Mulhako wa Alhomwe refuses to refund NAC money

Mulhako wa Alhomwe, a cultural grouping which counts President Peter Mutharika among its members, has taken a similar stand by First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust  that it will not refund the National Aids Commission (NAC) grant even in the wake of threats of mass protests.

Mangulama (centre): Mulhakho owes nobody any money

Mangulama (centre): Mulhakho owes nobody any money

The civil society organisations (CSOs) have been demaning refund from Mulkhao wa Alhomwe and Beam following revelations that they received money from NAC for activities that had no HIV and Aids affairs.

CSOs have been demanding that the two organisations refund the money or they will hold nationwide demonstrations on January 13 2015 to push for the same.

But Mulhako board chairperson Bright Mangulama told a news conference that they will not the money over K50 million.

“We do not owe anybody, any money. As what we received from NAC are services and not cash,” explained Mangulama.

“NAC provided transport, food and accommodation services for traditional leaders that we mobilised from Lhomwe belt and beyond,” said Mangulama.

“These traditional leaders attended different HIV/Aids sessions that NAC conducted during the festival,” he added.

Mangulama, with other board members of the cultural grouping including Muchanakhwaye Mpuluka and Edward Sawerengela insisted that the money can never be returned.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo, one of the CSOs pushing  Mulhakho and Beam to refund the money, said the demonstrations will go ahead on January 13, 2015.

Critics of the planned demonstrations have accused the protest leaders of political motivation and pointed at failure for similar outrage during Cashgate where about K23 billion was stolen under the Joyce Banda administration, according to an audit report by British firm Baker Tilly.

Recently, Council for Non-Governnmental Organisations in Malawi (Congoma) vice-chairperson Maxwell Matewere and Malawi Interfaith Aids Association (MIAA) executive director Robert Ngaiyaye defended NAC on the matter, but the CSOs say their NGO fraternity colleagues are blinded by cheap partisan interests.

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81 thoughts on “Mulhako wa Alhomwe refuses to refund NAC money”

  1. chimwendo says:

    M’mene akuonekera aMangulamawa alinazo ntchito kuti Global Fund yasiya kupereka thandizo ku NAC .Sanasiya kalekale kuganiza bwinobwino amenewa .amene adakali ndimoyo wamphamvu ku mulhakho ko abwenze ndalamazo kutinso Amangulamawo so apindule nawo.Please take this advise with soba mind .there r a lot of piple depending on it.

  2. Rift Valley says:

    I fully agree with you Zondiwe but the problem is that the rot cannot step down and neither can they be dismissed if the appointing authority is part of the scum. What is needed, in my view, is a complete change of the guard. It is time Malawi had completely different leadership, otherwise we will get nowhere. Let’s face it; what we have now is a continuation of the K90billion plunder for which donors have funded a forensic audit.

  3. Zondiwe says:

    The more knowledgeable people like Mangulama show that they are ‘tough’, the more they are weakening their moral standing in our society.
    One cannot defend the indefensible, and these people should not have accepted unreasonable favours from anyone, including NAC which has been in the news for wrong reasons in the past. Normally, when funny things happen in organisations, chances are that someone is fiddling around with funds, and they are trying to buy cheap support from authorities. A forensic audit needs to be carried out urgently at NAC and I am sure gaping holes will be discovered in the financial records. Surely NAC cannot end up funding NIB, Beam, Mulhako and other such set-ups. What else has NAC been funding then? It is very clear that what NAC have done recently is ultra vires. The question is for how long this has this type of thing been going on?
    Whoever is looking after NAC should look at the bigger picture, and not concentrate only on the current issues.
    Lack of accountability in our country has permeated throughout, and that is why such blatant abuses are being encouraged, and people are standing on the podium, shamelessly saying that there is nothing wrong with such abuses. If people do not see anything wrong, then they are not fit to serve in any public institutions and they nees to be removed from such institutions, and replace them with credible Malawians. Only then can we start to having credible and accountable institutions.
    It is not the amount that is important, but the principle. The funds that were paid to the wrong causes should be refunded. We will then be setting up correct parameters for running our public institutions.
    All CSO leaders who are downplaying the seriousness of this issue are a disgrace to the CSO community and must step down or must be dismissed. This is the reason why it is not good to be serving in boards of public institutions when one is in a CSO. It is called ‘conflict of interest’. Look at how shamelessly the Bamusis of this world have compromised their principles.

  4. Political Analyst says:

    Honestly the tribalistic Mulhakho wa Ahlomwe grouping will again this time around pull down their fellow mlomwe;Peter Mutharika because of greed,arrogance,narrow-mindedness and lack of wisdom and patriotism to the Malawi nation.Apa ndiye mwanya pakumwa.A Malawi sadzayelekezanso kuvotera moyamoyakharupwana.

  5. Don’t blame these ugly lhomwes but blame the courts which backed for their rigged votes to carry the day when they knew how arrogant these kalongonda guys are. Shame, poor Malawi.

  6. tribesmen says:

    You people just pray that when Malawi goes to seek more funding from Global Fund in February all should go well which I don’t think so. While funding will not be stopped I foresee a situation where NAC will be striped of powers to disburse funds all because of bootlickers Kalomba and Kumbweza Banda. I will also not be surprised to see demands by Global fund that the two move out of NAC and should that happen lets see if Beam and Mlakho shall call for fwe fwe fee press conferences to defend the two

  7. northern speech says:

    mputeni ndiwe chitsilu nyani machende ako coz u can put back what this shit whore did to mw citizens

  8. Iscariot says:

    I never supported calls for federalism but with this kind of thinking and stupidity I’m now 100%for the idea.

  9. Mbaya Malawi Eish. says:

    Mwapanga mwano poti muli ndi President wa Chilhomwe eti 2019 sipatali musazabwere kutimemeza kuti anthu akuvotereni ngati Global Fund yisiya dziwani kuti inu Alhomwe muphetsa anthu osalakwa mu Malawi muno.

  10. Rift Valley says:

    Kumangonamizawanthu kuti mukuchita Fund raise pomwe kuseli mukuvutitsa ma CEO kuti akupatseni chithandizo in money or in kind. Zambili zochitika ku Mulakho ndizothandiza kufalitsa osati kuchepetsa HIV/AIDS. Magule ovina ngati m’bwiza, atsikana a mabele pa mtunda etc etc. Munazolowela kuba!

  11. Munthuwazeru says:

    Alekeni thawi ikakwana adzaona zakuda kuti BIIIIII?

  12. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Ndi akuba awa. Akakhala atsogoleri they forget they are the people’s servants and they think everything is at their didposal. Why ask money from NAC? Osapita ku ma bank bwanji? Gertrude wayambe kunyera mwano yet she was a nobody ndiye pano fwe fwe fwe ali ndine mkazi wa mathanyula. Shupiti!

  13. Mputeni says:

    So the issue is no longer concern of the plight of the afflicted but tribal? Mlomwe wasanduka chitsiru chifukwa another mlomwe is in power? Yes tikhonza kukhala zitsiru and bar tenders and prostitutes but the few that are up there are ruling the almighty Tumbukas. You can cry for all that we care. You can even sweat blood but the stupid arrogant uneducated lomwes are ruling you. Inu mukhala ndi monopoly yanzeru yanuyo koma mukhala mukubwebwetabe mpaka kalekale.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Yes mputeni we will never rule but we will be a thorn in your side and make life very uncomfortable for you just as we are doing now shaking and rattling you and your stupid incompetent leadership.

      We have even heard that dpp is not fulfilling its manifesto on the education quota system because tumbukas are persistently and continuously troubling and criticising the dpp govt’s very poor governance of the country. That is how childish and foolish you people are!!! You have done your Malata and cement things as per your manifesto but can’t do the same on quota just because tumbukas are on your back sides. So your manifesto on quota was just to win votes.

      More shamefully and sadly is the fact that the majority of lomwe people don’t even benefit from the money that their kinsmen and thieving leaders get from govt coffers. You continue to suffer while your thieving leaders live in paradise, and yet you keep voting for them, just because they are your tribesmen? Tribesmen that just care about themselves and not about you the majority of lomwe people who are still languishing in poverty. How stupid can you people get? Open your eyes you lomwe people!!!

  14. joseph banda says:

    Iwe #8 How do you call A Lhomwe grouping “a STUPID THING”. You are lucky that I am reading not listening to your silly comments. Za chitumbuka eti. You will fail.

  15. Atupele Keba says:

    Typical response from an organisation whose patron is none other than the corrupt Petro. Ask Peter to return the houses he corruptly acquired from MHC and Lilongwe City Council and his response is the same. These people have no moral conscience.

  16. agabu amunda says:

    The central figure in the picture seems to be symptomatically benefitting from the same ARVs,and yet he says money cannot be refunded shame on him.And tomorrow wana go and quee on line to get ARVs he is just too adamant.Even the face can tell that he is doing things for personal gains,how stupid he is!!!

  17. Nkhwatakwata says:

    Bingu lost his popularity because of arrogance. DPP is talking of fighting cashgate, what is this saga about? When DPP was out of government there was silence about Mulakho activities which clearly shows that Mulakho’s activities are run by “public money”. This arrogance stems from the fact that DPP thinks will stay in power for ever by rigging elections, a political party can not be arrogant to the very public/electorate that will vote it into power.
    Malawians, open your eyes now by changing the electoral law to make it rigging proof.

  18. gambatula says:

    This smacks of arrogance and wait a minute inu a Mlakhon you will regret this lost opportunity musamatumbwe mbambadi

  19. A MPINGO says:


  20. Alungwana says:

    Alomwe mwatasatu ngati kuno ndi kwanu anthu a ku moshiko inu

  21. Masoambeta says:

    In any law abiding country witha solid legal system, this constitutes public theft and calls for criminal charges.
    Mulakho and company knows that the legal system in Malawi is comatose and a mere cesspool. They’re above the law.
    Matubzi awa!

  22. Jabulosi says:

    Do not bring politics into this issue. NAC money is meant for HIV/AIDS programs and NOT for a cultural celebration paying for accommodation, food, transport and allowances. If NAC had a stand at the celebrations to disseminate HIV messages well and good NO PROBLEM!!! But to write them asking them to PAY for ACCOMMODATION, MEALS, TRANSPORT and ALLOWANCES for Chiefs and others is a BIG PROBLEM!!!!! NAC money is not meant for such activities!!! Actually this is THEFT through Intimidation. Thus the reason MUHLAKHO should refund this money!!!!! PAY FOR YOUR GUESTS and who ever received money from NAC for this function should PAY BACK TO NAC. Period!!!

  23. busy signal says:

    Bunch of uneducated fools its fine let your Malawi suffer in the name of Mulhako wa alhomwe ku migowi

  24. Tnt says:

    Alomwe,why Are You Always Arogant,thieves And Adamant?Mtundu Umenewu Ukutizunza Kwambiri Mmalawi Muno,why?Why Shd Malawians Be Complaining Of You Lomwes,be In Work Places, In Our Tobacco Farms,busnesses,etc, You Are Always Causing Problems!This Issue Of Returning Money To Nac Is Simple And Straight Forward,makani Opanda Nzeru Amenewo.Munaba Ndalama,kabwezeni Nkhani Ithepo.

  25. mbuya says:

    Shaaaaaa! You molakho people do not learn your lessons well….you forget that God fights the battle for malawians… there is a place called ‘mpumulo wa bata’ in this world ….have you forgotten?

  26. zokumva says:

    you people, why did you not match during cashgate. You were all silent. Whom can you fool. You have other hidden agenda not this NAC Issue. Mwatchera kumwezi nkhanga zawona basi !

  27. Dedza Guy says:

    This is too much. DPP government is taking Malawians for granted. Lets join hands in this planned demo.

  28. Zebron h banda says:

    What are you?nuts?NAC ‘s pulse is meant for HIV/AIDS projects and entire MALAWI.It’s not meant for your chiefs…etc from mulanje,thyolo,or phalombe for that matter alone.YOU PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS AND SOWING SEEDS OF DIVISIONISM AND NOT,UNITY.I MIGHT BE OUTSIDE MALAWI RIGHT NOW,BUT I LOVE IT AND ITS ENTIRE PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF THEIR ETHNICITY.President:use your brains!!

  29. chindere says:

    These are thieves ,and all those who know these people know that ndi anthu amakani zedi ndipo sawopa could see how top people like Bingu,Chaponda ,Peter react to issues.It’s just unfortunate that they rigged the votes and just went away like that.Ndi anthu owononga amenewa or even in the neighbourhoods.NAC has its own proceedures in disbursing the financial assistance which we don’t see in mulakho wa lomwe.zitsiru za anthu.

  30. ... says:

    Nothing new. Za mtundu uwu palibe anganene kuti sazidziwa, it’s a bunch of stupid morons.

  31. Political Analyst says:

    Shame on crafty/selfish leaders!How on earth can Nac offer free accomodation and services to Mulhakho?Simply re-convert the services etc into cash please and give back to the poor what belongs to them!

  32. tchaka says:

    Mukayenda atumbuka nokhanokha- mukachita manyazi coz tikudziwa kuti queen mother wakutumani- koma munya manyi ndithu kkkkkk

  33. obi says:

    when you look at the so called cso all are tumbukas and nyasatimes is a tumbuka owned so am not surprised to read lies here.did u watch times tv yesterday? you could have heard the truth.Atumbuka muzipita kwanu

  34. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    It seems fair to say there might have been more to the donation than met the eye; than was really reported in the media. A case of the media NOT telling the story in its totality. Hence, if the money was really used for HIV/AIDS related activities, the cause was apt. Hence NO need to refund! NO case against Mulhakho, on this issue!
    Shame on some media. Those hell bent on whipping up anti-government sentiments without credible basis, whatsoever!

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Keep on pretending to be blind!!!

  35. Amene mukuletsa ma demo mwatumidwa ndi DPP and ife sitibwerera m’mbuyo muona zakuda pamodzi ndi nyani peter wanuyo.13 JANUARY 2015 umangoziwilatu.

  36. concerned says:

    We need to get to the bottom of the issue. The real issue is how is NAC governed. How can they fund organizations that are not doing HIV related activities. These are just symptoms of a rotten system and we need to go to the root cause. Can we try to advocate the removal of political affiliation to NAC board/leadership so that it run professionally. Only then we can have sanity in NAC and most organizations. BEAM, Mulakho, Joyce Banda Foundation, NIB received funds from NAC, they did not steal. the issue now is were these organizations qualified enough in line with NAC procedures/guidelines to receive the funds. The matter should be to re-look at NAC and try to make it independent.

  37. Yankees says:

    Mukutonsa za mumng’oma za chete!! Nyonyonyo nyonyonyo! Mphuno panileni, osakatenga ndalama zimene mb’ale wanu ankabisa zija ma Forexwo ndikupangila zanu za Mulakho ochindanazo bwanji? NAC siinabwele ndi Malemutu ayi, musatitukwanitsile mtembo apa, kapelekeni ndalama kwa kaisala, zakwa Mulungu kwa Mulungu, tikumatchani asa!?

  38. cash gate says:

    How time flies 36 percent running a country time will come when mone will be refunded this is a failed govt

  39. nsanje port says:

    I understand now,bravo NAC for using the mulakho gathering to convey HIV AIDS information to community structures,your approach will surely bare fruits

  40. bratusha says:

    Tribes in Malawi: The Chewa came from Zaire(DRC) the area called Katanga. The Ngoni are descendants of Shaka Zulu of South Africa. The Balowoka came from Ubena country in now called Tanzania.The Yao(Achawa) of course they don’t like to be called A Chawa coz its more of a nickname, came from Mozambique from the area around Yao mountain in northern Mozambique. The Lhomwe ( a Ngulu) famous with eating of snakes came from Ngulu mountain in Mozambique. We have more Yaos and Lhomwes in Mozambique than in Malawi.

    1. The Citizen says:

      Snake eaters! No wonder the arrogance…!? Thank you Bratusha for schooling us.

  41. czar says:

    I think you lomwes are dull. Does this constitute a defense? Kkkkk up to extent of calling for press briefing. Shupiti zanu don’t waste our time

  42. Man says:

    Northerners please stop fighting a cultural grouping. You will regret a lot. All people from the south identify themselves with this grouping, although some are not Lhomwes. Trust me, whoever is fighting against a cultural grouping loses the battle. And I can predict that you will lose miserably. Continue fighting it and you will see that Mulakho is not an individual Mutharika you play with.

  43. phwitiko says:

    Oho kumeneku ndie kutiputatu,alomwe tinakhala bwanji kusafuna kuvomeleza zinthu zikalakwika? Kutinamiza kutimunachita maphunzilo a HIV/AIDS ,Zikanakhahala bwino mukanangokhala chete alomwe inu kusina ndi kubwela ndi boza komanso mwano monga machitilamu. Achitsilu Ena ati fathara,nkumaelekeza ndi nthawi ya bingu kuti anthu awanvela chisoni a pitala,zimenezi sizitheka,Bingu anachita mwai poti nthawi imene ija anthu nkuti asanawadziwe a Muthalika ndi ntundu wawo WA chilomwe komanso nthawi imene ija ma donors anatikhululukila ngongole. Anthu anali ndi chikhulupililo kuti mwina ndalama zomwe takhululukidwazo zigwilitsidwa ntchito ya chitukuko ,koma zomwe zinachitika ndi zosemphana,ndalama Bingu ankangozikundikila yekha,anthu kumuyankhula osanva. Pitala ndie wangoyamba udyo ndipo palibenso chiyembekezo kuti zinthu zingaende bwino,palibe

  44. o says:

    I guess this is not my war neither is it for anybody from the center. It is the war between the northerners and southerners. As one from Dowa, I know this is not the first time NAC financially assisted the cultural groupings like Mulakho in Malawi. But we never heard such hatred sentiments from the tumbukas. Let me warn you friends from the north. Do not think that fighting an individual like Mutharika is the same as fighting a cultural grouping like Mulakho with a large following in Malawi as we all know. You are touching untouchable. DPP will capitalize on this, and come 2019, crying babies will cry again.

  45. opportunist says:

    We are watching u.

  46. The Truthful One from the West says:

    This is pathetic. I feel sorry and angry with this type of misuse of NAC resources. Peter Mutharika should not condone this. I am now in full agreement that there should be massive demonstrations.

  47. cbk says:

    ndiye ati akumatchanitu alomwe inu!nanuso a nac osapangitsa masiku apadela bwanji?

  48. chakwanuleka says:

    Typical of Alomwe. Arrogance is what they know best. What sort of training did NAC do during the ceremony and why providing transport? Who has been providing transport all these years?.
    Like in the days of Pharaoh, God is deliberately making these Alomwes to harden their heart so that they should learn good hard lessons. Kuba munayamba kale kale Leroy mudziwanso. Demos in two weeks times

  49. Mkwaso says:

    Nsanje, umphawi ndi matenda ndi zomwe zqvuta pa Malawi. This planned demo is a big flop, please mark my words. Tima CSO timaona ngati they are Malawi themselves. Tiankhwezule ting’ono ting’ono……

  50. bratusha says:

    Mkulul wakhala pakatiyo akuonekeratu kuti mwaiye simungatuluke chabwino.

  51. Chentukanika says:

    Nkhani ilipo apa ndiyoti gulu limeneli lilibe chisoni ndi anthu ena.Apite mmidzimu akaone ndi kumva mmene anthu omwe akhudzidwa ndi HIV/AIDS akuvutikira kupeza chithandizo.Mafumu angakaphunzire chiyani ku mwambo wolaula ndi kulimbikitsa chiwerewere ngati umene uja?Kumakhalatu mowa.kudikula(kuduka chiuno).kuonetsa ziwalo zobisika za mthupi,kuonetsa mikanda ya mchiuno,zonse zoyambitsa chiwerewere zokhazokha.Pa mwambo umene uja anthu ambiri amatenga kachilombo.Kodi panja bungwe la NAC akuliyendetsa ndani?Ingobwezani ndalamayo.Za matamazo ayi.

  52. Mwenecho says:

    angoni group akuti u did the same yankhani

  53. M'doko says:

    Ndi mbava zokhazokha izi ngati zidakwanitsa kuba mavoti nanga ndalama

  54. Shogun says:

    It really baffles me how Demostrations will save the situation.

  55. manthu blantyre says:

    A NAC ndichaniso mufa muonaso, nanga ana amulungu avutike chifukwa cha inu? God pliz send mr Cardiact to arrest these pple.

  56. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    Tikakumana komweko ngati mukuyesa kuti mulhomwe ndi kape

  57. killer bean says:

    Tumbukas u r big losers no matter how hard u try u wll neva rule dis country.

  58. KWAZULUH2 says:

    Tisaphatikize za chikhalidwe ndi za ndale jst because Mr President belongs to that particular chikhalidwe. President is not founder of that chikhalidwe ,he is just a mere member,so please don’t get mad by him.Try as much as possible kuti nthawi imene President wa chikhalidwe chanuyo azachoke pa mpando ,chikhalidwecho chizakhalebe cha mphamvu.Take the example of chewa pple, Kamuzu was theirs ,they enjoyed with him responsibly,that is y to day chewa remains the strongest cultural group countrywide.So please munthu/anthu ochepa omwenso ali a chikhalidwe chanu a Lhomwenu back the money if necessary,osati mwano chifukwa chot wamkulu wina wake ali kumbuyo kwanu ayi.Ndimakukondani a Lhomwe,inunso zikondeni nokha posayiwala kuti kulibe Life president.Welcome.

  59. nyasi mmaso says:

    Nanga abwana atipo chani a Braz mukuti bwanji? Mpaka NAC isowe funding just because of ur Mama. Chikumbumtima chikugwireni ndithu if not zikangotero I ll be one of those praying kuti masiku anu a mu office achepe

  60. kwabaniso says:

    Mtambo first and foremost demonstrate over CASHGATE and donors

  61. hoitty says:

    Hahaha daftiest explanation ever given. All this silence I thought you were thinking of intelligent readons to give Malawians. Oh my! Totally embarrased to be mlakho now. We should have just remained silent

    1. The Citizen says:

      Good advice. I wish most lomwes could reason like you. Beleive me sister/brother, this country would be a better placa to live if such was the case. Please, help civic educate your tribe. With thanks.

  62. chatty man says:

    Just refund the money shamefully. You are the same people who are making the donors to hold the aid becos of ur dirty hands.

  63. Kenkkk says:

    Mangulama, you have just shown us how NAC wasted our money on transport, food and accommodation for traditional leaders attending your Mlakho gatherings. These services paid by NAC should be costed and Mlakho should refund NAC as they have absolutely nothing to do with aids. Mlakho solicited funding from NAC and should therefore refund or return those funds spent by NAC at the Mlakho function. Alternatively the NAC executive should return the nac Mlakho money to NAC from their own private or personal funds AND THEN RESIGN.

    If NAC wanted to educate traditional leaders on HIV/AIDS, then they should arrange national or regional sessions for all traditional leaders in Malawi, not just those who attend Mlakho. That is a very poor strategy.

    PAC and others keep on mixing Nacgate and JB’s cashgates or other gates but forget also the other 92bn dpp cashgate. There were no demonstrations on the two cashgates at the time simply because no one came out to accept the plundering of govt money and information then was sketchy, now as we know jb cashgate is being dealt with by the courts and the 92bn is under audit investigations. Mlakho and beam have blatantly admitted using NAC money or services provided by NAC money, that is the difference.

    Nacgate has pushed the people of Malawi to the edge, it is the last straw that has gone beyond any tolerance as far as miss-use and theft of peoples money for dubious reasons. The demos are to show the incompetent leadership that we can no longer be taken for granted with all these cashgates be they by jb or dpp or nac or whoever!!! For how long are the people going to be taken as fools by you the so called clever leaders of the people?

    The demos are about all the cashgates that we have experienced and are still experiencing, it is all about the blundering, scandals after scandals of the current dpp govt just seven months old!!!. This is a new chapter for the people of Malawi, nobody should cheat us that because we didn’t demonstrate about cashgates for the past 10 years, then we can’t now open our eyes and demonstrate against cashgates going on now – that is foolish thinking, you can’t generalise a situation because each situation is different!! Two wrongs, don’t make it right. We are trying to make things right now by peaceful demos. ANY FUTURE LEADER WILL NOTE THIS AND BE EXTRA CAREFUL.

    The demos are not politically motivated, the demos are to force the govt to change its bad behaviour of plundering govt money which is currently stifling the development of the country. And PAC be warned, you are failing the people of Malawi shockingly for trying to please the govt on the current scandals by making excuses for its incompetence.


  64. Atcheya says:

    You guys were better off remaining silent than parading more lies to Malawians as you have just opened another can of filthy worms!! You think we are so daft that we could believe the pack of lies you are peddling here? If NAC wanted to do some HIV/AIDS sessions with chiefs, it did not need to do that through your cultural grouping festival: and for what purpose? And how many chiefs were there for a cool MK50 million to be spent on them? FOTSEKI!!!!

    1. pwt says:

      kodi mwasowa pokonzera cv? stand on ur own, osabisala mu ngo kuti mutchuke msanga, no! and ma ngo ndi business ya mamembers a fedal. go on till… but at the end we will all suffer

    2. sunderstar says:

      Yes you are daft because when cashgate money was looted you never said anything, when the Ngoni Maseko drew money from NAC in 2013 you never raised eye brows, and when Joyce Banda was drawing money from NAC you never said anything. We are ready for you
      start your march and we will meet you at the midpoint

  65. ukanenge chomene.nyengo. yi kwza apo uzamukhumbiraso wanthu.

  66. Banda says:

    A mtambo ngati mukufuna ndale tiyeni tionesana. If you hate Mutharika you are just wasting your time.

  67. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Is it a big challenge because the head of your stupid thing is Munthalika ? Is this the reason why Getrud is trying to tell the nation that she is a bedmate of Munthalikas and she also can refund the NAC money ? ONE MAN CAN NOT FIGHT A DOZEN , SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE ,PLEASE , DONT TRY TO SHOW OFF PLEASE .
    When you say sorry after making a mistake it doesnt mean that you are a fool , if you say sorry after making a mistake people will always respect you to be one of the wise people.

    1. Mkwaso says:

      Which mistake are you referring to? Honestly speaking both BEAM and MWA did nothing wrong, for them to say sorry. The problem in this country is that everybody thinks is clever than the other. The greatest evils of this country are Nsanje, Umphawi ndi Matenda.

  68. Fathara says:


  69. Chiletso says:

    Zopusa just refund the money what the hell is Mulhakho anyway? There are more important causes that need money than this shitty organisation.

  70. zebe says:

    Typical of milakho. Arrogance. Am not surprised that even though they are in government, their young ones are flocking to LL working as bar tenders ndikutolera mabotolo mmakwalalamu. shupiti

  71. Justin phiri says:

    You people tell us the truth becouse we get nothing from what you explain,why not take asit and have abetter discution than to have demostrations ,

  72. chatonda says:

    So Mulhakho cannot refund the money because President Peter Mutharika is the Patron? Please do not prove the situation deliberately because it will be Mutharika alone facing the music when time comes and t=not the old Ntchezi we are seeing in this photos of beasts. Creating more pressure for the president when time comes instead of doing some fund raising and refund the money. Swallow your pride please these things will turn poliical. Are you not able to see this guys? You must be sleeping during the day light.

  73. acn says:

    Pliz ,mulalkho don’t make me more angrier.

  74. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Mwayamba kuba Eti?

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