Muslim body warns MEC against confusing Malawians: Mbendera censured

A local grouping, the Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF) which champions justice among voiceless citizens is warning the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) against bringing confusion in the country.

The warning follows remarks by the chairperson for MEC, Justice Maxon Mbendera, that he received a report that Malawi Defence Force was ordered to storm the national tally centre in Blantyre in order to force the recount of the ballot.

Chimwala: Justice Mbendera's remarks are malicious and unfortunate

Chimwala: Justice Mbendera’s remarks are malicious and unfortunate

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times, ICJF wonders why MEC Chairperson is making such sentiments four months after elections.

Secretary General for the organization, Hassan Chimwala, says it is an insult to Malawians for the MEC to make such revelations as electorates are still nursing the wounds of the just ended tripartite elections.

“May be if we had known the agenda of the chairperson (Justice Mbendera) by raising these revelations now. What does he want to achieve? What does he want Malawians to do when they get this information,” reads part of the statement.

Chimwala has suggested that the development would have carried more weight if MEC came up with the revelations immediately it got the information.

“In fact Justice Mbendera was supposed to come up with this information long time ago, if not immediately he got it,” Chimwala said.

He also questioned the motive behind such remarks as Malawians expected to cast their in the by elections.

“We as ICJF are in doubtful if the October 7 by elections will be free and fair when the entrusted body to run the activities is behaving in this way.

“ICJF is advising MEC, as we agree with Malawians that the past elections were marred with numerous irregularities, that it’s time to put aside all these and make sure that this coming by-election should be free n fair,” concluded the statement.

Justice Mbendera also said that he was summoned by the then state president Joyce Banda on suspicion that he was going to vote for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and donated K100 000 cash to the party.

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58 thoughts on “Muslim body warns MEC against confusing Malawians: Mbendera censured”

  1. Quota system says:

    Mbendera has double standards. Looks dull too. School doesnt always mean wisdom. Even his doctor son was very pompous when he was working at Mzimba hospital.

  2. osiah Shora says:

    Not all glitters are gold. Even if Tumbuka are monolithic but look what they do in class they are feared like a lion
    Mbendera wiping at time of announcing results shows that he is not feet be at that position, he must resign

  3. Zoshola says:

    Bola Anastazia Msosa. Mbendera ndi mbava, chitsiru wa DPP. Tiona, Mulungu si munthu.

  4. nkhedu says:

    mwati bwna apm anagona ku resthouse yopanda toilet komanso yotchipisitsa?

  5. ingwazi says:

    polengeza mavoti, misozi mbwembwebwe ,god bless my land. god is in control ,mbamba ndithu time will tell, long live amtumbuka

  6. umenewo ndiye ubububu kapena kuti ubulutu inu ambendera.
    check dis out.

  7. Nobel says:

    What happened on May 20 was a mockery to good Malawians. The name ‘Mbendera’ deserve not to be frequently mentioned lest the wounds will take time before healed. I thought Justice Mbendera could be vindicated by the strange fire that gutted down Mec warehouse in Lilongwe amid vote recount. As this is not enough he’s at it again talking mess. Could he say the same sentiments had JB or Chakwera won the elections? Its very hard to understand this judge. I thought Mbendera was different from Justice Kalaile but shame, they’re the same. I wise person (what more a learned judge) shut their mouth once they reliaze had uttered nonsense, what is it with this man? Tell me where this dunderhead hails from?

  8. alie snakie says:

    Im in support of the muslim body the highly learned judge wouldnt have commented this time as the country is about to conduct by-elections in some constituency of the 20may marred elections what is his goal?

  9. Mwalinyu says:

    ATumbuka mwayambanso kutukwana. Chifukwa chiyani mukutukwana Mbendera munthu wosalakwa. Atumbuka mukadasangalala akadapambana amanu mwendanjira wosatila presidenti kulikonse. Tsiku lina azasatila president akupita kukabiba ku USA.Mtumbukas you are minority in Malawi and any president supporting you directly will never make it in elections. Agalu inu Atumbuka. Dont write nonsense abouti Mbendera. He has pu us the LOMWES on the map of Malawi in particular and even globally. This is a ladder that the Tumbukas will never ride even if Malawi will vote at night. You will die national critisers since 1950 and for ever. Leave Mbendex in peace.

    1. Aferazao says:

      Mbendera is a big fool and deserves all the dirty language people can use on him. If he thinks he is a champion he should realize that he has made a very big fool of himself.

  10. kanyangare says:

    wachamba maxson mbendera udzipemphera katatu patsiku

  11. Monty says:

    a mbendela mwayamba kuugeya mwano, mukufuna mulire kachikena, 2019 no room for u at MEC.

  12. Muslim body warns??? Kuwelenga nkhaniyi sindinaonepo ‘warning ina iliyonse’

  13. CHIYAMBA says:


  14. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    Mr Chimwala were you in Malawi during the tripite elections?It sound your a coward! Do you know Justice Mbendera properly?Mabungwe okhazikitsira kuti muzibera azunguwa tikuyalusani ndithu! Galu ngati iwe unganyoze justice Mbendera?Akutumawo akupwetekesa!xiiiiiii! Zauchitsiru

    1. Akuliainga says:

      Galu ndi iwe! iwe sukuona kuti ukunyoza chifukwa walankhulayo ndi nsilamu or kwa iwe ukuona ngati mbendera ndioyenera ulemu chifukwa ndi justice. koma ukudziwa kuti kuli zitsiru zophunzira pa Malawi pano china mwa icho ndi mbendera?

    2. chiradzulo s says:

      Auzwe wena funda isingisi, hamba isikoleni ufunde, ngiyakubona ufana ni imbongoro aivanse

  15. Mchosa Chisilamu says:

    Mbendera is better than Asilamu….shatapu!!!! mxi

  16. west says:

    pali nkhani yowanyozera ayao apa,chisilamu si chiyao

  17. MUNGANYA says:

    somebody who doesn’t know some one’s job makes a lot of noise. access chimwala you will discover that he doesn’t even know what he is talking about. kungoti ntchito zikusowa kuyambitsa ka bungwe kopezera ntchere ndi nzeru ndithu

  18. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    Mbendela had accepted they were indeed blolted figures in some centers only that he believes these could change what about punishing the perpertraters.should they go scout free and we expect them not to repeat the same? Could mec anounce the centers that are said to have messed figures, so we too can apreciate the depth of rigging?and who was havimg the bloated figures. How do we know they are some centers which were not discovered but were used in coming up with the results.i beliave atleast the gaps could bare different percentages.

    1. peter says:

      I agree with you on the points you have raised. Many of our major policy makers make decisions based on limited information. It would have been in the interest of MEC to assess the extent to which doctoring/messed figures would have actually affected the final results through vote recounting or any other independent mechanism which should have been installed before the elections (or maybe that was the parallel tally centre they accredited some organisations to do).

  19. nditamanva za bwana mbendera sindimakhala ndi mtendere coz ndimakumbukira zopusa adazichita pa may 20, mukadakhala anzeru mukadapanga zakuti amalawi akhalenso ndi hope mwa inu kupanda apo zonse mungapange ndizopusa

  20. Tili Chenene says:

    I don’t thin k the learned and a devoted Christian Mbendera can make such “silly” remarks

  21. Victor Phiri says:

    It is advisable Mbendera should be relieved of his job. He is not fit to head MEC nor work as Judge. He is mentally unstable.

  22. Alungwana says:

    One thing that Mbendela should avoid is to push the blame onto our discplined soldiers. Umaudziwa mkango ukamamva njala?

  23. Lomwepachakutipanu says:

    Mbendera pamsana pako usatinyanse wamva. Anasatanzia Msosa was best to handle elections not you. Pachakuti pako galu iwe ungobwebwetuka zopanda pake shupiti zako. If I have my way I can manhandle u!!

  24. muonosile says:

    A Muslim, whatever you call yourselves tell your Odillo that Malawi Army is for security against external forces not internal which is for Police. Why should the Army interfere with internal activities such as election tally centre affairs? Are they underrating our police? Tell them never to get involved in inside affairs, it is not their duty.

  25. wtl says:

    achimwala nzeru zakucheperani muja zidayakira akadanena mau amenewa mukuona kuti zosatira zikanakhala zabwino? nkuona munthu uja ankalira kaya! anali pachiphinjo chachikulu and zomwe adachitazo adapulumutsa anthu ambiri. akadanena kudali mavuto ambiri. pano its just formality sakuyenera ku blamedwa ai. ozindikira sangayankhule apa koma popeza anthu akulowetsa ndale paliponse ena kuteteza ntchito zao momwemo.

  26. kaphaizo says:

    Bullshit mbendera

  27. Mbudye says:

    The whole world heard how one Joyce Banda tried to annul the election yet she DID NOT have powers to do so! Was that an offence against the supreme constitution of the land? YES! Clearly that was a way to USURP power and clearly TREASONOUS! A Joyce Banda mulandu wa clear clear uwu! TREASON mayi! Let alone trying to send the army to disturb the electoral process! Kaya amati sazayima nawo koma based on which constitution was she doing this! Chilungamo chisamaone nkhope! Treason basi! Bravo Mbendera!

  28. Jobiba says:

    the solulution is federalism, I think

  29. V1 says:

    So shall it be.koma a nyasatimes timakudalilani ndiye chonde tatipezeleni nkhani ya Ali kaka chinemba kuti chilungamo chiziwike,zimandiwawa ngakhale kadzuwa sanali m’bale wanga.


    Yea angaliba sopano , muzikangodikula kunsondo basi , mbenderatu sakunama kungoti wachedwesa kunenako,

  31. Calif says:

    How could Mbendera produce this statement with the emotions of abiti Mchira? My fellow Malawian dont forget the way Abiti treated benson Tembo under the same elections result. If my upstairs is saving me accordingly , I Benson’s contract was terminated. How many have gone to Benson to enquire why he was dismessed? That was the time that Mbendera couldn’t have dared to reveal that top secret. Malawians remember that even Obama himself do terminate contract under such situation. Surely if Mbendera dare to release such top secret he could have been finished by now. Who doesnt need job? Who doesnt need life?

    Mbendera has let the cat out of its bag today because the owner of the cat cant do anything.

    So MUSLIM need to understand what is happening before coming up with their Jihadal letter. Otherwise they are just exposing their interest in boko haram issues. They like doing many boko harams.

  32. mbendela says:

    Justice Mbendera is one of the Likasa cheaters…

  33. Nyemba says:

    Azilamu kaduleni zokodzera uko. Musatinyase anthu a umve inu!

  34. MKWAPU says:


  35. yuona says:

    Chachikulu nchakuti a Mbendera akuopa kusesedwa. But that not the way to go inu amene timakuembekezerani kuti muzitiendetsera zinthu mwachilungamo. God go punish you one day!

  36. Mchawa weniweni says:

    u idiots so called lomwes opanda mano alitata inu panyopanu mwamva ndi chi judge chanu chokugwa nkuminacho.Kodinso kwanuku kulibe anyamata ophunzira? Timangoona nkhalamba zokhazokha zolephera kulankhula pagulu zitsiru!!!! mxiiiii

  37. Tawadi says:

    Mbendera was in the forefront to make Mutherika president twice. First when Malemu mbava Bingu 92 Billion Wakuba Mutharika died & last Elections when he shed tears of joy. Those that support him practice Satanism as they support the devil. Why support rigged elections. We know Peter used teachers in the south who were issuing 4 papers to one voter. Thus why DPP Burnt the MEC warehouse in Blantyre

  38. Twai says:

    These are national issues not personal, Malawi siwanchewa , mulomwe , ntumbuka muyao or what so ever tribe koma ndiwatonse. When commenting national issues please don’t mention tribe. Ngati zinalakwika kungovomeleza osati kupanga phokoso losaziwika bwino

  39. maseko says:

    I wonder Why is State President Peter Mutharika if he is a real state president why is he not terminating the contract of Justice Mbendera as Chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission…

    His Contract needs to be terminated he is an embarrassment to Malawi Society…

    I blame the Malawi Parliament for not booting him out through a vote of no confidence in him at the recently adjourned Parliament Sitting!

  40. Zoona mbendera ananena

  41. Mtumbuka says:

    It is unfortunate that such words came from a learned Mr Justice. Mbendera my dear brother, don’t forget that tempers are still very hot as a result of your just ended Elections you headed. Three quarters of the population did not support your headship. You have stired the Federalism talks because of the foggy election results. So just Zip up your ‘Mouth’!!.

  42. wa Mpata says:

    mbendela mbendela mbendela! Somebody answer me, is it not possible to send such a man to chainama hospital,or zomba mental hospital or StJohn of God mental hospital, not to be examined but straight for treatment.

    1. FKS says:

      You mean to be treated as an out patient or remanded patient?

  43. bbk fame says:

    Kodi iwe watsungula liti kuti udzipanga makani amenewa? why taking issues in your own hand?

  44. aeiou says:

    koma ngakhale mbendera akunenedwa, zinali zoona ndithu. kungoti wanena nthawi yolakwika koma it was a true story.

    1. OBABA says:

      Soldiers are good at taking orders, why did they fail this one if he is saying the truth? The fact can be, because he was acting unprofessionally he was hearing those words from mzimu wa choonadi. Who was trying to stop him, but he was determined to do the opposite. May GOD forgive him.

  45. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    People! Leave Justice Mbendera alone: he did his job commendably. And let’s move on to the next election cycle. Chances are the same DPP will win again, with or without the learned judge at the helm of Mec.

  46. Okay says:

    Anzathu a Boko Haram, Mbendera analakwa chiyani poulula chiwembu cha abiti Ntila. Why abiti Ntila wanted to usurp the whole process by declaring the elections null and void unconstitutionally?

  47. Ticoon says:

    Malawi Army Is A National Defence Army Its Duty Is To Protect Malawians And Constitution All These Years. It Has Never Favoured A Political Party But Its Respect To MEC Decision Doesnt Make It Under Law Of This Country Rather A Trustworth Institution That Governs By Respecting The Laws Of Malawi Thats Why It Followed Orders To Power JB And APM Despite Vote Riggin In Order To Mantaine Peace Of This Country. Therefore It Is Wrong To Accuse And Point Fingers At MDF on such fools remarks its like kunyoza ndi kutukwana kholo lomwe limakudyetsa ndi kusunga

    1. Nyapapi says:

      Ngati imakudyetsa iweyo army yakoyo khala phee!

      This stupid army is not my mother and it relies on my hard earned money to function.

      Bakha Iwe eti!

  48. Nyapapi says:

    Achawa inu shatapu! Pitani mukalowe mkalasi mukaphunzire kulemba ndi kuwerenga!

    1. FKS says:

      Musamangoti achawa mfanayu wakamba za nzeru

  49. That man called Mbendera is just protecting his job. He knows where his bread is buttered most now. He also knows APM has come with a very serious purging of unwanted seeds from the civil service. So he has to behave a “Muzungu anikonde panchito” syndrome or else he will get the boot ooh!

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