Muslim body warns MEC against confusing Malawians: Mbendera censured

A local grouping, the Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF) which champions justice among voiceless citizens is warning the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) against bringing confusion in the country.

The warning follows remarks by the chairperson for MEC, Justice Maxon Mbendera, that he received a report that Malawi Defence Force was ordered to storm the national tally centre in Blantyre in order to force the recount of the ballot.

Chimwala: Justice Mbendera's remarks are malicious and unfortunate

Chimwala: Justice Mbendera’s remarks are malicious and unfortunate

In a statement made available to Nyasa Times, ICJF wonders why MEC Chairperson is making such sentiments four months after elections.

Secretary General for the organization, Hassan Chimwala, says it is an insult to Malawians for the MEC to make such revelations as electorates are still nursing the wounds of the just ended tripartite elections.

“May be if we had known the agenda of the chairperson (Justice Mbendera) by raising these revelations now. What does he want to achieve? What does he want Malawians to do when they get this information,” reads part of the statement.

Chimwala has suggested that the development would have carried more weight if MEC came up with the revelations immediately it got the information.

“In fact Justice Mbendera was supposed to come up with this information long time ago, if not immediately he got it,” Chimwala said.

He also questioned the motive behind such remarks as Malawians expected to cast their in the by elections.

“We as ICJF are in doubtful if the October 7 by elections will be free and fair when the entrusted body to run the activities is behaving in this way.

“ICJF is advising MEC, as we agree with Malawians that the past elections were marred with numerous irregularities, that it’s time to put aside all these and make sure that this coming by-election should be free n fair,” concluded the statement.

Justice Mbendera also said that he was summoned by the then state president Joyce Banda on suspicion that he was going to vote for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and donated K100 000 cash to the party.

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Mbendera has double standards. Looks dull too. School doesnt always mean wisdom. Even his doctor son was very pompous when he was working at Mzimba hospital.

osiah Shora

Not all glitters are gold. Even if Tumbuka are monolithic but look what they do in class they are feared like a lion
Mbendera wiping at time of announcing results shows that he is not feet be at that position, he must resign


Bola Anastazia Msosa. Mbendera ndi mbava, chitsiru wa DPP. Tiona, Mulungu si munthu.


mwati bwna apm anagona ku resthouse yopanda toilet komanso yotchipisitsa?


polengeza mavoti, misozi mbwembwebwe ,god bless my land. god is in control ,mbamba ndithu time will tell, long live amtumbuka


umenewo ndiye ubububu kapena kuti ubulutu inu ambendera.
check dis out.

What happened on May 20 was a mockery to good Malawians. The name ‘Mbendera’ deserve not to be frequently mentioned lest the wounds will take time before healed. I thought Justice Mbendera could be vindicated by the strange fire that gutted down Mec warehouse in Lilongwe amid vote recount. As this is not enough he’s at it again talking mess. Could he say the same sentiments had JB or Chakwera won the elections? Its very hard to understand this judge. I thought Mbendera was different from Justice Kalaile but shame, they’re the same. I wise person (what more a learned… Read more »
alie snakie

Im in support of the muslim body the highly learned judge wouldnt have commented this time as the country is about to conduct by-elections in some constituency of the 20may marred elections what is his goal?


ATumbuka mwayambanso kutukwana. Chifukwa chiyani mukutukwana Mbendera munthu wosalakwa. Atumbuka mukadasangalala akadapambana amanu mwendanjira wosatila presidenti kulikonse. Tsiku lina azasatila president akupita kukabiba ku USA.Mtumbukas you are minority in Malawi and any president supporting you directly will never make it in elections. Agalu inu Atumbuka. Dont write nonsense abouti Mbendera. He has pu us the LOMWES on the map of Malawi in particular and even globally. This is a ladder that the Tumbukas will never ride even if Malawi will vote at night. You will die national critisers since 1950 and for ever. Leave Mbendex in peace.


Mbendera is a big fool and deserves all the dirty language people can use on him. If he thinks he is a champion he should realize that he has made a very big fool of himself.


wachamba maxson mbendera udzipemphera katatu patsiku

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