Mulli’s Celcom employees on strike

There was commotion at the country’s fourth telecom company Celcom Limited on Thursday afternoon when its employees staged a strike demanding their fortnight wages.

Striking workers

Striking workers

Celcom which, for years, has been failing to rollout is situated in Ginnery Corner in Blantyre and is 100 percent owned by local conglomerate, the Mulli Brothers Limited.

The striking employees- majority of them labourers- were vocal and blocked the company’s executive officers’ cars from going out of the compound.

The employees are demanding their fortnight wages, which at the time of publishing this article, were not paid.

Celcom is a fourth mobile company in Malawi. The company said would invest $270- million in the company’s network.

Leston Mulli, Managing Director of Mulli Brothers, once said Celcom would focus on making cellular phone services affordable and accessible to many Malawians, including those in rural areas.

Malawi’s existing mobile operators are  TNM and Airtel Malawi, a subsidiary of Indian multinational Airtel.

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35 thoughts on “Mulli’s Celcom employees on strike”

  1. mulibwanji says:

    Mulli is the best.

  2. I disagree with you levelheaded hard working my foot, do you even the meaning the word? Which hard working has made Mulli rich other than stealing government money???????????

  3. levelheaded says:

    You get nothing by cursing rich people. You curse him as an individual while many are praying for his prosperity everyday. Look to those people in the picture. Good looking than some employees we see everyday in our towns. Milli may be having difficulties these days like any other business persons but that does not make him to roll out a telecommunications company. He is the best example of the local entrepreneurs who has accumulated fortunes out of hardworking. I personally admire this guy and would like to reach there one day.

  4. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Mulli nkhaza.

  5. The Analyst says:

    A word or two for Mulli Sisters or Brothers or Biscuits or Chickens or whatever!

    Business demands honesty and intelligence, and you Mulli lack both. You are not an honest man Mulli. You stole k5 bn from MSB and the state shielded you. Malawians are still bitter with you, you should know. Look Mulli, you steal money from somebody and open up a shop and expect that somebody to be your customer? Do you seriously think that any Malawian will be a customer of your telecom company? Santa Maria! Cant you see you are failing to display any trait of intelligence here?

    And if you cant even pay workers at your yet-to-be rolled out telecom company, just how do you expect it to start off then? You will borrow money from a bank, you say? Which bank would want lend you money or just see you at there premises Mulli after stealing K5bn from MSB? You are not creditworthy! Even if you were, you are not honest!

    Are you telling me that after being a nyemba supplier to prisons and hospitals for some years, you now think you have the expertise to manage a telecom company? You must be joking, Mulli! Telecom is a serious business and demand intelligence and you have not.

    One of the golden rules of life is never to cheat oneself. And you just are!
    You cheat yourself when you think that Malawians had forgotten about the K5bn you stole from them (via MSB); You cheat yourself when you think that some bank can lend you money with which to start your company; When you think that you have the skill to manage a telecom company!

    And most of all when you think that any sensible Malawian can switch to your network when from the same Malawian you stole money for your company!

  6. komko says:

    Chuma cha kuba sichilimba. Mudzafa imfa yonzunzika anthu akuba inu. MSB bank komweko. Mulanje mousntain komweko. Mufuna zonsnn zikhale zanu. Akazi aweni kulanda

  7. jack Phalombe says:

    Telecom business is a serious venture that require professionals not malebala. Mulli siungazikwanise izi. Your homeboys in MACRA have misled you

  8. Sapitwa says:

    I don’t think the reason for striking is diversification. It’s salaries period!
    You can diversify as much you can and you don’t need to be jack of all trades. All you need is to head hunt the best to work for you. We have many examples of companies that are highly diversified: Dangote,Bidvest, Glencore just to name a few. In Malawi, we need such brains which build empires in the industries. One of these is Mulli Brothers hate them or love them! Whether they aligned themselves with the Government of the day is nothing new. Some rich companies in the world pursue this strategy and it works! I can give as many examples but that would be a topic for another day.

  9. Ngongoliwa says:

    These strikes are not new as far as Muli businesses are concerned, very little pay, erratic pay days, no overtime pay but working 24hrs a day, that is Mulli’s mafia business, a chain of unpaid ngongoles

  10. George phiri says:

    You cant run a telecommunication company by having dpp supporters as its customers.

  11. Abdul razak muhammed karim says:

    Ndipo ine olo atandifaya doom mkamwa, can not use this network

  12. Nyachikwezga says:

    Well i am impressed that telecom development is advancing, with the notion of celcom, recently we have heard also about MACRA awarding a license to another company-LaCell. this means a lot to Malawi, reduced tariffs and improved and quality services in communication. however if a company starts with woes like these, it put the willing clients/buyers at jerk/suspicion because they then start to think that if the beginning is bad what about the whole service. it means the company’s profile is already painted black in its initial stage. so Celcom please make sure that you wipe out the woes and sort them at the blink of a second and people will believe in you. we are waiting for your services. we hope it will be cheaper than Airtel and TNM that always put us waiting for the zone or yanga discount to make a business call

  13. Viyazi Tembo says:

    This horse crap Mulli can not run business than just to exploit people, sies………….

  14. Sindi says:

    Akuti when rolled out, they will force government agencies like MRA to switch to their network abandoning TNM hehehehe!!!! Paja MRA and other Insstitutions ndi pampunga pama guy amenewa..

  15. ngongoliwa says:

    Muli Muli Muli Muli Muli Muli all the times.Shaaaaaa!

  16. asante says:

    c’mon malawians strikes due to unpaid wages are everywhere around malawi and across the boarders. why make a mountain out of a molehill?? even the government is too broke to employ new graduates, pay for drugs in hospitals, end the ever power outages and water problems, let alone pay its already existing employees. There’s no denying the fact that Mulli is one business conglomerate who strives day and night to make profits and help grow this economy through job creation, forex generation among others… But that doesn’t mean he will through calm waters. You will hate him for all i care but he is genuinely an indigenous business person who has all the rights to invade any business he may like

  17. Masharubu says:

    I find the idea of Mulli in high – tech business very laughable . The guy is too uneducated and too confused (obalalika) to run such a business .

  18. Few good men says:

    Amalawi musiyeni Mulli ena mukulankhulanu mwagona ndi njala mzanu akudya beef daily.


    No too words about this jealous down LESTON MULLI is a hard worker…amakhwana…kukweza chuma chosiya makolo these days siizocheza….

  20. Knysna says:

    Baba aninkheni anthuwo zao

  21. NyasaBoss says:

    Mulli is too greedy …he is almost everywhere …charcoal business, kabaza , maize, tea, mandasi , masachati , phone business etc

  22. Muthiana says:

    This idiot has not paid our 2011- 2012 salaries for 10 months up to now. You cant be stealing from poor malawians for ever. God is watching YOU. You shall not die but vanish into thin air. Your children will not see your grave. You think you won this world. Watch out

  23. Ineyo says:

    TNM is not an Indian company, its majority shareholder is Press Trust.

  24. Malawiyano says:

    It’s company which will not attract customers from Central Region and Northern Regions . Let those Mlhwakho people be the customers of this Mulli’s company , he stole our taxpayer’s money in order to start the telecom company.

  25. Eugene says:

    This is the problem with nepotism..Mathanyula and his late brother have destroyed Malawi. And Mulli needs to pay back those default loans aaaaaah!

  26. mapwevupwevu says: an. Imbecile!

  27. Stambuli wa ku karonga says:

    I wonder how many of these women did Mulli personally interviewed and employed . Mulli is always on heat .

  28. CITIZEN says:


  29. darth vader says:

    kodi anthu amalandilabe pa fortnight?

  30. Patriot says:

    Dikirani ndalama zaku China zikafika ku ministry of trade akatapeko akupatseni zanu.
    Paja ndi mmene amapangira nthawi ijatu, kukatenga K3 billion loan ku MSB kuti azikupatsani malipiro.
    Ma company a Mulli anapita ndi mwini wake. Awa mukuti Mulli wa amangodalira ndalama za boma pamene in actual facthis companies are BANKRUPT

  31. The Analyst says:

    I understand that diversification is a brilliant business idea for risk management but you don’t just find yourself everywhere – otherwise you fail to hold the empire together. This is the reason why the Roman Empire vanished. It was too big an empire to continue existing. You are the supplier of vegetables to some hospital, you are on FISP, you are in tea estates, you are in timber, you are in National Bus . . . .

    And now you want to establish a telecom company yet have no money to fund its operations? And you expect me and other sensible Malawians to take you seriously hence give you a benefit of a doubt and switch to you?

    Imagine if you had rolled out your company and I happened to have switched to you, you mean to say that I now could have failed to say hie to my beloved and ask for an intense fuck over the weekend because your network is down in the name of striking workers? How about the business people you could have inconvenienced? Come on dude!

    You are putting an end to your unborn company. Cant you see? Even before starting it? Is this not dying before you are killed?

    I strongly support indigenous businesses but we should be sensible enough to know which territories to venture into and not. Otherwise clumsy as I know you Mulli (with the MSB issues and a like), you cant run a telecom company. Just concentrate on areas you are good at e.g. supplying nyemba to hospitals and stuff. Telecom is too serious a business for you!

    1. Mr.Bambo says:

      Man ‘The analyst’ apa ndiyetu mwalankhulatu,wakumva wamva basi ife tingoti ‘please do write again’.

      1. The Analyst says:

        Thanks, man

  32. Mbonga Matoga says:

    There is no way any sensible Malawian can have their mobile phone services from Celcom. Muli has ruined Malawi with his questionable businesses and connections to the powers that be through supplying fake fertiliser to stealing taxpayers money thru cashgate.

  33. cadet 1 says:

    Mulli where is our 5 Billion kwacha?

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