Mutharika applauds Chilima for PhD: Malawi VP attained doctorate at University of Bolton

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has said he is proud of Vice-President Saulos Chilima on successfully defending his doctorate degree with the University of Bolton in the United Kingdom (UK).

Now Dr Chilima: VP at the University of Bolton after attaining his Ph

Now Dr Chilima: VP at the University of Bolton after attaining his Ph

Mutharika said in a message of congratulations posted on his Facebook page after Chilima, who has been studying with the university through the Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) in Lilongwe since 2011, on Monday defended his doctoral thesis at University of Bolton and successfully finished it to become Dr Saulos Chilima.

The President said he, together with First Lady Gertrude Mutharika, was proud of Chilima’s achievement in attaining the prestigious doctorate degree.

“It is the essence of Gordon B. Hinckley’s words that you have imprinted on Malawi’s next generation ‘do your best and be a little better than you are’. We are proud of you; may God continue to bless you,” said Mutharika.

According to Press officer for the Office of the Vice-President, Pilirani Phiri, Chilima, who holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics from the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, had been studying for his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Knowledge Management since 2011.

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46 thoughts on “Mutharika applauds Chilima for PhD: Malawi VP attained doctorate at University of Bolton”

  1. Kuwetajoka says:

    Mwaonjezera maphuzulo kuti mudzachitenso ZANU zuja 2019. Kulamula dziko nwakufunà kwanu osati a Malawi. Choipola a Chilima sabisa ndi màsamba.

  2. Vic says:

    The university was voted worst in 2012 (of all in the U.K), it fully became an university in 2004 when it was established in 1982! It is currently on number 121 out of the best 126 universities. Well, congrats Dr Saulos Claus Bolton Chilima.

  3. bwantasa says:

    congrats! takunyadirani.

  4. Joseph Moyo says:

    guys nsanje siudolo congrats Chilima u ll be aprofessor b4uclock50.umatimilira mnyamata

  5. Mphunzitsi says:

    Bolton?Ikanakhala Cambridge or Oxford zikanakhala bwa?Timeneto tili ngati achina Leicester timene kunali achina Atupele.

  6. jimbo says:

    Bolton University? Not Oxford or Cambridge then. Bolton is a former mill town in Lancashire in the north west of England and only very recently became a university town. It is very low down in the pecking order of universities in the UK. A PhD from Bolton University has very little value in the academic world. Only in a country like Malawi where any educational qualification is considered an achievement (even Form 4 MSCE) will this doctorate have kudos. If I were Mr Chilima I would be more embarrassed than proud of a PhD from Bolton Uni.

  7. Felix Wisdom Banda says:

    Congratulations my former boss for the distinguished achievement. I have always known you as a man of excellent and a trend pacesetter, such a hard working man…..So proud to have you for a Vice President of the Republic of Malawi.

  8. ZZ says:


  9. Gibson says:

    Congratulation Dr vp Chilima.

  10. Zagwa says:

    Some jealous idiots are saying your PhD research study was on ‘vote riggology’, ufiti basi….Ife koma tanyadila, kaya ku graduation kunalibe ma student ena, zawo izo, bola ife zathu zayenda. Kaya ku UK graduation imakhala mu July ndi mu December, mwakhawula! Kaya Bolton ili number 80 pa ranking, zisatikhudze ife! Zithunzi simunazione? Ndipo mukonzeke pobwela phwando lakelo sizinawoneke!

  11. zulo says:

    Abale mastudents ena sakuoneka bwanji ngatidi inalidi graduation.Mutionese akulandira degreeyo.Munatiuza kuti akukapanga defend thesis and tsiku lomwelo akuti degree atenga. Ine mmene ndiziwira sipamalephera some corrections awiri or atatu and takes some months.Koma poti izi ndiza MIM ndi Bolton mgwirizano wao wodyera ndalama tingoti amen amen.Kodi ndichifukwa chani anthu ali ndi ma PhD amakhala ambiri osauka ndi osamvesa zinthu? ziko lathu kusauka koma ati kuli ma PhD holders.Zomvesa chisonitu.University zabwino pamangalande ndi Warwick,cambridge, Oxford.Koma ena nzeru zao ndizoperewera ndiye umangopita University olo ranking yake ili yapansi.

  12. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  13. Malawian Patriot says:

    Congratulations our beloved VP. Well done honourable Chilima. Takunyadirani tonse sizapafupi zimenezi.

  14. Herbert says:


  15. Dobadoba says:

    Defending thesis then same day wearing graduation gown? pamakhala report by panel after defending thesis to Senate then approval in UK universities.Zina za fake chani.Mwafasako ku Mangalande kunamizana.Graduation ya August? Not July or December.Bwanji sitikuona mastudents ena pa photopo.Ife kumalawi kuno ndiye blackouts every minute

  16. chinyama chiti says:

    I cant understand. Whats the news here. How many people have this. Is it significant to anybody save to the owner? Poor Malawians you really have nothing, nothing chanzelu to do! Embarrassing! !

  17. Nanncy says:

    Yes Africans ever learning never producing ……the so called professors/Drs are the ones destroying Malawi they can’t apply what they learnt in universities they are busy cashgating every day,but hey congratulations bwana

  18. taifa says:

    It’s only in Malawi where doctorates are considered as economic development? there are many PhD holders in all other countries and none of them are rich! why? because a PhD HOLDER IS A JOB-SEEKER; A PAPER–PUSHER, and a Shallow academic of no commercial value.. A doctoral holder has no imagination, innovation, creativity to be able to create wealth. How many doctorates do the Asian traders have in Malawi? none. but all are very rich and practically run the Malawi economy! without Asians the whole of Malawi would be like Balaka. booze joints , prostitution and sodomizing children basi. i rest my case. can i get a doctorate for his thesis of mine?

  19. Sungi says:

    Only in Malawi or Africa is this phenomenon any prevalent. I don’t hear about a Dr Obama or a Dr Cameron or any European Presidents in studies despite having learning institutions at their disposal…where did he find time to wonder the country is in shit state..he was busy doing his dissertations..etc. When are we going to pull our heads out of this education brain-wash stupidity. I’m sure if you are a vice president, people should be studying about you while you are performing and not you studying about what other people have written down somewhere….still crying for my beloved country.

  20. Benford says:

    Well educated Malawians, but country still poorest and our currency still devalueting every day, which means all of us we are educated savages, because we fail to implement the good measure to control our economy.

  21. ChizaLi says:

    Nice one Dr Chilima. Congratulations.

  22. Mbiyazodooka says:

    Can someone ascertain the age of this man. He looks 46 or older.

  23. Let it rain says:


  24. chifundo says:

    Big up

  25. Willie Chimseu says:

    kumeneko ndiye timati kubwera kwa bwino inu apresident APM. Congrants SKC kampeni ya 2024 yayambika “ngophuzira bwino ku school yeniyeni not theological collage neee!!!! ” kkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  26. captain says:

    Why not conglatulating prime minister also? Ija ndi ya fake.kkk saulosi deserved it. Kodi amalakwapo phd munthu?

  27. vwapuwvapu says:

    Good example, osati wenawa amangodya bread wasitoko. kkkkkkk

  28. Dr Bright Msaka-Cypress University says:

    Iwe Pitara is this coming from deep downn your heart? Mesa iwe ndi amene umapanga zoti ka Ben Phiri kakhale ka Dr using bogus ibstitution? What you did just confirmed that you are a fake professor. U had thought that with Bens fake doctoral degree, he would be imposed to be DPP successor. You had thought that he could compete well against PhD holders and easily out smart non PhD holders. Mwafoila. Mwagenda katawuluka anyapapi. F…….k zanu. Tikuvaso pompano kuti Kondwani Nankhumba, Kaliath, Mwanaveka are Doctorz! My foot. Ukape first class

  29. vin mongu says:

    congrats bwana but PhD without action is nothing. we have a wealth of PhDs who are helping the country rot. Roll sleeves and get dirty, I am yet to see a senior civil servant fired for lack of performance . We gave you five years, two of which we are yet to see fruits of what you professed. there is more to what you are expected to achieve than a handsome face and good looks. remember that at your level of PhD we need to hear truth about fundamentals such as GDP growth of >6%, inflation rates going down, exchange rates/money supply as proxies. nde since mwazisata tsopano let us see you show the salt

  30. cypress says:

    What is knowledge management? Filing? Does this PhD assist Malawi in any way since there is no knowledge in Malawi? What will he manage then with this degree? Maybe he will help manage Ben Phiri’s knowledge?

  31. Namwali says:

    Ambuye congratulation a genuine PhD osati zinazi

  32. Luther Mambala Loga says:

    Congratulations wawa Angoni,we are proud of you Veep,May God Bless you more and impart you with more wisdom .

  33. Achawa says:

    Congatulations Dr. S. C. Chilima God bless you

  34. Charombanthu says:

    Congratulations dala…

  35. since 2011? Ben Phiri can do it within a week!

  36. jabulani says:

    This is very real, not the fake doctorate of the chief DPP cadet; what is his name again can someone remind me?

  37. Nyanja says:

    University of Bolton is ranked as the worst university in the UK..

  38. Continue Flying Highie bro, Congratulation!

  39. innocent says:


  40. Nyama Banda says:

    Mwana wa ma principles obadwira ku Chichewa

  41. Lumbadzi Boys says:

    This is a real Doctorate Degree not zijazi zinachitika posachedwa ku BICC zama Degree and Doctorate Degree a Fake. Next year tidzangomva kuti aja analandira ma Degree ku BICC in July, 2015 kaya mukuti Cypres University of USA kaya mukuti chani, pano ndi Dr. so so! Kkkkkkkkkkk. Dikirani pangóno mumva muona ali mu gown ya u Doctorate.

  42. Observer says:

    Congratulations our VP for well deserved accolade .

  43. Nyama Banda says:

    Better than za Ben Phiri

  44. kasim says:

    Bravo my brother and former colleague. Mwatichotsa manyazi. Little did we know that you would become so big within a short period of time. Congratulations

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