Mutharika addresses British MPs: ‘Malawi youth to support foreign investment’

Malawi’s investment opportunities should always be hinged on the demographic dividend of a youthful population which is a catalyst of steady production and expansion of the economy’s export base, says President Prof Peter Mutharika.

British legislators welcome APM upon arrival at the House of Lords

British legislators welcome APM upon arrival at the House of Lords

President Mutharika at Westminster

President Mutharika at Westminster

APM being taken tour of the House of Lords.

APM being taken tour of the House of Lords.

Mutharika addressing legislators as Baroness da Chalker listens attentively

Mutharika addressing legislators as Baroness da Chalker listens attentively

Mutharika with Oliver Colvie MP

Mutharika with Oliver Colvie MP

Mutharika visited British Parliament at Westminster  in London on Monday where he has an audience with the Speaker  John Bercow and addressed the  all party group which has interest with Malawi and Zambia.

In his address, President Mutharika  -who is on an official visit to UK – touched on the many opportunities that Malawi has for potential investors. As a thread from that he assured the investors of the readily-available human resource base.

“Malawi like most developing countries, has a vast untapped pool of youthful population of people below the age of 18. In Malawi, they constitute around 60% of the total population,” he pointed out.

As a deliberate government policy on skills development -in view of the impending massive investment- President Mutharika informed the parliamentarians how his community colleges initiative has taken ground and promises to achieve desired results both in the short and long run. Malawi government intends to construct 193 community colleges by 2019 to reach out to all the country’s administrative constituencies.

The Malawi leader pointed to agriculture, energy, eco-tourism, infrastructure development among others as sectors that are open and ready for investment. Despite giving the hopeful economic forecast in relation to investment, President Mutharika was quick to point out how the curtailing of budgetary aid by the UK government has affected operations and service delivery at Capital Hill.

He told the parliamentarians how the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led government has employed austerity measures, reformed the public management systems and expedited Cashgate cases as a way of reorganizing government and restore donor confidence.

President Mutharika also reiterated his government’s commitment to women and girl empowerment.

At this juncture he told the gathering of efforts by First Lady Getrude Mutharika hrough her Beautify Malawi (BEAM) Trust in empowering girls who are in school.

The chairman of the all party group of Zambia and Malawi Oliver Colvile MP said he was impressed with the Malawi President’s vision.

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27 thoughts on “Mutharika addresses British MPs: ‘Malawi youth to support foreign investment’”

  1. safusa says:

    A Malawi mwaona azunguwo aima bwinobwino koma inu manja kutsogolo ati ulemu zautsilu basi

  2. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Kodi mwati ali kuno? Tikuwonela pa nyasatimes pompha. Nothing on Tvs, newspapers, let alone free metro, koma abale.

  3. Bwande says:

    The youth will support your foreign investment by providing firewood and lighting your homes using moto amayatsa amfiti usiku uja. There is no electricity in Malawi for your information

  4. ben says:

    First Fire Chuka kwacha now trading at 650 to a dollar from 450 4 months ago, what type of governor do we have i dont think he is even fit to be a watchmen. Fotseki

  5. Jimbo says:

    ‘Malawi government intends to construct 193 community colleges by 2019’ – that means constructing 48 colleges each year for the next four years, which means one college per week!!! Wow, where are the money, materials and the skilled labour to come from? Do the UK politicians believe this project is possible? APM needs to get real. Malawi can’t even promise a reliable electricity supply. I wonder what the UK politicians are really thinking when they hear APM promising these unrealistic developments. They must look at him and think, ‘Dream on Sir’.

  6. choonadi says:

    Akuluakulu amadazi okaokha

  7. choonadi says:

    Kodi mukuonapo achinyamata pa ma legislator akulandila Mutharikapo? Kuno amangotikakamiza kuti alamulire ana pamene kwawoko akulamula ndi mature veterans. Ife tizilamulidwa ndi ana opanda experience amene achitidwa brainwash ndi imperiolistic Western ideologies.

  8. Eugene says:

    Waste of time, mwaiwala 577 BILLION eti?

  9. Chibalo says:

    The President is trying but his closest allies are doing the opposite.They are busy with their own interests at the expense of poor Malawians.Unless the President realizes this quickly, he will surely stumble and fall like his brother and ll these guys will ran away leaving our country back to the point we started.

    The youth program that Joyce Banda started of exporting them abroad is not really a bad idea.We just trashed quickly with our sinister motives but it was a very good idea.How many now are graduating from Colleges without getting jobs?Even government accepts that they dont have enough jobs and resources to employ them.The private sector as well cannot absorb all the young men looking for jobs.The community colleges,good idea but i dont understand how that will actually solve the current situation where Universities will keep recruiting young men into their programs when jobs are not there?Those from Community colleges will need to be supported heavily with Investment capital which is often very political-remember YEDEF?Do you know who benefited from that 6 Billion passed in Parliament?Can you tell where we are with that?Totally nothing to show a Malawi.I do suggest that we start exporting the youth into sligthly better jobs by negotiating with those countries for better conditions and monitoring how our youth will be living in those countries from time to time. In fact every youth must sign a contract of 5 years and come back to invest at home so that others can also go.The government should make a bond for all the youth that they will invest into something tangible for their family within or after 5 years.Lets think of very practical things osati zinthu zandale,rushing to open community colleges when teachers are not there,housing is a big problem,we dont have equipment for the trainings,resources for sustainace and what have you.

  10. Issa Kabudula says:

    This is what we call visionary leadership projections – where a man is looking beyond tomorrow and therefore sticking to his guts. The visiting which was marred by queeing for a plan which was a good jimmick for austerity advocacy must not be repeated – the leader of the country brothers deserve respect and support – his death is a pain especially when is in office.

    The hiring of plan for presidential use, knowingly he is going to present Malawi, is not a waste of money unless is going for a personal holiday. Yes Malawi is a poor country as we are labelled but for me, its a lie – the resources we have is huge beating what Israel and Japan/China posses.

    Water alone is a resource deserve proper usage, land which is arable for almost any crop, human capital is a huge resource, beside our fish (chambo) and the minerals which the Australia company at Kayelekele is either abusing it or stealing – its progressive is too shaky.

    APM is bring in the roads, skill training college and the malate n cement subsidy – these projects are the firewood of development, I can advice the president to enforce the tollgate, we use the road we pay and this money will provide work to the jobless youths and development of roads and which will woo the foreign visitors in the form of tourism.

    I conglatulate the president for the initiatives and so is the manner in which Dr. Chilama, at a distance I see Malawi which is developing country and a darling for tourism.

  11. Lake Malawi says:

    Iwe Peter, ma leaders anzako onse ali ku France attending a climate chance meeting iwe ukupanga chani ku London. It shows that you are not noticed by other leaders and you cannot contribute anything good; shame. Amalawi nafenso mavotavota

  12. Charter says:

    Palibepo kanthu apa!

  13. Truck says:


  14. The real Ujeni says:

    House of Lords and House of Commons are two different houses all at parliament building but MP’s are found in house of commons, just to illustrate a point

  15. Mccarthy says:

    APM azingokhalire kujambulitsa ndi azungu pamene anthu akumvutika kumudzi, I am telling you all Malawians, these whites they cannot waste their time and to invest in Malawi, when the economy is not well, if you don’t agree with me that’s that’s your problem.

  16. Ayo says:

    He was just talking to himself because the mps were just listening no coment. Tangootcha transport.

  17. STIGMA says:

    Check the ages of politicians not Atupele wanuyo.Let him work first.

  18. Bwana iwombeleni mkota malawi kuti itukuke moyo wawutali mukhalenawo

  19. Warning says:

    What he said was half truth.
    This president is the greatest LIAR of all malawian presidents.
    He promised malawians at the opening of our Session of Parliament 2 weeks ago that the Access to information Bill will be tabled and passed.
    And guess what happened 3 days later?
    Cabinet ministers rejected the Bill in a meeting HE CHAIRED.


  20. Bravo APM. We need budgetary support to reduce problems faced by luck of drug and food in Malawi hospitals.

  21. Chitapata says:

    Wow, what a nice presentation from the Big man, a true reflection of what is happening on the ground, no painting here.

  22. flyton Manda says:

    The impending massive investments……mmmmmm? Really Petulo? Really?………ok wake me up when it comes APM. Thanks.

  23. Sir Ofewa says:

    Easier said than done! If only the K577bn Cashgate scam can be dealt with, I dont see UK commital in APMs appeal. After all his address reminded them of the deportation of their envoy years ago. Poti ndi Azungu, zichitika!

  24. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Congrats APM that is grace of God upon Malawi.I know even those who belong to opposition like me we comment positively.God bless our mother Malawi.

  25. Gondwe says:

    My beloved president!!! May God Almighty continue to guide you.

  26. Wachikulile says:

    Anapita okha okha akumma nanga akweni ali kuti apa

  27. guta says:

    Nkhani zabwino

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