Mutharika bloated delegation to New York gobbles public funds: Mapwevupwevu adventure

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has taken a delegation of over 100 people that included cabinet ministers, security aides and support staff to attend the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, it has emerged.

Mutharika off to New York

Mutharika off to New York

Insiders say Mutharika left the country with a large entourage of officials and hangers-on who have turned the annual UN meetings into a shopping opportunity and feasting (Mapwevupwevu) adventure for his cronies.

“The effect of such trips on the fiscus is unbearable,” a senior government official said.

“It does not need 100 people,” said the official. “What he needs are the relevant ministers, supporting staff and aides, not an army of officials.”

Social commentator Stanley Onjezani Kenani said Mutharika has broken the record to the first Malawian President to take such an entourage to New York.

“This reform is a joke. We are told the Junior Certificate must go, apparently to save K2 billion, while at the same time spending a good fraction of a billion on cronies the President is taking with him on a shopping trip to New York,” lamented Kenani on Facebook.

“We’re focusing on some parastatals while not touching the biggest spender of public funds — State House. We cannot talk about reform while allocating unjustifiable billions of kwacha to State Residences.

“We cannot talk about reform while the President is spending recklessly. We cannot talk about reform while the President’s motorcade still has 32 cars. Until we see real change in the budgets for State Residences and in international travel, reform is a game of make-believe,” argued Kenani.

Nyasa Times findings show that President Mutharika’s inner entourage comprises ruling DPP sympathisers from Thyolo, his wife, doctor and political associates.

But Director of Information, Bright Molande said “it is difficult for us to comment on a blanket figure, let’s analyse it.”

He told Zodiak radio: “We have to analyse who is funding who.”

Molande hinted a number of people in the delegation are ruling DPP sympathises being funded by the governing party, but said his comment on that was merely “hypothetical position”.

Every year in the month of September, World leaders converge in America to discuss issues affecting the globe.

This year, it is expected that among other issues, leaders will report on the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) which they had agreed 15 years ago while also endorse new sustainable development goals that countries will have to focus on for the same period of time.

Speaking at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, Mutharika said Malawi has only managed to achieve four out of eight agreed millennium development goals.

The President, however, blamed the country’s failure on lack of finances especially from development partners who he said were good at making promises to support and yet could not honour their promises.

“As a country we wouldn’t say we have done bad, no, we have tried our best only that insufficient funds were and has been our major setback” he explained.

Mutharika then described his attendance to the UN meeting as crucial since it will cover a range of issues including youth and women empowerment, HIV and Aids as well as environment.

“This is a very important trip as leaders are going to tackle issues affecting the world with focus on local resource mobilization and how we can reduce new HIV infections,” Mutharika said.

About 17 new Sustainable Development Goals will be agreed up on by the world leaders during this meeting. –Additional reporting by Wanga Gwede, Nyasa Times

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76 thoughts on “Mutharika bloated delegation to New York gobbles public funds: Mapwevupwevu adventure”

  1. kaya says:

    kutukwana is against God. Let us pray for our country

  2. chigumula says:

    Achoke basi. Malawi take the streets and show him they way we did with his brother!
    These are the signs and symptoms of a failed leader! we cannot allow him to take this country to where Mugabe took Zimbabwe because they took too long to think and act.

    The time has come and we must act now. We dont need a president who is sleeping half the time. We have waited for so long for him to wake up and rule this country. It seems he is on a comma, he might not wake up at all from his slumber!

    Dzuka Malawi Dzuka! This president must go before it is too late!

  3. Only Democrat Left says:

    IMPEACH Mutharika, get the ropes ready to tie him to a tree like the Liberians did with Master Sargent Doe. Mutharika is LOOTER.

  4. Truth says:

    The ways you guys report abo ut Malawi, its as if there is nothing happening and people are dying of hunger and diseases on daily basis. Three of my Malawian friends who are working overseas, who visited their home country were surprised that the picture on the ground is not true. They said, yes Malawi has challenges but are over-exaggerated in the press and online news, especially comment sections. Actually one said, after working overseas for three years, he has found Malawi to be better than it was and the people are more jacked up, at least in the urban areas. I think, we may be having two economies in Malawi, one rural and other urban and that Malawians are largely too political, unfortunately based on tribal lines.


  5. baggio says:

    This is style of the malawian president, if u can remember bwino bwino amai nso anazipanga zomwezi anatenga mafumu ndi ma vendor kupita nawo Ku nsokhano ngati omweu

  6. Chinena says:

    A Chakwera tifunsireni kwa Chauta kuti anachitilanji izi? Kuti ana ake azunzuke kwa matchonawa? Tidzingofa? Ambuye atikhululukire ngati tinalakwitsa pena atichotsere chipsinjochi ana ake angathe

  7. Hoitty says:

    I don’t think the puppet knows that over a hundred people have accompaned him to New York. I think he only knows of people who were in the Jet with him. But I’m sure president Ben Phiri knows each and every delegate from Malawi because he approved their travel

  8. vendort says:

    Including the a bingu senderani dancers kkkkkk

  9. mpimpa says:

    so u mean malawians mwayiwala kale? Now u want chakwera to wake up and react on ur behalf yet u did not give him votes? Foolish pple. Chakwera if u r sleeping pliz sleep more and don’t wake u until these pple shall accept that u were our heavenly sent. Ine zimandiwawabe mpaka pano that u r not in power.

  10. Namasina says:

    Iweyo Molandewe naawenso sindiye gold diggeryo? Utiuza chiani?

  11. Chimani. Game says:

    An open letter to the army general,please take over the government

  12. kodi paja abale ake asatana amakweza manja mwamba eti? Please gogle queen and adolf hitla. Nayeso peter munthalika akupanga zomwezo. Peter watembelera dziko popita ku usa. Amalawi peturo sumungamuthe mwachepa mukabadweso kawiri.

  13. chingolopiyo says:

    Alfred Chauwa this is myopic reporting. You mean your source is Onjezani and source being face book. On facebook people can fake stories. I thought you being a reporter you will defend your story with concrete evidence by giving the readers the list of 100 people you know and their position. Its a high time reporters should do a better homework and start presenting facts not fictions or fake stories. On abolishing JCE and PSLC its not a bad thing. In advansided countries, there is GSCe’s AND A Levels. I beg to be educated, is JCE certificate valid document in Malawi? What about PSLC is it valid? After all the Malawi degrees are a Higher Diploma rated on the world class. Every jim and jack now is a politician, even those who are failing to support their own families are able to measure government performance. What a shame.

  14. Kennedy says:

    How long shall we suffer because of this rubbish peter?
    Our Lord God can you have mercy on us by removing this evil peter like you did to his brother plzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Its better one weaked man to be removed before he perscute millions of malawians.

  15. DOBO says:

    Kaya zanu izo, ife ndiye ku South tikumva kukoma. Chakudya ndikutapa kutaya, magatsi kaya chiani zonse boo

  16. keliland says:

    APM is absolutely failing to deliver and to change Malawi to another level. Imagine suspending seed subsidy yet about 25 districts out of 28 are roaming with hunger due to floods and less rainfall due to climate change. The reasonable President would have find ways and increases number of beneficiaries. Fertilizer is meant for maize how can he provide it without hybrid maize seed that can in return produce high yields than applying to local variety seeds. It is totally no sense to provide a farmer with fertilizer and legume seed like soya beans and g/nuts. Fertilizer subsidy is a good program if implemented rightly

  17. Naphili says:

    Doctor wa ku Malawi akataniko ku USA? He wont even know how to use a mask| As for the so called president nobody understands what he is saying when he is talking| At least bingu was handsome and intelligent zinangolakwika ku mapetoku.

  18. fela says:

    this president is useless.u be surprise to learn that he doesnt know that his delegation has 111 people.because he is very weak his aides at state house are taking advantage.i have never seen a weak and lame president like this one.

  19. Tina says:

    We are writing because we are not happy. Who is listening? Who is acting? Who is honest? Who is afraid to speak? David Cameron takes himself or responsible person never seen more than five. Poorest Country can you learn how to govern from Europe. This is why, you are hearing China has gone devaluation ukunkanso konko kuti akupake phala tidziti wadya. Nanu ovotanu

  20. Helo says:

    Tawonani pa lisanipo!

  21. Achikulire says:

    mr IBHU from mollywood now a week cant pass without you realeasing a movie!!!! Or can i call it “mapwevupwevu governance” season 2 episode 4 hahaha!!! Mr Ibhu our president i stopped getting mad at you way back in episode 1 u make laugh big time!!!

  22. Reach out ministries says:

    Dzanja likulemba nkhoma…MENE MENE TEKEL UFARSIN Mulungu wawelenga ufumu wanu nautha

  23. M'Bingo mutalikaaa says:

    Mafana ndine m’bingo, ndemukuti chaniiii? Dalama ndi watu ziko di lanu.. Sikunati chaka China nditenga muzi onse Wa kwagoliyati…yes mumavota noka maphwanga

  24. Apawo says:

    Typical APM: Blaming the donors for not meeting MDGs while doing absolutely nothing to provide funds for the same. APM is a big drain on the public purse through the numerous state residencies most of which are grossly underutilized; bloated convoys, bloated number of advisers, unnecessary re-deployments of senior public officers resulting in 2 or 3 people being being paid hefty salaries and benefits for one post, bloated entourages like this one, frequent state funded mapwevupwevu, e.t.c.

    When it doesn’t concern him, APM can surprisingly take bold decisions like abolishing JCE. I wish he could show the same boldness in changing all the things that I have mentioned. But this is not going to happen…APM loves the trappings of being President, anything else is someone else’s problem

  25. Naphili says:

    The poorest country in Africa will remain poor forever| A Malawi kupusa ndiye muziona, No water no electrictyetc and still you worship this this git|

  26. nthandalanda says:

    Iwe Clement, you are very very stupid. Where was JB getting resources to support mslawians? Should we say that JB is wiser than the fake Professor? God does not and will not give people who does not work. Peter is using the few taxes MRA collects to global trot. He is mad.

  27. SOKONOMBWE says:


  28. New generation says:

    Chosecho akulephera kukwenza maphunziro a ana a special needs saying the government has no money, this time specialist teachers are not working throughout the country crying for their dues since 2011 yet there is ministry of Disability plus Education. Shame to uuuu!!

  29. jose ramos says:

    who is the head of the malawi army? this is the time to depose this stupid so called leader and fee malawians. just don’t let him back. but then, like most people in this foolish country, the head of the army is either a coward or he has been bought by the president.

  30. NEd says:

    The world will now know that in Malawi all people are really insane and dumb that is if you let the president get away with this.
    where are the learned people,judges,doctors, lawyers,military officers,please save the innocent poor Malawians from this viper

  31. Truth Pains says:

    Malawi as a nation is fast heading into the dustbins of history as a failed state. This foolish leader Mutharika needs to be held accountable and impeached.
    A delegation of 111 costs Malawians not Mutharika say each one costs 10,000 US Dollars for air ticket and accommodation and allowances, will cost Malawians $1,1 million add to that Mutharika’s and the equally ugly wife’s expanses then the total cost will exceed $2 million. Stupidity at its worst.
    Donor countries are watching, so is CIA in New York ,as well as other leaders and the UN our President is exhibiting the foolishness of Malawians. Crazy insane man, full of CHAAMBA. .

  32. JB says:

    Koma nkhani ya Bushiri ndiye everybody is wise when your own govt is bullshitting kukamwa yasa no wonder theres poverty in that country kupusa tulo. LETS TAKE THESE PEOPLE TO TASK PEOPLE WE VOTED THEM IN WE CAN BOOT THEM OUT

  33. khuere says:


  34. Joseph Banda says:

    Ah NYASATIM ES, Zodiak, IAM JUST LISTENING TO A BBC ON THE UN programme. THEY SEEM TO SAY THIS YEAR IS A SPACIAL ONE AND HAVE DECIDED TO HEAR FROM THE SELECTED PEOPLE EVEN FROM THE VILLAGES. In this BBC program i have hear youth from Africa India etc right there in USA. You may wish to hear it. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE SO CALLED BLOATED FIGURE IS TO MEET THE REQUEST OF UN? Please investigate!!! Forget your law suit with APM

  35. sapitwa says:

    100 people, another one says 111; so which is which?
    This needs investigations and if found true, the President needs to explain as to why this figure.
    Kamuzu used to send more than this figure and one would understand then as he had more enemies hence why money was being wasted for his security than developing more on the country.

    In the new dispensation, a President does not need more than 5 personnel for Security, more than two Cabinet Ministers, more than 3 PSs. His total personnel would be 15 at most. This is the UN Assembly meeting and nothing more to it. Those who have their needs for business in New York could have done it at another time.
    Shame! Shame!

  36. tsetsefly says:

    Awa akufunika makofi. I think this man smoked too much malijuana in U.S.A. Does he have any reasoning power this man? Its a shame, big shame to those who casted their votes for him.

  37. nachisale says:

    I cry for my money while they deduct me every month-end and daily, some fools are busy abusing such funds yet people are dying in hospitals for lack of medicines, kodi amalawi bwanji tili chete, tulo kapena mantha, I agree with those for Bukina faso style lets do it, ngati tinatenthetsa Bingu mpaka kufa ndi kadya kalista ndiye chikuvuta kwa pitala nd chani? i wish that plan should clash indeed so that malawi should be delivered out of of these demonic leaders who dont have mercy on its citizens. if some people have used DPP funds, why combine the trip with that of UN? osapanga wawo bwanji? that’s not justifiable these fools are using our taxes, koma tsiku lina Mulungu adzayankha. zonsezi ndiwe Maxon Mbendera dyera la ndalama nkana unapereka dziko la malawi kwa munthu wosayenera kulira kwa amalawi ndi tsoka lako pangatalike udzakumana nalo. what if titagwirizana amalawi tisiye kupereka misonkho yathu tione kuti aziyendera kunjako chani? pitalatu kuno sikwawo ndipo akuziwa kuti akaononga dzikoli azapita kunja kukapitiliza kuphunzitsa, munthu wotani wopanda nzeru, mayo, malawi wanga ine akanati akufa azidzuka nkanati bola kamuzu Banda adzuke atilamulirenso, makadi sinkhani bola good governance

  38. His Excellency President Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Dziko la Malawi kuli anthu ogona kwambiri. Thats why everybody takes us for granted.

  39. mamaaa says:

    Koma ndikumati boma lilibe ndalama nanga zimenezi azitenga kuti? Koma akudziwa kuti chaka chino kuli mpupuluzi woopshwa akuzidziwa? Tilumana ndithudi chakachake ndi chino.

  40. Willie Chimseu says:

    I understand fourty of them are photographers to cover the event as malawians are good at pictures

  41. Mama C says:

    Malawians how stupid are we all? First Lady is not a constitutional position, so Peter Mutharika’s wife is not entitled to any benefits, including free travel or motorcade and escorts. So why does opposition parties keep numb and not object? Surely its MCP and other opposition parties failing us. The Constitution of Republic of Malawi makes no mention whatsoever of a FIRST LADY nether does the Constitution stipulate benefits for a First Lady. Wake up dozy opposition, wake up!

  42. Samson says:

    Kodi dziko likupita kuti. MA councillors mpaka pano Ngongole kulibe, kuchipatala no medicine, katundu ofunika pa moyo wa munthu kukwera mtenho zedi.y

    Zovuta kwambiri. Kaya tithawile kuti.

  43. Chamba says:

    I don’t care if he has “high Level meetings”, or he takes pictures with Obama or crosses paths with The Pope while he is in New York. All I want is him to tell me how he is going to dig us out of this economic disaster that he has dragged us into withis 15 months of his presidency. Dzuka Malawi dzuka, nkale lija unayamba kugona, ufela kutulo

  44. bodadabodaa says:

    Eeeeeee 100??

  45. Ntwaya says:

    His brother ” Daniel Phiri” had a little more sense this dunderhead of a president. Daniel Phiri did not go to New York when our economy was in the toilet and believe me it was not as stinky as it is now. Where are the stupid advisors????? I bet they are on the trip accomodated in The Wordolf where the rich and famous stay. Dzuka Malawi Dzuka.

  46. Lopee says:

    My plea goes to the rich nations who are popular at inviting the poor nations to bear the high cost of flying to their developed countries. They must know that a better option is to come and hold their meetings right with the poor. Why should the poor visit the rich to discuss poverty when in actual fact it was supposed to be the other way round. These rich nations will continue to rob us. Look at the Malawi Investment Trade centre which held a forum to lure investors. To me, that was a worthwhile investment because a serious investor has to ‘invest’ i.e look for opportunities thereby spending. Osati ifeyo kuwayendera and spending out of the nothing we have.

    Do they know that air ticket and accommodation plus allowance for one envoy can rescue a child and educate him/her until tertiary education. What benefit have we so far had from these so called foreign summits apart from shaking hands with super poor leaders and spending more than we can benefit from them. Please Mr President, next time muzakane and let them come and visit you so that they appreciate why you are failing to attend such summits i.e. you are busy working on the problems of your people.

  47. Dwambazi says:

    What is the price tag for this trip??? ….. freedom of information and remember he said he was going to be tranparent??? its on record, its in the manifesto….. Malawians need to to know how much it has cost the poorest nation in the world to said its clueless President and his hand clappers to New York at a time when the Malawi Kwacha is at its lowest in history

  48. clement says:

    I don’t think kuti ngakhale titasitha president zithu ziyenda bwino. Ayi it won’t change,this is a time of seeking Grace n mercy from above through Christ Jesus, nothing alse . It’s a revelation time!

  49. Charombanthu says:

    God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, save us from this madness. How long shall we cry for our beloved country? We need a Moses to save us from this evil….

  50. sniper from ntcheu says:

    assassination loading ….

  51. Sindi says:

    I hope Dr. Saulos is not part of the entourage so that when the plane crashes and all the selfish mapwevupwevusits die, one guy will take over and turn around things in this country without fear of the selfish tribe called Lhomwe. Ambuye tikondeleni.

  52. Yatuta says:

    Can we show our anger by Action please, Let us demonstrated in all the major cities next week

  53. Hope says:

    This was what Undule was fighting against until you wanted to kill him. where are you Undule and Rafiq to help us . The nation need strong leaders from civil society these others are just cowards. It shows you guys are being missed indeed . A very big gap no civil society voice no pressure to peter . GOD bring back the undules to fight for us we are under siege as a country . Have mercy on us .

  54. Mzungumbuli says:

    Watsoka, udzimvere chisoni Maxoni Mbendela, unathandiza kubela mavoti a munthu uyu, Lero taona: Madandaulo athu ali pa mutu panu a Mbendela.

  55. MaiMai says:

    Kaya ndi bulutu wanuyu…nde muliratu till 2019 with this kind of leader??? I feel sorry for you guys

  56. Cashgate Jr. says:

    100 people is half of an entire full size jet. And so you are telling me that people will be clapping ???? their heavily worked hands for a job well done? What job exactly are talking about? This is typical of the leadership in Malawi. Yet people are quiet and don’t want to do something about it. Or should I say Mantha?
    Mavoti munabera, cashgate,simukuifufuza,boma likukanika kulamulira, anthu akufa ndi matenda opanda pake why you may ask? Because you took the money for the 32 car convoy you must have when the president of the richest country on earth (USA) has only five motor vehicle convoy. Two of those are ( decoy, and information systems) one is for emergency medical, one secret service. One for the President. Can you tell Malawian why you need more than 30 vehicle convoy Mr president?

  57. Wozitsata says:

    When Zodiak first broke the news about the size of the delegation Molande was at insisting that not everyone is using public funds for the trip and he promised to check with Ministry of Foreign affairs to provide the right information and up to now he hasn’t. That’s a clear sign that government is trying to manufacture lies to cover it’s act on the matter. Even the vocal MBC has up to now not commented. Whilst all this New York shopping spree is in progress Nation newspaper reports that Ministry of Health has withdrawn appointment letter for newly appointed health cadres because of budgetary constraints. Where are our priorities? Of late lots of school leavers have opted for training as Health workers believing that they will be guaranteed a job upon completion of their training and only to experience this? Why not suspend the malata subsidy program and divert the money to recruit more health workers?

  58. kwekka says:

    This is just plain stupid a malawi ndife atulo kumangodandaula osachitapo kanthu .Zitipindulila chani????zatikwana izi

  59. Wayawaya Dezodezo says:

    Amene mukulimbana ndi alhomwe alakwa chani mukupotozatu nkhaniyi apa shame on you,,,,,

  60. Peter27 says:

    APM is a very good president. He can never take 100 people to NY. Please dont lie to us.
    How can he do that when he is in the middle of cutting expenditure on all gvt departments?
    How can you claim such a thing when he is busy trying to stabilise the free falling of our kwacha?
    How useless do you think our president is you people?

  61. Achimidzimidzi says:

    DPP as party can rule this country but need another person as leader.

  62. Ndaulafika Mkwate says:

    This is unbelievable. He is asking for donors and well wishers to come in and assist in the looming hunger, yet at the same time he is spending tax payers’ money trying to appease those from the Lomwe land and DPP sympathizers. What type of leadership is this?

  63. bottomani says:

    This guy is a useless dunderhead and this job of Presidency os waaaaay ober his head. Too old and out of touch. Just like JB was. Same type of leaders

  64. DZUWA LINYENGA says:

    Sangamve koma ongoona ena ali DPPP ZAZIIIIIIIIIIIIII Munya komanso Alomwe ndiye mwadzadzamo mu town yathu ya LL

  65. Ntchito Ya Mbendela says:

    A Mbendela, mwaonatu, inu mumati udolo kuthandiza Mathanyula kubela mavoti. Misonzi ya a malawi muisambatu inu.

  66. benjnes says:

    I want my tax money back. Why should I sweat for these bastards who dont have respect for us. we are leading a difficult life and all the son of beaches go shopping overseas. I hope their plan crushes and they all die.

  67. chatonda says:

    In fact the exact number of people who have arrived here in New York from Malawi alone is 111 people minus the president. Strange especially that this is happening in the poorest country in the world. This explains why the country is the poorest the world.

  68. Mccarthy says:

    This President is Useless; He doesn’t even think about poor people here in malawi, How could you do such things like that: ( amalawi ndizimene munavotela).

  69. Kuntumanje's Ghost says:

    Mutharika cannot look the people of Malawi in their eyes that is why he wears sunglasses all the time to hide his joy whilst Malawians suffer, Impeach the looter he is destroying Malawi

  70. Only Democrat says:

    The opposition parties led by MCP are to be held responsible for the clear abuse of office by Peter Mutharika and his DPP government. For the opposition has the means in parliament to impeach Peter Mutharika who is an unmitigated disaster for Malawi. Every day of his being in office denies Malawi of millions of dollars in foreign donor assistance and every day of his being in office he misuses public funds. And yet where is the opposition? Clearly sleeping. A country and its people deserve a government its opposition allows to rule. UDF sold put to DPP we all know but has MCP, AFORD and other parties also sold out? Impeach Mutharika and his fellow looters. No government elected to office in a democracy has the right to rule for its full term unless it is benefiting the nation, if it fails as clearly Peter Mutharika and his government is, then its for the opposition parties to use the instruments enshrined in the constitution to impeach the lame, looting, drunk President Mutharika.

  71. chemwali kulibe says:

    everything in this country is stupid.I cry my beloved country.

  72. Chinena says:

    DPP sidzathekanso boma lamatchona ndichoncho anthu ambiri akuvutika ena ochepa nkumawaonongela dziko. Lord have mercy

  73. Malawi says:

    Over 100? M mmmmmmh!

  74. reasonable man says:

    ndinthawi yanu

  75. fato says:

    Let him go and not come back. Its time Malawians to do the Burkina Faso style. This Mutharika and his people, are taking us for a ride.

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