Mtumodzi, Ntata date Lilongwe vendors

Reform to Transform movement  led by Presdient Peter Mutharika’s fierce critic,  Z Allan Ntata and Chikumbutso Mtumodzi on Thursday 17 March  was meeting streetvendors whose goods were confiscated by Lilongwe City Council (LCC).

Reform to Transform in Malawi: Z Allan Ntata and Chikumbutso Mtumodzi

Reform to Transform in Malawi: Z Allan Ntata and Chikumbutso Mtumodzi

The meeting was organized to finding a solution on how to recover the confiscated goods from LCC or get compensation from government’s Youth Development Fund (YEDEF)’s K6 billion.

“As patriotic Malawians and good Christians we feel sorry for our brothers whose goods were confiscated. These vendors depend on vending for survival and looking at the current financial crisis that this country is currently going through, we feel it’s not fair,” said Mtumodzi.

The organization is requesting government to either give back the goods or give each vendor an amount of K40, 000. The amount is also being proposed for those who were physically attacked or injured during the LCC cleanup exercise.

LCC has lately been chasing vendors trading illegally in the city’s streets.

In February, Reform to Transform Organization also organized a media briefing at Bridge View Hotel where they highlighted several issues affecting the country and demanded for Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe’s resignation.


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33 thoughts on “Mtumodzi, Ntata date Lilongwe vendors”

  1. Z and friend whats the ur agenda guys be serious with poor pipo plz

  2. uncle h says:

    Zotigwira maso takana mkumati mu8tipatsa ch4ipuputa misozi pamene kat8undu t8ulandidwabe muku uza ana?

  3. lkarrinm says:

    Fools! Ntata & ua fellow conspirator!! Idiots….. Mukhaulabe and musaukabe… Simudati…just wait. If u thnk u’ve suffered enough, ua cheating uaself. a lot mo is coming. We all know that u’ve now given up any hope of winning APM’s trust. Now u are trying to woo sympathy. Shame on you.. Complete failures.. Useless and greedy idiots. How shameful!!!!!!!!!! Malawians,,,, be aware… of course there is no need to cz I know Malawians have fresh memories of u, the traitor Allan IDIOT Ntata.

  4. ACB says:

    Most of the People who have commented on this, they are DPP Cadets. State House boot-lickers. I know what you are doing but you will fail. Bravo Ntata and Mtumodzi for being real patriots.

  5. 2016 welcome says:

    This is a complete goof for Ntata and your colleague. You mean you like the lawlessness of selling merchandise all over the city? Let us be civilized for once.

  6. magawagawa says:

    Guys, there is life affter state house, take your time. Mr Mtuumodzi please, please! stop it for Ntata you are BIG MAN. He run away affter Bingu’s death to UK kuti waaa! from there phokoso lokha lokha people are tied of propagandas we need development. Try other things kulima soya bwa? ndi ndalamatu. Vendas should not go back to the street, you said, its illegal.

  7. International Observer says:

    Is this organisation (if not disorganisation) registered to carry out their business in the country or they are just making noise like rabid dogs? I am asking because these guys have the guts to gather vendors in Lilongwe and try to instigate social unrest in the name of “Reforming to Transform” madness. In actual fact we are told that it is the Lilongwe City Council that confiscated the goods because they wanted their city to look clean. But it would seem the blame is directed at the government, if the government jumps in you are the same people who will accuse them for poking their noses in an issue that concerns a city council. Let us not downgrade the chain of command by bringing in things we feel will suit us. I am not surprised to note that the two are failures who were once tested but failed to deliver.

  8. trevor manyi says:

    Ejukweshoni is the answer kkk

  9. masambero says:

    Amasuka madolawa Amayi aja abwerenso Boma madolawa osowa muwona

  10. nyani says:

    anthuwa asow apofera eti

  11. The Partriot says:

    Akuisova anyamatawa! The real power in a democracy is in the peasants and the
    proletarians . In the cities if one wants to stage a revolution, one does not rely on the middle class who are busy on social media but the urban poor, the proletarians whose anger can move mountains and the ruling elite will ignore at their own risk. The government should be very careful with Ntata and Mtumodzi, these guys are on top of their game. They know that with vendors on their side, everything is possible, literally everything!

  12. dzidzidzi says:

    mtumodzi and ntata you’re wasting your time. why weren’t you airing these views when you were in top government positions? This just shows that you’re disgruntled individuals. a mtumodzi mumagwilika muli mmboma inu? Ingolimbikilani kuweta akalulu anu aja Kapena mukusowa misika? Welcome to our world where you have to earn your keep.

  13. RHK says:

    This has just vindicated me. From day one, I have always said pple should never trust Ntata. Munthuyu ndi wopenga ndithuuu!

  14. Bonzo says:

    Izi ndiye za maminano mwayambazi. Your frustrations with government must not become a pain in our wrong places, mwapulika?

  15. Bonzo says:

    Apa ndiye a Ntata ndi amzanu a Mtumodzi mwayamba za mamina tsopano. Your frustration with government should not make you hooligans.

  16. FOXY says:


  17. swit banana says:

    chamba munadyacho munachigula kuti?

  18. chigwiri says:

    Malawi CSO’s, nonses

  19. dada says:

    these are the pple late idi amin was just hanging

  20. dr tonde says:

    This just proves that Allan Ntata is useless, crazy and mad. Please don’t ever ever take him seriously! What are his intentions with this action?

  21. kamale says:

    Hahahaha!!! Kupenga (misala) sikuvula kokha

  22. Chigawaneni says:

    Which theories are you two brothers basing on, I can’t just comprehend your school of thought. Where did you do your tertiary education and what did you study there? I used to agree with you on some issues but here you have goofed.

  23. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Eiiish! These clowns are even more pathetic than I initially thought they were! You mean tibwelere nthawi ya Muluzi tidzikanika kuyenda mma pavement???

    Ndipo ku YEDF olo ku City assembly atakawalandire mabakha amenewa mma ofesi mwawo ndi ndani????

    And these are people who had influential positions in government! No wonder we cant develop!

  24. David says:

    I used to agree with Allan but now I think that he has lost direction. How can he waste his time supporting street vending? Our country will never go forward with this kind of mentality.

  25. Nantukunya says:

    A friend to my brother is not my friend,, Ngati mumacheza ndi Bingu then u think Peter will also be a friend to you then on that i dont know,,, think twice my dear brother !!

  26. elder sage III says:

    The greatest single cause of misery, mediocrity, disorganization bordering on anarchy, its because of lawyers. They call themselves and misled the gullible – who are in majority in this country including in the high corridors of power. Its a pity, almost all of our parliamentarians and councillors are totally legal ignoramuses.
    Vending in the streets is illegal in LL City, period. There is no need for K40,000 compensation for law breakers. If the flea markets are full, just put the others on waiting list,
    Z. Ntata and Mtumodzi this time you have lost it big time!!!

  27. mwaramwasa says:

    bingu had a spirit of working with upcoming ynung professionals but made a mistake with mtumodzi and ntata. Learned for nothing. Confused beings.

  28. wo says:

    Malawi Government allows people to do small scale businesses and these vendors have complied to that plea so that we can transform our economy. Why can the wholegovernment tell people to start doing businesses without preparing a place for them. There is no space in a small and cheap LL free market.

  29. therere says:

    asowa chochita makapewa, most of the vendors their understanding is minimal you will just start uprising, they have nothing to lose, some people have well established businesses, these vendors will do the same things they did during Bingu time

  30. Zikatha says:

    Instead of addressing the problem of street vending, someone tries to promote the same. This are the productive Malawians we have lost to street vending and minbus call boys. Sure on this one I disagree with you Ntata. The sight of street vendors in town is in many cases disgusting and mostly a shame to the nation. How could one abandon his home village, school, etc and base a livelihood on selling toothpicks and toothbrushes?

  31. mmalawi says:

    Big shame for people who were once trusted to work in the corridors of State House. Cursed be anyone who will ever trust and confidence in your two disgruntled. ……..

  32. munyapa says:

    those sentiments are not only bad but also derailing the development. Allan and Chikumbutso think as you have all the senses

  33. kambwali says:

    Much as i agree with you on a number of critics to government, i totally disagree with you guys on the issue of vendors. ichi ndi chamba mwayambachi to allow the vendors do their trade anywhere

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