Mulanje pupils force school closure, protest against corporal punishment

Government has come in quickly to transfer a primary school headmaster and his deputy after pupils protested against corporal punishment and other harassment and forced the school to close for a week now.

Corporal punishment is the least effective method of disciplinary sction. It reinforces rebellion, resistance, revenge and resentment.

Corporal punishment is the least effective method of disciplinary sction. It reinforces rebellion, resistance, revenge and resentment.

Pupils at Thawale 2 primary school in Mulanje alleged their head teacher Hudson Malefula, his deputy Andrew Makalichi and some teachers of administering corporal punishment, forcing pupils to drink mucus, force them eat insects and laziness as the school has not done well in primary school leaving certificate examination.

But teachers have vehemently denied these allegations. District Education Manager Kossam Mafuta said the head teacher and his deputy were told to leave the school for safe places as some parents and villagers threatened to deal with them.

He said he is in touch with the education headquarters in Lilongwe to transfer the two two from Thawakle.

He said it was unfortunate that the school had been closed for six days no.

“We went there on Monday to try to sort out the problem. We wanted to meet the teachers and parents through PTA but the community started stoning us. police had to use teargas to disperse them,” said Mafuta.

Corporal punishment is outlawed in the Republican Constitution

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27 thoughts on “Mulanje pupils force school closure, protest against corporal punishment”

  1. GAMAH says:

    Anthu a kwa Sazola mwataninso.Mtima m’malo.Nkhondo simanga mudzi mukanamuchosa mu mtendere Makarichiyo ndi Malefula.Ayi chonchobe nanga titani.

  2. TELEMU WATELEMUKA PHiiiiiiiiii says:

    Zikatero ndekuti from Headmaster to muphunzitsi wamba koma dzikoli ukamatumbwa limakuyang’ira pansi

  3. Moses Selemani says:

    Chinsalu Cha mukachisi Chang’ambika Zikatere

  4. Bernard Banda says:

    Its sad that corporal punishment is still being instituted this day…times have changed particularly in this this age of global reforms in educational policies. Child rights should be respected. My worry is , what is the government doing particularly the educational planners and managers? I suggest in-service retraining to such Heads and teachers in child rights so that the country is not taken back to the days of Young Pioneers…

  5. MAENDAENDA says:

    “Liswazu nakulanga ndivyo vikupereka vinjeru ku mwana” (The book of Proverbs)

  6. Nyamayaphwisa says:

    I tell you for me to begin reading Chichewa well was because of chikwapu chimene pamene our teacher Mr. Chirwa amkachita kuthyapula like anything you can imagine. He wrote his story on a bolodi everyone was asked to read and if you happen to fail he was selecting those mbutuma like me to one side of the class and you would not go home until you will manage to read after chikwapu. That was STD 3 Ku Malonda church but now I am benefiting a lot from his chikwapu. Wawa a Chirwa Kaya mulipobe ndi anchito anu atopola otukwana aja.

    1. The Analyst says:

      You see? Even enafe nchimodzimodzi n we appreciate it now.

  7. Steve says:

    what kind of punishment do we need our children to be subjected to now? Didnt we go through the same and we are now better off than those who ran away (dropped out) and are now busy destroying our beautiful forests by burning and selling charcoal? kkkkk no wonder the crop of young men and ladies we have today sucks!!

  8. Mulepula vimbwete says:

    Dzi alomwe sizimamva kamodzi,mitu yawo ili gwa kuuma ngati pa bumbu ndi makaka..ko funika stiff punishment..kudzimphuvumula,kulegeda mmanja ndi kudzikumbitsa zimbuzi pa amakonda kunya mmiyala anthuwa..

  9. kent says:

    Analyst the problem starts from where these children comes from charity begins at home.

    Analyst do you have Children or a Child?

    How many points did you score when you sat for your MSCE?

    The above questions wil determine your personality.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha Kent, Ha ha ha ha . . . the Analyst laughs.

  10. Mjomba Yusuf Jona says:

    Vuto lakudya Mkwapukwapu, malo mokwapula akazi ako umakakwapula ana aeni!

  11. Mbachi says:

    A Mapwevupwevu ngati mulibe chokamba mukanangokhala there. Nzeru mulibe.

  12. zoba says:

    Very bad in deed.It just simply indicates how incompetency and unprofessional that teacher is.Whipping or beating does not help changing a person into good.So is the same with our police officers.Show your professionalism.

  13. mahala wipa says:

    Hehede no tumbuka name has been mentioned there. Why do you hate my fellow countrymen? Is it because they are hard workers? No wonder you have now started pouring your siblings at their back yard eg.St.John Bosco Sec.Nkhata Bay to mention a few continue with Mbwiza Masewe Tchopa

  14. James kotoki says:

    At number 1… Teach your child to behave and avoid those kind of punishment.

    @ comment number 5 those names are not from the north.i think you are just an idiot with nothing to write about.wipe your bat.secondly if those teachers are from somewhere else then ask yourself questions why.people in mulanje go up to standard 2 and go work in tea estates get married have 12 children etc

  15. Eye Witness says:

    Sins of poor governance

  16. Njolinjo says:

    All names mentioned are not tumbukas. In fact I know Malefula as MD of Khama Security Services.

  17. Klux says:

    If parents do not want to resolve issues thru contact and dialogue, you just know the type of children they raise cannot be well-behaved….

  18. mtumbuka1 says:

    Mapwevupwevu, don’t you know that lomwe teachers only teaches kunyekulira and other sexual related moves? Ask Mayi chaponda and Patricia kaliati.

  19. Tiko says:

    Punishment has a special meaning in education field. Corporal punishment makes learners to associate learning with cruel tendencies and this demotivates them. In Lilongwe at a school called “Explorers of tommorrow, in Chinsapo, they use corporal punishment because the director and most of the teachers are not qualified teachers. the authorities know this but they are not doing anything. Is corporal punishment really prohibited in Malawi? Pliz discipline is not equal to slashing young learners with whips. Bishop Mackenzie among other schools has very strong discipline culture but they do not use corporal punishment. Those who think whipping helps learning should do more research and they will find many problems than they could see with their eyes.

  20. Mashamase says:

    Bad behavior teachers

  21. mapwevupwevu says:

    Maphunzitsi achitumbukawa amakataniko Ku Mulanje?

  22. The Analyst says:

    Not to support this kind of nasty thing (which also sounds not true to me); but a little discipline is not a bad idea.

    “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” – Samuel Butler (17th Century Poet)

    Ask the many corporate sector CEO’s, govt directors, RBM directors and others from the days of old; when students used to repeat std eight class; 3 to 5 times. These were very hard-working guys; not because there was a role model who used to inspire them but largely because they were disciplined by zikwapu n ziBalo hence forced to work hard in class. In those days, Chikwapu and a teacher were inseparable. Teachers even used to compete on who had the most effective and efficient Chikwapu for disciplining students who could not write a classroom exercise or just absent themselves for no good reason. Everyday, the teacher could call out students’ names in class for the students to shout back, “teacher” or “present” if they were. This kind of discipline paid off and the CEOs and Directors are doing fine now. And when they look back, they smile and know that that such teachers and zikwapu, somewhat helped them become succesful people in life.

    But students of today, do not even know what chikwapu or kukumba dzenje la sukulu or kubweretsa manyowa means in the name of freedom. Even if they dont write an assignment there is nothing a teacher can do to them. Even if they absent themselves from class for no good reason, nobody cares. As a result they are lazzyyyyy for lack of a drive to work hard. Are we surprised therefore that the students of today are generally not commited to education? Am not!

    These are pupils = the mind is too underdeveloped to appreciate the value of education through a voice of reason. As such they need to be forced to appreciate the value of education by keeping them into shape with the rod, among others. Otherwise, they will be spoiled if we spare the rod.

  23. masa masina says:

    A soft generation with a dim future. Behave well, work hard in class and avoid punishment. There is no other way but toils, sweat and discipline,

  24. Therere says:

    that is primitive ways of teaching ,just dismiss the teachers not transferring them,
    you have transferred the problem to another school

  25. mtumbuka1 says:

    You do what the guy in the picture is doing to my child I will come to your house myself and shoot your ass!

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