Mutharika admits Malawi citizens starving: Fails to clear air on maize scarcity

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday failed to clear the mist over the availability of maize in the country following reports that the country’s sole grain marketer, Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) is running short of supply.

Mutharika : Maize crisis n Malawi

Mutharika : Maize crisis n Malawi

Mutharika, in a statement to the nation, admitted to have received reports on the scarcity of maize in Admarc depots, and was quick to accept that some people in the country are currently starving due to the situation.

The statement comes days after Thyolo-based Social and Economic Justice Association (SEJA) wrote Mutharika to show his powers by setting a maximum price of selling maize and maize flour on the local market.

Vendors are selling the grain at exorbitant price with a 50kg bag going at a minimum of K15, 000 in some markets. Admarc sells 50kg bag at K5, 500.

However, on Wednesday Mutharika despite expressing his sadness on the maize scarcity situation, failed to clear the mist on the availability of the grain in the national silos and what the authorities were doing to improve the situation in Admarc depots to ensure people are able to access the much needed maize.

“My repeated assurances to you that no one shall die of hunger. Based on the assessed requirements of maize and the quantities of maize that we bought, there should have been enough maize in Admarc depots to cater for everyone’s needs,” explained Mutharika in the statement.

The President whose government is facing economic turmoil, said, based on information from his officials, there is enough maize in the country.

He did not however disclose as to how much maize the country’s silos currently have and how much his government will procure, but disclosed that he was informed of the critical shortage of maize at many Admarc depots.

Mutharika then admitted that some people in the country were currently starving due to the maize situation the country is experiencing, adding that based on assessment his government did last year, there should have been enough maize in Admarc depots by now to meet the demand.

He then warned his government will take action against officials conniving and selling the grain to vendors in bulk thereby creating shortage.

“Admarc, meanwhile, will continue to replenish the maize stocks. In addition, we have additional money to buy more maize if needed,” added Mutharika.

An assessment by government last year indicated that about 2.8 million will experience food shortage and need assistance.

Currently, the food shortage situation is worsening in the country and people are spending nights at Admarc depots just to access the grain which are only allowed to buy a minimum of 20kgs per individual.

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Winston Msowoya
Our predicaments are due to our own shortsightedness and an inborn tribalistic incarnate so let us all suffer together.We could have learnt a vivid lesson from Hastings Banda,but unfortunately,we blindly fell into another trap,this time over the Muthalika evil brothers.The problem we are facing to day,is lack of authentic leadership period.How could the state fail to feed its people,while the leaders themselves are a washed with billions of stollen finances.It is indeed unbelievable that Malawians are deeply divided along ethnic lines and this is fact,but the majority South and Central Malawi see things as usual.Now,are the victims of failed leadership… Read more »

Mudabera mavoti nkuyes dziko muyendetsa ngati madzi. Satana wakukhalirani ngati mmene adalilira mkulu wanu thoughsadlakwe. Lapani, momwe mudalowera mboma mavuto mbwee. Chitani manyazi mudabera innocent people abale lapani osati zopemphera pa camera zo ayi

Concerned Citizen

I thought we had imported maize from Zambia, or am I mixing up years. I thought we had enough stocks to last. What has happened?

Reflecting on the famine of 2001?

phwisire mwana okoma ngati sawa

blind loyalty is wat killing us malawians insteady of telling d boss d trut were bzy feeding him wt fake information mkesa mumati zea ndi yambili so y are we staving tinene kut kwabweraso maize gate zatikwana its beter to die rather than to stay in dis prison so called country

Yellow Maize

This is what you get when you appoint idiots to management positions and Board members to ADMARC. They are there to be rewarded for their loyalty and not to work. Looks they are untouchables nanga up to the extent of embarrassing the President like this and none has so far lost their jobs?

michigan aka dziwe lankhalamba lamizimu
michigan aka dziwe lankhalamba lamizimu

I think its high time mr president u resign coz a lot of questions we hav and u are failing to address but why????? Remember zinthu sizingayende ngati anthu akudandaula madandaulo a avutika ndi tsoka lalikulu, kodi za nyanja ziiii, ndege gate ziiiii, aphunzitsi up to 2 years ziiii, mareforms ziiiiii. We are lost


This why I said Matchona will not help us.

John Black

Where’s the 6.5 Billion from the Chinese? You can import an awful lot of maize with that.

No laughing matter

This is not lecturing what others taught you but leading a country to prosperity. All the best

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Malawi my country! Where are you heading to with 15million souls aboard.
The driver Peter Mutharika holds an amateur driving licence for smaller vehicles like schools and colleges not country like Malawi.
Malawi needs drivers with PSV code 14 driving licence. Don’t just feel comfortable at the state house deliver.
My people are not going to give you a chance if you cant deal with the hunger and scarcity of services now.
Do not say you were not warned.

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