Mutharika busy preparing national buffet, said aide Ben Phiri

Special adviser to Malawi President Peter Mutharika, Ben Phiri has responded to the calls from various sections of the society asking the Head of State to come out of the cocoon and address Malawians on labyrinth of social and economic dire straits the country in going through.

Ben Phiri: Mutharikas special aide says 'soon and very soon the President will address the nation'

Ben Phiri: Mutharikas special aide says ‘soon and very soon the President will address the nation’

Malawians are asking Mutharika to intervene in various contentious issues which include widespread strikes by workers demanding higher pay and calls by civil society organizations to the first lady to refund the money which her Beautify Malawi suspiciously took from the coffers of Nation Aids Commission.

Malawi is also currently experiencing increase in prices of goods and services on daily basis due to the depreciation of the local currency, the Kwacha.

But speaking during the ‘Straight Talk’ interview program on the privately owned Capital Radio Tuesday evening, Phiri said Mutharika is indeed missing on the public podium because he is currently “ busy in the kitchen cooking something to give Malawians.”

Said Phiri:“The reason why he is not getting out is because he is busy right now in the kitchen cooking and by the end of the day I can assure you fellow Malawians that we will enjoy the pudding, we will enjoy the food that will come out of it.  Soon and very soon the President will be talking to you fellow Malawians.”

Phiri pleaded with Malawians to give President Mutharika  ample time until he finishes preparing the national buffet on development and economic progress.

He however did not explain when Mutharika will finish his “cooking”.

“Soon and very soon the President will be talking to you fellow Malawians. All I can do is to plead with you to give a bit of time to the President so that he gets in all sectors of the economy and social problem and by the end of the day things will be better.”

He said Mutharika is “working hard” to address problems facing Malawians.

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135 thoughts on “Mutharika busy preparing national buffet, said aide Ben Phiri”

  1. mtako says:

    Don’t forget there is asset declaration coming up. So while he is in the kitchen cooking what ever he is cooking he might as well wash his ass while at it. We want him to declare his assets and all those of his administration. No games here no excuses. This administration is a rotten corrupt one. Declare your assets NOW

  2. khuere says:

    PLEASE sir can you talk who is this man BEN PHIRI and what is his job.

  3. charles says:

    Its not new to see personal assistant to intervenes, its normal my fellow readers. provided he talks the truth I dont see any wrong in any nature.

  4. Kabwinja says:

    Cooking or cookings?? m’dala uyu wakalamba bax, tinaluza naye kaya satithawaso monga anachitira m’bale wake uja

  5. Kabwinja says:

    Cooking or cookings? Mdala wakalamba uyu, watsala pang’ono kulithawa bomali monga anachitira m’bale wake uja. Continue cooking until u cook ur own body parts

  6. big boy says:

    Am waiting on the table

  7. Jelbin mk says:

    Mr president will you please write a list of Ben Phiri’s duties as a personal assistant? Because you and him seem not knowing what are the duties of a personal assistant, he is not supposed to comment on any matter related to your office as a president because you have a press officer there in the opc so anything related to your duties as the president should come from such a person and that is what we are expecting from you guys,it shows that there is a conflict of job description in your office between your office staff and your personal assistant who is not on government’s payroll.

  8. Col. Jumani says:

    Malawians are indeed taken for a fool.Why cant you be wiser like your friends in DRC???? There is nobody brave enough???

  9. vera says:

    it is stupid dickheads like ben who are messing apm up.i dont see this shit president finishing his term.he will be the first president to be push out of office.

    1. mtoto wa mama says:

      Be careful with insulting the President. No need for that. Be wise you are cursing yourself. Why cant you have constructive criticism? If you have ideas to help Malawians please tell us.

  10. padoko says:

    If he is a lay person, why asking him?

  11. A Malawiso mwanyanyira ma demand. As if the country is capable. Lets make sensible demands.

    In future lets get lid of politicians they are good for nothing. All the mess we always encounter are caused by politicians but they never affect them. Foolishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. lemani says:

    I am waiting to eat from the national buffet. Iwe ngati uli ndi chakudya dont be on the que. Let us eat what The President is cooking.

  13. pharisee says:

    the problem with Malawians is that they are like children- thats why Kamuzu was successful in dominating them for 30yrs-just by treating them like children!! they expect Mutharika to appear magically with money pulled out of his rear end to pay all the strikers, increase exports and forex etc. yet they know deep inside that without the JB-BEGOTTEN CASHGATE CRISIS NOT BEING JUDICIALLY TAKEN CARE OF AND IFMIS NOT BEING FIXED THEY WILL NOT BE ANY DONOR INFLOW WHICH IS CRITICAL FOR MALAWI’S ECONOMY DUE TO THE LAZINESS OF IT’S CITIZENS WHO ALL THEY KNOW TO DO IS TO SIT DOWN AND BEG AND STEAL- NO PRODUCTION, NO INNOVATION, NO CREATIVITY-JUST DANCING AT WEDDINGS!! MAY YOU ALL ROT IN HELL!!

  14. JOHN says:


  15. mwai malambe banda says:

    Absolutely nonsense, he thought it would be a simple ride, coward!

  16. utamewakwe says:

    What kind of pudding he is preparing?? Kuyendesa dziko is a serious business bola Amati omwe aja….. Uisova

  17. Reasonable Man says:

    hehehehe. akukuyankhani bwino a Malawi. Inu mmene munkalola chitsiru chimenechi kukhala president wanu munaonetsa kuti ndinu makape. Now they’re taking advantage of uchitsiru wanu to make fun of you.

  18. Tomasi Mchacha says:

    Ichi ndiye chamba basi,aaah zoona Presidentakubisala inu mukuti akuphika? Catherine Gotani Hara ananena kale kwa Goliati kuti mubanja mwana wina akakhala telala sindiye kuti mwana winanso wamubanja lomwero angakhalenso telala!

  19. Zamadula says:

    I wish I could comment on this alleged buffet but I am not able to be on the internet for long because my main ISP, mtl, has just come up with such a complicated recharge system: I have bought the new units but I am unable to load because the steps are just too cumbersome.

    The old MTL recharge system was user friendly, but the idiot who has come up with this new system should be shot. He apparently missed the class on simplicity. Something that is used by the masses needs to be simple, since not everyone is an Einstein. And why keep changing the recharge system every few months? Just a few months ago we were asked to register our MTL gadgets – now we have to register again!

    MTL are hoping to generate more revenue with the new recharge system; but my hope is that they should experience what Govt seems to have experienced with the new passport charges. Instead of more revenue Govt seems to have chased away passport applicants. When people are greedy they need to be taught a lesson…

  20. Dada says:

    Indirect admission that the President is indeed snoring in the midst of the avalanche.

  21. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

    He is “cooking” cardiac arrest just like his brother cooked with a Honourable Lady MP.

  22. Mafikizolo says:

    Ben Phiri , is that the nonsense Peter tells you when he is penetrating you? Please be advised that Malawians are HURTING . Moyo ukuwawa . So tell your gay partner to pull up his socks . Remember, a hungry man is an angry man . Disregard my words at your own peril . January 15th is just around the corner .

  23. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Is Ben Phiri related to Daniel Phiri ?

  24. Bangwe says:

    KKKKKKKKK. The cook is fast asleep.

  25. Kako says:

    I remember very well what he cooked for 8 months when he was minister of education… we can vividly see his 8 month cooking when we check unima calendar…

  26. gudu says:

    Peter Mutharika is well known for indecisiveness even when he was a minister in his brother’s cabinet…this is not surprising…failed government!!!!

  27. Mojamoja says:

    Cooking for SIX MONTHS? Basi Zaspwelela zimenezo !!!!

  28. maurrice says:

    Cooking for who?you young boy dont tell us anything,advise him properly one day one day Malawians will rise for this

  29. Kumbukani Kaluwa says:

    A parent who continues cooking when his/her child is being burnt on fire is a FOOL!!!

  30. Phungwako says:

    why does a PA go on record spewing foolishness? Is it his job to say this? Or was he quoted out of context? Its not his job to do the political machinations of such!

  31. Volo says:

    Paja amakagula yekha bonya ndichifukwa chake ali busy kuphika…

  32. Precious says:


  33. NYAKWAWA says:

    Mose muja sinapsebe nsimayo?

    Akuphika ya kondowole?

  34. ronzo says:

    Mulungu sanakondewe nanu, mudatenga mpando wa mwini, mudzafa imfa yowawa. Mulungu angakondwe ndi zimene munachita zija, onse okhudzidwa ndi mchitidwe wokuba pa ma elections afika ponena chilungamo kwa amalawi asanafe. Umfa ilipo basi

  35. Mlakho says:

    He is busy:

    1. Syphoning money from NAC.

    2. Appointing rejected ambassadors by the UK Govt-Ntaba

    3. Re-openning already opened shops to generate enough reuenue

    4. Burning and manipulating the defunct CCTV to implicate JB

    5. Advising the police to shoot to kill

    6. Shutting down all offices whose officers are on strike

    7. Hiking his perks heftly alongside his deputy plus the entire cabinet and Parliament

    8. Nepotising towards the Mlakho belt

    9. Instructing DPP Cadets to terrorise innocent Malawians

    10. Marginalising members of the Opposition.

  36. bengo says:

    Ok Bola zisakhale zosapsa-he can cook but is the food being cooked?

  37. Dick says:


  38. mbaci says:

    Some of these issue need urgent attention, they can’t wait for him till he finishes his “cooking”….At least a word from him as leader will make Malawians feel his presence and availability… Otherwise there is a feeling the guy is not around…

  39. Mphanda says:

    Gay man thinking indeed. That’s what you tell the president when he is penetrating you Ben

  40. Inenso phiri says:

    Cooking pudding?????? We don’t eat talk, we need action. Remember when the president was minister of education, that’s what he is exactly doing like he did during chanco strike. Eat the pudding yourself, we want real food…

  41. Wokaika says:

    The Professor must go back to his profession(class teacher).He has failed to tick as a leader.

  42. Tamzy says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk cooking

  43. Mtwalo says:

    Koma asachedwe chifukwa tikufa no salary no life

  44. Newx ichocho says:

    Go ahead mr president

  45. SimpleMind says:

    What else can Ben say? In truth you voted this group in, let them do their job. You can vote them out next time if you wish. When I see people celebrating opening of a shopping mall (that will sell predominantly foreign goods) I really despair!

  46. golden eye says:

    Wise people talk less and do more action, kunamizidwa syndrome has killed most Malawians, they enjoy hearing lies and later fumes… this is not the time to sit phwii! rise up to the ocassion.

  47. xas says:

    Za zii palibe atipangire ameneyu chimbuzi chenicheni

  48. zizwani says:

    just be straight to the point. samatha kuyankhula! simple and straight forward

  49. mbuya says:

    Ndiye kuti a first lady samatha kuphika?

  50. Mkalapwaga says:

    lo! usakhale ntandasya wosapysa.

  51. juan pablo angel says:

    and what did you say the name of this dude was and in what capacity was he uttering this nonsense?????

  52. chilungamo says:

    rubbish talk how can he take 6 months to prepare solutions for Malawi and yet his friends only took 30 days to prove they are worthy and he wants us to believe his rhetoric no Ben and your man don’t feed us with brutal lies come out and say what have you for the nation and not hide in the name of cooking the pudding for the nation in simple plain language is YOU HAVE FAILED BETTER RESIGN REMEMBER YOU ARE THERE BECAUSE COURTS AND MEC WANTED YOU AND NOT MAJORITY OF MALAWIANS FULLSTOP

  53. Masharubu says:

    Zauchitsiru ndithu . Ife tizikhala pano kumvera ndowe za Ben Phiri zoona? You mean Malawi has been reduced to this? Ben Phiri should be the one giving us words of hope? Koma dziko nde lathaditu .

  54. Jacob chitseko says:

    Sure let the president prepare what is good for malawians, the president is very aware of numerous challenges mounting malawias be remainded that economic issues cannot just be solved in an overnight. Wait for good number of days things will be better

  55. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:

    Yea hi is vision man , PETER cant create all , at a same time , but were the malawian salvages , God bulles you mr president , & dont shaken were behind you sir .

  56. Bazuka says:

    It’s my sincere hope that firstly, Mutharika will show us how is intends to pull this shipreck from the deep waters by clearly detailing concrete measurable time bounds tangible economic steps. Secondly, decisively deal with NACGATE, JB Cashgate & 92 billion Bingu era cashgate & nepotism, tribalism & regionalism which is fuelling federalism/sessesion. If he does that then Malawians will applaud him as a good cook otherwise the reputation that he failed to run a ministry holds water. Take it or leave.

  57. Patriot says:

    The President will talk to malawian when the Tobacco Auction Floors will open.
    Meanwhile he is still going to hibernate in his cocoon with a bottle of Shivas by his side.

  58. Malawian says:

    If it takes more than six months for the president to start working then we have a big problem as a nation!

  59. mona says:

    Iwe mkazi wa apm khala chete sukudziwa zomwe ukunena

  60. tsetsefly says:

    Mr Special AIDE to the president. I think you know what mothers do when they are in the kitchen cooking for starving children. They decant porridge from the pot as a starter and give the children to stop the cry. Malawians do not see this from the master chef. I just hope he is not cooking his own meal given the fact that we now see him launching anything on the corners on Malawi, an exercise that befits the level of PSs and heads of departments.

    Having said that I should also say that I like the optimism in you. Maybe some of us are just bad citizens. But from what we have noticed so far from the man, good as he might be, he has demonstrated very little to Malawi to be considered in the class of game changers.

  61. Dododo says:

    I thought during that time of confusion APM wanted the results to be announced quickily because Malawi was collapsing and he wanted to get on with the job to sort out the mess. 7months on nothing he is still cooking? U guys are not serious. I guess he was just power hungry. He is on the driving sit but not knowing what to do or where to go. Stop abusing Malawians please.

  62. Yankho says:

    Ndakumvetsa Ben Phiri Pa Alomwe chakudya chao ndi kalingonda. I am convinced that it takes time. Oh my friend can your president change the buffet to match with the changing World otherwise Malawians will die with the old type of dish. tell your president to move with the modern world.

  63. chipojola says:

    timvela kwa inu a ben

  64. Ben,are you talking to kids or what?which food is this g/father preparing in the rocked kitchin without hearing all calls people need his reaction?Ben,know that this is not campagn time that you should cheating us like this can aperson hide himself in the kitchin while problems are all over outside his kitchin?kanundu-kanundu.

  65. Malawiana says:

    This Buffet will not come out in good shape. It will have been overcooked and not fit for the consumption of an ordinary Malawian. We can see all the signs of a terrible cook here who hides in the kitchen for ages!

  66. Bimphi says:

    Chindere chakufikapo

  67. Nyamazi says:

    What stupid buffet are you talking Mr. little Phiri?. You the Lomwes think that this is your country that you can manage like Peter;’s farm, hey?

    Bull shit.

  68. Pension Nenereko says:

    Poyambira pakusowa musatinamize a prime minister ha ha ha!

  69. Aliphee says:

    ali busy kuphikira alomwe chindere chakufikapo

  70. GUTUTU says:

    He has been in the kitchen preparing something good that malawians will enjoy, really?
    1. Telling us he will stand 2019?
    2. Coaxing NAC to fund mulakho?
    3. Appointing people without for their availability?
    4. Giving journals scones?
    5. Raising his salary and later refuse to take?
    6. Sealing ACB offices?
    What kind of cookies? Then someone says we will enjoy the BUFFET?

  71. mabvuto akula says:

    Akuphika! eeee. Kuchokera pa May paja mpaka lero akuphika. Mwinatu zapsyerera ndiye akusowa zoti achite. Nthawin yatalika. kikikiki

  72. Nachipanti says:

    I wonder what will come out from that kitchen. By the time that buffet comes out, people will have staved and they wont enjoy it. The time is now to give the buffet to the poor. Early bird catches the worm remember…

  73. Sir Wellington says:

    Ngati ziri zoona izi, tikudikila. Koma mukachedwa nazo zakudyazo, muzadya nokha zimenezo chifukwa tizakhala titafa ndi njala ilipoyi. Kunja kuno zinthu siziri bwino akulu.
    Tikukhalira kulimba. The cost of living is so high!

  74. Moya says:

    we can see smoke in the kitchen already this buffet may not make it to the serving table. call emergency numbers,997,911 u name it before the chef also fails to make out of the kitchen.

  75. Alungwana says:

    I know you want this wors to come to the worst then you will adress the Malawians. Unfortunately that will be too late.

  76. Paul Matemba says:

    Koma ya!

  77. Kadushu says:

    this cooking will take him 5 years. this man doesnt know what to do for the country

  78. katakwe says:

    Mumatha mau agalu nthawi JB ngati you had anything to offer to Malawians. Surely going by the current turn events and happenings these guys have nothing to offer and we Malawians should just brace ourselves to the horrendous times

  79. ujeni says:

    This must be the silliest answer I’ve ever head from a Presidential aid. Truly Malawi is a failed state, to allow these spokespersons who are so dull to feast on our hard earned taxed money.

  80. ndatani says:

    Tikudikira but please make haste tikupsa ife kuno

  81. chatonda says:

    And you are waiting to eat the buffet at Ndata together when people push you out of government very soon. Please note that people are angry and will give you no time to cook Nandolo wanuyo in the kitchen. Patience has a limit and for you guys its ashame that it has been a too short a time to display your failure. Nguyo yobwereka siilimba mthupi indeed. If you stole the votes, you will pay dearly very soon.

  82. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Aaaaaaa…….munena zowona inu ambwiye???

  83. mabilinganya says:

    Choka iwe ben phiri!!! we dont expect any meaningful thing from him!!! He is very incompentent! He cant solve anything!!!!mabvuto awa alipo mpaka kalekale!!!!vuto kwa inu mumabelekana ngati achule!!! Vibanthu va mbirimbiri malo olima mulibe!!! Mvulaso iyi yakanika! Madambo mumadera mwanumu anauma!!!! Anyway mudya kuchulukana kwanuku!!! Muzikhapana kumaphika!!!

  84. Name*joel Nditani says:

    Ndizomwe tikufuna kumva khani ngati zimenezo, tikuna kumatilimbitsa mtima choncho zabwino zili mtsogolo.

  85. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Koma zoyankhula zake sizimamveka, he needs to go 4 speech therapy b4 he speaks to us

  86. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Working hard? My foot. Nothing to show. It was all about toppling JB, no long term plan.

  87. Apa ndiye mwalembako zabwino anyasatimes .Osamangolimbana ndi boma ayi kumalembako zinthu zotukula dziko latha

    1. katakwe says:

      @ Halawa

      “…..dziko latha”. Cant agree with you more. You are right you fools have finished our beloved Malawi because of your incompetence. Malawi could have been a better place without you people called DPP or whatever you call yourselves.

  88. aphiri says:

    Cooking? Nyemba kapena? Mpaka nkhuni zikutha bwana. Zipsye tidye zimenezo.

  89. [email protected] says:

    We shall surely wait! Bola osaotcha kitchen

  90. Kenn says:

    Ok mwatero eti lets wait and see.

  91. Monty says:

    ur boss is cookin for u, not us. {soon} its not time. pliz when Mr..

  92. ambuje says:

    we are not waiting for his talking but ending the current problems through actions, please!

  93. Mike says:

    kkkkkkk we gave 100 days to amai and she worked that reforms were felt by Malawians.And you,how many months or years?

  94. unfortunate says:

    Mmm!!!!!! I can hear the smell from the food that the president is cooking, but unfortunately ordinary malawians always the end up with the smell, we never tested the food that our leaders cooks,

  95. Kadakwiza says:

    It is good news to hear Mr Phiri. What the President is cooking, must be good because Malawians need jobs. Commodities are expensive and Malawians has no money right now. So what ever the President is cooking must be good. Best wishes to the government of Malawi and its leaders. May God give you wisdom.

  96. HILL says:

    Sitimadya rhetoric. Mxiiiii. That’s anakukuntha a PP. Iwe Ben, Tell your husband Mathanyula we are tired with his no direction leadership. Akuphika zinthu zopima kale. Chikhathu kapena titi dzosapsa dzowola, dzonunkha etc. Bola so Malemu Daniel Phiri, term yoyamba amaphikako dzakupsa.

    Umuwuzekonso mkazi nzakoyo, Gertrude, abweze ndalama zaku NAC,before its too late. Nayeso amakhala ngati wadzuka kwa akufa. Mitumboooooooooo yanu. Siyani kupusitsa ndi kubera a Malawi.

  97. Nkhombokombo says:

    Bwinotu! Ziyamba kupyelera and people won’t eat the buffet. This is no time for jokes, let them(Gvt) be pretty be working hard, we want better than this.

  98. vitor munyeliwa says:

    kuno ku PTC mavuto ngosayamba apeter chonde tabwerani k20000.tilowera nayo kuti?

  99. Kkkkkkk komaaa mutu wanu sukugwira ndithu.

  100. ada says:

    Phiri, Phiri, at least if there was a good fungo or any other fungo coming out of the kitchen tikanalimba ntima but there is nothing coming out kutilimbikisa. Are you sure abwanawo akuphika or agona??? Coz our words are not assuring

  101. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Malawians are counting numbers of good things which he has achived during the seven months which he has been in power.
    He is the worste president Malawi has ever had. Very soon Malawians will start giving him deadlines in which he has to improve things for the better Malawi , otherwise we have waited for sometime to seeing Peter and his DPP to improve Malawi for the better. We did with his brother and the same Peter promised Malawians to say that he was committed to finish what his brother had already started , if he fails to finish what his brother had started Malawians will give Peter a deadline to fish.

  102. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Zabodza angofuna juzizilitsa mitima anthu. Uyu naye akufunika maphunzilo amawasokoneza abwana ake chifukwa he has no educatinal descipline hence this countrys leadership seems clueless. His boss has not much knowledge of the Malawian way of leaving, values and principles; it is hard for hin to kead a ppl he hardly understands hence ut is this Phiri guy keading not Muntharika. it is unfortunate that a guy with only the Malawi School Leaving Certificate of Education is the one Muntharika is getting the most advice from. One may be born with a high IQ but without learning the descipline that a good education exposes one too, ones level of application of thought is restricted. Mr phiri needs the exposure education thrusts one to, to be able to advise the president correctly. Please sir ennrol into a first degree or even an easy MIM Masters degree to get the push that your brain needs otherwise then work hard on the handouts that you get from the pple you book appointments too see the president or else the day Pitala departs you will be reduced to a nobody.

  103. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

    I dont know what kind of cook is this that takes days and nights cooking rubbish while people are direly suffering. A worst cook I have ever known

  104. Professional says:

    Hah! Empty rhetoric!

  105. thom tsegula says:

    Atsogoleri tithandizeni zinthu siziri bwino mdziko muno

  106. thom tsegula says:

    Chili kwa nzako nkumati chigwire nyanga. Lero ndinu zakuvutaninso.zinthu sizili bwino mdziko muno tithandizeni atsogoleri

  107. chiefs says:

    Boma lanuli tatopa nalo

  108. Jonasi says:

    Kaya muli busy ndi bwana wakoyo ife ma demo tipangabe

  109. ndiye chani. kikikikikik leadership skill zero.

  110. brutsha says:

    The country is in unsafe hands.

  111. Moscow says:

    Mbuzi izi inu? Kuphika ndiye chani? Jb anali dolo

  112. Zazi says:

    shaaa what can come out of a house boy, any way this is nyasalanda,we will keep on wait for that buffet

  113. Bless says:

    Ben, Thanks very much for letting us know what APM is doing. For your information, as a president, there is alot of work that needs to be done and Peter would have known this from the very beginning. It just shows that he was not prepared and that he never understood this country’s economy. He needs to share what he thinks or is working on with the people so that his solutions and ideas are debated on. A good leader is the one who inspires his followers even when things get thicker. A good leader encourages his followers that he is the one to get them through the problems. Peter needs to come out now. People understand that our economy has been performing below the grade time in memorial and will forgive or sacrifice their needs today in order to claim a better future for everyone. Peter has to show he is the solution this needed since 1964.He is not the first president of Malawi. He would have learnt from the mistakes his predecessors committed. Malawi needs a “great leader” and not an average or below average one and Peter has to show us he is the one.

  114. Gogo says:

    I sugest he z cooking stones but it will not be disireble food for us,maybe the lhomwes who eat them.

  115. Bwitoto says:

    National buffet “my foot” Uzadya wekha imeneyo ambiri titafa ndi umphawi.

  116. DIE HARD says:

    I can not agree more. The president should not make hasty decisions for the sake of it because most of our problems are mindset and political machination. The industrial strikes are being sponsored by political agents who think government will collapse or the president will be arrested by cardiac. once the sponsors exhaust their money people will go back to work.

  117. Moseliwa says:

    Useless president malawi has ever hard. Kumangosuta chamba basi?

  118. Nanchunjule says:

    Kunama Ben mbuyakoyo palibe chomwe akuphika,nzelu zamuthela angoledzela. Musaiwale paja ndiwolephela kuyambila Ku maunduna omwe wakhalapo m’buyomu,anthu anayesa kumulangiza kuti akambe ndi nkulu wake,kulephela.

  119. Things that make me go kuku. He can afford opening groceries not talking to malawians, issues of national interest.

  120. Banyamulenge says:

    Kodi Ben Phiri ndi press officer? Umbuliwo umenewo

  121. Bokhobokho says:

    Shaaa koma zitsiru zimenezi zitivuta pa Malawi? Lets have mass demonstrations cime January

  122. marin says:

    The. Same very old song, there. Is nothing that mutharika is cooking. Apart from planing to adjust electricity tarrfs up and fuel. Very stupid people. Martin

  123. Bandawe says:

    Kodi uyo amadziyesa dolo kwambiri? Kikikikiki munthu akudyera pa thako uyu

  124. Idrissa Mussa says:

    Tsono Petwr aziphika mkazi wake ali kuti? Mbuzi iyinso inu

  125. Kadzibwa says:

    Asaphike zosapsatu,paja ndi business as usual.

  126. Idrissa Mussa says:

    Kodi a chitsiru awa akutinso chani? Wochita chisembwere ndi Peter anganene za nzeru? Kuphika ndiye chani? Lets strike and bring this stupid government down

  127. Jack says:

    Zitsiru nonse ndi Peter wakoyo

  128. Wozinyanyala says:

    No wonder this idiot cant come right. Is this boy his advisor? Is this a joke? Busy cooking in the kitchen or busy in the dust bin. Muntharika married a thief and has a band of world dogs as advisors who are there to destroy. Dont say fellow Malawians will enjoy the pudding, rather say fellow lomwes. Ben cant say anything reasonable because his pockets are full of stolen money..fellow Malawians my foot….

  129. J Mandala says:

    Stupid working hard with all these strikes?

  130. Fathi Alshab says:

    oh buzy preparing buffet for his team trube zealits or cadets,
    osati zaozelera nadzi antha alu mtulo a Bwana!

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