Mutharika appeals for $81m humanitarian aid: Malawi spends K23.9bnto help flood victims

Malawian President Peter Mutharika said on Tuesday that the current floods which hit 15 district early this year has cost the Malawi economy at least K23.9 billion and that his government was seeking $81 million to support floods survivors.

President Mutharika: Floods will have a huge impact on household food security

President Mutharika: Floods will have a huge impact on household food security

President Mutharika said in a State of the Nation address that K23.9 billion excludes the cost of the relief programmes that are currently underway by government and other organizations and individuals.

“On the basis of available information so far, K5.6 billion worth of maize, K1.5 billion worth of rice, K320 million worth of groundnuts, K728 million worthy of cotton, and K51.8 million worth of fish has been lost,” revealed President Mutharika.

“It is also estimated that a total of K2.9 billion worth of livestock has been lost,” said the Malawi leader, pointing out that the loss of these assets had aggravated national food security.

Mutharika noted that the floods have caused “a lot of damage and will bring many negative socio-economic effects to the Malawian economy.”

“The growth for the country is largely driven by the agriculture, manufacturing, electricity, water and mining sectors, among others,” he noted.

“These have been adversely affected by the floods, to the extent that the country is likely to achieve economic growth lower than the 5.8 percent projected earlier for 2015,” said Mutharika.

Malawi’s Department of Surveys estimated that, as of Jan. 13, 63,531 hectares of land had been inundated by floodwater.

It is estimated that around 116,000 of the nation’s farmers – and some 35,000 hectares of cropland – have been affected.

“In this respect, the floods will have a huge impact on household food security during the 2015/16 consumption season,” he said.

In terms of a long-term response, the President said the government was finalizing a new national disaster management policy that would guide the government and other stakeholders on the implementation of programs and activities.

He said the policy was aimed at addressing disaster threats and reducing the impact of disasters in local communities.

Meanwhile,  Mutharika will  Wednesday leave the country for Ethiopia for an African Union summit where among other things he  will brief the summit on the devastating floods which fallen the Malawi nation.

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46 thoughts on “Mutharika appeals for $81m humanitarian aid: Malawi spends K23.9bnto help flood victims”

  1. Mr.Mpukutu says:

    Questionable!.Why bloting figures frm 500m to such billions mwathandizira anthu ake ati?. Koma apa ndiye mwai wabwera okha, kulemera kosowa poyambira kulipo. Ayi tamabani.

  2. Taweni says:

    Please it is not acceptable to include corporate entities in the fund distributions or compesations as the latter should seek cover from their insurers.


  3. Finias Mthembu says:

    Mr Mutharika try to help Malawi, although am not thr, Anthu antundu wanga thy suffering.


    Peter please musatikulunge nalo boza companies, nations as well as world as a whole donated overmuch funds which is more than the cost of the disaster in MALAWI please may you supply the full report of the funds that your government has received and then we can see the balance that is needed because we are scared for ( CASHGATE ii). as your surname is MUTHARIKA as the way your late brother Bingu Mutharika abuse and took public funds and Malawi is still getting poor and poor as we don’t know where the money is going as i can see only CASHGATE SCANDLE.

    Ndalama zapelekedwazi wina aba and agwiritsila nchito zake then we don’t need that situation ( CASHGATE in this instance NO NO NO NO NO and No.

    Peter Mutharika we are watching you tooooooooo far brother

  5. Jelbin mk says:

    But what I wonder with this nonsense state of national address is that the president is only able to outline what has been lost but he doesn’t tell us how much the government has received in the name of aid because there has been an enormous response to the flood incident government have given in so much which is not mentioned here so that we can know how much is the balance required to meet the needed amount instead all we hear is the total needed amount does it mean that all the aid governments, companies and individuals have poured in did not make any difference? Mr president what we need is a detailed report on this disaster which will endetail losses against the already received aid so that we know the remainder. Thus why they didn’t want to declare the state of emergency because it involves parliament when making decisions and they didn’t want to answer difficult questions in the August house.

    1. Malindima says:

      Too early to expect a detailed report of the aid contributed so far as this will be prepared at a later stage after the last drop of the contribution made.

      1. Jelbin mk says:

        Ok Mr nalindila l get your point but l do expect the government to come up with a detailed preliminary report and there after an overall report is expected because without doing so we will always suspect mismanagement of the aid which would erode confidence from the well-wishers to be so pls Mr don’t sow irresponsibility in our leaders and don’t be too lazy of holding our leaders accountable.

  6. SIBO says:

    Muntharika is up to something……..not just saying.

  7. Uyisova iwe Mathanyula.Zero Aid Floods Support bwaaaaaaaa? Hehedeeeeeee!

  8. Know this Malawi says:

    Malawi Population= 16,000000
    Each person to contribute K5000 regadless(Kamuzu Style)
    Therefore we do not need aid.

    Nthawi ya kamuzu anthu amazipeza kuti zodulila khadi. Bring back Kamuzu Leadership style. Malawi needs discipline. We are also loosing our dignity.

    But masamu apangidwawo, why then we still need donor support?????????????

    1. Malindima says:

      Are you mentally sound? A normal reasonable person could have commented such stupidity. You are sick; go and see a psychiatric surgeon.

  9. Mccarthy says:

    Dziko Munabetsa ili Kwa agalu, really …really…are u serious Mr. President, So where is other billions?

  10. nyau dancer says:

    Guys is this breakdown correct. The figures seem to be too high…….

  11. estery chibambo U.K says:

    whether you like them or not, I think zomwe anachita anzathu asilamu (Muslims) a chimwenye demostrated that with proper channels the money can reach the targeted victims easily and quickly that is what relief aid is all about but if you channel the money through whatever government department well ,the money will end up with high office people making them rich out of poor Malawians misery .Being a Malawian living here in UK Most people are asking about the disaster but I am frankly telling them not to bother as the aid will end up in Ministers and high profile people’s pockets ,I am advising them to identify the victims and send the aid direct to them not through the so called Mutharika’s government departments in what ever shape or form.ALI NDI VUTO NDI MAWU ANGAWA ANDIPEZE!!!!!

  12. Patriot says:

    10 days tuanthu ku Nsanje sanadyebe.
    I will not be surprised atagawana ndi Getu.

  13. maston says:

    Mavuto amenewa amachitika chaka nchaka osakozekela patali bwanji?

  14. tonde says:

    I question if the billions of kwachas being mentioned here will 100% benefit the flood victims. I know some greedy politicians will take advantage of the plight if the poor to enrich themselves.
    God doesn’t sleep, is watching and will punish you.

  15. True patriot says:

    Can someone reason with me please.Rt.Hon.Chilima told the nation that Govt.set aside k500,000,000(half billion kwacha) for the same.Now where have you sourced the said extra expenses?

  16. ....Pako says:

    Apatu ndikona kuti padyedwa mdalama m’malo mwa humanitarian aid. Mafigure akutchulidwo bwanji? Tasaiwalensotu kasabata kapitaka talandira tina take timatambala bwinotu bwino

  17. Mccarthy says:

    This is aid gate, President osayamika ngati uyu sindinamuwone, So u “mean” u want more Money?

  18. Achimidzimidzi says:

    APM you’re Gulususu, chindere chakufikapo!!!

    First time you said you would need mk5b and SC said mk0.5m, today you’re saying $81b. I think we have a big problem here. Wait until our salaries are raised in July. Or sell Ndata Farm.

    1. Malindima says:

      May be you don’t know how these incidents behave.Ofcourse the report would change depending on further descoveries of damages and deaths that gets accounted when such further descoveries occur. Maybe one who is not schooled in these issues and rushes to blame others is the worst stupid fools of all the fools Malawi has ever had.

  19. simi26 says:

    Koma bwana musaiwale kuti dzulo mwatipatsa report la kuti the floods victims are in danger of rape, cholera, diarrhoea and other diseases. You also went on in your report that 1000 people use 100 blackets.which means 10 people are sharing 1 blacket regardless their sex.that is also brings fear of several flaring rapes among them.the question is that: for what help did the 23.9b has been used for?I can see a flaring floodsgate.



  21. Me too says:

    Journalists – remember the psychology of communication, please. The relief effort required K23.9 billion but the president appeals for $81 million…..million vs billion – ndikumva chizungulire! Kwacha vs $…..stop mixing oranges and apples in a single statement! it causes “cognitive dissonance”!

    1. Malindima says:

      There is money required for immediate needs thus ufa, nyemba, madzi akumwa etc and this is called relief money. Then there are damages to roads,bridges, houses, hospitals, schools etc hence if this is added together to the immediate relief figure so far could come up to U$81m.I know you mind is construed to the gates ……but APM and the government need to account for every damage.

  22. Mbanangwa says:

    Looking at the financial resources being mentioned and the actual situation on the ground, I stand to be corrected, they do not match. Otherwise the suffering surpasses the aforesaid help.

  23. kadamanja says:

    APM (the president) is just appealing for help, so far what has he done to help the affected people. He is just visiting people! what for? Help them, What kind of a person is he? Sick XXXXXX! I hate seeing him just posing for the camera za ziii!

  24. Ndilemba chilankhulo chathu,ine aliyense ali ndinkhawa kuti ma figure akuchuligwawa or kutati munthu payekha amupatse 5million ayi ndithu zikhalako koma vuto ndalamazi akumazigawana kaye avutikawo anka nawondabe zachisoni dona akapereka 20,5 ya wovutikayo 15 akuyicha flood management fee mumapepala kenaka azigawqana bwino nditati ndilembe mchingerezi donayo ndiye kumuthamangitsa apatseni anthu zowayenera

  25. Happy Edward says:

    We are doing something as a nation to help our relatives that have been affected by the floods besides asking the international community to assist us. I wonder if Amina stays in Malawi.

  26. amina says:

    Before we ask the donors to help what have we done as a nation to help our relatives.

    1. mmihavani says:

      Amina if you haven’t done it yet ife anzako ndiye tikuthandidza. Mma office mu tasonkha ma K100,000 aliyense. Mma church mu tikusonkha ndithu. Inu ngati simunayambepo who do you think should help on your behalf?

  27. Thomas says:

    AidGate wayamba kuba APM. Ukuti wawononga. 23.9bln koma masamu ako akutipa 12bln kodi 11.9bln yilikuti usatitenge anthu osaziwa masamu ngati anthu akumwera

    1. Jamie says:

      A chitsiru inu president sakuti boma lagwiritsa ntchito ndalama zokwana 23.9b ayi. Akuti katundu yemwe wawonongeka nkokwana 23.9b

  28. James Liuma says:

    MK728 Million Worth of Cotton???????????????

  29. Aliphee says:

    we have alot of money in malawi we dont need any aid we are very ok

  30. kanyimbi says:

    Malawians we must learn to think in a constructive way. Your comments can make some people not to donate resulting in your relatives suffering. By the way the floods have not affected Thyolo district and Ntcheu.

  31. Malindima says:

    Indeed 2015/2016 season will bring unwanted consequences to every household level. We will remember what happened in 1996/1997 season when just after our maize was sold in Kenya by Jumbe et al. Amatilalatira kuti tinazolowera Nsima phwamwamwa kulephera kuilumpha! Zitsatero Ulendo uno! Bwana, we pray for the policy to yield good results.

  32. dee kay says:

    and what of 92 Billion? Just go and gate this from the bank where you kept it.

  33. Truth shall free you says:

    Your Excellency President Sir, may I humbly suggest that you start by bringing back the 91 billion Kwacha that your brother Bingu looted from the tax payers and also that you pay the balance of the market price for the houses that you corruptly acquired from Malawi Housing. After all charity begins at home. Why should donors help when you have still not brought back the stolen money.

  34. mbwaxe says:

    The amount is too much!!!!! Anyway afterall you wont get the aid chifukwa muli ndi mbili yakuba!!!! What you have to know is that people out there are not daft and stupid to give you that amount of aid!!!! Ya! Pa thako panu

  35. Jozza says:

    A big smell of aidgate here; reactive approach is alwayz expensive however.let’s always b proactive, zinazi we can avoid & save. Komabe mavutowa Goodal akuyamikako alowetsa forex ndithu.

  36. mmalawi says:

    kodi KAMUZU BANDA akadakhala kuti ndi president akadapempha AID? ndati ndi dziweko

    1. mmihavani says:

      Kamuzu Banda sakadapempha Aid koma akanalamula kuti aliyense kwa anthu 15mn mmalawi muno aliyense apereke K5,000 ndipo osapereka akaponyedwe mu shire river. Ndipo aliyense wa pregnancy apereke K5,000 for the unborn baby, if not kumangidwa pa 3 March kutulukanso pa 3 March next year. Thank you democracy that mmalawi is able to ask this question without being crocodiled.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Iwe ndiye ukunena zoona akanalamula

Comments are closed.

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