Mutharika bloated delegation to New York gobbles public funds: Mapwevupwevu adventure

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has taken a delegation of over 100 people that included cabinet ministers, security aides and support staff to attend the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, it has emerged.

Mutharika off to New York

Mutharika off to New York

Insiders say Mutharika left the country with a large entourage of officials and hangers-on who have turned the annual UN meetings into a shopping opportunity and feasting (Mapwevupwevu) adventure for his cronies.

“The effect of such trips on the fiscus is unbearable,” a senior government official said.

“It does not need 100 people,” said the official. “What he needs are the relevant ministers, supporting staff and aides, not an army of officials.”

Social commentator Stanley Onjezani Kenani said Mutharika has broken the record to the first Malawian President to take such an entourage to New York.

“This reform is a joke. We are told the Junior Certificate must go, apparently to save K2 billion, while at the same time spending a good fraction of a billion on cronies the President is taking with him on a shopping trip to New York,” lamented Kenani on Facebook.

“We’re focusing on some parastatals while not touching the biggest spender of public funds — State House. We cannot talk about reform while allocating unjustifiable billions of kwacha to State Residences.

“We cannot talk about reform while the President is spending recklessly. We cannot talk about reform while the President’s motorcade still has 32 cars. Until we see real change in the budgets for State Residences and in international travel, reform is a game of make-believe,” argued Kenani.

Nyasa Times findings show that President Mutharika’s inner entourage comprises ruling DPP sympathisers from Thyolo, his wife, doctor and political associates.

But Director of Information, Bright Molande said “it is difficult for us to comment on a blanket figure, let’s analyse it.”

He told Zodiak radio: “We have to analyse who is funding who.”

Molande hinted a number of people in the delegation are ruling DPP sympathises being funded by the governing party, but said his comment on that was merely “hypothetical position”.

Every year in the month of September, World leaders converge in America to discuss issues affecting the globe.

This year, it is expected that among other issues, leaders will report on the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) which they had agreed 15 years ago while also endorse new sustainable development goals that countries will have to focus on for the same period of time.

Speaking at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, Mutharika said Malawi has only managed to achieve four out of eight agreed millennium development goals.

The President, however, blamed the country’s failure on lack of finances especially from development partners who he said were good at making promises to support and yet could not honour their promises.

“As a country we wouldn’t say we have done bad, no, we have tried our best only that insufficient funds were and has been our major setback” he explained.

Mutharika then described his attendance to the UN meeting as crucial since it will cover a range of issues including youth and women empowerment, HIV and Aids as well as environment.

“This is a very important trip as leaders are going to tackle issues affecting the world with focus on local resource mobilization and how we can reduce new HIV infections,” Mutharika said.

About 17 new Sustainable Development Goals will be agreed up on by the world leaders during this meeting. –Additional reporting by Wanga Gwede, Nyasa Times

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kutukwana is against God. Let us pray for our country

Achoke basi. Malawi take the streets and show him they way we did with his brother! These are the signs and symptoms of a failed leader! we cannot allow him to take this country to where Mugabe took Zimbabwe because they took too long to think and act. The time has come and we must act now. We dont need a president who is sleeping half the time. We have waited for so long for him to wake up and rule this country. It seems he is on a comma, he might not wake up at all from his slumber!… Read more »
Only Democrat Left

IMPEACH Mutharika, get the ropes ready to tie him to a tree like the Liberians did with Master Sargent Doe. Mutharika is LOOTER.

The ways you guys report abo ut Malawi, its as if there is nothing happening and people are dying of hunger and diseases on daily basis. Three of my Malawian friends who are working overseas, who visited their home country were surprised that the picture on the ground is not true. They said, yes Malawi has challenges but are over-exaggerated in the press and online news, especially comment sections. Actually one said, after working overseas for three years, he has found Malawi to be better than it was and the people are more jacked up, at least in the urban… Read more »

This is style of the malawian president, if u can remember bwino bwino amai nso anazipanga zomwezi anatenga mafumu ndi ma vendor kupita nawo Ku nsokhano ngati omweu


A Chakwera tifunsireni kwa Chauta kuti anachitilanji izi? Kuti ana ake azunzuke kwa matchonawa? Tidzingofa? Ambuye atikhululukire ngati tinalakwitsa pena atichotsere chipsinjochi ana ake angathe


I don’t think the puppet knows that over a hundred people have accompaned him to New York. I think he only knows of people who were in the Jet with him. But I’m sure president Ben Phiri knows each and every delegate from Malawi because he approved their travel


Including the a bingu senderani dancers kkkkkk


so u mean malawians mwayiwala kale? Now u want chakwera to wake up and react on ur behalf yet u did not give him votes? Foolish pple. Chakwera if u r sleeping pliz sleep more and don’t wake u until these pple shall accept that u were our heavenly sent. Ine zimandiwawabe mpaka pano that u r not in power.


Iweyo Molandewe naawenso sindiye gold diggeryo? Utiuza chiani?

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