Mutharika calls on Malawi Muslims to champion pillars of progress

President Peter Mutharika on Saturday joined Muslims in worship at Luchenza where he also assured them of their freedom of worship and that his government will always seek amicable solutions to any challenges that may come in their way.

APM and the First Lady arriving at the prayers

APM and the First Lady arriving at the prayers

Muslim leaders presenting a medal of honour to APM for gracing Ijitmah

Muslim leaders presenting a medal of honour to APM for gracing Ijitmah

President Mutharika and Minister Atupele Muluzi,  a Moslem

President Mutharika and Minister Atupele Muluzi, a Moslem

Mutharika said democracy and religion must always reconcile for the nation to ably move forward in terms of social and economic development.

Speaking at this year’s Ijtamah, President Mutharika said it is the duty of true leadership to offer hope to the people they lead and build among themselves the bond and cooperation for the good of the nation.

“No human created by God wants to feel rejected. I know the pain that comes from the denial of one’s freedom of conscience. Religion is an expression of our freedom of conscience. The harmony of human conscience is a cornerstone for social development.

“The changes that have come with our priceless democracy have had a positive effect in creating conditions for religious freedom. This has made it possible for faith communities to renew a free spirit of worship. We cannot be a country that value democracy but deny freedom of worship. Democracy and religion must always reconcile,” said Mutharika.

President Mutharika then appealed to Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) to always champion what he called three pillars progress–patriotism, integrity and hard work.

According to him, these are values and principles of character God wants to see in everyone of His children.

“These are values of humanity that are consistent with our teachings. Let us carry forward these core values as our sanctified duty.

“Our service to God is most meaningful when it begins with service to mankind. Our faiths must adopt the agenda for development as part of our mission to God,” asserted Mutharika.

He also observed that religion has always formed the moral basis of civilization throughout human history and its impossible to develop a country without moral foundations.

Mutharika said just like Christianity, Islam occupies a privileged position for building a national character on which the country’s socio-economic growth can be founded.

“I want to see a Malawi where there is no intolerance and sectarianism. We must be a country where there is no creed of violence happening in the name of religion.

“The basis of our co-existence is that we are all humans placed in one place of the universe by one Creator. Right from creation, our God knew that we will always need one another,” advised Mutharika.

He added, “We have no choice but to co-exist in our beliefs and faiths. After all, we are all pilgrims passing by on this earth.”

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17 thoughts on “Mutharika calls on Malawi Muslims to champion pillars of progress”

  1. Kumeneku ndiye timati kubwera Peter. Tsopano ndiye tikuona nzeru zako unapitadi patali,wayionera patali mitre. Wina amwatemiki.

  2. Hamza Wotch says:

    Zili bwino kwambiri,afirst lady mpaka kuvala chonchi,chisilamu azimai amalemekezeka.pitilizani kuvala choncho afirst lady.Allah Akbar!!

  3. Analisti wamkulu says:

    Uku Mutharika ndiye timati kuputa Boko Haram.Kusaka ma voti achawa kokhakokhatu?Kaya tione mmene zithere.

  4. Oliver Twist says:

    There are some Muslims who are writing nonsense here just as well Christians. If you have issues, please this is not the platform. Nyasa Times can you please.start censorship to these materials. Or you are happy when people swear online like this??? Some of these can trigger heavy fudes between concerned parties.

  5. Pitala says:

    Whether u like it or not Islam is the fastest growing religion, u may call it isis , boko haraam,suppressing woman but it is and will be the fastest growing religion , and it is a fact.

  6. gama says:

    am a muslim myself, but I do understand that hijab is not exclusive to muslim only, becoz was there evev be4 islam, muslim, christian and arab women put on hijab becoz it is the way of dressing in the arab world, and islam came ALLAH made it mandatory that believing women must put on hijab when ever they are outside their homes

  7. Mirella K says:

    I think our poverty is chiefly poverty of the mind as well. We have no tinge of objectivity at all! What wrong have Muslims committed in this article? Or do you people understands even the origin and the real motive behind the ISIS? That ISIS and the likes are terror groups supported by the US to cause havoc in the Middle East so as to enable the Zionist regime of Israhell to go on with its expansion drive you don’t know. Ignorant Malawians!

  8. GRM says:

    Mmm. Islam is religion made simple to take into account human sin. Aaa? Ati ukhonza kukwatira akazi anai muximum. And it is legal to divorce a woman by just saying i divorce u. Tomorrow u can say i marry you and she is ur woman. Ati you can divorce and marry same woman four times muximum. Kukwata kwaphweka

  9. Oliver Twist says:

    What is wrong with you guys????? Insulting a Head of State for going for prayers in a Mosque???? Akayamba kukumangani ndiye muziti Mutharika wayamba kumanga Asilamu. It is the of every Head of State to lead by example. Even Bakili Muluzi though he is a Moslem, used to visit Christian Churches during his reign of 10 years as Malawi President. Remember the famous Catholic song sung by Muluzi?? Mtima wa Mbuyeee anaupangaaaaaa…… Come on Malawi, what socierty are we building?????? Kunyozana basi!! USAWI???

  10. Observer (AKA Prisoner monger) says:

    Izi nde zinanso izi. These muslims are being given more room to do their nasty business, what is wrong Malawi. Tell them to go back to soudi arabia NOT in Malawi

  11. Shards says:

    You KONKO from today know this!islam will always flourish in this world no matter whatever or whoever may come up their propaganda to dirty this religion islam will remain strong in this KonKo and mapwevupwevu I know you berry well that apostancy you are like a sheep nowhere to go and you don’t know even what you believe .i would advise you to do research just like Anoord van do did.then come criticize islam.mumachitukwana chisilam Poona kuti ena akuchitukwana.

  12. mtate mike rsa says:


  13. mapwevupwevu says:

    Achawa chabe chabe awa! Zomwe amadziwa ndi kukwatana ndi kupha!

    Boko haram! ISIS! Al-Qaeda! Fakeni!

  14. komko says:

    Muslims anthu omva zaokha. The problem with our friends Muslims thinks their religion is the best. They can kill in name of Allah. Abusing the name of Allah.

  15. Shards says:

    Koma ndale zavuta

  16. Fenali A L says:

    Diluting our faith by allowing Mutharika ndi uyo yo uyo put on our sacred attire

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