Mutharika asks reporters to avoid Malawi ‘impoverished’ clichés

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has echoed what Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa said that journalists should put an end to the “glorification” of poverty in the media.

President Peter Mutharika:  Malawi journalists should not glorify our poverty

President Peter Mutharika: Malawi journalists should not glorify our poverty

Mutharika speaking a group of Malawian journalists in Sharma el Sheikh, Egypt on Thursday after signing the tripartite free trade area pact which enables free movement of goods and services between 26 different African countries said journalist should avoid writing “negative stories.”

The President said his administration has put in place a number of economic policies and strategies aimed at changing the country’s economic fortunes.

He said the media should avoid clichés that Malawi is aid infested country to attract.

“Who want to come to that country,” said Mutharika.

He cited one report in the international media titled “Lake Malawi infested with bilharzias” saying it was unpatriotic for a Malawian journalist to file that article.

Mutharika also faulted some online media for claiming Ebola had hit Malawi.

“Someone takes glory to say there is Ebola in Malawi, for whatever reason I don’t know,” said Mutharika.

“We must not demonise Malawi overseas,” the Malawi leader appealed to journalists, mostly from state media.

“We need to be very, very careful the way we present Malawi,” he added.

“When you write those articles, don’t try to please foreign employers by demonising Malawi. Don’t put adjectives that ‘Malawi a poor southern African nation’. Don’t write those things,” the Head of State appealed.

President Mutharika also said bad information about Malawi scares investors, saying negativity stories about Malawi being an Aids infested, poor Southern African country are not good for the country.

He further said investors are interested in rule of law of country and he was excited that Malawi has never persecuted any one and there were no political prisoners in the country’s overpopulated jails.

Mutharika said since his government came into power May , 2014 it has created an enabling environment which has led to a Chinese Telecommunication Firm  plans in rolling out  its operations and two Egyptian companies interested in  tobacco processing and manufacturing of cigarettes.

“My main goal is for Malawi to be self sufficient and independent in five years and improve the lives of Malawians if these companies come, the price of tobacco would go up, and if the telecommunication company comes, the GDP of Malawi will grow,” he explained.

Mutharika said he expects Malawi to experience economic boom in his first term which ends on 2019.

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52 thoughts on “Mutharika asks reporters to avoid Malawi ‘impoverished’ clichés”

  1. Chimani. Game says:

    President by defaault

  2. Yahudah says:

    All sinners need to die.

  3. titus Scoti says:

    Many people lack patriotism. When benefits do we get when we demonise our country? Only fools hate themselves and tell foreigners how poor they are! Poverty stricken; hunger stricken; hiv struggled country and many other negative descriptions should not be coming from us. What’s wrong with us Malawians?

  4. ARICHO says:

    If u APM is rich money which you stole from the people do not think that Malawi is rich Malawi is poor and it shall remain so untill when an honest leader shall rule and move Malawi out of poverty

  5. dwambazi says:

    We are filthy rich, we stink money. Unlike Greece our economy is not about to collapse, businesses are booming, Banks including MSB are thriving, our educational system is top ranked, our health care system is top notch, our military and police are second to none. We have abundant food reserves and effective agricultural policies in palace no-one will die of hunger, our streets are paved with gold……….. we are RICH! ………. that’s what you want to hear Mr President??? ….somebody is crazy and I’m glad it’s not me………….Reality check? may be!

  6. zaluma says:

    pliz stop mentioning Kamuzu the crocodile farmer, who murdered many Malawians. bola APM

  7. Lending Rates 50% says:

    Guys Malawi is poor by choice. We do not elect leaders of our choice. They steal votes since Kamuzu left.

  8. Sapitwa says:

    That is why we can not rely on free lance Journalists to promote our Country. The country should create its own mouth puce to be honest in the true picture if our country. They should thwart those lies from these unpatriotic Journalists.
    That’s why we have Embassies, consulate offices and High Commission Offices to promote our countries. Do not fight with these stupid idiots who have no respect for their countries.

  9. chandi says:

    I doubt you your excellency,so you suggest we shouldn’t say what we are supposed to say about Malawi. This is why Chola a journalist for the daily dispatch had to resign for being forced to write in favour of the rich and the leaders in Tiyambe Zeleza’s Smouldering charcoal. So you say government won’t increase civil servant pay because it has no funds. Then Mr President what do you excepect the media to write?

  10. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Mr President you are totally wrong and badly mistaken. For 30years under Kamuzu no one in Malawi wrote anything bad about Malawi. Did Malawi develop? No. It is the free flow of information that spurs development. You are sparking fears of censorship when you start talking in those terms. As a Professor you should be the first to appreciate and value free flow of information and ideas.

  11. Chinyengo says:

    That’s the problem right there……..DENIAL. It is what it is Mathanyula! We can not deny the fact that we are as poor as a church mouse. This is actually mind boggling that the DENIAL is coming fom the powers that be. If APM doesn’t want to accept the basic fact that Malawi is nowhere near a rich country then we are in deep shit.

  12. Dandile wa Dandile says:

    Mr President you made a whooping 830 million kwacha by a handwriting error on your exaggerated asset declaration and you lied to us that made it big in 40 yrs of wilderness in some sleepy colleges of st Louis in USA.You bought some city houses in area 12 for a mere K3 million just because you were connected to the corrupt system of your arrogant leadership of your brother.Within 8 years your brother had unexplained wealth of billions.You have messed this country and yet you want Malawians to lie that they are doing fine.There is nothing to lie.Malawians are more poor than during Kamuzu Bandas time.All presidents who came after Kamuzu have been useless and corrupt people.Malawians are in shameful poverty because of the stupid visionless leadership.

  13. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    The president is right. We need to start image building of our own country if we are to move forward. But that should start with him. He should come up with sound leadership and he should be committed to the cause of ridding this country of the embarrassing poverty that stricken the masses!

  14. chindele says:

    Look at this president. How can u be happy to have egypt another african country investing in our country. We have killed our own compaanies becoz of bad policies. The govt had companies and all of them are dead. Now the president inviting of foreign countries investing in our country to him is an achievement. He needs an economist to school him. This confirms that this guy is not a professor. He got it through dubious means. Shame on you

  15. chatonda says:

    The only way for the media to write good things is by the government to do good things for all malawians

  16. joj says:

    Koma, apolofesawo opanda nzeru!! mufuna kuti anthu azinama by writing that Malawi is a rich country, free of nepotism, free of cashgate, free of umbava wa ma election. Zopusa zimenezi. Journailist are mature and independent people they write what they see not what they a demagogue says!

  17. Bulutu 1 says:

    Imagine a country that will be power vacuum 4 five years.

    i dont see leadrship in the bother of dead Bingu.

  18. Alex says:

    He sounds like a senile old man complaining that the kids won’t listen to him.

  19. oga chijoke says:

    Apart from that I’m with APM on not just journalists but Malawians in general trying to please foreigners by demonising our own country. We’re not perfect but we have some nice things too. A challenge to you journalists: find one positive thing to report about Malawi per week and publish. Worth it I say!

  20. oga chijoke says:

    Mr President you hope to turn around the fortunes of the country with 3 foreign companies: one chinese and two potential Egyptian? Are u on weed?

  21. Baba wa boy says:

    Same old old. Malawians taking everything out of context.

    The man did not say Malawi is not poor, all he said was if we, the owners of the country report negatively on our country it makes foreigners think twice to come here, and that hurts us.

    There are a lot of countries that are more dangerous than Malawi, but tourists flock there, because their journalists do not report to score political vendettas, but to promote whatever attractions are there.

    If tell your child every day “you are a fool” the child becomes a fool. The minority of people in Malawi who are positive thinking are doing very well.

  22. Vakabu ya amphawi. says:

    Munthu umayamba kufuna kuchita bwino pamene wawuzidwa chilungamo. Ngakhale mawu a Mulungu amati mukanena chowonadi chidzakumasulani. Kuti Malawi itukuke ndipokhapokha ngati atola nkhani atamalemba zowona zokhazokha mopanda kubisa kathu. Chifukwa boma pochita manyazi liyenera kuti likonze zolakwikazo ndicholinga kuti mmawa lizayamikidwe. Mukonza bwanji zithu ngati anthu sakuwuzani chilungamo? Munthu amene mukumuyamikila koma akupanga zopusa samasitha chifukwa amawona ngati zonse zilibwino. Musasangalatse munthu pomuwuza bodza muzamupweteketsa. DPP=Chilungamo, chitezo, chitukuko kaya kwinako chani kaya.

  23. APM has made a good point we need to be patriotic sometimes timaonjeza. How on earth would one tell the world and prospective investors that Malawi is Ebola infected. Notwithstanding, APM has failed to mention that leaders (including him) have a role to play to change the picture of Malawi outside. It’s only real development, positive changes in cost of doing business, good governance, political and economic reforms that can make Malawi’s image to improve at global level. In case he does not know stories that Malawi is poor are not coming exclusively from Malawians to the world people come and see for themselves. Again, serious investors will look for official economic and social statistics from credible sources such as IMF and World Bank which I am ashamed in reality we are not doing fine. If we want foreigners not to see such stories let’s work to improve our standing statistically on social and economic development indicators and him as a president should show that commitment than fighting against our journalists who are just making references to some credible sources, e.g World Bank data. Being patriotic does not mean cooking figures or cheap propaganda that Malawi is rich. We did that during Kamuzu era where poverty statistics were a ‘guided government secret’. But that did not help us either. So, APM should not hate any reporter for calling a spade a spade. Good patriotism does not call for childish propaganda that Malawi is doing great or that Malawi’s per capita GDP is at par with Botswana when we know they are no drugs in the hospitals and poverty levels are escalating alarmingly. APM should focus on striving for to achieve measurable results and not worry much about advancing ‘feel good propaganda’. Let ‘the works of his hands speak for him’ as Bingu his brother said. Otherwise, don’t cry like a baby you have more important work to do to improve those reported development statistics than worrying about what people write in this ‘google’ era where information is at everyone’s finger tip.

  24. Achimidzimidzi says:

    By the way who disclosed that Malawians spend less than $1.00 a day and spend more on cellphones. Who do the world rankings. How come he says Malawi is number five or somewhere towards number one poorest country in the world. Stop those people first.

    Actually if a Malawian journalist said lake Malawi has bilharzia it was good becuase if these foreigners get it some of us in tourism industry can suffer alot more.

    I give you 30% for your advice. Thanks

  25. phwado says:

    Er….er…Malawi is the richest,hiv,nepotism and corrupt free country in the world.Ok Mr president

  26. James Nthala says:

    overpopulated prison cells….. the president is also saying same negative things about Malawi

  27. Kenkkk says:

    I don’t think any Malawian starts writing by saying Malawi is a very impoverished country in Southern Africa. That can only be from other African writers or Europeans or others. Unfortunately the whole world knows that malawi is very poor and that cannot be changed, hence these foreigners start describing us by poverty so that good Samaritans can help us. They Google and get all sorts of information about malawi, most catching of this information is unfortunately not favorable.

    But amongst ourselves we do talk about our poverty and there is no shame to talk to each other that the country is very poor. When we see foreign tourists or visitors, we talk well about our country and show them what we can offer, we don’t tell them about poverty. They can see it for themselves.

  28. Namukachapa says:

    It’s obvious that what certificate-thief Namkhumwa said was not original: he was his master’s voice. Kkkk

  29. Chauvinal Economists says:

    It sounds like APM is high on weed or he is a day dreamer; whichever he is I do not fucking care. I feel sorry where he is dragging our beautiful motherland. Does he know how local Jim and Jack are struggling due to his deficiency in economic planning? Correct me if he is Professor in nepotism

  30. pablo says:

    it is a corruption infested country!

  31. my right to speak! says:


  32. THE WISE ONE says:

    Nit APM…if it were Bingu yes

  33. johntembo Kuffor says:

    This is Ntata who speaks evil of his own country

  34. mbuzi says:

    useless advice. lets call a spade a spade.

  35. LAWFORD PALANI says:

    Awa awa. DPP thugs robbed Chakweras Victory

  36. sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Mr President you are really right that journalist should stop glorifying poverty in Malawi but in reality Malawi is really a very poor country after being in self rule for 50 solid years.All along presidents have been surrounded by opportunists that the lives of Malawians have greatly improved but in the real sense it had been lies.The leadership had been greedy in Malawi all along.Even your own brother amassed alot of riches within few years more than Nelson Mandela’s who came from very rich country than Malawi.You also had the audacity of bloating your wealth in exaggerated manner during asset declaration claiming to be handwriting error and you never apologised to Malawians..Muluzi stole billions meant for Malawians and nothing happened to him.Joyce Banda’s tenure was also a mess with billions stolen by very few people the money that would have helped the impoverished Malawians went into the pockets of very few.So Malawians are not glorifying poverty but that is the reality of situation on the ground.Even the state house itself where you live is surrounded by very impoverished people apart from a few lucky ones from area 44,12.Behind area 12 there is Kauma where people are living in untold poverty with no piped water,dusty roads,poor housing and any substandard stuff that fits that place.Take a walk one of these days and visit some of these places,if you won’t shed a tear then you are stone hearted and not fit to lead us.Malawi is in shameful poverty than in Kamuzu Banda’s time.

  37. mfana wa DPP says:

    Very true big man

  38. Bololo says:

    I agree with you on disease stories that are not even there but not on poverty. An average Malawian is POOR or are you telling me otherwise? That doesn’t mean we don’t have potential or Malawi as a country with its natural endowments is poor. If you don’t want negative stories on poverty to an average person in Malawi then do something and change our fortune. Supporting the middle class, give preferential incentives for Malawians to grow in business, improve on ease of doing business, take offence of excuses by your officers, demand more.

  39. grem naidze says:

    who wants to come to that counntry of nepotism.kumangosankhana maudindo nokhanokha

    1. My cell says:

      Mbuzi iwe wamano kunsi, kodi ukufuna anthu 11% atenge maudindo 70% amboma?

  40. bob mzunga says:

    Invest in TVM to start selling Malawi as a tourism destiny that will add value to visitor’s money. Invest in DSTV advertising like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Qartar. Malawi should not appear on internation tv by accident but on purpose! It is the responsibility of you and your cohorts to make malawi attractive. By the way, when you guys were outta government you were applauding such stories but now that you are in government such stories are bad. Terrible hypocricy!

  41. The president is quite right!!! Malawians need to modify the way we present our country to foreigners if we are to develop

  42. Amutchona says:

    Mu kuyiona nkhope ya President kuti afuna kulira? A Malawi ndinu oyipa? Kamuzu ankati “walira koto koto eeeeeeeee!”

  43. P. M says:

    Lets be patriotic guys, This guy is correct

  44. ujeni says:

    People are prisoners in their own homes iwe Peter Mutharika. By 5 O’clock towns are empty for fear of being killed by robbers. Kodi Pitala iwe umamva what lauguage?

  45. ujeni says:

    In other words reporters should stop writing the truth but lies. To point out that that kids in primary school even in cities sit on bare dust ground is not a cliche. Mdala uyu nzeru alibe.

  46. Chemjambe says:

    Komadi zoona makamaka a Nyasatimes mumakonda ka slogan kanu koti Malawi is impoverished nation in southern Africa mulekeletu……..mmati amve ndani kodi ? popeza ife eni ake timadziwa kale

  47. Nachipanti says:

    Malawi is demonized by some fraudulent malpractices when dealing with issues of national interest. The eyes of the nation are also in the media who are tirelessly getting information day in day out. The Lake is not well taken care of already and that is indeed prone to Bilharzia. Government is not taking a stand on some key issues and when media report on such you say they are demonizing. Media are doing a good job informing the nation and thats why government is busy coming up with a bill to regulate other social platforms and introduce taxes on SMS/Internet kuti anthu tisamakhale ndi info.

  48. M O K Otanjere says:

    Spot on Mr President.

  49. Nabetha says:

    President akumvesa chisoni mwe. You can not be proud with the coming of another telecommunication company because the same Malawians who will subscribe to this service provider will be charged high rates.

  50. MELINDA says:

    iwe usationjeze,nanga muzinamiza a Malawi

  51. blessing lipengs says:

    on this one Mr President I totally agree with you 100% this time!!! not the chicken goat giving president we had . I will be praying for you and my country

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