Mutharika aborts Botswana trip: Chaponda says ‘bankrupt’ Malawi sends 4 ministers for SADC summit

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has cancelled his trip to the 35th Summit of Heads of State and Government scheduled from 17th to 18th August in Gaborone, Botswana citing among other things Malawi’s turbulent economic malaise and “other pressing issues”.

Chaponda:Mutharika cancelled his trip due to financial difficulties Malawi is facing

Chaponda:Mutharika cancelled his trip due to financial difficulties Malawi is facing.-Photo by Simeon Boyce

Instead Mutharika, will be represented by a four men ministerial delegation headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr George Chaponda, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Dr Allan Chiyembekeza, Minister of Industry and Trade Joseph Mwanamvekha and Mnister of Transport and Public works Francis Kasaila.

“Malawi is going through difficult times exacerbated by the cashgate scandal which led to loss of budgetary support. If it was a company, we would say we inherited a bankruptcy company. So, the President has seen it prudent not to come for the SADC summit,” Chaponda said.

Speaking to reporters including a Nyasa Times news analyst Collins Mtika at the Gaborone International Convention Centre on Thursday; Chaponda said President Mutharika personally wrote the SADC current Chair Robert Mugabe and the incoming Chairperson Botswana President Seretse Khama Ian Khama notifying them of his predicament.

“I would like to assure all Malawians that we will do everything in our capacity to make sure Malawi get maximum benefits from the summit that all citizens can enjoy,” Chaponda said.

The minister reiterated that it is the wish of President Mutharika that Malawi becomes a self-sufficient country through the active participation in the regional integration blocks like SADC.

According to Chaponda, of direct benefit to Malawi, the summit discuss: the SADC Parliamentary Forum, Chileka Airport and Kamuzu International Airport rehabilitation, the Green Belt Initiative and the Malawi- Mozambique Electricity Interconnector project, human capacity development and the acceleration of industrialization and value addition of raw materials.

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80 thoughts on “Mutharika aborts Botswana trip: Chaponda says ‘bankrupt’ Malawi sends 4 ministers for SADC summit”

  1. lesta says:

    #79,I repeat, chilima mu dpp mulibe chake,I don’t give a damn about your hypocrisy,no matter what,chilima will never be allowed to succeed mutharika in a normal way,except death,and I don’t need to over emphasize on the reason,its chilima’s originality,this is the painful truth hypocritical southern regionalists like you don’t wanna hear,because its shameful,but thus your secret policy,and its one of big reason Malawi is this poor.

  2. johntembo Kuffor says:

    To # 75 (Lesta) you are an idiot indeed! Chilima is in the UK. He cant be in two countries at the same time. You are too nepotic indeed. Stupid zako ndi amalume akowo!!!!!!!!

  3. Kodi ntchito ya vice president ndi chiani m dziko muno? Ngati a president atanganidwa bwanji samatuma chilima? Ma president aku, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, powalumbiritsa, atatha xeno ku joni kunali au summit, ku adisababa, Ethiopia komwe kunapita Barack Obama, lero ku Botswana. Konseko akumapita ndi chaponda. Tsiku lina adzaikumbuka ntchito yake chilima. Adawathandiza kubera mavoti lero akumutaya pang’ono pang’ono. Pofika chaka cha mawa adzakhala adathana naye.

  4. lesta says:

    Chilima uja mwaona zomwe ayamba kumpanga? Chilima mu dpp mulibe chake,chilima you sold ntcheu people for a dime,the only time chilima is featured on TV is when he is playing “golf”,and the MBC journalists feature him,hahaha,and then you hear,The state president is pleased that the Vice president is engaging in sporting activities so well,kkkk,this marks the end of chilima,sourtheners can’t allow the presidency to go to central or northen region,never,don’t pretend as though you don’t know malawians

  5. hkamzati says:

    Abale chilima alikuti mmesa chilima ndi bwana was chaponda kapena poti simulomwe eti eish boma lovenchali

  6. mbwia says:

    Don’t forget that cash gate started with the same man who is in power today

  7. bex says:


  8. nyamata wa kwa Mayaka says:

    Abale anga where z Mr vice president?

  9. jimbo says:

    What can Mugabe contribute to SADC? He has ruled Zimbabwe for 35years and look at how prosperous that country is – not! He has brought his own country to ruin; it doesn’t even have a currency of its own. Once the bread basket of Africa it is now a basket case. Why are other African nations in awe of a failure like Mugabe? He should be ridiculed, not admired. As for APM not attending the gathering of SADC, perhaps he is afraid of a coup in his absence. As the President of the poorest country in the world, he could only go with a begging bowl, He has nothing to offer anyone.

  10. Denguzman says:

    Amalawi let us not entertain these crocodiles coz all what they are thinking iz tonsefe ndife oputsa. Sending four delegation, is it sving? Dzuka Malawi dzuka.

  11. brave nyanyaluwa says:


  12. chimwemwe says:

    Fire Goodall he is the main cause of devaluation of kwacha in malawi

  13. MABVUTO says:

    Dr Chilima was the sole person who would have been delegated to represent His Exercellency not Chaponda and his fellows.Where is Chilima ?

  14. Fumbani says:

    Wise move Mr President!

    I think all ministers should emulate this move. Send your departmental heads or directors to some of the international conferences as they would only accrue less allowances.

    I am astounded however with Malawian’s comment. He/she compares the financial statuses JB and APM found. I would like to remind my fellow Malawian that JB found the worse one, but was heavily supported financially by our donors. Most of them had opened their doors to JB’s demands. But our APM’s government faces stiff and sensitive donor sympathy. Therefore, we are in it together why the government tries to make ends meet. Our responsibility as Malawians is not to mock our government while suffering, we need to rise up against party politics and remain patriotic when we get an opportunity to discuss or mediate with the possible donors. That way we can dream of prosperity once again.

    This does not mean, we should not point out the ills or dark spots we see in our leaders and government itself. But we ought to be constructive otherwise, we may distance those possible donors.

  15. Normaly when the president dont go to attend meetingsit is VP who represent the nation. Its is very funne that VP does not go instead its 4 ministers. Look at the names of ministers, its old royalities of DDP. We shoul not forget that Chilima is not a DDP but he became by chosen to help APM to win the elections. Without Chilima to day APM could have gone back to USA. Therenis also fear in DDP that Chilima is getting more attention than the old gurus. Mutharikas ar users. Bingu used JB to win in 2009 elecrions. Without JB Bingu could not hav won. Women voted for their fellow woman. APM used Chilima. These two brothers learn this tactic from abroad and ignorant Malawians had no idea who they are dealing with. Whites knows all these. When u Malawians voted for APM u forgot that you will be punished. Despite Muntharikas high education compared to JB they are not popular to the western world where Malawi get bread. Malawians should see the realty. If Chilima takes over you ill see the change, but that will not happen. The only way is Malawi economy fails more down and APM STEP ASIDE. But he will not. He does not care if people are suffering.

  16. mwene says:

    Four (4) ministers + PSs + Personal assistants to ministers and PSs, What difference does it make????? my foot!!!!! Who is fooling Who???

  17. G Phiri,Dont agree with you. Muzungu works arsel of himself to get what he has while black steals to get rich. This is the difference. U insult Muzungus and yet when ubeg them. Have you ever seen muzungu begging blacks? Please apreciate what you get from honest and king people without mentioning their colour. We blacks are lazy people who always want to be helped or get something feom relatives.

  18. vwapuwvapu says:

    Mwina ndi choncho. Haziwa ife.

  19. vwapuwvapu says:

    Mwina ndi choncho.

  20. Kavuluvulu says:

    George Chaponda nduna ya sankho mapeto.He hates Tumbukas.

  21. Trevor Manyi says:


  22. mapapaya says:

    paja MBTC ndi bungwe lopanga ndalama.

  23. food for thought says:

    Why do we continue to praise things that were not in the control of this lady (JB) in the first place. What happened to Bingu in his second term is a result of geo politics and a loss of grip on malawi by the powers that be (the west). Please don’t “wax philosophical” about things which she did not achieve. In 2011 we had no fuel or forex and then suddenly when she came into power we had the fuel, and this was within weeks, if the economy was truly in shambles, weeks would not have sufficed to fix our woes at the time.

    If we as malawians have half a mind and are actually aware of what is going on in the world we see that there is a second cold war going on between the west and the east backed by Russia and China specifically. At the time, albeit in poor form, Bingu rubbed these characters from the west the wrong way with his increasing move towards the east as development partners and an unprecedented defiance to our traditional donors and what they wee bringing to the table(who have not actually brought about tangible change in our country as development partners since time in memorial).

    They wished to get rid of him and used the machinery at their disposal (CSOs and companies like TOTAL to hoard fuel) to push their agenda. Once the old man was out and they had found a darling who would be their puppet in “mai Abiti”, it went back to business as usual. Forex was back and fuel flowed like manna from the heavens, a deliberate move by our “azungu lords”. So please miss me with that nonsense about JB and her “dressed up success story”.

  24. mbuzi says:

    Number 50. dont blame Collins Mtika for the omission. How do you know he did not ask that question? where you there at the briefing? why cant you ask the question yourself if you think you are a journalist or a better one for that matter. Dont waste your time on trivial. be serious and stop the hate. stupid number 50.

  25. Jelbin mk says:

    Chaponda is lying that they inherited a bankrupt company if it were, the truth is that they inherited a healthy economy compared to what JB inherited. Another commentator too is a liar he says JB inherited an economy with donor support, to the contrary donor freeze came in after Bingu deported a British envoy and Bingu introduced a zero deficit budget otherwise Malawians never knew that there was the term zero deficit budget. Until Bingu’s death there was no donor aid. JB took drastic steps to win donor confidence which included restoring the then dwindled diplomatic relations with the former colonial master (Britain), She devalued the kwacha and even restored our flag until things normalized. And what did Peter do after being put on presidency by Kenyata and mbendera? He firstly got married as his priority, went to honey moon after that he went to USA with not less than 14 delegates excluding security personals among the delegates were other people who had gone there for shopping the likes of Ben Phiri’s girlfriend and Ben his close friends and relatives. They went there three weeks in advance. Now my question is, if they inherited empty coffers how did they manage to do such obscenely expensive events? And when did they realise that the coffers were empty now or then? If then, how could they afford all these sprees in out side the country? They must be very stupid to deceive us.

  26. Ambele says:

    Chaponda says they inherited a bankrupt governement is not him in the first regime
    which has 577 Billion cashgate yet their freinds in PP with 13 Billion cashgate they
    made the economy grow and even improved Tobacco sales. DPP ikapitilira pofika 2019 ku Malawi kuzakhala kopanda kanthu ngakhale mchere uzasowa

  27. Palikanthu says:

    4 Ministers and their excess baggage will drain the coffers enough.

    I think they just want to finance their Mulakho cerebrations knowing they have milked NAC dry and are now amid milking Blood Transfusion Center. Chinyengo heavy ku MBTC go check it out they are siphoning money for the Lhomwes

  28. Mphalabumgu says:

    “if it was a company we would have siad we inherited a bankrupt company”
    When did you inherit it? Stop blaming others just do your job. Last week APM was in Zambia opening a fair so how was that different?

  29. Sis zee says:

    Mr collins Mtika you call yourself the best reporter yet u dnt ask why the president dnt delegate his vp? Shame on you koma ntchito nsanje ndikupanga criticise anzako as if youre good, live your life

  30. proudmalawian says:

    Ahlomwe atatu ndi Nsena mmodzi kukaimira Mhlomwe wa mkulu.

  31. KAMTEDZA says:


  32. James Phiri says:

    Delegation of 4 Ministers (and their handlers not mentioned) will still cost us an arm and a leg. Unfortunately our Minister of Foreign Affairs is not a versatile person. Other countries would send just MoFA and a team of experts to cover the summit. Poverty in the pocket, poverty in the head, poverty everywhere amapwevu!

  33. Smoko boy says:

    Why not send your vice president? I smell a rat and let me take cover…

  34. RoyK says:

    All these high taxes minus stealing from revenue leave malawi in bankruptcy forever

  35. John Paul says:

    By the way cashgate started with Bingu, ndisazamvenso za manyi zoti you inherited a bankrupt government. DPP you have failed after all munabera chisankho cholinga muzizaba m’boma. Stupid gvt with stupid leader, fuck off.

  36. Vivian Malinga says:

    1. You should consider sending your Vice Mr. President to represent you in such regional mèetings 2. You should cut down on the number of people on the delegation. 3. You should learn to prioritise meetings. 4. If you dont go to SADC then lets not hear that that you have gone to a western country. If you do, dont start telling us you have well wishers ngati adona anachoka aja.

  37. Joe Dumakuve says:

    When did he realise this when he blew some k300 million for some stupid celebrations on 6th July,deceiving the povos that things are working in Malawi?The man is a total hypocrite.

  38. Matako says:

    Muthalika must be the biggest hypocrite our country has ever seen. He continues to shade crocodile tears by blaming JB. What he does not realize is that his advisers are ill advising and misleading this old man. Please get with it stop blaming JB for your incompetences. You are a the captain of this sinking ship. Corruption and lies has become the mantle of your administration. Tinyenawo mentality is the only reason you bought your way to power. You are clueless and visionless. Allow those that have ideas to resustate our economy take over and do so.

  39. clement says:

    Cashgate, cashgate. Chaponda, Malawians know the origins of cashgate. JB, apart from that she was a victim and benefactor, she exposed the DPP and the Mutharika family as the architects of cashgate. DPP has no moral grounds to accuse JB and PP of cashgate. 15 months hv passed and u cannot show a single achievement. JB, within 3 wks had forex, fuel, diplomatic relations, confidence in economy. You hv become Squealer who always blamed Snowball for misfortunes in Animal Farm. Malawians can no longer be cheated

  40. Foreigner says:

    koma anakati ku phwando ndemkadapita? In just a year you have emptied the coffers. Kumachita kusowa ndi transport yomwe ya pa botswanapa. Kuno chaka chino tiwona zinthu?

  41. Cardiac Doctor says:

    He is not in control, so he better stay.

  42. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Chaponda shud never ever use cashgate as a scapegoat. mind you chaponda, u guys were the first during bingu era to swin in cashgate money and now u want to look smart. u r not scents since the nation oe may be the whole world knows that u r the first class gangsters of cashgate.

  43. Davido says:

    Chaponda nayeso nde he’s a waste of brain matter. What nonsense is that?

  44. Mzati says:

    Chaponda and Mwanamveka are traveling too much. Zinazi muzisiilako ena.

  45. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    What is the cost of sending 4 retarded ministers to Botswana? He much are we saving?

  46. kadamanja says:

    Malawians are not enjoying this SADDC thing, dont even dare to say Malawians will benefit from this meeting, Why do only Malawians show money at Beitbridge boarder post? While other countries dont do that. Is Malawi a parasite to SADDC Nations? You better sort this mess with South Africa. A Malawi kumawabvula zobvala ngati si anthu zoona? Ena kumalandidwa ndalama, f….k!

  47. Prison Warden says:

    nkhope ngati mukuphwisa

  48. Lindu says:

    This team. Is it not ashamed kutengana pachibale pawo koma ati akakambirana zokomera a Malawi. Lo. Ooodi Uko

  49. mtumbuka1 says:

    Stupid government with it’s president. It makes the same difference you not going and sending some four assholes who will take a back seat at the summit who will only be snoring and farting. If I were you mutharika, I was gonna use the Malawian ambassador resident in Botswana to represent me if the whole idea is to cut cost or you can still be part of the summit through skype ( that’s if push comes to shove as we are made to believe) After all sadc is just some toothless dog of an organization that is hell-bent on protecting the interests of African dictators and their illegitimate governments. No wonder the whole world does not give a f.. about it. How on earth one chooses a 100 years dictator in Mugabe to be leader of a well meaning democratic organisation for christ’s sake???

  50. G.Phiri says:

    Amalawi, kodi tidzayamikirako chani. Akanati akupita mukanakhala mukutukwananso munvekere akufuna kutha ndalama. Pano sanapite walakwitsanso. Kodi mukufuna APM azitani kuti mumuyamikire. Yes JB inherited problems but aid was there. Azungu anuwa are hypocrites and evil. They would like to support someone without sound mind like JB but when they see an upright person who has his head between his shoulders and can make independent decision mzungu uses stupid people within the country to make noise like what we are hearing nowadays. This is detrimental to the development of our nation. Envy will lead us nowhere.

  51. zeni_zeni says:

    Wrong spelling of (saint) by Dr Bright Msaka of Cyprus University. He has written “scent” instead of “saint”

  52. Patriot says:

    Zoona zake ndi zoti FOREX IJA YATHA. Wanyambita zonse, ndipo mafuta agalimoto ayamba kusowa ndi chifukwa chake akuti ma reserve satsegulira pano koma mu novembala.
    Watiyika pa moto kawalalayu

  53. Steve says:

    Otsanamizira kuti ndalama zabvuta pamene inu munakumbatira kale ma Billions aja munakabisa ku overseas Bingu atamwalira.Prophet Liabunya’s prophecy or slowly being fulfilled.For those who doesn’t know,Liabunya did say Malawi Government Will become Bankrupt and Civil Servants Will not be paid their salaries for months;Government offices will be closed due to not funds running them;people will do many demonstrations thru out the country and at the end Peter will Resign own his own.Opposition party will take over ,thus MCP under Dr Chakwera ,but he will face difficulties in his two terms rule.Believe Prophet Liabunya or Not,but all the events are manifesting exactly the way he said it.Very soon will be ungovernable bcoz of Government bankruptcy and economic hardships,no service delivery and many others.My fellow Mallawians,Please Open your Eyes and see all the events that is happening right now in Malawi.Don’t say if we could have known,bcoz it will be too late.

  54. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Where hv u stashed 577 billion u stole from Malawian?Just hoodwinking sleepy docile Malawian.

  55. Mo says:

    All cashgate pipo invested in Malawi why is this guvamenti failling to control the economy today adollar is equall to 600kwacha what is that brothers na sistaz?where is malawi heading to?cholingaa ife tokaika comment muyambepo mwano yet you kno the problem,MALAWIANS ARE SUFFERRRRIIIING CHANGEEEE YOUR STRATEGYYYYY MABWANAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! musandIkweze BP

  56. Zamadula says:

    APM does not think twice about ‘cancelling’ African trips; but when it comes to the USA it is another matter. He can make 3 trips to the USA in as many months without batting an eyelid – bankrupt company or not.

    And this cashgate and bankrupt song is getting very tired. APM still roams the country in an obscene convoy of more than 20 vehicles, while his VP has no less than 7 big SUVs accompanying him just to go to lunch! And then there are all these DPP/state parties – they are so big and so frequent that State House has budgeted to build 2 banqueting halls, one at Kamuzu and the other at Sanjika Palace. A ‘bankrupt company’ can not be spending this freely…

  57. Edwin Maso Kayuni says:

    No this Bikilon Mapwevupwevu shld not blind us. Ku Zambia struggled to proove tht he is a prof now awa ndi manyazi basi! Alephere pa Botswana koma ku USA ndalama zizipezeka! Bikilon chabeee iwe

  58. Phwado says:

    One minister is enough.Mpakana 4?I don’t see any difference…

  59. Nkhombokombo says:

    Where is our VP please? We thought that instead of the President the VP takes charge. One VP would have represented the Presido better than the four foul mouthed ministers. We are tired of the cashgate shield.

  60. AkubA ndinu nomwe ndiye mukufuna akumvereni Chisoni ndi ndani munyera muona agalu inu eni fired azungu ananeneratu pomwe munangobera mavoti muja kuti mukhaula. Olo muzimunamizira JB I’ve Ali m’manja mwa azungu omwewo kudya ma dollars mukuwafuna inuwo agalu kuba basi. Muyaluka term yake ndi imeneyi fools.

  61. Gameover says:

    Za bodza mukufuna kupusitsa ndani mwadziwa liti kuti dziko lilibe ndalama nanga ma pwevu pwevu aja mumapanga week end ili yonse mbava za chabechabe inu komanso dziko munaliwononga nokha taneninkumene kunapita K570 Billion osatinamiza ngati ana

  62. Ciliata says:

    Kkkkk it just show that these guys are liars, for how long are u going to cheat us u?

  63. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Do you still harbor ambitions to stand for presidency in 2019, Sir?
    By 2019, even internal trips will be reduced and parliament will be meeting once in year for a week.

    What will be your manifesto and promises,my president?

    The Scriptures say in the last days,the rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer,and even the faithful will be deceived and fall by the wayside.

  64. Matchado says:

    Three mulakho ministers and one stupid Nsena .

  65. captain says:

    When did the president realise that we are in economic problems? Before travelling to the US or now? Hehehe pitala bwanji bodza

  66. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    What a confused leadership. The sad part is that they believe in the lies they tell us.

  67. It doesn’t make any different you shud hv gone, what r goin` to do nw? Nothin`, kuliza nkonono.

  68. kambuwi says:

    Madvuto tili nao mmalawi.

  69. Kachamba says:

    Kawalala wapsa alibe ndalama chitsilu chamunthu

  70. Willie Chimseu says:

    Is Dr chaponda semi- VP ? Despite being in f/affairs every trip its Chaponda & Mwananveka attending or going & in other instances Kaliati the mkando lady. Mmmm zimenezi muzione bwina inu a APM.

  71. Dr Bright Msaka-Cypress University says:

    Three Lhomwes and one sena going to SADC. You are representing alhomwe azanu wo not people of malawi mac hende anu.

  72. Laston Majola says:

    Malawi wa lero, nanga 2017 tizatani kumalawi kuno.

  73. The real ujeni says:

    It is the same ministers travelling outside accumulating unnecessary allowances, this time Kaliati is not among them, but when Peter Muthatika travels accompany by beautify madam, Kaliati tags along. What a country, so so unprofessional, dull, myopic and clueless lot we are.

  74. u want steal more u beta go than stay

  75. Dr Bright Msaka-Cypress University says:

    F……k first class. I thought DPP is the mastet minder of cashgate. Dont pretend as if you are angels (scents) pamene muli ma gangsters first class. Stop citing cashgate each and everytime you have financial challenges. Yet week siyitha mukupanga mapwevu pwevu

  76. Malawian says:

    For how long is this government going to blame cash gate for the mess we are in? May I remind you to say that Joice Banda inherited a worse situation than you did, no forex, no fuel, high inflation rate, etc but instead of crying or blaming the DPP, she straight a way engaged the relevant stakeholders to solve the problems and no wonder in less than a year the situation was different! I’m not convinced to be hearing of malata subsidy, community colleges and civil service reform as issues that can make a difference, please we deserve better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. kenman says:


  77. Zagwa says:

    Good move! That means it’s not necessary for you to attend in the first place. Also reduce the number of ministers representing you to one. Onyamula zikwamanso asamapite. Kuti gulu linapita kale sabata yatha. We don’t have the resources Bwana

  78. The real ujeni says:

    Coward, he fails to go to important meetings to mingle with fellow African leaders, but is quick to go to USA with the whole village of advisors and Kaliati in tore just to receive a stupid wildlife award.

    Mind you Mapwevupwevu has eaten all I government coffers, this president is clueless and a complete failure.

    1. white man says:

      I wish to comment on the composition of ministers sent to represent muthalika at the summit meeting in Botwana.Why are all the ministers from the south?This is naked nepotism at its worst.Am sure ministers from the north and south are feeling sidelined.Nepotism will never take Malawi anywhere.

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