Mutharika asks Mulhako to publish book for Lhomwes history

President Peter Mutharika has directed Mulhako wa Alhomwe board chairperson Professor James Seyani and his fellow trustees as well as all Lhomwe intellectuals to work on producing a  book about the history and way of living of the Lhomwes.

First Lady congratulates senior chief  Ngongoliwa

First Lady congratulates senior chief Ngongoliwa

Malawi former president  Bakili Muluzi congratulates Senior chief Ngongoliwa

Malawi former president Bakili Muluzi congratulates Senior chief Ngongoliwa

The President said this Saturday at Thyolo Community Centre ground when he elevated Traditional Authority (T/A) Ngolongoliwa to senior chief status.

During the ceremony, Mutharika said Mulhako wa Alhomwe should  work with Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa in coming up with  the book .

The President said the book should be ready by October 25 2016, when the Lhomwes meet for their annual celebrations.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa commended President Mutharika for elevating Ngolongoliwa saying the gesture symbolizes that the President understands the importance of chiefs in the development of the country.

Chewa influential chief from Kasungu, Senior Chief Lukwa observed the need for all cultures in the country to start promoting their traditions and values by strengthening their various heritages as this could be a source of revenue.

“The heritages such as Mulhako wa Alhomwe can be a source of revenue to the country apart from preserving different cultures.
“This can be facilitated through the Ministry of Information and Tourism. We need therefore to work hand in hand for us to achieve this,” said Lukwa.

Lukwa therefore asked the President to consider constructing a better house; court room and an office for Senior Chief Ngolongoliwa that would enable him discharge his duties as a chief effectively and comfortably.

Some of the notable figures that attended the ceremony included former president Bakili Muluzi, Chief Secretary to Government George Mkondiwa, members of Parliament (MPs) and traditional leaders.

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10 thoughts on “Mutharika asks Mulhako to publish book for Lhomwes history”

  1. Commenter says:

    Stupid president, why can’t you create a book for all tribes, kukondera uku sindinakuwonepo. I’m embarrassed being a Lomwe myself this is just insane and stupid!!! Priorities, priorities priorities!! Oh God bless our land of Malawi, keep it a land of peace, put down each and every enemy (DPP Administration) hunger (DPP Administration), disease (DPP Administration), envy (DPP Administration)…

  2. XX says:

    Where is he finding the time to be involved in such non-priority activities considering all the ills Malawi is going through?..hmm! Talk about kupukuta mfuti pa nkhondo.

  3. chinoya says:

    Zaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wanthu wakufya na njala uko.

  4. mulweli kalikokha says:

    kusowa zochita, mulimbane ndi njala osakhala zopusa kusankha mitundu.

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    Do really Malawians care about your so-called professors and intellectuals?You are a professor,but you are failing to run our nation.Malawians know about their cultures and traditions better than you by far.I strongly dispute with your assertion that Lomwe’s cultures and traditions will bring them revenues.Hard work and innovative skills will bring some badly needed revenues for your people.However,I strongly believe that every Malawian ethnic society has culture and tradition which were left to them by their ancestors thousands of years ago and are still alive and kicking.How would someone’s culture or tradition could be a source of revenue? Mr.President,there are multitudes of priorities which are at present waiting for your attention viz: unprecedented lack of food for our people especially the old and children,the economy in total shambles leading to man eat man society,corruption on par with India,Nigeria,Pakistan and China,unemployment astronomically high in the region the list goes on.You have hired myriad of advisers what are therefore? On top of that,the government spends millions of meagre resources on these buffoons and morons.Mr.President,pull-up your socks,the country is in tumultuous footing politically and economically and this is wholly your responsibility and you can not turn a blind eye on that.This is the price you are paying by being surrounded by good for nothing henchmen and idiotic tribesmen and women.Goodluck Mathanyula.

  6. Zoona says:

    That book is needed.

  7. Lets take our country back says:

    A book about parading half naked girls?

  8. yasin Kubalalika says:

    Za uchitsilu mmalo molimbana ndi Njala mukukalimbana ndi mlhako.ndiye milhako ya mitundu inayi muiyambitsa liti?zopusa zimene mukuanga a Bingu.tulani pansi ngati zakukanikani mmalo mogawa mitundu zimene Kamuzu anazikana kalekale.

  9. Peter wa Muthanyula says:

    Do we really need traditional leaders in the democratic dispensation? Traditional leaders connived with slave traders during the pre-colonial rule. They were bed fellows with colonialists. They used to preside at the single party traditional courts to deal with enemies of the regime. Furthermore they have advocated for third term and open terms during Muluzus rule. Do you remember about flag change and support of Mutharika??? Useless institution.

  10. willard Thipa says:

    Congratulations senior chief Ngongoliwa keep it up we the lhomwe we are very happy kirivava

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