Mutharika commends Malawi Defence Force for newly constructed Area 43 road  

President Prof. Peter Mutharika has commended Malawi Defence Force for constructing a 11 kilometre in Area 43 road citing it one amongst the developmental projects his government is intended to do for the country.

President Mutharika is being briefed about the project in Area 43 (C) Stanley Makuti

road upgraded to asphalt surfacing by the Malawi defence
Force in area 43 Lilongwe. pic- By Stanley Makuti-Mana

He made the remarks Tuesday in Lilongwe after he inspected the newly constructed road soon after opening the 2016/2017 Tobacco Marketing Season at the Lilongwe Auction Floors.

Mutharika said it is his hope the MDF will not relent but continue working with government in its quest to develop this nation.

“Apart from this road, MDF will also put the flyover bridge at Mtandire for easy crossing of the communities within that area,” the President said.

Briefing the President at the site, Commanding Officer from the Engineer’s Battalion, Lt. Col. Fostino Gundaphiri said the MDF was hired by the Ministry of Lands; Housing and Urban Development and all procedures were followed.

“This is the first time that Malawian Engineers’ Battalion has been involved in such a big project of constructing a road,” he explained.

This was a traditional contract as referred to in ‘the road engineering circle’ a part measurement, meaning that the contractor is paid after doing the work.

The 11 kilometre road is valued at over K963 million and cater for residents in Area 43 sector 4.

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18 thoughts on “Mutharika commends Malawi Defence Force for newly constructed Area 43 road  ”

  1. karonga says:

    Ehe, soldiers have constructed a road in Lilongwe which will benefit but only a few. What about the Jalawe Bridge on M1 road? How many meters is the length of the bridge where these engineers have run out of ideas? Construct this bridge because it is important to have it. Paja ma truck a DPP a chimanga anagwidwa ku Karonga ndi Chitipa ndiye sakuonanso kufunika kwa Northern Corridor.Utsiru basi chipani cha kuba ndi kupha cha DPP! Mukagwere makape nonse a DPP.

  2. tiyeni tiphunzire kuyamikira anzathu akachita bwino

  3. mtete says:

    Source of funds for the road,,?

  4. ChangingFaces says:

    If BT is indeed failing to match LL’s pace of development because it has “no space” as you insist, then we may as well crown Mzuzu as our new commercial city. Start by simply moving the Malawi Stock Exchange to the new RBM building. Mzuzu is reported to be “BOOMING” & given that chance, it will not disappoint. Besides, it has more SPACE than BT.

    LL City cannot take more than 3 million people without dire consequences on surrounding districts. Already, it’s just now crossing over into Dowa; this is unsustainable. LL needs a “partner city” and BT cannot take the pressure because of it’s got no “space”.

    So, yeah; let Mzuzu be our new “commercial capital”. A rapidly growing Mzuzu City would help enormously.

  5. Mbwiyewapata says:

    How different will the new flyover be from the others that we already have in LL and BT? They are not user-friendly and unless this one is designed differently, it will not serve any purpose; just a waste of taxpayers’ money.

  6. khanyiziral says:

    @ Myawo….you are right. Water boards ayamba kupanga sugar and Illovo ma bill a madzi.

  7. MYAO says:

    Changing Faces: Lilongwe is the Capital City of Malawi, this has to be demonstrated.
    Mapwiya: Za Ma flyover izi it’s same with Nkhokwe za madothi – Agree with u 100%

    Kodi sizingatheke ma Enginnerwa amange Mpanda kuzungulira Lake Malawi???


    1. monalisa says:

      You are just showing your ignorance. Armies all over the world are involved in such projects. Go to Kenya, Egypt you will witness this. The engineers battalion has the equipment and manpower to do this.

  8. Concerned citizen says:

    Flyovers are there in other countries. The problem with ours is the designs. The steps are so steep so much so that, they are not user friendly. The steps should start at a distance from where the flyover will be crossing the road so that, the steps will have a lower angle of rise as one climbs to the flyover , making it easy and less tiresome for the users.

  9. Magulajena weniweni. says:

    Izo ndiye ntchito za chitukuko boma limayenera kupanga kumene osati kungoba ndalama ayi.

  10. KD says:

    Tiziphunzira pa zomwe zinachitika kale.Taonani flyover ya pa tsoka market ku lilongwe,amaigwilitsa ntchito ndi angati kupatula ma street kids?

  11. gb says:

    the whole President talking about such a SMALL road project! We need BIG highways bwana

  12. Bolero says:

    MK963 million (MK87 million per Km) is a little bit exaggerated for a 11 km residential road network. Kalipokalipo.

    1. ziwani says:

      Under national roads authority regulations the max price 1km of asphalt road costs 100 million kwacha,the the highest grade of what the fuck is your argument .just stay quiet if you don’t know

  13. Mapwiya says:

    Za ma flyover bridges ndie ayi. Kodi palibe njira ina? tili ndi ma flyover pa Queens and near independence Arch in Blantyre and pa area 18 near puma filling station. These flyovers are not used by pedestrians. Opanga benefits ndi ma company because they use them to advertise their businesses (they are being used as billboards) .
    Come on Malawian engineers go back to your drawing boards and come up with alternative solution osati izi za ma flyovers

    1. Nadzimbiri says:

      I cant agree more

  14. ChangingFaces says:

    Its all good for Lilongwe City.

    What is funny is that DPP pays more attention to LL while BT wallows in abject poverty!! Nanga MCP ikadzakhala pa mpando, how wide is the gap btwn the two cities going to get?

    In just a space of the last decade, LL has new surbubs (43, 44, 46, etc) but all I hear out of BT are the same old run-down surbubs of Ndirande, Chilobwe, Zingwangwa, Nyambadwe,…

    1. Donatila says:

      There is no space in Blantyre.

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