Mutharika appoints Kalilani as Financial Intelligence Unit boss: Resistance over secondment

There is panic within a network of money launderers and corrupt government officials in Malawi stretching from the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the Reserve of Malawi following the appointment of Kenam Kalilani – a digital money and ICT expert – as the Deputy Director of the financial crimes busting agency FIU, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Kenan Kalilani: FIU deputy director

Kenam Kalilani: FIU deputy director

President Peter Mutharika appointed Kalilani two months ago to deputize Atuweni Phiri a lawyer by profession whose contract is due to expire within a year.

According to a letter from Government Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa dated June 28, 2016, Kalilani has been seconded to FIU as Deputy Director with effect from June 16, 2016.

“I write to inform you that it has pleased His Excellency the President to second you as Deputy Director at the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) with effect from 16th June 2016.”

“Under the secondment, Reserve Bank of Malawi, as your employer, will continue paying your salary and other benefits you are entitled to, and FIU will pay any differences that may be payable to you at the grade of Deputy Director level in FIU,” reads the letter in part.

“It would therefore, be appreciated if you could wind up your affairs at Reserve Bank of Malawi and arrange to report for duties at the Financial Intelligence Unit as soon as possible,” reads part of the letter.

Nyasa Times has  found out that the secondment attracted resistance with some top brass at RBM trying to ‘reason’ with government ‘to give them someone more qualified’ but they fell on deaf ears.

“That is why this issue has been dragging from June 28, 2016 when the letter was written up to now,” said a source from RBM.

Other sources said Kalilani was an operative of the DPP during the 2014 elections and the appointment is a reward for the ‘hard work’ that he did for the party to win the elections using his technological expertise.

But  FIU officers who spoke to Nyasa Times said members of the Malawi corruption cartel fear that the coming in of Kalilani who has vast training and experience working in online money tracking systems will expose many corrupt business persons, politicians and government officers who have been shielding them.

Investigations have revealed that some officials at the FIU and the Reserve Bank of Malawi have been colluding to be concealing financial information about politicians, top business executives who participated in the plunder of the treasury commonly known as Cashgate.

But central bank officials say Kalilani, whose current position at the RBM is Project Analyst,  is not qualified for the job and that he is too junior for the post.

He is said to be a telephone operator by profession and will be deputizing the FIU boss to follow and solve complex financial transactions.

RBM officials said he has worked at central bank for about 18 years most of which he spent as a telephone operator and fixer before moving him to the projects department.

However,  Nyasa Times  learnt that Kalilani has an MBA from ESAMI and certification for Telecommunication Business Information System .

Nyasa Times has further established that Kalilani has been handling Reserve Banks Mobile Financial Services and data transfer systems for the past 15 years.

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going through the article it leaves alot to be desired. i have known kennam for a long time. he joined Reserve Bank as a switchboard operator yes. but the guy is something else!!!! as early as the year 2000 he championed Voice over internet protocol connecting RBM Lilongwe Balntyre MALSWITCH Balntyre and LIlongwe the four stations wer on line 24/7. he was the network administrator for voice and Data. you will be surprised that though humble and quite the guy is a certified military communications officer. Samalani!!!! he started JUDO during his secondary school. Anthu mukumuopa because he is quite… Read more »
The Analyst
O……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O Koma izizi zoti President azisankha anthu mma udindo onga awa, zimandikwiyitsa zedi. . . . Nanga inu, how will his Kenam, combat money terrorism involving the president and/or his wife or his cronies, for instance; when it’s the same president who has the power to this guy’s pockets? . . . How will this Kenam have indepence of character and/or judgement on his job, in such cases? . . . We all know that African and other presidents are five-star thieves yet we allow them to appoint people in positions that police thieves? Are we normal? . . .… Read more »

CV no first degree kikikikikiki

oyeza mafuta

It was reported that…Kalilani has been handling Reserve Banks Mobile Financial Services and data transfer systems for the past 15 years –

What a lie.. the guy is a telephone operator. What MBA?

He can not even define anti-money laundering. The RBM does not have what the public is meant to believe that RBM has Mobile Financial Services. His job is to fix phones when they are not working or report to the service providers.

The truth of the matter is he was part of the team that assisted the DPP and that is his reward. And are you surprised?


izi ndiye zamanyani.


Zenizeni zachi Malawi akudziwa ndi Mulungu mathero ake


Congrats my bro, God is the one who rewards and His time is the best. Your a professional and continue your professionalism there


Who told you that Kalilani is said to be a telephone operator? Ma reporter apa Malawi. Don’t write rumours! Why not confirm with him his qualification? What type of writing is this?

Congratulations Kenam. I have known Kenam Kalilani for so long. He was averagely intelligent then, with his strength being in arts subjects, where he got, if i remember very well a distinction in english (1997). Socially, he was practicing Judo as a young man. I vividly remember his Judo attire. In my view, i think some things that are being written here borders on hatred and jealousy. You can not judge anyone based on his/her lowest qualification. His current qualification is an MBA from ESAMI. All of us start from somewhere. The issue here that we should be debating is… Read more »
chimpeni jamesi

You guys still labeling him a telephone operator despite his recent vast training in Telephone Transfer Operations and experience makes me wonder what you are all about…DUFF? If I ask you whether you had once eaten PHALA from your mothers palm would be an insult????everyone has a starting point. Go to Oxford and learn something…You graduate with Degree in Toy making, Nail (Manicure), High Way Traffic (Telephone) ask someone who is a Dr. at Airtel was there doing High Way Traffic discipline).kkkk now a manager in technical at airtel.kkkkkk

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