Muluzi case adjourned again

Acase where former president Bakili Muluzi and his then personal assistant, Violet Whisky,  are accused in relation the K1.7billion that the state had claimed was money for government on Monday faced another hurdle as a key witness was reportedly taken ill, forcing the judge to adjourn the case to Thursday.

Muluzi: Case adjourned

Muluzi: Case adjourned

Judge Maclean Kamwambi was told by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) deputy director Reyneck Matemba that Victor Banda, himself former ACB deputy director, was sick and was meeting a doctor on Monday when he was supposed supposed to give evidence in the case.

Defence lawyers of Tamanda Chokotho and Jai Banda protested against this, accusing the government of deliberately dragging the case which has run close to eight years now.

However Judge Kamwambe said issues of health could not be compromised and granted the adjournment.

He said the defendants, Muluzi and his former aide were entitled to a fair trial.

Matemba said the state wants to have the case concluded as soon as possible, saying the delay was beyond the state control.

JudgKamwambe has adjourned the case to Thursday, April 14.

The former president argued when he was arrested that the charges amounted to “political persecution”.

Muluzi stepped down as president after serving two terms in office in 2004.

His lawyer, Tamanda Chokotho, had told High Court that he wanted the case to go to the Constitutional Court as per Rule 8(1) of the Courts (High Court) (Procedure on the interpretation of Application of the Constitution) Rule as he felt the issues being raised in the case are constitutional in nature.

Chokotho claimed that Muluzi’s hand-picked successor, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, interfered with the operations of ACB by ordering his arrest on corruption charges when ACB had no intention to carry out the arrest.

It is on record with a leaked audio clip that late Mutharika ordered former ACB director Gustav Kaliwo to “shake up” Muluzi.

Chokotho also argued that the case was politically-motivated because Muluzi—who was head of State between 1994 and 2004—was continuously being harassed by arresting him. Muluzi was also arrested on trumped up treason trial at the airport when he arrived from UK. He is seeking compensation on that.

The lawyer also questioned the conduct of the offices of the ACB and the Attorney General (AG) in the matter.

“Did the former AG and director of ACB’s conduct to fabricate evidence against the accused not undermine the accused’s right to a fair trial as provided for in Section 42[2][f] of the Constitution?” queried Chokhotho.

Meanwhile, Muluzi through his lawyers withdrew constitutional review case which was before Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda  to certify it as a constitutional matter and then refer it to the Constitutional Court for determination so the case can remain within High Court.

Muluzi’s case started in 2009 and has now taken about six years due to numerous adjournments mainly attributed to the former president’s illness and objections from the defence as well as delays from the State.

Government already had given Muluzi back over 60 vehicles which ACB seized from him in 2009.

According to ACB deputy director Reyneck Matemba, the vehicles were really “deteriorating” hence an out-of-court agreement between anti-graft body and Muluzi lawyers led to the release of the vehicles last year.

The agreement was subsequently validated by court consent, Matemba disclosed.

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29 thoughts on “Muluzi case adjourned again”

  1. Charles says:

    Just drop this political motivated case, you are wasting your time like people who never went to school enough!

  2. MASTER says:

    Lets put our eye to Jesus.

  3. SetChairFree says:

    nonsense, drop the case and set Atcheya free. We all know the money was used to campaign for Bingu who was penniless in 2003-2004. Spare us ACB the embarrassment and set the man free. We also know that the government messed up the case by involvement of Bingu and his “shake him up” blunder, its a politically motivated charge. Set Chair free!!!!

  4. Kholowa mkabudula says:

    A cheya woyeee amangidwe anatinamiza kuti adzatipatsa nsapato atawina mkumatilalatila kuti anadziwa ma saizi athu? Pamene ankatipolomisapo sankatifunsa ma saizi nde angatipusitse choncho? Amangidwe bwasi

  5. Ze Roberto says:

    Any government serious with busting corruption would make sure that all involved in cases of corruption,theft and fraud, no matter how small or huge the amount is or their standing in society is , are prosecuted. But because this is Malawi where winning of the next election becomes the government top agenda which is why DPP and UDF are political bed fellows, there is no way Muluzi can be prosecuted. Remember ACB is not independent from political interference. How can it be, when the head of the institution is appointed by executive arm of government? That’s where we need to amend our Constitution otherwise this just waste of tax payers money.

  6. Mbili ya bakha says:

    A malume anga Ababa njinga ya moto Ali plizoni 2yeezi piano mlandu sunakambidwebe. Uyu angoyenda kutibrraso misonkho kupita Ku ma UN misonkhano. Kodi mdziko muno multi ma khothi solo ozenga milandu? Pena. Osewa anadyetsebwa city biniladeni ndi envulipou kodi mlandu umaona zaka za munthu? Malume Santa Ali zaka 65.
    Nkanakonda anthu ambili akanavera statement ya kameloni yokhudza panama papers.
    Pali be ndi Malawi mmodzi anagwidwapo pa kashgeti anti pot I ndi mabwana. Ngati sakunya?

  7. Joshua says:

    Kuchitekete, Achalume, Anyamata apa tauni. Odziwa kusolola.

  8. Jenala says:

    UDF supporters want Muluzi to be set free. Sorry, he has to account for the money. you can delay justice, but you cant run away

  9. Jenala says:

    The judiciary is independent. APM has nothing to do with the case.
    Muluzi has to justify how he got the K1.7 billion. There is no politics involved. Muluzi has history of stealing. He stole 6 pounds in 1969.

  10. phindu says:

    Amangidwe basi…..!!!

  11. Chakaka Maluza says:

    Everyone is equal before the law. Let justice take its course. We don’t need mafia-style underhands. After all age is nothing but a number.

  12. Kamkwamba stebean says:

    Pay back the money. Malawian people are suffering because of you pple. Fair trial what do you mean? When he was stealing he was fair? No sance

  13. sAMUEL says:

    very confusing. This week news Government has draged Muluzi to court over 1.7b he stole while in Government. The other week news, Malawi Government has assigned Muluzi to represent Malawi….. Who is fooling who? learn to give due respect to elder. Discontinue the case, compasate him accordingly. Billions of money has been lost in this case and you want to keep on spending billions on a case which you cannot win at all cost, the

  14. Roberto says:

    ACB, koma nkhani yq Victor Sithole ndiye changu. Izi zikukukanikani.

  15. Mjonanje says:

    MCP nde kanyama kanjinso abale. Kongress lero? Eti ikadzabwera mcp kkkkkk. Liti? Tcheya woyeeee

  16. Greencardless Malawian says:


  17. Nabanda says:

    Free Muluzi please, 1.7bl is peanut as compared to 577bl stollen by the DPP government, which has made Malawians suffer to this extent. Muluzi is very old now he needs a peace of mind…

  18. Charles says:

    By the way, why not let him free, afterall how old is he now and when in power was his work only to swindle govt cofers only? Didn’t he do anything good for the country? Why can’t we remember even one thing he did for the country? Now suppose he is convicted, shall we get our 1.7K bil? Anyway the heavens will determine.

    1. joseph Banda says:

      We can get the money back if we forfeit his property.
      A thief needs to be prosecuted no matter his age.

  19. Chambe says:

    This case will quashed out. They are just following a process to arrive at that.

  20. Nkangángá says:

    Just leave him,the man is sick so don’t harras him.

  21. Achalume says:

    Amenewo ndi anyamata apa tawuni?

  22. phwethulani says:

    no no no that’s bushit live him alone……..nonsense

  23. Tikondane says:

    Zinazi kungozunzana, amalawi.KKKKKKkkkkkk! Olo mwana wa zaka zitatu angathe kudziwa kuti kuno ku Malawi munthu wamkulu ngati ameneyu sangamangidwe! Anthu akufuna adzingodyerapo ma allowance pamunthuyu basi koma nkhani palibe apa! Kkkkkkkk! Olimbana nayewo nawonso tereku alimkati kudzitafuna ndalama za boma. Zawo zidzafwamphuka akachotsedwa m’boma; zina ndizomwe zayamba kalezi ku Agriculture, Health ndi malo ena! Kumalawi kuno khoti , police, ACB ndi prison ndizaanthu osauka! People without hope and voice! KKKkkkkkk! Yerekeza ube K10,000.00 uwone m’mene nkhani yako yiti yithamangire! Two days chigamulo chaperekedwa! Nkhani yatha! Kkkkkk!

  24. therere says:

    mulandu wawola uwu musiyeni big man, muzingowononga ndalama za boma apa

  25. WA NOMA says:

    osangozisiya bwanji? mpaka 8 years

  26. Zaziiiiiiiii pali nkhani apa?

  27. observer mission says:

    This case shall end only when MCP comes to power.
    All these other govts, their courts & their ACB are corrupt!

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