Mutharika begs donors to assist Malawi with $500m to repair flood damage

President Peter Mutharika has appealed for international support for rebuilding parts of Malawi that were devastated by floods in January that may cost more than $400 million.

Clark (R) receiving the PDNA report from President Peter Mutharika as  Vice President Saulos Chilima looks on

Clark (R) receiving the PDNA report from President Peter Mutharika as Vice President Saulos Chilima looks on

Mutharika, said Malawi — one of the poorest countries in the world — needed “critical thinking and re-direction” in the wake of the deadly floods that killed 176 people

“I would like to appeal for international support in this recovery and reconstruction programme as $494 million is an enormous sum of money,” Mutharika said at Post Disaster Needs Assessment Report.

The short-term reconstruction could be completed within a year but the longer-term efforts could take up to five years, said the report, which was backed by the European Union, World Bank and the United Nations.

“The PDNA Report shows that the floods indeed caused substantial damage and losses in the productive, public infrastructure and social service sectors, including private and community assets,” said Mutharika, adding “Restoring these services and assets will not be easy.  I, therefore, call upon all of us to join hands and act with unity of purpose as a nation to restore these services and assets.”

Paul Chinangwa of the Department of Disaster Management Affairs, said the rains cost the agriculture sector $65 million — sweeping away 200,000 livestock, 520,000 houses and 1,000 kilometres of roads.

“The floods hit the poor hard and further pushed them into poverty,” he said.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) administrator Helen Clark said in a speech at the launch of the report: “The floods were an appalling tragedy, and there can be little solace for those who have lost so much. Now, it is important to support the communities to build back better.”

The recovery plan was an opportunity to “increase public understanding of the risk of future flooding”.

It was “unlikely that these will be the last floods or the last natural hazard to hit Malawi,” she said.

“The recovery efforts should address not only the consequences of this year’s floods, but also take into account other hazards – including drought,” Clark said.

Clark also said farmers needed help to feed their families over the next year, calling for the provision of tools, seeds and livestock, and said repairing key roads would restore access to basic services and markets.

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest and most densely populated countries, and about 85 percent of its 17.5 million population are farmers living in rural areas.

Longer-term investment in disaster risk reduction measures, including better early-warning systems and water management systems, could minimise the impact of future flooding and recurrent dry spells, according to the report.

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33 thoughts on “Mutharika begs donors to assist Malawi with $500m to repair flood damage”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    I wholeheartedly thank donor nations for their clean humanity to help poor people in whatever assistance we can ask from them day in day out,but that assistance lands into the hands of cruel,corrupt and greedy leadership.Just for instance,look at the mansion the late President Bingu Wa Muthalika ( nicknamed small White House) had built in Cholo that had cost poor tax- payers’ millions of dollars in one of the poorest countries on earth.And lately Peter boasted himself that in five years time he will not seek donors’ assistance for Malawi,will stand on its own feet.What a miscalculated presentation? What donors friends can do if they want to send help to Malawi,they should send it direct to national agencies otherwise the funds will land into dirty hands.Do not trust Muthalika and his gangsters they will keep the funds ready for the next general elections.You know what I mean.

  2. Tiyanjane says:

    My dear Donors,
    Thank you for your readiness to help with flood recovery plans. In case you are not aware, Malawi has fairly good and experienced organizations that can ensure proper targeting of your contributions. These are: Unicef, Oxfam, Action Aid, Project Concern, Save the Children, MSF, Concern Universal, Africare, Cadecom, Church Socities, CARD, Eagle, Evangelical Outreach.

    Beware of an organization named after a certain floor polish.
    Yours Truly Tiyanjane

  3. BOY MASAKA says:


  4. Bobo says:

    Where the f.. is cashgate money???

  5. Suzgo Kamanga. says:

    Most of us Malawians are myopic for other reasons known to ourselves. We see and know the truth but sideline it to pursue our goal. Most of the people that are involved in the cashgate are busy writing stupid comments here, as if they or their relative wasn’t involved. What’s the matter when a leader asks for assistance after a disaster? To many of you who don’t know about NGO’s better shut up. Which NGO’s should be trusted with donor aid? Go and ask the junior staff in the so called NGO’s, you would be astounded with how much is being looted there. Can’t you see these days almost all juniors in NGO’s look like amagwira kwa mmwenye? If she is a woman and mumamuona kuti zikuyenda, ziwani akuyenda ndi abwana as their routine in NGO’s. Amalawi anzanga muti bwanji??

  6. MASO A GULU says:


    THE GOVERNMENT is failing to arrest the cashgaters and seize their property to revover the money
    So why should donors bother themselves giving you moneys ??

  7. chiipiraachaje says:

    Mathanyula tsopano…thief turned into a beggar!!! DONORS DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS!!!! He stole votes, he should dance to his own tune.


    As a poor Malawian myself I do not agree with emotional conclusions that donors should not help our country fearing that whatever is donated will end in wrong hands.While it is undeniable fact that our country has in recent times done so badly on our finances management, as indeed shown by the infamous cashgate,it may be quite naive to think that there is nothing positive our government is doing.If you go to our public hospitals, schools,prisons, and if you consider recent police successes against lawbreakers, surely you will appreciate that government is still doing a lot regardless of some of the areas it is failing to have its impact felt.My plea, therefore, is that donors shouid not listen to individuals who are not representing anybody but the government, which we voted into power, and hence representing us, Malawians.

    1. kadamanja says:

      Its your own government that is making you poor by stealing instead by helping poor Malawians, therefore Donors should not.

  9. Jelbin mk says:

    Hoveliwa I like ur poit “u can’t hide pregnancy” Kkkkkkk. This maroon is really brainless he always contradicts himself if not self contradiction then its a lie he is at loggerheads with the truth. Last time I checked I found out from a foolish Gerard Viola that donors dad returned to Malawi because of peter’s good policies. But now I wonder if it is hard to use the donated money in cushioning the flood impacts. Kachaje highlighted yesterday that the floods had affected the economy badly so that it is not easy to have our economy realise a boom as our lying president had put it in our August house,but what responses did Kachaje get from the DPP unlearned cadets? “you are a fake economist kachaje” even being insulted. Now the president is here begging $500 to cushion the disaster’s impact of which he was refused by his own parliament demanding a thorough report detailing how they spent the donations that flocked in after the disaster,falling short of answers the president has decided to go to the international community now for aid of which I strongly believe he and his cabinet want to abuse because how hard it was to explain to parliament how they dis based funds realised from previous donations the guy is frustrated he and Goodal are trying every trick to steal this is justified by the duplication of projects which were already funded by some other development partners that an mcp law maker exposed in parliament last week and now they are on it again.

  10. kadamanja says:

    So who is worst begger between JB and Peter Mathanyula? mumamunyaza Jb. Kukamwa ngati nsomba ya mlamba.

  11. kadamanja says:


  12. Zanga Phee! says:

    I wish all donors would have to emulate from China to come and implement on their own capacity we are sick and tired of being used in the name of poorest nation, in the other side building mansions on personal grounds but with the same money intended for poorest people shame with Malawians.See my name.

  13. pragmatic boy says:

    Our President, I can foresee that this country is going nowhere.

  14. Begging Bowl says:

    Zero budget yakanika tsopano.Now having a begging bowl to the mzungu tsopano for alms with Saulosi on his queue admiring his friend.Ati Saulosi ukakhalepo ndikamapempha mwina mzimayi uja akatitenga kuti tili serious tikakhalapo anthu awiri.

  15. P. M says:

    All the people who are critisizing peter are all jealasy just becouse most of the part that was heavly affected by the floods are from southern part of malawi and those critisizing are from North, people who are against southerners,DONORS DONT LISTERN TO OTHER PEOPLE, HELP OUR PEOPLE WHO ARE REALY SUFERING, THE PRESDENT IS INDEED TRUE AND HONEST

  16. Changoima Boy says:

    #Masoambeta,no facts in your comment,you mean you don’t know that every gvt has two budgets? development and recurrent budget,so you mean gvt should even ask donors to pay salareis for its civil servants?

    Malawi can stand on its own to run its recurrent budget and rely on donor support on development budget.

    A layman like me can even lecture a noble person like you Masoambeta on how gvt runs its budget,know it abwana,think b4 you open your mouth.

  17. baby says:

    Koma anthu a chakwera ndiye mukulira mokwezatu. Balirani mpaka mutuluke magazi mmaso.

  18. Foxyann says:

    Burning issues and petty politics are different things.What should a poor Malawian do? Effects of the deadly floods are a reality.If EU,WB&UN have backed the report,who is there to deny poor Malawians. Let’s be realistic else we may bring God’s wroth upon ourselves.Timapemphera lamulo loposa onse tikulidziwa!

  19. estery chibambo U.K says:

    PLIZ DONORS I BEG , DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN ANYTHING . If you want to help Malawi do it on your own accord I have warned you. The money will go to Thyolo, stupid organaisations like BEAM Or it will go towards purchasing the so called presidential jet. Malawi really need help but if you channel your donations towards this good for nothing old man surely mark my words, the money will end up in his bank account . Selfish , stupid people like him keep on begging money in the name of the so called POOR PEOPLE OF MALAWI and when honest hard working people donates ,the funds are just misused or taken by these selfish leaders,DONORS PLIZ PLIZ DO NOT!!!!!!!. I am one of the people here in UK who honestly tell tell people I work with not to donate even a penny to Malawi government because I know where the money will end up. Ali ndi chakukhosi andipeze

  20. yohane says:

    It’s so ironic that as malawi here we are again launching a report. How much did it cost malawi to. Launch this report. Why launching. We love spending as a country next timva me apanga nsalu for the occassion. What a useless country

  21. Masoambeta says:

    A stupid man allows his mouth to open without aiming to mean what his stupid mouth will say.
    That APM has PhD in law is doubtful, if so, let’s dig this goon deeper.

    His speeches are so disjointed and lacking logic that a person who reads policies would deduce emptiness and cretinous direction of his ejacualtions! Inane and sophomoric president!

    Today he is going to beg while yesterday he’d said we can sustain on our own. Please read his manifesto before he got elected and compare what he’s doing now. It’s either Malawians are too stupid or they’re very forgiving and forgetting that such tomfoolery should happen on this large scale. Idiocy is the word.

  22. Mccarthy says:

    This APM is a really joker, you need U$500 Million” how many times you been asking for help? And where is MK92 Billion? This is another cash-gate, Believe it or not.

    1. Makwasa says:

      Now, be reasonable $500 million dollars is a lot of money. Donors be ware! Do not give any money to the government rather channel it through established NGO’s, don’t say you jwere not warned. Wait until the audit report for $92 billion is done

  23. Bandawe says:

    A week ago Mathanyula said our economy is on track, don’t label Malawi as a poor nation, we are rich! Now you are asking for $500 million? Are you serious? Are you out of your mind? Who in their right mind will give away $500 million?

  24. crazy stuff says:

    Fat drunken begger. wO pussa

  25. Kadakwiza says:

    What happened to your Zero what, what budget you had been boasting all these years. I thought you said you are no longer going to the west but to the east. What happened to your new friends in the east? We have been saying all along that this lomwe government is useless.

  26. Patriot says:

    Zonsezi wapangitsa ndi Mbendera.
    Anawinayo si gogoyu ayi

  27. manunkha says:

    how bad were the floods? Can someone share the data. Im in Australia and we depend on news chanels like BBC, aljazeera, CNN for news. But they only showed us parts not the whole destruction. Nyasa times has not been helpful either. Now to be told we need 400 million us dollars, it scares me. Pliz donors help us

  28. vitselekwete says:

    With outstanding 92 billion cashgate?? Peter you must be dreaming. Nothing will save Malawi unless the DPP is removed.

  29. White Rabbit says:

    Begging! Little boy peter is begging! But he says the Malawi economy is doing so well…and at the same time begging!
    This little boy peter wants to steal from yet another cookie jar.

  30. hoveliwa says:

    U said we shouldn’t call our beautiful land “one of the poorest. Ur at it again” you can’t hide pregnancy. We r indeed poor.

  31. ujeni says:

    Show your leadership skills fake professor, sensitive the people in flood prone areas to move out completely or resettle people in safe areas. Begging begging is what Muluzi was good at. When JB begged for some external help, you went to town saying she was clueless, huh! Who is a clueless and a liar now? YOU!!!!!

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