Mutharika at Ngoni N’cwala festival: Calls for ‘good neighbourliness’ for Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique

Malawian President Peter Mutharika has called for continued “good neighbourliness” for Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique.

Malawi President Mutharika joined Zambia President Lungu to celebrate N’cwala Festival in Chipata

Malawi President Mutharika joined Zambia President Lungu to celebrate N’cwala Festival in Chipata

Mutharika joins the Ngoni dance

Mutharika joins Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu for the Ngoni dance

Mutharika made the call on Saturday at Paramount Chief Mpezeni headquarters in Chipata, Zambia when he participated in the annual Ngoni N’cwala festival.

“ I am pleased to note that our people that live along the common boundaries continue to peacefully co-exist, intermarry, and trade with each other. This can only be attributed to our good neighbourliness,” noted Mutharika in his speech.

He said the gathering strengthened Malawi ties with Zambia but also celebrated the richness of the Ngoni culture in Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique.

“We should also not forget that our countries exist within the global village whose people have different cultures. Thus, while we must safeguard and fully understand our traditions, we should also be keen to learn about cultures of other countries, in order to develop a greater understanding of the world we live in. We cannot survive in the modern world in isolation.

“ We can only be full participants of the global village by interacting and understanding of other cultures,” he said.

The President noted that Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia do not only share the Ngoni Culture but also have common languages.

Mutharika said annual cultural events offer a platform of exchanging cultural values which are important for understanding and respecting one another.

He said such festivals are also a base for the development and promotion of cultural tourism which is a catalyst for social economic growth.

The N’cwala ceremony takes place once a year among the Ngoni. It is also a celebration of the first fruits of the season.

The Mpezeni chieftainship was founded by Zwangendaba, a former general of King Shaka of the Zulu, who fled the Mfecane. It is named after the Ngoni warrior-king Mpezeni who rose up in 1897 with over 4,000 warriors against the British who were taking control of Nyasaland and North-Eastern Rhodesia, and was defeated.

He signed a treaty which allowed him to rule as Paramount Chief of the Ngoni and his successors use his name in the title to this day.

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Koma zimenezi mukuchitazi sizabwino ai zakuti mupange mugwirizane ndi a UDF chifukwa chian? kuopa ?

Chimbaza lenzo

Keep on touring and learn new things

Kaliati Galu

These are real men, and not Mlakho


Waste of taxpayers money this professor is crazy being a professor doest mean u can b a president.its sad for poor Malawi.


remember most journalists are not historians.


Abale kunena zoona APM my president akuoneka chinyamata kukongola state house ndi dhilu


President uyu akusowa nchito. Zambia has an important Presidential Inauguration you didnt go now you go to a culture party, palinzeru pamenepa. With all the mountainful problems Malawi has, can someone give this clueless president some serious work to do


Why Peter didn’t attend the coronation of M’mbelwa at Edingeni? Is Getrude related to Mpezeni royal family? Between the events which was relevant to Mr president? I Mgwazeni from Emuchakacheni.


Paja the Muthalika’s bambo awo ndi alomwe ndipo Mai ndi angoni eti. Kapena Bingu amanama kuti anali a Ku ntcheu ndipo anaikidwa Ku ntcheu komweko.

gule wamkulu

Ulendo wonse basi kukamwa mowa wa Angoni. kikikikikikki. Koma abwana. Ashhhhhh. Kodi mulibe anzanu oti mutha kumapita azikatigawila ndalama. Era you alone basi?

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