Muluzi talks tough on crime: Malawi Police IG says ‘we shall be tough’

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Atupele Muluzi has signalled government’s action on gun crime, saying they are putting strong measures at every single level to tackle crime and providing security for people to enable them to get on with their lives.

Muluzi (right) and Inspector General of Police Leckson Kachama very sad  with the incident and he promises to capture the suspects in few days -Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Muluzi (right) and Inspector General of Police Leckson Kachama talk tough on crime-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Muluzi was speaking a news conference he held together with Inspector General of Police Lexten Kachama in awake of the armed robbery that resulted to theft of millions of Malawi kwacha, death of one policeman and injury of three people on Monday in Lilongwe.

“We are taking these crimes very seriously and perpetrators will be caught and will be put behind bars,” said Muluzi.

He revealed clear sense of purpose in the fight against crime and appealed to the general public to come forward with any information that may lead to the arrest of the criminals.

“People do have a responsibility to report crimes and to help the police and other agencies in their work to tackle crime,” he said.

Muluzi said safeguarding lives and property of Malawians and investors is one of government’s highest priorities.

The Internal Security Minister, himself once a victim of a robbery attack at his Lilongwe residence, disclosed that he has been holding talks with the IG on how to effectively deal with the increasing crime rate in the country.

Police chief Kachama assured members of the general public not to panic or live in fear, saying the police are working tirelessly, day and night and will leave no stone unturned to fight crime and barbaric acts in the country.

“Roadblocks have been mounted across the country, vehicle police patrols with uniform police are being conducted national wide with the view to providing safety and security to lives and properties, also civilian groomed police are on the ground collecting intelligence which will lead to the arrest of those involved in crime,” he said.

Kachama maintained that they will not reintroduce the shoot-to-kill strategy in fighting armed criminals but said they will“work very hard. We shall be tough. We shall fight, but using necessary force as prescribed by our laws.”

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Atupele Muluzi is a clueless minister. He reminds me of APM when he was minister. Frankly speaking this young man has disappointed me. He is all talk and nothing tangible on the ground. He was at Mining ministry and nothing was moving there. Now at home affairs things also seem to be grinding to a halt.
I think DPP should drop this guy from the cabinet as he is a liability. Please identify someone who can tick and help you to run the affairs of this nation and not this fake guy.


The recruitment of these officers leaves alot to be desired.Why do you sideline HR professionals at your ministry of Home Affairs headqurters at Capital hill instead police officers turned HR officers, doing it alone at departmental level,you just want to employ your kinsmen who are not eligible to be police officers.SHAME!!!


Deal with them, if they hv several cases don’t withdraw them from the thorny custody leave them there until biggiest punishment await for….. Or charge them 4 life imprisonment coz they hv lack of humanity.

I have a question to all of you politicians, do you not find it shameful and tiring when you talk and talk but you dont walk the talk? i hear all these things that you say you will do, but none of it ever gets to be done. I have a real and live example of crime in Malawi where we reported an armed robbery to the police, different police stations, my MCP MP Mr Lowe and even the MCP president Chakwera and none of them did anything – absolutely nothing. So Atupele, when you say we are taking action,… Read more »


Titus German

consider safety of police officers first, how can one protect the citizenary while not protect. Bullet proof gear is a must to this men and women in uniform

Chidongo j
A Tupere pephani ndalama ku China zoti amange nyumba za apolice monga amachitira Kamuzu muja kapena azamange monga achirira ndi tsediyamu ndi paliyamenti. osamango bwetuka ngati oduka mutu. Police khala ndi mphamvu ndi khalidwe paokha. Anthu akubawo amawaziwa bwino bwino ndi mwa wa a land load awo. Apolice aziphuphu ngati awa sindinaoneso. A Tupere tayendetsani dziko monga amapangira Bingu muja zoti a human right tazitayeni uko ndi zomwe zikupangitsa kuti mukulemphere kuyendetsa boma ,tetezani anthu . Perekani manumbera opwekeka ndi anthu aziyimba mwaulele ngati 999. kuti tizipanga report osati tizichita kupita ku police ayi. ndipo chifukwa chamaphunziro operewera apolicewo a… Read more »


Ine ndikanati zolankhula lankhula chonsecho a police amene akufa powomberedwa ndi akuba zithe. If you are serious and you are tough, just work. The public / citizens are the best judges. The public / citizens will enjoy peace. I believe if you keep on saying your position you simply just disclose your weakness to Mbavazi. After all these Mbava zikuwonetsa kuti zili ndi nzeru and very fast in handling our police. Kupha mu police????? Some time in September in 2006 in South Africa, a police officer was shot by thieves and he died on the same spot. It was interesting… Read more »

Simple…have a disciplined and well trained police force and everything else will fall into place. Don’t address the symptoms but the cause.

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