Murder suspect hands himself to Police

Police in Nkhotakota are keeping in custody Peter Mambiya who surrendered himself to the police after he killed Gibson Mwale in fight at Chigumukire in Nkhotakota in a scene that has left many arms akimbo looking at the events pertaining to the death of Mwale.

Nkhunga Police Public Relations Officer Austin Kaunda has confirmed of the arrest of the 41 year old Mambiya and death of 58 year old Mwale, saying Mambiya will appear before court soon to answer a case of murder which is contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

But mystery surrounds the motive behind the conduct of Mambiya’s former wife in her continued visiting of the suspect who upon chasing her on October 13 reported to her father who together with her brother went to the man armed with a panga knife to revenge.

“Mambiya was once a son in-law to Mwale before his marriage ended up in April 2015, and the woman remarried to another man in July 2015. However the woman kept on going to the suspect’s house for unknown reasons.

“On October 13 2015 she went to the garden of the suspect and started digging cassava without the consent of her former husband, an act which did not go well with suspect who forcibly chased her away. The woman reported the matter to her father (the deceased who while armed with a panga knife, left together with his son Andrew, and followed the suspect to his garden where he was watering his tomatoes.

“The two started accusing Mambiya of assaulting their relation, and in no time the fight arose. The deceased wanted to use his panga knife but was forced down by the suspect who wanted to disarm him, but in the process he fatally cut the deceased on the left rear neck with the very panga knife,” Kaunda told Malawi News Agency (Mana).

Later Andrew got hold of the panga knife and wanted to snatch it away from the hands of the accused but got hurt in the process, and it was a passerby identified as a Mr. Saka who successfully stopped the fight, and the suspect surrendered himself to the police.

A post mortem examination conducted at Kasitu Health Centre showed that Mwale, who was a forest patrol man at Dwambazi forest reserve and hailed from Chimunda Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kafuzira in the same district, died due to severe loss of blood.

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27 thoughts on “Murder suspect hands himself to Police”

  1. Nabanda says:

    Kodi munthu akufuna kundigwiririra, ine kutenga mwala kumuswa diso andimanga? Ngati zili choncho basi munthu akafuna kundigwiririra ndizingoperekera kuwopa kuti ndikabenza andimanga

  2. John says:

    Murder for the sake of defence is an accident.

  3. choncho says:

    no wonder he has handed himself over to the police. He is a very intelligent man. He knows he will b free very soon. He acted in self defense. But i cant understand the motive of that woman. She got married to another man. Why trouble ur former husband? Nyele basi….. I have no kind words for u woman. Waphesa bambo ako

  4. uppe zalira says:

    There is nothing to hide here,the Man is innocent how can the whole father and son leave their place with matchetes in their hands confronting a Man in his territory.If i was a judge unfortunately am not ,i would have judged him innocent and let him free using any space deemed fit to him as exit point………

  5. malawi says:

    he was defending himself as one of the police officers who killed his own sons in cold blood did in Nyambadwe

  6. Chingolopiyo says:

    This is self defence, the charge should be manslaughter and not murder

  7. Foreigner says:

    Release Mambiya unconditionally, he acted in self defence.

  8. KoKolikoko says:

    Achita kukamuputa nunthuyo pliz judges we are xpecting fair judgement!!!!!!

  9. Zoona? says:

    If the story is true,he is not guilty bcoz firstly,he was trying to protect his crops.secondly he was trying to defend himself from the people whom their intention was to kill him.Why carrying a Panga instead of just discussing the matter?AMBUYE KATHILILENI MBEWU ZINGAUME KULI DZUWA

  10. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Mwatani anthu a kwathu ku Kasitu. Vinthu vananghika apa

  11. Prodigalson says:

    Anthuwa anachuluka ndiye Mambiya anayenela kuziteteza chonde atuluke.Komanso anakamuyamba okha.

  12. Wayithayima bangalala says:

    Sad but mpongoziyo ngosalakwa kodi amadziteteza.

  13. Zeze Dzakanembo says:

    Vuto la Kaka a Nkhotakota akabema chingambwee cha mbeu zothetheka chija mitu yawo imazunguzika kwabasi.The Mpongozi seems to have been on high.Amangoti ndinkapeza nditchetcha khosi not knowing he was going to be overpowered.Lekani kusuta chamba.Chamba ndi choipa.

  14. Judge Judy says:

    The guy was just defending himself.Why did the Father in – law come to sort out the marital issues with a Panga knife in his hands?You put out fire with fire.Release the guy please.

  15. munthu says:


  16. Noah says:

    Sanalakwe,, he could have been killed so he did this to protect himself.. A mwale kulowela nkhani za m’banja ngati adakwatiliwa ndi iwowo bwanji??,,, and we r talking about hunger ndiye wina ndikumakafukulaso mbewu,, simisala imeneyi.. Free the man,, adamuyamba wokha. I think imfa idawatuma.. Stuped Family,, Free mambiya,,,

  17. MaKopa says:

    Going to police station, most police men are thieves!! Send a thief to catch a thief.

  18. MaKopa says:

    Becareful killers everywhere always got something to prove. Jah will destroy the wicked

  19. Ntchona says:

    Mutulutseni,chonde changu! tomato ayamba kuonongeka.

  20. Dido says:

    Nde poti a Malawi munthu akamwalira amasintha ndi kukhala mfumu, muona judge akumumanga munthu wosalakwayu.

  21. GRM says:

    EEEE Koma tsoka lake? Lokusata kumunda?

  22. Hamlet says:

    If I was a judge then surely I would acquit this accused person, or maybe give him a two year sentence for manslaughter, but definitely not convict him of murder. If all the facts given in the story are true, then the accused was only defending himself. After all, the panga knife was that of the deceased himself. May justice, true justice, prevail.

  23. Today's Quote says:

    “While seeking revenge, dig two graves – one for yourself.” – Doug Horton

  24. aha says:

    Chamba too much a kota kota. Ndozophelana izi.

  25. ambusye says:

    Lupanga lake lomwe. RIP

  26. Zoonazake says:

    Ife ma jury imeneyo sitimamumanga coz wapha munthu podziteteza anakamuputa dala. Mtulutseni azikathilira tomato wake

  27. Analyst says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. This was an act of self defense after a provocation and an imminent threat to his life. No intent to kill so this is manslaughter and not murder

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