Mutharika cautions on Malawi electoral reforms: MEC present report on 2014 Tripartite Elections

President Prof. Peter Mutharika Tuesday advised Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Commissioners and the electoral body’s heavy weights to only adopt reforms that are reasonable, workable and practical.

President Peter Mutharika, speaks after receiving a report from MEC as MEC Chairman, Justice Maxon Mbendera AC, listens at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

President Peter Mutharika, speaks after receiving a report from MEC as MEC Chairman, Justice Maxon Mbendera AC, listens at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

MEC Chairman, Justice Maxon Mbendera (L) and far (R) Commissioner Tembo after giving the MEC report at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

MEC Chairman, Justice Maxon Mbendera (L) and far (R) Commissioner Tembo after giving the MEC report at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

Mutharika said this at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe when the Commissioners and MEC officials presented a report of the 2014 Tripartite Elections.

The President said he was fully aware and has followed the ongoing discussions regarding the need to make certain changes to the electoral law of the country.

However, he reminded the Commissioners that the fundamental constitutional principle requires that all laws enacted in the country must reflect the wishes of the people of Malawi and not that of particular individuals.

“With careful consultation and consideration, some of the proposed reforms may be unnecessary because the real problem lies in the manner the commission discharges its constitutional mandate and not because of any inadequacies in the law.

“Whatever work you have done or are doing must have the support of the people of Malawi. Therefore, MEC must resist the temptation of proposing reforms as a response to sectoral complaints as opposed to a real and genuine national concern,” the President explained.

He further said: “Change in the law alone cannot deliver the desired results unless that change starts with you commissioners. As commissioners, you must be fully cognisant of your mandate as conferred on the Commission by the constitution.”

Among the proposed reforms include; re-demarcation of wards and constituencies, adoption and use of the biometric voter registration system in the future elections and the use 50+1 System in identifying the winner especially for presidential.

On re-demarcation of wards and constituencies, the President advised that the process be done properly and according to the dictates of the law.

Mutharika however was pleased to have received the report which he said will help in planning for the next elections.

“Though 18 month has passed since you organised and managed the first ever tripartite elections, I am delighted to receive the report from you pursuant to the constitution as well as statutory mandate conferred on the electoral commission by law,” the President said.

Justice Maxwell Mbendera, MEC Chairperson assured the President that the Commission will perform as mandated by the law and that the wishes of Malawians are granted.

“We assure you that we will deliver our best and in the interest of all Malawians,” briefly Mbendera said.

Mbendera however could not divulge any minute detail of the report saying, “ the report highlights how the 2014 elections were handled, identifies some of the areas that need change, how some aspect of the electoral process should be managed as well as about the task force that has been established to implement the reforms.”

According to section 6 of the constitution of Malawi, MEC has an obligation to report to the President on new developments the commission is undertaking.

The 2014 reported was supposed to be presented in 2015 but it failed due to the President’s busy schedule.

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31 thoughts on “Mutharika cautions on Malawi electoral reforms: MEC present report on 2014 Tripartite Elections”

  1. Mike says:

    Imfa ibwerenso itilangileko chimunthu

  2. Mk says:

    Imfa ibwerenso.ambuye tilanditseni.

  3. Zufuni imfa ioneke kumalawi zonse izi zintha

  4. Mark Saoneka says:

    Obviously two critical issues in question must be reviewed for the well being of voters. 1.The issue of 50+1 is very important for the president not to work under pressure from majority of critics or opposition. Too much opposition is dangerous and Threatening to the president and good governance. 2.Rushing to take orth is another challenge as leaves irregularities un solved .

  5. Chatsalira says:

    Time it takes from counting election results and their subsequent release is too short. It does not give adequate time to investigate and resolve anomalies or disputes.

    Make it a minimum of three months. Currently the laws favours hurried swearing of State President at the expense of ensuring that the counting and tallying of votes is correct

  6. Those who say 50+1 is not conducive to Malawi are selfish. How do you explain a winning candidate attaining 30% of the total vote, can such a president have the support of the majority of the people in the country???? After all democracy requires that majority should rule, how do you containt the majority that is 70% in the opposition camp??? The question is not who won the past elections but to redefine the future of our country.

  7. Amfumu says:

    Asiyeni ndimomwe adyera

  8. johnM says:


  9. koma kumeneko says:

    Take out some constituencies and redematcate some big constituencies like Lilongwe north its just too big , population in constituency is equal to sum of 3 constituencies in the south

  10. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    “50+1” is NOT a “must have” fashion, as many people seem to suggest here.
    Many assume, or rather wish, that DPP would NOT have won that last election in a 50+1. Not necessarily a given.
    Just study the voting patterns (by culture – read tribe), and the fact that many Malawians now live outside their own “home” districts and regions. There are more southerners living in the Central and Northern Regions than vice versa. Coupled with the fact that Malawians tend to vote to favor the “wakwithu”, results would still have favored APM, or Bakili Muluzi when he run.
    Also, why do Malawians often ignore the real “dollar” costs of political or social projects like this? Social engineering, or political rejigging is NOT cheap. This is a big reason the majority of countries, even rich ones, on earth are satisfied with “first pass the post”. And how many countries in our neighborhood have adopted 50+1?
    Are we willing to pay higher taxes for projects like this, in our almost perpetually poor state; a beggar state?
    We want to be going to New York, London, Berlin and Bejing with bowl in hand, begging for money to fund elections, for ever? Possibly two elections within two months? When these donors simply follow “fptp”? We should be ashamed. fellow Malawians, let’s strive to live within our means, as individuals, families and an independent country.
    A valid, albeit rhetorical question: Would the people pushing for 50+1 be doing the same if Chakwera or Joisi Banda had won in 2014? And, how about the bao player in the village: Life is mainly about the economy, isn’t it? Another question: Is this a priority to the average Malawian at this juncture?
    APM is correct to urge the Commission NOT to cater to special interests! Rather have the interests of Malawians at heart!

  11. Tengupenya says:

    Busy schedule of the President cannot be over ride constitutional requirements! The re-demarcation should increase wards (number of Councilors) and REDUCE constituencies (number of MPs) for it to strengthen the LOCAL GOVERNMENT. No more than one MP per TA. In fact, just make the TA areas \ as the Constituencies.

  12. bwino chambo says:

    Next time u vote Malawians think twice. APM is already rigging votes. The only way is Atupele go back to his party. And another way is MCP go in colliation with PP orNortherner vote wisely. Problem with my fellower Northerners is that they vote for DDP despite insults. What is wrong with Tumbukas. We fought so much for colonial. Majority of those who fought colonial were Norherners. But what did we get? We are slaves of others. We do dirty job for them they thank us with insults. Whose fault ours. Easy to be bought. Kondi mapuzilo yosewa have we not learnt something? For Gods sake why do we vote for the Sourherners. They hate us. This time vote for Chakwela. He will correct the Cash gate for DDP and PP. Malawians we are like dogs which does not obey the master. It is punished by not getting a born. We are punished by donors. Why stealing tax payers money and donors money. Lets put an end to this. APM will steal the votes especially now when he is in government.

  13. Chiyembekezo phiri says:

    50+1 a must. Mbendela must go mukalele adzukulu

  14. Nyabengata says:

    Apa zakhala bwino zitsiru zinazi zisiye kutilamula

  15. mapwesa says:

    Mbendela is a relative of APM you remember recently there was a funeral of APMS nephew in Ntcheu around Sharpe Valley at the Chingwalu family? That’s where these two idiots are connected. Mbendela is related to that family

  16. Zinja says:

    Iwe Nsonda anthu ogoniza mobwerera mbuyo ngati inu ndi amene mukulepheletsa kusintha kwa bwino mu dziko muno. Resources? How much money disappeared ndi cashgate? So u would rather we save money than choose leaders accepted by the majority?

  17. Leonel Massia says:

    Honestly 50+1 system is not and will never be workable in Malawi. Unless if that is a porn of of a re run which will heavily cost our nation.

  18. Sapitwa says:

    50+1 can not help change the pattern of voting. The leader in % before reaching the 50+1 will always win based on the way we vote in Malawi. With 50+1 if it was applied in 2014, APM and Chakwera could have been the main contenders. Atupele’s voters would have voted for APM and JB’s voters would have voted for Chakwera.
    APM would have qualified for 50+1 and Chakwera would have not reached 49. This is what would have happened with Regional and Tribal votes! APM seems to be not shaken by the 50+1 as it favors him most.

  19. The Patriot says:

    The 50+1 system is a must for 2019 elections! A presidency with less than 50% of the vote is a regional presidency, no wonder that kind of presidency fills the cabinet and parastatal bodies with people from the same region ie where the President comes from. With the 50+1 system regions will rely on each other to get votes and the President will be more representative of the will of the nation rather than a tribe!

  20. steve says:

    How many years should we be mending or rewriting our election laws?By 2019 we will be 25years in Democracy,so why should we not change our election laws if there are loopholes or weaknesses somewhere ?Anthu akum’mwera you want to rule us forever through those loopholes.Mwanya pano pokha sizitheka,we want 50+1 mufune kaya musafune,failing which Federalism should come in.Southerners mwatidyera masuku pamutu nthawi yayitali.

  21. Patriots says:

    50+1 is favorable no need sugarcoat or sound intelligent Malawians are being deprived because of unfavorable laws and delayed destiny!

  22. steve says:

    We want 50+1 Electral law ,no excuses Mr President.25years of Democracy is good enough to look back and change our Election laws.We ve made many mistakes and its time to mend and rewrite new laws of elections.DPP you want to take advantage of the old electral law of simple majority..We don’t want simple majority win in 2019,but we want 50+1 thats all.

  23. Moses Chipanda says:

    At one time you posted the Marriage Bill on your web site Is it possible to email me the document

  24. John says:


  25. John says:


  26. Peter says:

    I think 50 + 1 is the main good point. It will help end noises on both fronts and shows the entire nation as the one to have chosen a leader. Demarcation of constituencies should only occur if some are being merged otherwise there is just too many constituencies

  27. gama says:

    Good idea on the part of mcp not dpp

  28. out of the box says:

    Redemarcation of wards and constituencies is unnecessary. However, if it goes ahead it should not be an electoral engineering process that results into more warda and constituencies as part of politicalpositioning for 2019/elections. In fact, the ccountry needs fewer constituencies, especially in some parts.

  29. buda says:

    Ambendela we still remember ur tears and u can’t resign

  30. Nsonda says:

    Malawi Malawi what a stupid country is this? We already have too many councilors and MPs more than even our neighboring country Zambia yet our country is smaller than theirs and we have less resources than them. I bet that 50+1 system is only serving a very small section of gluttons. Even if it were a referendum, that section could lose. So I don’t know whose interest Mbendera, Chimkwita Phiri and Nancy Tembo are serving. Are they serving the interest of Malawians or the interest of individual gluttons? When making such suggestions, don’t forget to tell the nation about the source of money that will be used in rerun elections. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Practical suggestions should match resources at hand.

  31. Njolinjo says:

    Kuwopa 50+1 eti?

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