Mulhako wa Alhomwe in blood donation ceremony: To give Malawi Blood Transfusion Service

Mulhako Wa Alhomwe, one of the tribal groupings in the country, has organised a day-long blood donation service to be held this Saturday, 25 July 2015 in Blood Transfusion centres across the country.

Mpuluka in black suit, Kaombe in grey suit and other members of Mulhako

Mpuluka in black suit, Kaombe in grey suit and other members of Mulhako

The event, which is open to all Malawians, will be held in partnership with the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS), which is mandated to provide adequate supplies of safe blood and blood products to meet the needs of all patients in all hospitals in Malawi.

The main event will take place at the O’Dala Centre, MBTS Head Office in Blantyre, where their Paramount Chief Ngongoliwa will also be in attendance.

“As we are preparing for the 2015 annual celebrations, Mulhako Wa Alhomwe would like to start its activities by donating to Malawi Blood Transfusion Service as one way of helping fellow Malawians who are suffering and are in need of blood in our hospitals due to various reasons.

“This event is not for Alhomwe, it’s for underage children needing blood in hospitals; think of mothers who are giving birth and in need of blood; think of think of people injured in road accidents and they require blood to get back on track. It is for this reason that we thought of this initiative to at least save lives,” said the groupings Chief Executive Officer, Muchanakhwaye Mpuluka at a news conference Wednesday in Blantyre.

He therefore urged all Malawians to come forth and donate blood so as to ensure availability of safe blood at MBTS offices.

Other centres include MBTS blood transfusion clinics in Mzuzu, Balaka, Lilongwe and Luchenza in Thyolo district.

“Individuals can always go to these centres thereby coming to the rescue of our brothers and sisters in needing blood in health facilities across the country,” said Mpuluka, adding that there will also be Lhomwe traditional dances to entertain the patrons during the ceremony.

On his part, MBTS Public Relations Manager, Allen Kaombe hailed the grouping for the initiative, observing that the availability of safe blood for all patients who require transfusion depends on the extraordinary generosity of those individuals who donate it.

Kaombe further said blood shortage has a particular impact on women mainly due to complications of pregnancy, children with severe life-threatening anaemia caused by malaria and malnutrition and trauma victims.

“A significant number of deaths could be avoided if every hospital had access to a safe and adequate supply of this lifesaving resource. This can only be achieved through a significant increase in the number of people who are willing to donate blood regularly,” said Kaombe.

He said they require at least 80,000 units of blood every year and the institution highly depend on students, especially when schools are in session.

“We are therefore grateful to Mulhako wa Alhomwe for the initiative as it comes at a time when students are heading for their respective homes for third term holiday.

“Let me also thank people who donate their blood freely and without any reward except the feeling of personal satisfaction about helping to save someone’s life. Many die every day because they do not have access to safe blood when they need it,” said Kaombe.

Mulhako Wa Alhomwe, formed in 2007 by former President late Bingu wa Mutharika, was basically established to revitalize, promote and preserve culture and customs among different tribal groups in the country. And it conducts annual celebrations at its head quarters at Chonde in Mulanje.

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Binguladen Muthalikana
Binguladen Muthalikana

Tiyambe ndi ife amu Executive ya Mulhako tiwone ndangati apereke uwende, Lead by example. Koma nudziwa kuti awo awo awo sangapereka pazifukwa…… kikiki Koma a Mulhako mwaganiza bwanji pamenepa initiative imeneyi kufuna kuyalutsa executive mipando aha!!!!!!!




Mulakho wa alomwe ndiku alomwe osati for the whole nation. Izi kapangeni mukapita kwa chonde, one of the activities should be blood donation. MBTS always come to my district osati mukundiuzazi, mulakhowo ukukapempha osatinso funding this activity. Inu ingouzani alomwe anzanu apereke magazi to help others osati mukauze ine oti simtundu wanu. Inu anthu anu achina kaliati ndi pitala ndiye owauza kuti akapereke magazi. Ife tidzaka pereka nthawi yathu osati ya alomweyi!


Magazine a Nthenda


Alhomwe on the move! And some people are feeling socially challenged! Get a life baboons!


All you want is nac money for mulakho or to make an excuse of blood donation to steal more money from somewhere else, ministry of health this time?

Don’t forget also that not all blood is fit for donation.

Zidura Ntengo Undigwere
Zidura Ntengo Undigwere

Any one can participate in this initiative. Mulhakho is a cultural group, and NOT a political one. So stop politicizing this initiative. Disparaging aLhomwe unfairly just makes them dig in their heels. And enhance kukoma kwache (the pride in the sense of belonging).
The group should be universally commended for this effort. I think there are some people out there, who are just bitter that their dominance is being challenged. Live with it: the world is always changing.
I am looking forward to the celebrations this October, at Choonde. Rain or shine.


Lhomwe vampires on the prow!!!! ZANU izo ndi MUTHANYULA wanuyo

The Patriot

Nafe nthawi yathu idzakwana! Tidzayambitsanso gulu lathu , Ambuyathu akadzakhala a President!


mwati msgazi wo abwinobwin? ndakayika
muzayambe kumupatsa uyu… opanda mano mkamwa uyu..mathanyu..

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