Muluzi urges Nigeria to execute credible elections: Ex-Malawi leader leads Commonwealth observer group

Malawi former president Bakili Muluzi who is leading a 10-member Commonwealth Observer in Nigeria elections on Wednesday met incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan at State House and said the west African country should “set a good example” in conducting a credible elections.

Muluzi leads Commonwelth obsever mission in Nigeria: Addressing a news conference in Abuja

Muluzi leads Commonwelth obsever mission in Nigeria: Addressing a news conference in Abuja

Muluzi with President of Ghana, Mahamba who is also Ecowas chair, discussing Nogeria elections

Muluzi with President of Ghana, Mahamba who is also Ecowas chair, discussing Nogeria elections

Muluzi said their mandate is to observe and assess the pre-election period, activities on polling day and the post-election period.

“In our meeting with President Jonathan, we wanted his assuarance that the elections will be transparent, credible and peaceful,” said Muluzi.

“He assured us that after signing Peace AAccord with the opposition, all is being done to ensure peaceful and credible elections.

“We emphasised that Nigeria being a key player internationally,it has to set a good example in conducting credible elections,” he added.

Muluzi said the Commonwealth group will consider all factors relating to the credibility of the electoral processes.

“We will assess whether the elections are conducted according to the standards for democratic elections to which Nigeria has committed itself, including the constitutional framework and the other international commitments.

“As we undertake this assessment and conduct our duties, we will be objective, independent and impartial.”

Muluzi also said that the group would liaise with other observer missions in the country to “understand their experiences and exchange ideas and information”.

He added that the group would issue a statement shortly after the elections and a report would be submitted thereafter to the Commonwealth Secretary-General.

Muluzi, however, said that the group would “not take the risk” in deploying members to the North-Eastern part of the country due to security concerns.

He said that the group had met with the INEC Chairman Attahiru Jega to inform the commission of the preparations it had made for covering the elections.

According to him, the group will also meet with other relevant stakeholders in the coming days.

The commonwealth observer group is made up of ten members drawn from across the commonwealth community including current and former politicians, members of parliament and members of national electoral commissions.

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It feels good when sons of Malawi are being recognised. Do the job man Tcheya

Cydrick Mgunda

Proud of you Atcheya!!


agama ndikuchitekete


All the best Tcheya. I think if our past Presidents can be used positively like this, it would be good unlike the political bickering

Imraan Sadick

Once a leader always a leader
Atcheya Woyeeeeee!

Goodluck Jonasani

Since the death of Daniel Phiri.Atcheya is very fit these days.No more back complaints these days.

Wonder 28

No more disc pain since Bingu changed the worlds.At last no more back pains.If Bingu was alive bwenzi ali ku Joni bed.What proper advice can he give to Nigerians when he was to tamper with Malawi constitution for his unpopular third term.Akumenyanikoni ndi ma boko haram kumeneko.Leave the crooked Nigerians alone.

kantengo kakawisi

Koma sometimes is better to stay idle than passing useless remarks


A Tcheya am happy your back is back to normal now. Political back pain.

Dr Bwampini
Chairmasi you have no moral grounds to talk of credible elections when you yourself you are a master of rigging. In 1994 & 2004 you did that against the will of Malawians. All nyero is happening in this country its because of you. Without you imposing Bingu aka Daniel Phiri we wouldn’t have Mutharika dynasty! You imposed Bingu on us , Bingu picked a clueless woman in the name of Joyce Banda as running mate in 2009. Then he started running a campaign for this clueless president Pitara. When Daniel Phiri dropped dead in April 2012, Pitara because he was… Read more »

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