Muluzi says Buhari’s victory credible: Commonwealth observers hail Nigerian elections

Malawi former president Bakili Muluzi who is leading the Commonwealth Election observers has given Nigeria’s general elections a clean bill of health, saying despite widespread logistical challenges the Nigeria election was broadly credible.

Muluzi with Buhari  (second from left) and Kuffor

Muluzi with Buhari (second from left) and Kuffor

Muhammadu Buhari won Nigeria’s presidential election, defeating incumbent president Goodluck Jonathan in what is the country’s first ever democratic change of power to an opposition party and a historic moment in the African nation’s history.

Buhari beat Jonathan by 15.4 million votes to 12.9 million.

Other observers have also described the elections as the best ever held in the past 16 years after the return of democracy.

Muluzi who together with former Ghana president John Kuffor and Amos Sawyer met Buhari and Joathan before announcement of the results to persuade them to show leadership and maintain peace in post-election said he was pleased that Jonathan had called Buhari to congratulate him on winning the election.

“The Nigeria elections have been an important mark and a step forward for democracy in Africa’s most populous country and a key member of the Commonwealth,” said Muluzi from Abuja.

Muluzi said any challenges of the results should not be fought on the streets.

President-elect Buhari has  since hailed his victory as a vote for change and proof the nation has embraced democracy.

Buhari also praised outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan as a “worthy opponent” who peacefully relinquished power.

The African Union Election Observation Mission (AUEOM) also said the vote was “conducted in a peaceful atmosphere within the framework that satisfactorily meets the continental and regional principles of democratic elections”.

The West African bloc known as ECOWAS said the elections met the “criteria of being free and transparent”, despite “pockets of incidents and logistical challenges”.

Buhari – a former military general – has failed on three occasions (2003, 2007 and 2011) in his bid to return as Nigerian president since the country moved from a series of military rulers to a democratic system in 1999. He survived a Boko Haram assassination attempt last July when a suicide bomber aligned to the radical Islamist group targeted his car in the northern city of Kaduna.

The election, originally scheduled for February 14 was delayed until March 28 by the electoral commission on the recommendation of the country’s security services. The security authorities claimed that a six-week military operation against Boko Haram in the northeast would leave an inadequate security presence for voters in the rest of the country as it began on the same day as the original polling day.

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60 thoughts on “Muluzi says Buhari’s victory credible: Commonwealth observers hail Nigerian elections”

  1. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Kodi milandu ya a muluzi ili pati

  2. Proff. Centvinnie says:

    Goodluck has proved to be a statesman by accepting a defeat unlike us, mbava basi, or else you put ur kinsmen into power, unacceptable. Learn from Goodluck.

  3. Balamanthu says:

    Titengero phunziro.Ku Nigeria, if the number of voters exceed registered voters at a polling station, the votes for that center are null and void.Ena ndi amene anabera dzana dzanali without any shade of shame.Muluzi uwawuzeko kuti kubera siumuna.Nkuona zinthu sizikuyenda

  4. JJ says:

    Long live Goodluck J.

  5. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Bolani ku Nigeria koma ku Malawi anabera mavoti Peter Moya Mutharika

  6. Comment. Good luck Jo is not like muluzi and mutharika who dwell on making their own presidency by stealing instead they honor voters but stupid people can not learn from this because they are stupid

  7. une says:

    islamic state…..congrats

  8. bubu says:

    Nyasa, could you please put a picture where is Muluzu on the microphone? Actually a non Malawi friend asked me if its Muluzi on the mic? The picture does not fit the headline

  9. Papa says:

    A cheya hoyee

  10. Wakufuna Kwabwino says:


  11. Young poet says:

    A good example Africa can emulate.bravo Jonathan.all the best buhari.

  12. Nigerian recent election results have indeed demonstrated that in Africa,free and fair elections are invetable.As Africa’s super power,Nigeria has shawn the right course as far as democracy in concerned.Previously,it was unimaginable for a northerner candidate could garner huge amount of votes from southerners.This election has been an eye opener not only to Nigerians,but also to most of countries in Africa whereby,leaders are elected on the basis of ethnicity just like Malawi where leaders come from the south and central regions for the last 50 years.It is sad that these two regions regard northerners as foreigners in their own land of birth.They are strangled educationally and economically.

  13. GRM says:

    Ndemanga ndi ndemanga basi kaya iwe ukuiona yopanda nzeru ife tikuikonda nzeru zako kalembe bukhu

  14. Patriot says:

    Nigeria now officially an Islamic State.

  15. mbuyun says:

    Our elections were headacheous , mpaka a judge kulira! Nanga kukanakhala boko haram a president aThu akanawina ndi one vote cose amberi

  16. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    A Bakili Buluzi, zomwezi mpaka kuvalira tayi wa DPP. UDF yathadi eti? Kunyengelera kuti mlandu utheretu. Komatu ndiukaporo umenewo.

  17. Atcheya ndi Dilu amangwetu

  18. nkunthamasese says:

    Mr VP. we say ‘point of correction’ and not “point of collection” u need to be corrected as well – sorry brother. Udziyamba wachotsa chitsotso mdiso lako usanachotse mdiso la mzako.

  19. George Lihoma. says:

    I had followed Buhari since earliest presidential try. He is the man to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria,though a Muslim;Goodluck Jonathan was afraid of Boko Haram and has failed because of the way he dealt with kid gloves that 200 girls issue. Phunziro kwa aMalawi;Chipani chotsutsa chimatha kuwina chikakondedwa.

  20. Chemtukanika says:

    Uwu ndi umboni wokwanira kuti Boko Haram ndi kagulu kolimbana ndi Chisilamu mdzina la Chisilamu.Kaguluka kankafuna kupha Buhari koma kadalephera.Ndi za chisoni kuti anthu.mabungwe ndi mayiko ena akulolera kuthandiza kaguluka komwe kakupha anthu osalakwa.Anyway Congratulations Burahi and all the Nigerians!

  21. Kennedy nali says:

    Commonwealth and un its embarrasing to see these lies just like what they did in malawi damn.

  22. george says:

    Leave achair alone guyz. What you guys gonna do with Bingu unfinished b ussiness?

  23. Pwiyapwiya says:

    Malawi blessed with educated savages.Can u read again the headline.The issue here iz about Nigeria not mulandu wa muluzi makape inu.Iwe ndi achambwiyako muzakalamba zitsiru amnzanu akunjoya.Why dont u respect A:CHAIR.ufune usafune muluzi sinior is harvesting what he planted in 2003 when he chose Bingu to lead UDF.Long live ATCHEYA long live Buhari-president elect of nigeria Long live Goodluck Jonathan for atouching and wise defeat acceptance speech!!!!!!@@

  24. Phwethulani says:

    Amyi mwaona azanu ozindikiratu.Koma inu chisakho chichitikeso.Wamandazi ndiwamandazi basi

  25. Congrats Nigerians and I hope peace will now prevail in a country where killings are the order of the day. Boko Haram should now come to reality that a Muslim is now in the fold of power. Here, Joice Banda should come from where she is to congratulate Arthur Peter Mutharika who pounced on her in the 2014 elections. Joce Banda, moni kumeneko! I understand you are now a fugitive. Patricia Kaliati sangakusiye ayi mayi wanga. Kasambara, Ken msonda and the northerners made you a mistake by celebrating the death of Bingu in 2012 at LL Golf Club. Anakulakwitsani Ahinya. Can anybody tell me where Richard Banda is? That man is too old to trottle the globe with his bloodfull JB!

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Iwe ndichitsiru chenicheni. Pita akakuthanyule mathanyula wakoyo. Galu, kanyimbi, nyani wa diphwiphwi. Shupiti zakoooo!!!!!!

  26. bow wow says:

    Let the best team win. Two things I note from this election: 1. That its possible for a ruling party to fall miserably on elections. When Joyce Banda miserably lost the elections last year many Malawians could not believe it. But they forgot that that it happened in Zambia recently. Today, it has happened again in Nigeria. Could we say DPP rigged elections coz “ruling parties do not lose in Africa”.? No. Joyce Banda, sorry you credibily lost the elections in 2014, so please stop vomitting unnecessarily where ever you are now. Stop cheating innocent whites where ever you are. you listeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?????? This should also serve as a lesson to DPP, beware 2019 you may lose if you don’t deliver. 2. Gentlemen and “gentle ladies”(if these exist) admit loses and corrections. I don’t know why Joyce Banda chose not to be like Jonathan. I was also wondering if Muhammadu Buhari (a Moslems) could concede defeat (Remember what happened 2011 when he lost. a thousand people died in violence).

  27. Kanyimbi says:

    Work of men. if it was a woman she would have said ” According to the powers vested on me as president of the republic section…..of the constitution, I declare this election null and void… will be rerun in 90 days time but I will not contest.”KKKKKKK

  28. Geoma says:

    Achalume Chairman, Ali mkati mwa zinthu, m’bale uyu sazatheka

  29. What is wrong with encubents?

  30. henz says:

    Zimenezo ndiye ndale kumavomeleza mukaluza, achair woooyeeee

  31. m'tsutsa says:

    Commenttcheya tsopano!

  32. Ralph Kachindankhuku says:

    Ine kumva kukoma ndi a Chair. Thank you Peter for restoring the honour of our former president..kukhala kuzitero.

  33. cbk says:

    nigeria has won peace.conglats.yu who talk of bakili,are yu wise than GOVT?Why are trying to drive govt into yur bullshit.whos current minister of natural resources?sukudziwanso.shame!

  34. Winnie phiri says:

    Comment: Zinthu zidzitero abale. Nanga ndi zinazi abale! Kunama mpaka kuli thawa dziko liri lawo. Bweranikoni tikuyimbeni mdzayankhepo pa cashgate.

  35. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    We all know that corruption in Malawi was masterminded by Muluzi perfected by Bingu and Joyce Banda.

  36. Jonjo says:

    Muluzi you are now fit to observe elections in other countries lo! Mupita liti ku check up ku RSA as you used to do during Bingu era kkkkkk

  37. PAYELE PAYELE says:

    now that christians have pass the throne to islam leader…wat wil happen to boko halam kings ? i wish them good luck with heavy tanks artillery weapons of mass destruction …umangoziwilatu revolutionary minded bitch ! ! !

  38. Sandalasi says:

    New Blood Indeed. Let It Be Plz.

  39. Phodogoma says:

    JB should learn how politics game is played, You don’t tell the referee to stop the game or you don’t disagree with the results when you have lost the game. Jonathan is a civilized leader of Africa. Not the she duck we had in Malawi which is moving around countries that surround Malawi like RSAShe and her PP members are holding political party meetings in South Africa, fearing Malawi.Shame on you JB.

  40. jack Phalombe says:

    Are you telling me Buhali is 72 years old no no no He looks young may be 36 years.

  41. Buhari says:

    Bakili Elesoni Boko Haram Muluzi Gama..

  42. Phodos says:

    So BM is in blue neck tie. This world is very interesting.He is DPPtised.

  43. Nkalapwaga says:

    Acheya kuiphula kumeneko?mulibho.

  44. Hardson says:

    Indetu a chair ndikumvani bwino.


      Kodi iwenso ndiwe hardson wakuti?

  45. vp says:

    its 15.4 against 13.33 point of collection

    1. ujeni says:

      point of “correction” not “collection” are you a NigeLian?

  46. blessings says:

    Sometimes lets comment according to the base.some of u commentors u deserve to go for logic studies for beta understanding

  47. ahoy says:

    Iwe Victim Lwazazi dziwa izi: milandu ya Bakili is not stealing govt money. But akuti he diverted donor money meant for UDF to hz account. Ndiye ndiku funse, UDF ndi Bakili pari kusiyana? The only corrupt thing I see is Govt for arresting Bakili over UDF money. What does govt has to do with UDF money. And who finances UDF to this day. Ntawi zambiri amalawi we bz commenting zinthu without proper knowledge

    1. Dambudzo mwasanya says:

      Iwe amati kaya Ahoyi kaya whatever don’t play around with words to look clever than everyone else.If diverting was not a case,they wouldn’t have opened a case for your six pounds thief.So just simply shut up.You are not all that smart as you take yourself to be.Malawi lost direction today because of his crookedness.The man never had any standards.Zimenezo muziwudzana ndi kapolo mzako Imraan Sadick who gets paid for peddling lies .Udf will never rule Malawi again.Time for hood winking Malawians is over.


    Hope Africa wayamba kuzindikira kuti chipani cholamula chimaluzanso

    That’s what Nigerians decided !!!!

    Congratulation Mr. Buhari for winning the tough game

    It was a tough game indeed!!



  49. Machaba says:

    Apa mpamene Joyce anayaluka nkumati mongozichita null and void apikisanenso koma ine sindiima nawo. Kupusa amayi.

  50. Hope Africa wayamba kuzindikira kuti chipani cholamula chimaluzanso

    That’s what Nigerians decided !!!!

    Congratulation Mr. Buhari for winning the tough game

    It was a tough game indeed!!


  51. MBACHI says:


  52. johntembo Kuffor says:

    Koma Kuffor yi vuto lake nchaini? Ndi Equator line or after u president? kuda kumeneku? samasamba? kkkk

  53. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Dr Muluzi looks lost on a show he should have taken centre stage. He is showing lack of self confidence.

  54. Teacher says:

    Kodi a Bakili wa vuto la ma slipped disks linatha? Kukanika kupita ku court akuti sakupeza bwino koma akati kuli zakuti zakuti ndiye kuwonekera. Mmaliro, apa ku zisankho. Malawi sazatheka ndithu. On the other hand democratic elections never seizes to amaze especially in Africa. Out of 170 million only 28 million go to cast their votes and 142 million will be ruled according to the outcome of this vote. 2 million votes deciding the ruler. What is democracy really?

  55. Afumu Phiri says:

    Osatikuno a DAUSI kumapezeka ndi ma balot box

  56. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Yes a Chair. With the death of Bingu, the marriage of UDF and DPP, making of Atupele as a minister in the cabinet and assurance of no pursuing of cases public money theft, our former president Bakili Muluzi never complains of sickness, never goes to South Africa for check-up or hospitalization. This is how corrupt, decayed and non-truthful our nation is.

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