Mutharika commit to secure funds for Blantyre Water Board

President Peter Mutharika on Tuesday paid a surprise visit to the Blantyre Water Board (BWB) to appreciate challenges hampering the utility body to improve the water situation for residents in Blantyre and surrounding areas.

Mutharika visiting BWB

Mutharika visiting BWB

Mutharika addressing BWM management

Mutharika addressing BWM management

Blantyre residents and surrounding communities have endured intermittent water supply as BWB frequently shut down its system to ably complete the installation of new water pumping machines at the main water intake, Walkers Ferry.

The development has seen most residents scrambling for water at unsafe sources.

As such, Mutharika said he was “extremely humbled” by the understanding and patience that the Blantyre residents have demonstrated in the face of extreme water challenges.

He also expressed concerned with the state of equipment and deforestation around Mudi dam catchment area.

BWB management also took trouble to update him on progress it has made to improve infrastructure mainly at the main pumping site

“I am particularly excited and supportive of the Likhubula Water Supply System project the board is planning to undertake.

“During my visit to India later this month, my government will conclude the deal to secure about K14 billion for the project where an additional 20,000 cubic metres of water will be produced and significantly reduce the water deficit in the city,” said Mutharika.

He said his government will support the Board’s long term plans to develop a new water source on the River Shire in order to meet the 2040 projected demand of 230,000 cubic metres of treated water.

“We have also approved reforms in Water Boards across the country which among other things will allow them to generate their own power which will help them save up to K1 billion every 4 months in electricity bills.

He also said he dream is to see water boards generating their own electricity for pumping water instead of just depending on the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom), which is not reliable with power supply and this affect pumping and distribution of water to households and industries.

Mutharika is expected conclude the deal with the Indian government at the Indian-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) later this month.

Government is trying to secure the funds for Blantyre Water Board’s project that will see the pumping of water from Mulanje Mountain and Lake Malawi to supply to the commercial city and surrounding communities.

It was also noted that BWB will start production of bottled water for their financial sustainability.

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20 thoughts on “Mutharika commit to secure funds for Blantyre Water Board”

  1. Nana says:

    To all the people degrading Indian products you better think twice. India is producing durable machinery. The country is exporting a lot of machinery of which some find their way to South Africa (our so called paradise). The much said tatas at police and army might have been procured from India yes but the question is, were we servicing them?

    FYI India is blessed with top of the class engineers that’s why:

    In 2009, India emerged as Asia’s fourth largest passenger car exporter behind Japan, South Korea and Thailand;

    There were 3695 factories producing automotive parts in India as of 2011;

    Statistics show that 30% of human resource at Microsoft is comprised of Indian;

    In 2011, India’s passenger car and commercial car manufacturing industry overtook Brazil to become sixth largest in the world.

    Hp out-sourced its customer care services for most developing countries to India;

    They have their own satellites (a far fetched dream for most countries even in Europe);

    The list goes on. So instead of attacking India for problems of our own making we better learn from them and utilize that knowledge for us to also become an exporting country.

  2. The Only Democrat Left says:

    The biggest forex payment being made even today is interest for those TATAS bought for police and army by Muluzi.
    If dunderhead Mutharika brought back the billions that he and his thankfully dead brother Bingu stole from Malawi every Malawian would have clean water. So hear well dunderhead Mutharika bring our money back to Malawi and then Foot Sake to Mikuyu

  3. Majaivane says:

    You were a millionaire before you came to malawi. Why are we suffering?

  4. kajedza says:

    To No. 11. We are in 2015 and not the 1990′ VW cars made in India are now exported to RSA -FYI. Tata indigo car was ‘Car of the Yea”r in South Africa. Jaguar & Landrover are made by Tata
    Components for NASA aircraft are made by Tata
    80% of the tippers in Malawi are from Tata-FYI

    All the software in the Malawi banks are from India.
    PVHO Malawi heavy machinery is from India.
    DWH has machines from India. Ginning factory Salima has machines made in India. Many of the equipments at Airports are made & from India

    Much better than importing Chickens & Potatoes and crisps from RSA

  5. Makwasasa says:

    I know the president is fat, but he needs to buy properly fitting suites, after all he is a millionare.

  6. Nyani says:

    Publicity stunt, this was just a dog and pony show. Nothing to write home about.

  7. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    Much as I am not a civil engineer but my gut feeling is this Mulanje to Blantyre piped water system is another white elephant. If we are having problems pumping water from Nkula to Blantyre with a height difference of 1km and a distance of less than 50km what’s more with Mulanje which is almost 70km away and mountainous all the way? And to make matters worse were talking about 20,000 cubic meters of water only! Why don’t you improve the much closer Chiradzulu dam? By the way I felt sad one day when I read that Lilongwe Water Board is about to raise Kamuzu dam 1 by a further 7 meters. If they do that it will make Kamuzu dam almost a lake. Then Just imagine the dam collapses due to too much rain or construction fault much of the entire length of Lilongwe city will be washed away starting from Chigwiri through Chinsapo, Area 2, 3 (including the LWB pumping station itself), Old Town, Bwalo la Njovu, Chilinde, City Centre, Kauma, etc,etc. Why not try Diampwi River near Linthipe? Nde athu inu mwagundika kugula malo mbali imeneyi kaya zanu izo. Is it not last year that we head Kariba dam in Zambia/Zimbabwe may collapse anytime if nothing is done and that our fellow Malawians in Chapananga and Nsanje are at risk of a wash away if that happens!

  8. mtate mike rsa says:

    Wena pitala u have nothing to offer we already know that u are good for nothing just keepon stealing our money noone to blem(i doubt if u can succeed in all this fuckshit of wota)

  9. Yona says:

    Just get money from India and buy products from South Africa. That’s all. Don’t tell me we are buying anything from there. And a bwana when you go there be careful amwenye know how to talk…they will give you advance payment for everything. Be careful bwana…mwamva?

  10. The real ujeni says:

    I hope in India it is money deal only but if it is products worth that amount, am afraid will be back next year same time like today crying of the same problems. Don’t you Malawi people and government forget how TATA vehicles bought for the Police and Army ended up Parked at garages immediately after one year? Government lost billions of kwacha on that deal. Indian products are not of high standard and durable. Don’t say you were not reminded about this. We are people who forget quickly and accept low quality products as long as its from overseas.

  11. losco says:

    This is my President!

  12. Wozitsata says:

    More funds when funds from the European Investment bank are under forensic audit?

  13. Noah says:

    All you who see what our president is doing is nothing,, don’t worry,, just work hard and be a president one day,, that’s when you will do what you want.. As for now,, let him lead us!!!!!!! He is Peter wamunthalika basi!!!!!! Not youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! His aims and moves are not your aims and moves!!!!!!!


    A brother of a Dictator and a dictator himself! Do u in ur wildest dream,he will secure funds for BWB or for himself since he don,t listen to anyone but to himself. That’s how dictator behaves. Please don,t hold your breath,nothing will happen

  15. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    BWB atikwana zedi (We’ve had more than enough of BWB ineptiness; and we are fed up.)

    1.BWB people hosted APM only to protect their jobs. The president should have gone there
    to ruffle feathers, no less; rather than appease the establishment. It is his job to criticize a failed administration like BWB (and ESCOM). And I just hope APM was not thrown off his game or rattled by the unfair criticism he got from the way he handled the media on his return from the UN. No need to be a gentleman politician. Malawi does NOT need one.

    2.Mr President: it’s one thing to secure funding for infrastructure for BWB, but another to
    make sure the funds are NOT spent in corrupt manner. You have to shake up BWB, to be sure.

    3. It would be irresponsible for BWB to venture into H2O bottling business, when the outfit
    cannot handle their primary responsibility, in the first place. The evidence for BWB’s
    ineptness has been cataloged for many years now, and is all over the place. Why haven’t some heads not rolled?

    4.Finally, a suggestion: Give the responsibility for BWB (and ESCOM) to Akweni Kaliati. But she should be relieved of some her current responsibilities first. You want some results, get Akweni – a proven politician with a record of results. There is truth in the saying, in management, that if you want results, give the assignment to a person who is always busy, and results oriented! That person knows how to prioritize!

  16. Achimidzimidzi says:

    By the way how is the audit going on. I do not trust BWB management.

  17. Sapitwa says:

    Water from Mulanje mountain? Is this gona be sustainable? The trees there are getting depleted everyday. During the rainy season, there is always too much silt through the pipes causing blockages and in turn leading to dry taps.
    I have this challenge at my village home in which I tapped in water from Mulanje Water Board. During dry season, the water level in the rivers is also very low.
    Do a thorough feasibility study although Ndata house gets water from there with no challenge, it is so because that line is sorely for Ndata. This might not work for the city.

  18. Truck says:


  19. Tsabango says:

    In You Mr President We Trust…Devil Alibe Mphamvu Pa Maso Pa Chauta Ndipo Mu Dzina La Yesu Khristu Amagonja Ndithu.

  20. joko says:

    U better do it ASAP chifukwa ukumaiwala kuti unalonjeza ku utitumikila ukuyamba mwano,wamela mano eti?

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