Mtawali unveiled as Malawi head coach: Kafwafwa team manger, Ramadhan assistant coach

Malawi turned to former skipper Ernest Mtawali as head coach to lead them on their journey to the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations and was unveiled at a news conference on Saturday 1 August.

All smiles for Ernest and Ramadan...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

All smiles for Ernest and Ramadan…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mtawali and Ramadhan being unveiled to the media -.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Mtawali and Ramadhan being unveiled to the media -.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The former Flames midfielder maestro replaces his old international team-mate Young Chimodzi .

After Nyasa Times had first broke the new s, Football Association of Malawi ( FAM) on Saturday morning announced formally that Mtawali has been hired as coach of the national squad while Big Bullets tactician Nswazurimo Ramadani is his deputy.

The unveiling ceremony took place at Chimwembe Technical Centre in the presence of the two coaches, FAM President Walter Nyamilandu, FAM general secretary Sugzo Nyirenda and John Kaputa the technical director.

Former Flames defender Clement Kafwafwa was appointed team manager, while Philip Nyasulu as goalkeepers trainer. Levison Mwale was left with the mantle as team doctor.

Mtawali immediately warned that team work was the key to restoring the country’s footballing fortunes.

“It is a great honour to be coach of this nation,” he said . “First of all, I am not coming as a Messiah. I am not coming as a man who can single-handedly turn Malawi into Spain or Brazil. I am coming in to do my best and give, if possible, 150 per cent all the time.”

Mtawali turned out for sides in France, South Africa during his playing career.

His first venture into management was as the Flames Under-20 coach, where he was successful having won a number of games in the African Championship tournament.

Internationally he played for the Flames for a number of years, where he was nicknamed ‘Livewire’ for his skill in the midfield.

Mtawali, added: “The state we are now in, I think we are all not happy with.

“But we have the potential and that is our belief and the players must know that it’s an honour to be invited to the national team.”

Nyamilandu, president of FAM said Mtawali’s first task would be leading the team to the 2017 Cup of Nations.

“We know that Ernest and Ramadan can deliver. We are very excited about his advancement. On the field we have not been able to have a replacement for him.

“On behalf of the federation we will give him 100 per cent support. My plea to Malawians is that lets support him because this is not his job alone but both of us,” said Nyamilandu.

He said Mtawali if part if a new generation of football coaches, an excellent tactician and motivator with a progressive philosophy.

Nyamilandu also said they feel Ramadani will transform Bullets success to the national team.

Meanwhile, Ramadhan has been given two weeks to inform his clubbefore resigning and start his job at the national team.

Both coaches have been given a one-year contract and results will judge them for another renewal.

With the new coaches. Flames is embarking on a slow but steady mission to re-anchor itself among  top southern African teams.

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57 thoughts on “Mtawali unveiled as Malawi head coach: Kafwafwa team manger, Ramadhan assistant coach”

  1. REX MSISKA says:

    Congratulations Enest. You have all credentials, as one of the greatest midfielders in Malawi soccer history and out of Malawi such as South Africa, where soccer lovers rate you as the greatest import from Malawi. Indeed you were brilliant. I support SunDowns today because of you.

    I know it can not be you alone changing Malawi soccer. You need a lot of changes, but do your best as head coach to bring smiles to malawians. Fight for a professional league in Malawi. Tell soccer players to aims beyond playing in South Africa, but in Europe.

    I pray that malawians will not bring tribalism into the national team.

  2. dyson says:

    And speaking during the event, FAM President Walter Nyamilandu said Mtawali and his assistant were selected on merit.

  3. Kunja Kwacha says:

    I strongly believe Ernest can take the national team somewhere there(up).

  4. Mkwatu wa pa Nkhata says:

    Enerst Chirwali ‘Live Wire’ Mtawali
    Welcome to the band, son.
    We have cried a lot.
    We have complained but our complaints have always met a deaf ear.

    Now that you have taken up the mantle, take notice that you fall within the ambit of young and tactical football coaches with a great philosophy and potential to develop the game within the prerequisites of modern times. Gone are days where third parties would call up a national squad without the approval of coaches.

    We trust that your philosophy won’t be frustrated. As many Malawians might have said, instil that patriotism within players. Let them know that we play for a national team for pride. We play for a national team for unity. Doning the national team colours denotes that a player is much better to represent millions of citizens. Please, pick players not by their club’s history or what nots. Let the call up be on merit. We once heard that you (Mtawali) came straight from the airport into a football pitch to play for our national team. Sad that those glory days are gone. We trust that you are the man to bring it back. And be mindful that a puppet coach has never achieved anticipated results.

    I have known you as a great player. And I am well aware that many great players with a wide exposure as yours have also turned out to be good coaches. We talk of Guardiola, Di Matteo, Martinez. Young coaches with great Philosophy. Learn from the past, let each player know that he is not bigger than his country. Instil discipline in the lads as well.

    I wish you all the best ‘Live Wire’. You have our support, son.

  5. p p litete says:

    Koma rhamadhan anakakhala head coach. .anyway all the best we will give full support bola a FAM osamalowelela kwambiri

  6. chindez says:

    Thus the great honer to you Mr Mtawali you have done a lot to the team pleas do something to improve football take us where we belong

  7. macmillan chimbalanga says:

    Keep our team in warm place to improve our talent

  8. Israel says:

    Bwanji kukondera? ATumbuka basi. Timu yonse izaza ndi aTumbuka wokhawokha. Ndikukuwuzani simuwonako any mulakho.

  9. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    The Malawi national team is just like Malawi itself we can change presidents the way we want but we won’t develop until we start producing and.exporting. We.can change coaches but we won’t win anything until we develop and export talent.

  10. Namisako. says:

    I have confidence in you guys,do not let us down.Trust in God for guidance,you will succeed.CONGRATULATIONS!

  11. Inu andale osalowelerapo asiyeni a FAM agwile NTchito ndi makochi

  12. Fred says:

    May be we will deliver hope seems with these smile got hope

  13. onemalawionepeople says:

    good combination, that was our expectation enafe… work hard ma flames, we love

  14. muthumuonege says:

    All the bast

  15. Dennis says:


  16. Edition says:

    Kafwafwa as t’eam Manger’?
    pena paketu a nyasatimes mumatigwetsa ulesi, simuli serious.

  17. waziyamba weka says:

    A Gud combination dere.wish u all the best

  18. Mpwihimpwehe says:

    I don’t have much hope for flames. Just listern to Mtawali’s brocken English and you will know where we are heading to.

  19. Dr. Mango says:

    Let us all support them and wish them well!!!!

  20. nyayo says:

    Happy to hear this.

  21. Busy brains says:

    What else can Nyamilandu say of a tumbuka ??? It’s all praise!!! The reality of the matter is that ntchitoyo adzigwira ndi m’phunzitsi wa Bullets yo. Have you ever seen Mtawali coaching any club? Tidzaona akadzayamba kuluza. You mean only winning one game is enough? Bola mukanangoitana Kinnah kudzatenga post yo without a competitor. NB : mr Mtawali , remember you were refusing to denounce your RSA citizenship nthawi imene ija zikukuyenderani ku RSA? Moyo umasintha osamayerekedwa mukakhala pa bwino a Malawi anzanga! Anyway, congrats ma guys!!!!!

  22. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Congrats guys

  23. Bristol says:

    Wonderful coaching panel. It is nice to see Mr. Clement Kafwafwa as Team Manager. Congratulations.

  24. KAMNTHAMBNI says:

    Congrats guys.

  25. ed says:

    Mediocrity replaced by another mediocrity. The more things change, the more they remain the same. All the same welcome!

  26. FISKAN says:

    Amalawi kuyesatayesa koma zikutivuta kusiya zam’pila kwabwino

  27. clement madeira says:

    Looking forward to transformed flames

  28. vyaya says:

    These guys wont deliver i can assure you. Why? We don’t have soccer acadamys where we can develop talent and usher it into national team. So these guys will keep on using same old players who have already failed before. Thats their downfall. Keep pn dreaming that you can win anything. …or flames can improve! !! If RSA with all good facilities but struggling. …

  29. A Micky says:

    We are behind you guys.

  30. Shephson says:

    I which all best .

  31. kanenani says:

    We all knwe that this is for the Tumbukas.

  32. Denguzman says:

    Congrats Enest………..wishing u all the best.

  33. John says:



  34. Wazo says:

    Congratulations guyz tigwire tchito bax !!!!

  35. Good combination !

  36. RalphShammah says:


  37. Afanaze says:

    Not happy but what can i say its Nyanilandu demenishing era at its best

  38. Bola Kwimuka. says:

    Congratulations! First task for you guys; change your selected players attitude towards national team soccer! And if possible, please start helping club coaches by either visiting them during their club training and/or frequently holding workshops with them so the coaches would start instilling the dedication and spirit and skills from club level. Please, if resources are available, visit the rural areas, besides the urban places. We have tons and tons of talent out there that would probably surpass the limited and arrogant we we find in football clubs in town. You may also hold sessions or workshops/seminars with school teachers responsible for sports in various schools and use them as scouts. I bet we have more than enough talent still untapped to come with a formidable national side. Full marks to you for putting DISCIPLINE as key and your number one priority. Please stick to it. Once more …..Congratulations, Ernest, Naz R., Clement and Phillip Nyasulu.


    Hope its a gud combination of these guys.

  40. "WIN WON SOON" says:

    Greeting from Korea,
    You desired for it, you applied and you have got the job now. Its time to get to work now and not media attention. Let us see the same smiles on your faces on the (field of play) pitch after 90mins of playing the game. Malawi is a winning nation and not a losing nation. May the sun shine on you Chirwali and the Technical team and the Flames team.

  41. Loading comment……………. Because you guys from south and centre talk much when the coach is from the north.

  42. Big papa says:

    apa tiyamike fam powaganizila mabig wa,chifukwa eeeee! ulova nde udawakantha. makamaka aheadwa.

  43. njolomachipilingu says:

    Congrants Enerst.You are the best choice the others have been tried and tested before.We know you will deliver

  44. sir bentby says:

    welcome, koma maulevmwa tikomola

  45. Nasfam party acting president says:

    Ife anasfam tikuti zili bwino ndipo aliyense wakondwa nanu amtawali ndi ramadani. Koma Be 4ward ayi ndi deal monga ndinanenera pofera jegwe ndiwe mwana zapherenza… Semi ili motere Moyale vs Be 4ward pa chichiri, Mafco vs Silver pa chitowe… Enanu amene simunamve dzina la team yanu musataye mtima mudikire chikho cha Mayor wa blantyre….. Be4ward ndi deal

  46. Benga Bush says:

    Congrats for making it up.The nation expects good from you.Dont be misled because that will geoperdise your job

  47. Zagwa says:

    Kodi ngatinso zitenga nthawi? Awa nde sachedwapo Ayi! One article from Pilirani Kachinziri plus a word from Blantyre soccer lovers (especially from Wanderers, coz Ramadan is from Bullets) and the both of you are embarrassingly gone! What attributes do you think you have better than the coaches preceding you? Tinaiwonela kale filimu iyi!

  48. opportunist says:

    Good selection of technical panel

  49. Concerned citizen says:

    Congratulations gentlemen. The combination looks great.

    A word of advice, please be open and honest with each other, and act as a cohesive unit.

  50. katakwe says:

    Ernest Mtawali CHIRWA, congrats for the new job. You are from the northern region so we will give all the support in the same way we supported Kinna Phiri with an expatriate package and frustrated Young Chimodzi with no support at all.

  51. Wiza says:

    These Mbwenumbwenu’s Are Too Many To Defeat In Administration And Play. It Will Take A While Before Others Can Take Over.J

  52. nkhomawa amlauzi says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! so it’s nyamilandu’s philosophy to kill bb by engaging ramadhan in the name of transforming bb’s success to the national team?

  53. Shaft Saachapandimadzi says:

    Congrats Mtawali for a new a job. Ntchito m’mene zikusowelamu u r very lucky 2 get 1. Ife tingokukuta Mano ntownmu opanda ntchito koma ma Degree athu Ali nthumba. Congrats!!!!!

  54. George says:

    Congratulations to our new coaches I think it’s nice combination we shall see results but for those senior players that had negative thoughts about mtawali remove that attitude and embark on new journey if you are called to the national team your working hard will be welcomed and give you opportunity for more national team call up as the coaches have the mandate to choose who to play and when to substitute someone.
    We want improved national team for us to be back on the world map my regards to entire team.

  55. Zanga Phee! says:


  56. Willie Chimseu says:

    congrants guys ntchito ikuvuta masiku ano ndiye gwirani ntchito.

  57. kanyimbi says:


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