Mutharika accused of ‘politicising’ Malawi Independence Day: JB invitation never sent

President Peter Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has come under criticism from political commentators and parties for politicising the 51 st Malawi independence celebrations thereby diluting the need for uniting the nation.

Mutharika and Zambian President Edgar Lungu at Kamuzu Stadium

Mutharika and Zambian President Edgar Lungu at Kamuzu Stadium

Mutharika and DPP angered citizens when the event was dominated by partisan DPP colours and flags for failure to involve the opposition parties.

Political researcher and analyst, Humprey Mvula accused President Mutharika for the politicisation of Independence Day as his party claimed it more of a DPP rally than a national event which should be commemorated by every Malawi.

“It is wrong. If in the past any ruling party did it, we cannot correct a wrong with another wrong,” Mvula said on Capital FM Daybreak Malawi programme.

Mvula said that he was deeply concerned with the way in which DPP abused the national event and used it for political aggrandizement.

And the former ruling People’s Party (PP) said government did not invite them and former president Joyce Banda to the celebrations, saying DPP displayed undemocratic tendencies.

Ken Msonda, spokesman of PP said the party were ready to attend the event if they were invited.

“PP is dismayed and disappointment with the ruling party’s undemocratic tendencies for not inviting us to this year’s 51 years celebration prayers and events at Kamuzu Stadium,” said Msonda.

“We were ready to attend had it been we got invited; the party had planned to delegate Vice President Uladi Mussa MP, Secretary General Ibrahim Matola and Publicity Secretary Ken Msonda to represent it,” reads a media statement from PP made available to Nyasa Times.

Msonda further described President Mutharika as clueless and that he does not respect democratic principles of governance.

“DPP will never change; the leadership is clueless on how to govern in a democratic set-up; it does not respect democratic values and principles,” said Msonda

DPP spokesman and Minister of Transport, Francis Kasaila said there was nothing wrong for the party to display its memorabilia and flags because they were “elected ruling party.”

“When people go to vote, they elect a party to be in government and DPP are the governing party. Nothing wrong with that,” said Kusaila.

Meanwhile, the invitation which Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa claimed was sent to former president Banda was never sent but rather it was a publicity stunt.

Banda’s Personal Aide, Andekuche Chanthunya said they did not receive the invitation.

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51 thoughts on “Mutharika accused of ‘politicising’ Malawi Independence Day: JB invitation never sent”

  1. wakwampheni! says:

    Malawi used to be wabwino koma pano ndie wafikapo!

  2. Chewelesine says:

    Dpp kutamba masana …well patronized kuti..didn’t you cheat people that the Football game would be held in the morning?

  3. Namisako. says:

    Malawi full of confused so called politicians.51 yrs gone but still quirrelling.You confused politicians both opposition and ruling you have wasted enough of my time,fuck off with your salivating mouths on govt money.You have all failed us as a nation.It’s just a country cursed with corrupt minds.

  4. wakwaTabu says:

    kodi chikucitika ndikucitika ndi cani,tizingokhala ma shasha in using da british language wit no sense of direction,ma scandal ndiye mbwelekete bt it seems we gat no beta solutions,bles my cotton sox.

  5. Kaziwiziwi says:

    To Namukhumwa:

    Please Note That No Kingdom Lasts Forever!
    Remember That King Nebuchadnezzer Was Stripped Of His Earthly Glory And Lived In And Ate Grass!

  6. Jamax says:

    This event was so colorful and well patronized it was just one of the best…. Amene wakwiya .. ayi ameneyo ndi MFITI basi pakuti mfiti siimafuna kuona kapena kuyamikira zabwino.

  7. Aferazao says:

    If a president is a mbuzi everyone becomes a she or he mbuzi.

  8. maganga says:

    It is very shamefully!

  9. Namukhumwa says:

    Lets correct some things here:

    1. DPP sent Masangwi to deliver an invitation letter to Ken Msonda but he couldn’t deliver it because the PP thug was in a police jail for hacking a truck driver with a panga knife, Rwanda style!

    2. We wanted to send an invitation to Abiti Mchila, but whats her address? Mutiyankhe mwachilungamo pamenepa!

    3. Humphrey Mvula is not a a political researcher and analyst! He is a former UDF thug who joined PP kuti akadye nawo za cashgate.

    4. Why is Andekuche crying to receive an invitation for Joyce Banda, is he abiti Mchila?

    5. We didn’t send any stupid invitation to anybody who was against the celebrations, we diverted their share of costs to hospitals in their home!

    So next time you open your ugly mouths to say stupid things you better check yoself! Osamangoti kwekweee! Kwekwee! Ngati tiankhwezule tating’ono ting’ono

  10. Myao says:


  11. Ndatero ine says:

    Zamanyazi ndithu agule achilomwe kkkkkkkk akuti kuvina chokhala kaya nde chani kaya….ena akuti luso loyendesa galimoto abale where is the malawi we used to see .
    Ndikupakila basi

  12. political scientist says:

    We shouldn’t judge it by the way it came into power. We should judge it’s policies. Let’s avoid fallacies

  13. commenter says:

    Why must they always politicise everything, yet it is for Malawi as a whole. I don’t think Peter will go very far with his presidency, too selfish for my part. This is supposed to be a celebration for the whole of Malawi not just looking at it from one angle!!! I have never seen such a boring event in my life!! We have to have standards please!!!! No wonder the Zambians laugh at us..

  14. lyie says:

    Lets just wait and see the punishment of God,most of Malawians are crying for their beloved country “dziko lapita kwa a galu” Allah,God,Chiotha misi,Chisumphi,tipaseni sogolo labwino chosani nyasi zonse ngsti mmene munapangila kwa BINGU Ambuye anthuwa ulamuliro anachita kuba akantheni ndi nkwiyo wanu,azimiseni kuti tikathe kukhala mwantendere, mumphavu zanu,chifundo chanu,kuthekera kwanu ndi pempha, a meen

  15. matutu says:

    What can one expect from a party that is inclined to nationalize tribal values. It is unsurprising to further a political party principles for a national, all parties& all tribes etc, event. Yes it is wrong, whoever said that is right is brainless.

  16. Muyande says:

    When the Flames were playing against the Cranes,all Malawians were behind the Flames!There was no fan in Bullets colours,so too to B4 Wanderes!I was expecting to see the whole stadium with our beautiful Rising sun Flag,but,alas,whole independence day wasted with blue and 4cobs!When are we going to be educated Malawians?Reallyits a shame,big shame!

  17. First offender says:

    Angozo kachasu wakupwetekani mukhalengati a nzeru? Mmudzi mwanu muli ndi u dindo wanji?

  18. Mercy Kunchule says:

    Hon kasaila,please be a gentleman respond to issues of national concern in a matured though manner. Why not borrow a leaf from pp spokesperson ken musonda. We know what he says is all lies just to defend his party and amai jb but the way he puts his arguements one is convinced he is saying the truth. Chonde bwana, big up timakudalilani ife a dpp koma kuyankha motumbwa, mwamwano, mwachipongwe mukutichitisa manyazi. Kodi inu a dpp osamuba musondayo bwanji akuthandizeni PR ya chipani?

  19. Chisanzo Ngozo says:

    Thumbs up Ken Msonda, pp spokesperson. You are my man in pp at the moment. Koma amai amaona ndi kumve momwe ukuwatetezela ndi chipani chawo cha cashgatichI??? How I wish Ken wa our spokesperson in DPP, he knows how do defend on useless matters in a very convincing and diplomatic way, whether he is saying the truth or just defending amai and pp.

  20. Think Tank says:

    what do you espect for a party which won in bizzare way? The president won by a mere 30%. They cant believe Malawians just gave power away without ado. This is why DPP is always in merry-making mode.

  21. First offender says:

    Even in other countries,the ruling party always wears party regalia kasaira is right

  22. John says:

    Occasions like 6 July would be the better moment to unite the Malawians and not divide the people. if all the parties had said that all their members should put on national colors (which is not even easy to find nation colors in the shops and if you find them they are too expensive to buy), this would promote some sense of umodzi although it looks so simple as a symbol of unity but its every powerful. In some countries like Ghana, on national events like this, you see almost all the people in national colors (when Ghana is playing for instance, you see the whole stadium with their national color, a thing which we dont find in Malawi). I think we need to do something. In order to buy just a Malawian T-shirt in Blantyre or in Lilongwe one needs to sweat, moving around in order to find the shop where they sell malawian items…Nooo.

  23. Analyst says:

    In other countries you really see the meaning of this day. Almost everyone draped in national colors. Apartments and flats flying national colors throughout the city. Maybe you saw in the news just 2 days before in the US how people celebrated their national days. Sizathu zachipanizi ndi pa independence day pomwe. mxiii

  24. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Koma ndiye tanyozeka.

    But what surprises me is that on the same function the president calls for unity and inclusive developmental government.

    Yet his minister says its a one party that was voted and has to do alone.
    One step forward, then two steps backwards.

  25. wamwaka says:

    No.7 You are correct Munamuwona wobvina mbwiza atavala ka vest kong’ambika ndiponso kosachapa? Very sad indeed.

  26. Maximum Prison says:

    You in opposition you are stupid! At first you said you can not participate in the celebration because the masses are suffering! Now DPP led government went a head with the usual ceremony which every sitting President has done before and you say DPP politicized the event? I though you in opposition said you won’t be participating in any thing DPP government has organized! To hell. DPP for ever!

  27. Jelbin mk says:

    Don’t even know why God allowed these so called people to rule our country again they never learn they think no better than dogs.

  28. amina says:

    So you tell me that coz DPP is the one in power so other people should not patronise national events? You are a hard nut surely. What a wrong choice of spokesperson. You are a thorn in the eye. A minister answering that way! eishhhh my foot down. Next you will say everyone in the govt should be DPP.

  29. The Real ujeni says:

    Characters’ like Katsaila and Nankhumwa will end like makatani in the next election cycle. DPP as a party will be flushed in the toilet come 2019. 80% MCP,/PP combo less than 20% DPP/UDF combo. This is the second suffering under DPP, no way a third chance.

  30. ndadabwa says:

    inu musataye nhtawi ndikulimbana ndi Peter, chitsiru chachabechabe. simunauve Bishop Msusa ananena kuti mtsogoleri wosamva malangiza amagwa. Peter wapepera ndi Beni Phiri

  31. The Real ujeni says:

    Zambian president spoke like a President while Peter Mutharika was blabbing away like a nursery school kid learning how to read. Chisoni kwa Malawi amangwetu iihh!!!

  32. MAN KENYA says:

    Malawians, recieve many greetings from Kenya. Let us try to attend national events whether invited or not. Dedication is key. Patriotism should lead us, our political affilliations notwithstanding.

  33. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    Mr Kusaila work towards building the Malawi nation and learn to differentiate party issues or functions and national functions. This was not a party function. Just resign. Your are an embarrassment to the nation. DPP is in power through the courts and thefty. The Malawi nation did not vote DPP. Remember the only president sworn in at night and swiftly was him. Shame on you and the entire morons of DPP.

  34. Chimani. Game says:

    Blust this idiot

  35. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is the reason why development should start from the peoples minds,if you have a closer look to these political leaders mostly they are just picked from villages to District to regional to National then government positions.So because they suffered a lot during campaign so the president hove nothing to oppose their ideas in event like this.So no wonder Kusaila he does not see the different between National and Party events.This has even resulted some of them turned to be advisors to the President.He will realize when he resign from his position as a president and review his times.See my name.

  36. Angozo says:

    There is no one wise in the dpp. All are fools. A fool is someone who deos not make a difference between right and wrong and does not accept critism. We will not be surprised if we will have all the roads in Malawi smooth surfaced (like cement in the house)and not tarmarked since they do not know that vehicles move well on rough surface tarmark road. People become wiser if they accept critisms and not the “I know it alls”. Nzeru zayekha anaviika nsima mmadzi.

  37. The Truth says:

    Kulimbana amalimbana ndi JB daily tikudabwa nazo.
    Kapena anamufunsira mayiyu, mayiyu nkumukana?
    Daily amangolota za JB.
    Osamalota za Getu bwanji.
    JB is not ruling this country.

  38. mahopu says:

    Pple let’s kill this kunsaira guy for his stupid reasoning. How can he insualinsualt Malawians like. Is this country owned by Dpp? The guy is so uncivilized & luck balanced thinking. The worse thinking minister we have ever had. Bolanso akweni than this guy & Nankhumwa. Enough is enough they lived enough. If we still keep them they can spoil our country.

  39. geo stream says:

    Show me a government that never politicised 6 July. Otherwise I have problems with the article. I expected to read something like: just like his predecessors Joyce Banda, Bingu, and Muluzi, the celebrations were heavily political. I call this a balanced view. Otherwise you have no moral ground to condemn APM

  40. Mapiri says:

    Kusaila is the worst party political spokesperson I have ever heard. Independence Day is NOT a political party day, it is for the whole nation. So no party colours.

  41. Chikopa says:

    Ife ndimasapota a dpp koma ngati munaika ma flag achipani munalakwisa musazabwezenso mistake imeneyo

  42. In the know says:

    I partially listened to the radio when it was time for dances but and I agree that one could easily mistake the event as a mulhakho festival.

  43. agnes wanzeru says:

    Hon Kasaira muziyankhula bwino chonde.

  44. GADABWALI says:

    Abakha a opposition inu mumafuna mudzipembezedwa ngati ndinu anthuanthu? Simunkadziwa kuti kukhala celebration? Mukanangopita nkukakhala ku open stand mukananyenyeka? Msonda iwe pano majekete ako atha kung’ambika, umafuna udzikati yaviyavi mu sanza zomwezo? Agalu inu!

  45. Mwama Du says:

    Dpp is very economical with the truth.

  46. IT WAS A PRE MULAKHO WA LHOMWE EVENT ISEE –all dances from Blantyre to Mulanje okha okha how and why? INE ND MLOMWE BUT AM NOT HAPPY WITH THE WAY THE NATION EVENT WAS CONDUCTED ……TIYENDE PAMOZ NDI MTIMA UMOZ ….ths what we want not zimenez…….IN AFRICA THE GOVT IS FOR SOME PEOPLE TO SOME PEOPLE BY SOME GROUP OF PEOPLE …..lets not abuse our power let those who are in opposition feel that are Malawians nde please we don’t want tchopa yekha yekha very was no Beni there? let us be patriotic

  47. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Tapika pa mphinjika 4 ways malawi we dont know where we are going eishsh

  48. captain says:

    Kasaila is too rude and a dictator ,he doesn’t know hw to answer is it may overexcitement or wat? He didn’t expect to be a minister in his lifetime or wat? even in parliament he is too rude and angry when responding questions. Sorry Malawi for u

  49. Zexe says:

    DPP learns it hard; in the way Katsaila justified their action of politicising the Independence Function clearly tells how myopic the party is in the modern world. DPP will remain soooo cacooned as a party. APM watch out, don’t let ‘them’ destroy the party again.

  50. hisbolla says:


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