Mtumbuka takes on Catholic critics at Bishop Zuza memorial: ‘Malawi Catholic Church not an NGO or club’

Hundreds of people from all walks of life joined the Catholic Diocese of Karonga in a solemn mass Friday to commemorate the first anniversary since the death of Bishop Mukasa Zuza – former Bishop of Mzuzu, where the Diocese’s Bishop Martin Mtumbuka described Catholic Church critics as ignorant of the Church’s doctrines and hailed Bishop Zuza as “a brave servant of God.”

Bishop Mtumbuka: Malawi Catholic Church

Bishop Mtumbuka: Malawi Catholic Church is not a club or NGO

Bishop Zuza died in a car accident on January 15, 2015 at Nthungwa in Mzimba – a few kilometers to Mzuzu City.

In his homily at St Mary’s Parish in Karonga, which revolved around the theme of faith and being firm in the Catholic faith, Mtumbuka called on Catholics in the country not to be swayed by pagans.

“Be firm. Defend your faith. Don’t let pagans confuse you,” a spirited Bishop Mtumbuka said.

He said it was useless to remember the life and works of Bishop Zuza without centering it on the theme of faith.

The Catholic bishop repeatedly described Zuza – who for fifteen years was Bishop – as a “selfless, humble and brave servant of God.”

Bishop Mtumbuka lashed at Catholics who are failing to defend their faith. He appealed to such Catholics to remain steadfast to their faith.

“Don’t let people who have never been to a theology lecture tell you about your faith. Don’t be intimidated. Be strong in your faith,” he said.

According to Mtumbuka, those who are unable to defend their Catholic faith were the same as dead.

“Someone who has never been to the Catholic Church cannot teach you about Catholic doctrines. They cannot. We your bishops and priests have that task to teach you about the Catholic faith, not just anyone,” he added.

He said the Catholic Church “is not a club. It is not an NGO.”

Said Mtumbuka: “It is a movement. Many people died for this faith. St. Stephen, St. Paul, St. Peter and many others.”

He said many critics of the Catholic Church “do not understand the doctrines of the Church because it has the most complex of doctrines.”

The bishop then asked Catholics in the country to pray for priests and bishops in the country so that they could be “as brave as Bishop Zuza.”

Bishop Zuza was born in 1955 in Mzimba, and was ordained priest on July 25, 1982 by Bishop John Louis Jobidon.

He was consecrated Bishop of Mzuzu on May 6, 1995 and became the first black bishop of the diocese. Before the Mzuzu Diocese was divided by the Holy See in 2010, Zuza was bishop for one of the largest dioceses in Malawi.

Zuza was instrumental and “provided” great advice during meetings prior to and after the creation of the Diocese of Karonga – which had been under Mzuzu Diocese, according to Mtumbuka.

As bishop, Zuza served as chancellor of the Catholic University of Malawi and died in office as chairperson of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi.

In 2011, during prayers that were organized in the wake of turbulent socio-eco-political times that hit the country, Zuza told late Pres Bingu wa Mutharika in the face – during his homily – that one who does not listen to other people’s advice “is the most stupid person [Chindere Chakufikapo].”

At the time, Mutharika had been blamed by several quarters for “executive arrogance.” The former president suffered a horde of nationwide criticisms and strikes including the July 20, 2011 anti-government protests which claimed twenty lives.

Mutharika died a few months later on April 5, 2012 of cardiac arrest.


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37 thoughts on “Mtumbuka takes on Catholic critics at Bishop Zuza memorial: ‘Malawi Catholic Church not an NGO or club’”

  1. kukhala says:


  2. Duma says:

    November rain; whoever you are, it shows how far from truth you are.

  3. James says:

    Glory be to God Praise Jesus for forming and guiding the Catholic Church right from the time he appointed the Apostles and put St.Peter in charge here on earth.
    Many Kings, Rulers, so called religions have used whatever goes in their mind, used whatever virulent words they have mastered, crafted what weapon and intimidation to put down and silence the catholic Church. It has to their big disappointment come out much better than before.
    We believe that Jesus leads the Catholic Church. He is the Catholic Church. Some Jews conived with the Romans to extinguish the church by calling it Beelsbu, demonic like others have done in their comments today eventually nailed it to the Cross brutally so it could die the most. painful death ever witnessed on earth. But it was like shining it. It resurrected with awesome power, resilience and above all love. This catholic Church(Jesus) forgave them.
    He knew that after that they would be after the followers of his catholic Church especially the apostles(the present day pope, cardinals, and archbishop and bishops)

    He prepared them to defend their faith courageously and without fear( like the present apostles/ bishops are doing) by sending them the Holy Spirit on the Day of the Pentecostal each one who was in the House including hid mother Mary received it.So the Catholic Church was naturally the first to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
    But when vampires have tasted blood, they never see sense in stopping. They still went for the apostles. They ruthlessly followed them, murdered 11of the Holy12 apostles, hanged Peter and Paul. Stoned Steven, torched many followers of the catholic Church in order to wipe it off the earth.Some have rebelled and crafted the bible so that it suits their bizarre motives.
    The church- the catholic church has kept the truths which Jesus, its owner entrusted it with.

    And with this truth many have been liberated, many have met Jesus, many have been healed many have seen salvation.

    Like in the beginning there still are men and women, false prophets and teachers who are calling the catholic Church has (JESUS) possesd, demon, chirombo and many other derogatory names even when they are benefiting from the effects of its faith!Fortunately Jesus(the catholic Church) still loves them

    To these i have the audacity to say with tounge in cheek, we will stand steadfastly by the teaching of the Holy catholic Church, defend it as fearlessly as the Holy Spirit will lead us.Let them talk
    Bishop Mtumbuka every Christ loving catholic agrees and backs you. May the Lord Jesus Christ with the intercession of Mother Mary bless protect and guide you.

  4. November Rain says:

    Catholics are so far away from God. Idols is all what the church is; hence idol worship.
    First, they ask Mary to pray for them as if they cant pray for themselves. They do this while bowing down to Mary idol in front of the church building or their rosary. What is that? Is there any other church more pagan than this? So what is it that this Mtumbuka is talking about?
    Second they revere the Pope as a representation of God yet they themselves choose the Pope. What crap is this? Those close to the Pope even worship him, yet he is nobody but an important member of the New World Order. People will burn in hell. Sadly some of you just follow blindly. You can see that this is wrong but you cant accept because you have been doing this since you were born and see it as normal. It is not!
    The Catholic church is just a lot. There is nothing about God in the Catholic church. In fact what Mtumbuka is refuting is what the Catholic Church exactly is, an organisation just like an NGO. So structural it is that no line can be drawn between the church and any other bureaucratic organisation.
    If I were Catholic I would just follow the advice given by “The Analyst” rather than defending the indefensible while I know the truth coz the truth shall set me free.

  5. KAPINGIRI K says:

    Karoda, this is exactly the ignorance which the Bishop is talking about. Catholics do not worship Mary the mother of Jesus, ask the catholics themselves what they do of the mother of our Lord Jesus and stop putting words in the mouths of the catholics, they can speak for themselves on matters they know best and believe in..

  6. drogba says:

    It is naivety of greatest degree if a Catholic doesn’t consider himself/herself pagan. What it means is that such a person literally doesn’t know anything about God, Jesus and the Bible. It means that he/she just follows that religion blindedly. What religion encourages its members to bow down and worship idols? What religion tells its members to worship Mary as the “Mother of God”?? Do we need to go to a theological college to know that this is wrong? After all theological colleges teach philosophies, and not Bible truths. I’m not surprised therefore because this whole pagan Roman religion, established by pagan emperor Constantine,teaches philosophy and not Bible truths. I feel sorry for Catholics

  7. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Hear RC, all Churches, all nations and creation! Jesus commanded us to obey what He commanded us, that is what He Himself by the Holy Spirit also commanded the Early Church Apostles of His Church He started building upon Himself as ROCK to go and preach to all nations and all creation up to the end of the World! Jesus our Lord and Saviour Himself said anyone who hears what He Himself teaches and does what He Himself commands in the Father’s only one PERFECT WILL, will be saved and enter His Father’s Kingdom! Our Lord Holy Spirit, when He fully came to indwell genuinely repentant and converted believers as per the Lord Jesus own command, “Repent! And you must be Born Again!”, continued to warn us in Galatians 1 through Apostle Paul saying, “Cursed is anyone who preaches and teaches anyone another gospel and another Jesus, contrary to what the Lord God our Heavenly Father commanded the Apostles by His Holy Spirit to do! Surely God never commanded us to make idols, and every people from the days of creation who did not obey this met the just wrath of God because of this plus many other following sins and transgressions! This FAITH OF GOD THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, clearly written in the Holy Bible is the ONLY ONE Jesus Christ and His early Apostles commanded us all to keep, do and teach All nations and Creation for obedience! Therefore know this, that there is no other faith that saves but this free gift of God-Ephesians 2. There is nothing like according to the faith of this Church, that Church, or this religion or that religion, but only the GOD-kind of faith that He commands us to have- Mark 11:22. Repent therefore from your adulteries and come back to your true Husband Jesus Christ! Come out of BABYLON before it is too late so that you shouldn’t partake of her sins, iniquities, and the vengeful wrath of God she and all the ungodly are about to suffer! Amen!

  8. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Defending faith, how? You think God needs your defence. That defence of faith is on the human plane.

    Mr. Bishop what’s wrong with you.

  9. Takondwat says:

    Bravo Bishop Mtumbuka- Keep the fire burning

  10. Mwandira says:

    You say Nthungwa is a few kilometres from Mzuzu. How many KMs? Sure? Be accurate.

  11. Chingondo says:

    15 years was Bishop of the old Mzuzu Diocese which included the present Karonga Diocese but 19 years as Bishop of the present Mzuzu Diocese without Karonga. Just for clarity to others who seem confused with years of service as Bishop.

  12. Damazio Ngoma says:

    History will remind you critics of the Church that you are fighting a lost battle. Your friends tried to do what you are doing, tell me where they are today?

  13. 2016 welcome says:

    The archaic mindset by the bishop. You don’t need theology for salvation. James and John, sons of Zebedee were fishermen but Jesus drafted them into the ministry. In fact there is nothing like the name of a church that will lead one to salvation. Salvation is all about ones personal relationship with God. Remember when Nichodemus came to Jesus in the middle of the night and asked what he should do to inherit the kingdom of God, Jesus replied,” Go and be born agaid” Symbolism doesn’t come any closer to ticket for salvation. I can’t agree any more with Analyst.

    1. catholic and proud says:

      you are not welcome in our catholic already you are contradicting our bishop your gay mind set wont set you free from your sodom and your gomora you poor soul

  14. karoda says:

    Catholicism is the mother of paganism inu a bishop mtumbuka. How can you worship Mary the mother of Jesus

    1. catholic says:

      this a memorial service not a gay party

  15. mbuje says:

    Paul, Stephen, Peter, etc never died for Catholicism! Catholicism with its pagan traditions hijacked christianity! Anyone who reads history can attest to this. Moreover, today, people can read their Bibles and clearly see that traditions like worship of Mary are not biblical! You do not need to go to a theology college to know this.

  16. Felix Cosmas says:

    Thank you for your encouragement Bishop Mtumbuka, we lack such teachings

  17. Stevenson makungwa says:

    When was Bishop Zuza born? Please edit stories before posting.

  18. Buyelekhaya Nginde says:

    Points of correction: he stayed as bishop for 19 years. He was not in 1995. It should be 1955.

  19. thumbwe man says:

    Mpaka nkatolika kumanvela major 1? Shame my katolika iwe

  20. busy brains says:

    Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Nenani chatsitsa dzaye kuti njobvu itchoke mnyanga! There is more to what the bishop has said than meets the eye. The problem with our church is that it dwells much on church doctrines as opposed to the truth. You will rarely hear the priest preaching against sins for people to enter god’s kingdom, but rather dwell much on church doctrines. This has given other churches a chance to preach where they feel people will be touched. Let christians take part in the church’s activities by among them, pray for themselves , sing, dance and be counted. Mpingo wathu wachuluka kuopana kwa ma hierarchy ngati ku police, if you know what I mean!!

  21. Nkhombokombo says:

    Point of correction, the late Bishop was born in 1955 and not in 1995. Thank you to the current Bishop, Bishop Mtumbuka for honouring the late Bishop Zuza. He really worked for the populace and has left behind a remarkable Legacy. MHSRIEP.

  22. Mau opanda Chigamba, Ameneyotu ndiye Mai wanga Eklezia Katolika, Pitilizani kutiunikira pa moyo wathu wauzimu pansi pano, Mulungu adzikudalitsani pantchito yanu, Mzimu wa Bishop Josephy Zuza uwutse mu mtendere, Amen

  23. busy brains says:

    I am a catholic myself , but what I don’t understand here is the genesis of our bishop’s stand. What prompted him to say that? Paja utsi siufuka popanda moto!! And worse still is that the mass was being celebrated in tumbuka , a language I rarely grasp what the speaker is saying.

  24. Zimkambani says:

    Please check the date of birth and speak truth always not waiting for public functions or platform do not attack leaders in the pulpit preach Christ and Christ crucified be more organized than attackers in the pulpit

  25. 2016 welcome says:

    I hope the bishops remembers why Dr Martin Luther King had to tear apart the letter the Pope sent John Tetzel on the sale of indulgences by the Catholic Church. In other words the bishop doesn’t forget the birth of reformation.

    1. Mervyn Naphiyo says:

      It Professor of theology Martin Luther of German not Martin Luther King of America.

  26. Zimkambani says:

    Please correct the date of birth can not be 1995. Please do not wait to tell of the evils in a homily continue to educate the leadership of the Gov ernment on a daily basis

  27. Ma says:

    So we don’t know when Bishop Zuza was born???? Journalist uyu ndichisiru how can you say Zuza was born in 1995 and ordained bishop 1982?

    You Catholics stop following your own doctrines But that of Christ ok? No wonder you bang boys for sex and yet you say homo is sin….komanso a bishop mukuziwa ma fathers anu ana mbweee mmakombonimu…nde muyambe kuzuzula khalidwe lanu kumeneko don’t just lash at people. ..!

  28. KUKHALA says:


  29. Galu says:

    I hope the homily was a lesson enough to the speaker Msowoya

  30. Angoni Pakwawo says:

    Born 1995, consecrated 1995. Wake up Nyasatimes?

  31. Gundumulani says:

    Tivware zilimbe wanthu wanandi watayika kuleka mipingo yawo kulondezga ma prophet gha utesi so let us stand firm to defend our Catholic churcj.

  32. The Analyst says:

    Some people are so obsessed with religion that they are just religious but not godly.

    My fellow mortals, strive not to be religious. Religion is nothing but wearing a cross in the neck, mkanjo or msuli, going to church or mosque on fixed dates at time, celebrating ceremonies e.t.c. These are dictates of fellow mortals and have nothing whatsoever to do with salvation.
    Being religious nowadays is just a social event; to get married, to compare who has the most beautiful dress or expensive car; or who contributes more to the church e.t.c., so as to be admired by others. Vanity!

    I can assure you, the devils we know today like Mphwiyo, Kasambara, Lutepo, our leaders and other cashgaters, adulterers, are very religious people. But not even an inch close to being godly.
    You don’t have to belong to or defend the ideologies of a particular religion to buy salvation. Just be godly in the life that you live everyday, at the workplace, in your marriage, business deals etc. Most importantly . . .

    “When you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father who sees what’s done in secret, will reward you.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 6:6)

    Be more of a godly than less of a religious person.

  33. Mfana says:

    The birthday is wrong not 1995….

  34. Jahmes says:

    Pious Nyondo, I have no doubt about your piety. But keep them to yourself. This article is an in house issue, it should never even be shared on a public space like this. We are not all catholics, neither is it the best model of living as suggested by one Mtumbuka. Whether Catholiscism is a club, and NGO or a cult who cares.

    Some of us cant forget what the catholic church has done over the years, Brainwashing people. Who does not know about Catholic bishops pedophilic behavior, Who doesn’t know the behavior of Bambos in their virtual dioceses, they impregnate a lot of women, They sexually molest children all over the world.

    We cant be held hostage by cult whose history is not worth noting.
    This is an in house issue, not worth publicizing it.

    Back whey!!

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