Mungomo demoted at MBC, Company Secretary Kalaya fired over K14m cashgate

The once upon a time untouchable man at the State broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC ) Albert Mungomo is out of MBC executive management, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Mungomo: Demoted

Mungomo: Demoted

The MBC Board of Directors made the decision at its extra-ordinary meeting held on the 16th of November, 2015 in Blantyre.

According to a member of the MBC Board of Directors, who pleaded for anonymity, Mungomo was not confirmed in his position as MBC Director of Programmes after failing to satisfy the board during his six months probationary period.

‘‘Mungomo failed miserably during appraisals. Out of all the directors we appraised he was the lowest. He scored 20 percent,” said the board member.

The member also told Nyasa Times that apart from showing poor performance in his responsibilities as Director of Programs, the board also got seriously concerned that Mungomo was too political in his conduct.

‘‘ The board noted with great concern that as Director of Programmes, Mungomo was using names of politicians to intimidate fellow staff at MBC which was not in the best interest of the corporation’’, he added.

The board member said Mungomo has since been demoted to his old position of Chief Training Officer effective 1st December 2015.

In a related development, according to a veteran broadcaster at MBC, a lot of members of staff at MBC were surprised when Albert Mungomo was promoted to the position of director jumping two positions in the process.

‘‘It was a pure political appointment where he jumped from positions of Assistant Controller and Controller in the process’’.

Following the demotion of Mungomo, Nyasa Times has established that many members of staff at MBC have expressed a sigh of relief because Mungomo and his wife Gloria Banda were running MBC especially the programmes department as their own estate.

Mungomo was Director and his wife Gloria Banda was his deputy in the same department.

The two caused a lot of mayhem at the broadcaster but no one seemed to listen until the board decided to crack the whip on Mungomo.


Still at MBC, the MBC board of Directors has also fired Company Secretary Daniel Kalaya for allegedly stealing over K14 million a from the corporation’s coffers.

Kalaya was suspended in October after it was discovered that he had established a legal firm that was later used to siphon money from the corporation.

Nyasa Times has established that when the audit section at MBC picked the fraud, Kalaya quickly refunded the money but paid himself MK 3.7 Million through his legal firm without MBC management approval.

Although Kalaya reimbursed part of the funds, the MBC board resolved that he should still be fired because he had shown dishonesty.

Meanwhile reports indicate that the fiscal police is pursuing the criminal elements of Kalaya’s matter And arrests are imminent.

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47 thoughts on “Mungomo demoted at MBC, Company Secretary Kalaya fired over K14m cashgate”

  1. King says:

    Tamva mbali imodzi why osamufusa mamuna wake wa gloriya kapena amzakewo lack of proffessionalisms

  2. King says:

    Tamva mbali imodzi why osamufusa mamuna wake wa gloriya kapena amzakewo

  3. GRM says:

    This story is biased, full or malice and vendeta against Mungomo. This story’s heading could have been about Kalaya ie “Company secretary cashgates MBC” because that is worse than demotion due to underperformance

  4. mapwiya mulupale says:

    Ayaah zayamba kudyera, Kamwachale Jackson dziwa kuti watsala an inch ndi mkazako Monica. Kalaya ma deal amenewa samapanha ekha. U r next, after all nawe Benson Tembo anakukokera kukudumphitsa MBC 5 to 3 mosadziwika. U were conniving with Kalaya ku kumapanga promote azinzako like Pitala Chetama komanso Monica Likoswe from MBC 6 to 4, kupondeleza anzako number one lero nkhanga zakuona……

  5. KenyanMalawi says:

    State counsel iwe takangoyankha mlandu wakupha

  6. State Counsel says:

    The fact that the Company Secretary Daniel Kalaya, stole over K14 million from the corporation’s coffers by using his legal firm is a professional misconduct under the Legal Practitioners Act of Malawi. Whether or not the Malawi Law Society will take action is yet to be seen.

  7. Chibanja tv says:

    I write to disagree the way Mr Mungomos issue has been taken, it sounds more personal and jelous is envolved in here. Firstly one is promoted based one work performance from the past appraisals. Secondly one can not be promoted and at the same time be on probation as a new appointee, promotion comes after serving the probation period on satisfactory performance. With this ine ndadabwa!

  8. Analyzer says:

    It’s the first time I am hearing a husband and a wife heading the same department in a public institution. Something is indeed wrong in Malawi. This Albert Mungomo affair is ridiculous

  9. The Most Concerned says:

    So the the Board member is busy revealing the pass rate of Mungomo’s appraisal? Ki Malawi kumeneko!

  10. Che Katundu says:

    A mungomo mumaonjeza ,chosangalatsa ndi choti makwelero omwe munakwelera ,mwatsikila omweo,meaning,u rise with DPP politics,and with the same politics ,u ve come to the end,koma plz behave mumatikwana,like Malopa

  11. joe mkandawire says:

    KKKKK mBc at its best

  12. Wadyera says:

    Nsanje a Malawi, if he has been demoted, it is on political grounds as well. This is coming from the opposition camp. You know Mungomo is a good campaigner on the media industry so you know when he starts campaigning for the DPP enanu simumwa madzi! But If God says yes, nobody can say No. One day you will be measured by the same yard stick

  13. peace says:

    Eversince sumbuleta came to mbc….there has been tension after tension. Rumour mongering. His leadership skills is pathetic. He enjoys destroyibg lives of others. Lako lachi 40 likudza.

  14. zeze says:

    The practice of using bogus and genuine legal firms to siphon money is not unusual. It’s common practice. For instance, go to Airtel, that’s what they do to make money zomwe amatumbwa nazo pa tauni.

  15. Nkhawa zanga says:

    Tell us more. Kalaya fired?

  16. bigman says:

    Demoted. Is that procedurally possible.

  17. yakondwa says:

    Nde paja Sumbuleta walemba ntchito Greyson Chapita without any interview. Hahaha where is ACB. I smell rats here.

  18. Trouble maker says:

    Linda madzi apite nde uziti ndadala Aubrey. What about you. Do you come with clean hands.

  19. Kayaman says:

    That information is confidential and can only be gotten from the board. So board cant release it. Simple maths should tell you that this is Sumbuleta himself. Shame

  20. Dobadoba says:

    I know Someone is in the UK he once worked for MBC.He will at some point rejoin MBC on managerial position.Ndangodusamo.Ife zatipeza kale nkhani pa Lilongwe.

  21. mlezi nga Kim Kardashian says:

    Eee koma anthu mulibe pabwino. Mungomo momwe amachitila ma advert a DPP ndi zimawu zokokomeza mungamuchite chipongwe chotere? Akati DHIPHIPHI BHOMA, ProF Peter Mutharika BHOMA, Dr Ben Phiri BHoma.. all for nothing???

  22. Galu Mtabeni says:

    No matter how high a bird flies, one day, just one day, it will come back to its nest. Shame on you and your wife.

  23. Ojambula says:

    I think this should be the beginning of the so called sweep up at MBC because you cannot only call Albert Mungomo’s appointment as being political and u end there. What about the DG’s (Sumbuleta’s) appointment? What do u call it after being appointed by the Head of State? What about the appointment of the Board Chair and his Board members? Are they any different? Much as I was not happy with Mungomo and Gloria’s lack of leadership skills at MBC, there is still more that needs to ne done to clean up the mess. Mungomo here is just a sacricial lamb so to speak. MBC should be freed from the political pondage in which it is under Aubrey Sumbuleta, there then I will sit proudly and say yes there’s reforms program going on, otherwise it will be zero out of ten. Ambuye Che Nzozodo, if you don’t know where your downfall has come from then I will freely tell you, ndi Gloria. You made a big mistake ambwiye, like Samson who was brought down by Delira, today you have followed suit. Anyway, if we are to go by an old addage: ‘No matter how high the bird might fly, one day it will perch, today it has landed pa minga, do u biliv them that you scored poorly? Mpaka 20 pa 100? This world of ours? Kapena don’t u think the results were manipulated inorder for them to justify the means? Gloria ndi Sumbuleta ndi amene atsala. Che Mungomo, ukudziwa koma kuti anthu amenewa ali pa chibwenzi? Planes mkazi amalandidwanso. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  24. chindaxi says:

    Wife and husband same office same department….the organization can not be productive…This should be discouraged… Board of Directors check the board conditions of service….

    If they didn’t not offer good bed service at home will go up to the office.

    When two marry of the same organization one should leave…

  25. Titus scot says:

    Zosiirana izi, kadauluka kadzatera!!!

  26. drogba says:

    Typical of a Malawian. Being happy when a friend falls. Is this reporting or back biting Mungomo?? What if he has been demoted? Do you pay for his bills?? Nsanje bwanji kodi

  27. Gwamba says:

    MBC ndiye kuchimake kwa katangale kuikitsa nyimbo ndalama ndipo ma dj ndimapresenter kukonda NDALAMA bwanji

  28. MLOMWE says:

    MBC uhule nanga bwana ndi mkazi wache konko?

  29. munthu wamba says:

    Some people, especially in parastatal organizations, have very short memory. They forget very quickly that power obtained through political connections has very short shelf life. Politicians have a bad habit of using individuals for their political expediency – they dump you the moment you have lasted your relevance to them. Too bad!

  30. Green Grass says:

    It’s a well known fact that most of the senior managers at MBC including the Chief Executive are not in their positions on merit but rather boot and ass licking. So for this Mungomo guy to fail his probation it means he very daft.

  31. Mathanyux wayaluka says:

    Alomwe, a sorry tribe….nonsense!!

  32. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Chouluka chimazatera kkkkk

  33. ben phiri says:

    wavetsa man

  34. Osauka onjoya says:

    Hahahahahaha ife timadabwa2

  35. Chigawaneni says:

    That is the Malawi we want.

  36. Kanthiti says:

    This world. What is it with Mungomo? Revealing his appraisal passing rate.Who evaluated him. The same people who have demoted him. The smell of a rat is prevailing over my nosal.

  37. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Ana apitala that is wat dpp is tearching malawians.

  38. Ineyo says:

    He surely deserves it!

  39. BMW says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Tikukuseka mungomo wooooooo. Hahahahahaha. Akupanga demote woooooo. Chita manyazi woooooooo. Hahahahahahahaha

  40. BMW says:


  41. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    Ndiwa DPP ameneyo

  42. chatonda says:

    He has reaped what he sow. He wrote anonymous letters alleging that Sumbuleta was having sex with most of the women as MBC. Again Mungomo has no education and it is doubtful if he has an MSCE to his belt. He was like the owner of MBC and that everyone was kneeling down to Mungomo and Gloria Banda as Ndata Estate.. Do no harm to others in life because it back fires at a later date. It has happened and let this be a lesson to all of us in high positions in offices. He was threatening people using the name of Ben Phiri. What a shame?

  43. Time will tell says:

    We reap what we sow. I hope there is truth in all this otherwise if these people are just victims of someone’s hate then that is cause for worry. God rewards good and if any of you is innocent your reward is coming as big as Job of the Bible.

  44. Hikivomne says:

    fine and gud. a gud person is supposed to b over 95% gud and less 5% bad but mungomo was de opposite.

  45. 5555 says:

    Only FIRED???? He must go to prison for 10 years SUPITI

  46. Phinifolo says:

    Ife timadabwa kuti chachitika nchani? MBC yasokonekera zedi.

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