his phones. It could be reporters gadgets for voice recording during a press briefing.

  13. Moses says:

    Work hard guys we are behind you eishii

  14. Yankho says:

    Koma Coach wa Camba uyu satithandiza, Taonani ma Phone onse pa Table ndiye ameneyu amakhaladi ndi nthawi yophunzitsa mpira kapena kumangoyimbirana ma phone ndi anzake ndi kumafunsana komwe kuli nazi yowawa. Chamba eti.

    1. Analyst says:

      Nawe iwe ndi ma recorder amenewa a atolankhani! Mbuzi ya mano kunsi

  15. townrat says:

    i would like to believe that he is building a team for the future not this competition otherwise this is such a young and unexperienced squad for this game , Miracle Gabeya doesnt even start for bullets and am yet to be conviced if he is any way better than John lanjesi or redlions jersey number 18,
    am afraid i smell doom for this lads , there was supposed to be a blend of experienced and new kids just like wat bullets has done

  16. baggio says:

    We all behind u guys!!!

  17. vin wa Nampota says:

    Tioneko zina pliz a Mtawari yesetsani

  18. willy says:

    A word to all players; you are exceptional we are depending on you please work foot to nail.we are in your shoes , if you emerge victor Malawi image victor, if you loose we all loose. Be committed itchoke itchoke imera ina.

  19. mtochi says:

    Kanyenda mwangomusiya koma

  20. Maxwell Sanjani says:

    Wishing u all the good goodies guys.

  21. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    Wil comment after the 90mins of the game.

  22. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Fortunately i dont suport flames cows. TZ 3-0 MW, bye bye 4 failing to qualify in advance! # feels gud to be back in love!

  23. Miko says:

    WHY ME?

  24. Matekenya junior says:

    Not bad

  25. Concerned Citizen says:

    All the best ma flame though we are always disappointed with you guys….

  26. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Kodi atiyikira dala ndi Tanzania. Akufuna mpira ukatha tiyambe nkhondo

  27. Chithabwa says:

    All the ma flames!!

  28. Bristol says:

    It is a good team and hopefully they will win in Tanzania. Go Flames and scorch Taifa stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hi Haa says:

    Flames more fireeeee

  30. Kanyimbi says:

    Koma apa ndiye zili bwino. Zosayendera mayina koma kaseweledwe. Mpaka Josephy Kamwendo kusintha team? Keep it up Mtawali you have now shaken them up.

  31. Lt. Col. Chibwatiko says:

    This is a waste of time and money. I would rather Government supported netball than this nonsense.

  32. Benson T Phiri says:

    zabwino zonse 2-0 basi mu kaliyako.

  33. JONAS says:


  34. gloria says:


  35. christopher says:

    I hope the coach has done his research on Nthara because we heard from the media that the goal keeper was banned in Mozambique, we are then worried that that ban may have affected his participation in the national team as well. We don’t want to hear that the national team has been penalised for using a banned player

  36. Miccateez says:

    Asadapezebe best 11, camba basi mpaka kukucera, TZ simasewera, b0ra U g truuuuuu, cirikumzak0,

  37. bosco brighsons says:

    squard iliboooo heavy bola kuteteza zgoli zomwe tachinya

  38. Analyst says:

    The coach is contradicting himself here. He said he would consider players based on there form at club level. That is to say players who are active and performing well in their respective clubs. That is why he did not play Robert Ng’ambi in Swaziland and also why he did not include Kamwendo and others in his squad. Today he is including Gabadinho Mhango and Simplex Nthala who have not tested a single match for some time. Seriously which is which?

  39. Bonya says:

    Zilibwino ndipo game tikawina.

  40. Christian says:

    ndadana nawe iwe Earnest….ndaona kut umadana ndi Noma…why droppin Chipuwa?

    1. Chipuwa ndimbuli samatha kugwira if u can remember very well he conced silly goals in swaziland

  41. Zanyeka says:

    beautifull squad

  42. Mafco says:

    Tikufuna anawo muwapatse game time Robin Ngalande,Ghaba,Stanly sanudi komanso Gerrard jnr anawa amatha mpira

  43. Mzozodo says:

    Way to go, it takes a brave coach to make a brave decision, palibe amene anapanga lease malo for 99 years mu Flames!

  44. Chipuba Chandi says:


  45. bambo says:

    Why gabeya plz? He is not playing in bb. this team can’t win, believe me.

  46. tchama says:

    Meaning BULLETS has contributed 4 players, as per FIFA rules, BULLETS can not play WANDEROUS tomorrow

  47. Kingster Bella says:

    Is this a professional journalist? I don’t mean to be sarcastic.. can someone explain to me what he means in paragraph 5:
    “The return of Nthala underlines Malawi’s lack of reliable goalkeepers over the years as Mtawalai has shown his disappointed with mighty Be Forward Wanderers blamed for the two-all draw.”
    The logic of intertwined statements plus grammatical error bring confusion.. I am not in Malawi, meaning unless I followed the details of what happened previously wouldn’t have bothered to worry of meaningless mingled sentences..
    POLISH UP! Please..

  48. Mwaxy says:

    All the best

  49. ENOCK ALIMOYO says:


  50. ubwerako says:

    Malawi 2 Taifa 1 coming home Malawi 2 again Taifa 1 Gaba will score both games Flames wooooyeee, Mauleeee wooooyeee

  51. Sir Bentby says:

    best squad of all time,

  52. andrew banda says:

    Dats da real squad we wanted mantain it

  53. igwee says:

    Am happy north boys are doin well in football

  54. clement says:

    Gaba for what? He even doesn’t have place in Blomfontein. Why not Atusaye? Bro Ern mwabesa, Ngalande mwabesanso, zanu izo bola ifenso zathu zili tayare ndi banja langa koma positive results is what we are expecting no excuses.

  55. Geof kalido says:

    O v best malawi

  56. Pa Gabah ndi Nthala wabetsa coach kodi munthu kunoko Psl chiyambireni sadakankhepo chikopa ndiye ku TANZANIA ko akataniko mukusiya Nyondo akumenya game daily koma coach Gabah wakupatsa chiyani ndi Nthalayo.Mtawali plz pack ur staff n GOOOOO!!! Am sick n tired wit u in only few months u r incharge of Malawi Nation team

  57. Enock says:

    Atusaye plays week in and week out for amaturks why leaving him and pick bench warmers like ngalande and injured gaba

  58. Yasin Yusuf Sanud says:

    Why going with only two goal keepers in a crucial assignment like ths?

  59. musatero says:

    all the best flames

  60. vimweku says:

    The national squad assembled by mtawali is by all means the winning side bravo Mtawali and Rahmadan you have my support.

  61. BBpipos team says:

    Eee ngati munthu sakutha osamuchedwetsa achoke kutenga player wina.weldone Gaba. I think if competetion is high,the stronger the national team osamangoti koma tasewera olo taluza.”what is it”? Weldone coach

  62. Kennedy says:

    Am impressed with strikers, he should included one or two veteran but lets wait and see. Good luck.

  63. Mtunda says:

    Have problems with thre defenders from one team. at national level it does not blend well.

  64. opportunist says:

    Good team .All the best

  65. Mashamase says:

    All the best anyamata, dont go there kukawona ma pant amatayifa, bring us goals

  66. Bibo says:

    Does this guy know what he is doing? You don’t just phase out all experienced players and replace them with new players mostly from a non-competitive league.Any justification for including a player(Gaba) who is undergoing a recovery period? What is the difference between including Esau Kanyenda or Zicco Mkanda and Gaba or Ngalande? To me,the inclusion of Esau or Zicco would have more impact than Gaba or Ngalande.I know that the two younger players have more pace but their inactivity has no better impact than that of Esau or Zicco.

    I personally, supported the idea of introducing a younger brand of Flames squad, however,every game should have a different game plan.Using young players in a Swazi game was justifiable because Swaziland has never been a threat and has inferiority complex against the Flames,but Tanzania is a different team with a mature and conquering spirit that needs an opponent with experience,maturity,and confidence.I don’t see the selected striking force for Malawi posing a big threat to the Tanzanian defence.I am not saying all experienced players ought to have been included,but at least one senior striker with height and strength deserved inclusion in order to instil confidence in the front line.

    Ernest should desist from possessing paranoia when dealing with senior players,I think he feels intimidated and not being listened to.He needs to develop a sound working relationship with all players.At least he has a good plan for the future,but Malawians are also expecting short-term results.

  67. Highly Favoured says:

    Bright Munthali plays for FISD Wizards not Surestream plz!!!!

  68. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Not bad

  69. REAL BULLETS FUN says:

    Bola mukawine

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