Mutharika confident to rule Malawi up to 2024

President Peter Mutharika insisted he would win the 2019’s elections and rule Malawi for another five-year term despite his advanced years.

President Mutharika: I will win by landslide in 2019

President Mutharika: I will win by landslide in 2019

Malawi will hold another periodic elections in 2019 at the end of Mutharika’s first term.

But the 76-year-old has expressed interest to seek another term and  predicted a “landslide” in favour of the  ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Speaking in an exclusive interview with state broadcaster MBC television, President Mutharika said he was grateful that most of his priorities namely foreign direct Investment, skills development, civil service reform, greenbelt revolution, cement and malata subsidy are on course.

“These priorities will grow and transform Malawi .We have delivered what we promised and we are still delivering.  Therefore, I don’t see anything stopping us from winning with a landslide in 2019,” he said.

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) said they are working on strategies to avoid the “vote rigging” saying Mutharika “won’t be able to cheat,” in the 2019 polls.

MCP has always claimed Mutharika and his DPP were elected on “fabricated results”.

Party spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila said MCP legitimately won the elections but DPP stole their victory.

Recently CSO released a 2014 Tripartite Election report entitled: “Election Situation Room: Analysis of the 2014 Tripartite Elections in Malawi” which describes the election as “Neither Fair nor Credible” and among other things calling for reforms in the country’s electoral processes and systems including enhancing the independence and technical capacity of the Malawi Election Commission (MEC) –

MCP publicist insisted: “It will still be on record that May 20 2014 elections were fraudulent.”

Dowa East Member of Parliament (MP) Richard Banda has said there is need for Parliament to pass laws aimed at bringing sanity in the way elections are conducted in the country.

Malawi uses the first-past-the-post system where the candidate with the largest share of votes is declared winner of the presidential race.

The outcome of the May 20, 2014 presidential results was mired in controversy amid allegations of rigging and confusion over how the MEC should have proceeded in the wake of conflicting court rulings on vote counting.

The results of the vote were announced on 30 May, minutes after the High Court refused a last-ditch attempt to block their release and allow time for a recount.

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75 thoughts on “Mutharika confident to rule Malawi up to 2024”

  1. Chewelesine says:


  2. Ausward Mwale says:

    Everyone has problem let him rule till 5yrs

  3. achembele says says:

    munabeladi panopa ndikuchenjeza nonse amene munagwila ntchito yobela zisankho posachedwapo mulungu atenga mmodzi mmodzi mabanja anu akhala amasiye munabela olakwika izi zichitika pasathe minyezi itatu chifukwa chosaopa mulungu

  4. vavlov says:

    I cant believe DDP claims that they have delivered on their promises; what exactly? If not careful, Malawi will one day be ruled by a baboon, as long as the babooon comes from a populous region, can wear a suit, necktie and utter some inaudible noises. People will still cheer and support it even if they don’t understand a word being spoken by the baboon.

  5. Maliseche says:

    That’s a fact!
    Which opposition party in Africa ever conceded defeat?..what you hear is expected ATIBERA, ATIBERA, ATIBERA…MCP kumangobeledwa mpaka liti…machende ako kabwira!

  6. Balamanthu says:

    Chaponda will not wait till 2024 to be President.In normal circumstances, DPP cannot win 2019 elections.Munabera zija zinakwana

  7. Chimani. Game says:

    It’s not just about winning but what you do for the country you fool

  8. mzimwale says:

    I cry for my beloved country. We have a leader who has nothing to offer to us but still wants to stay in power. We have people who are suffering but can proudly vote for a useless person just because they are of the same tribe.
    Bwana president, its not just a matter of winning elections. tell us where do you want Malawi to be in 2019 because that is the tenure we have so far given you. the rest is for the citizens to decide.

  9. Kkkkkkkkk says:

    You will indeed rule kumaliseche a gertrude till 2019 not Malawi. In your hallucinations fotsek that is ngati utafikeko ku 2019’ko.

  10. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Peter Mutharika, 2019 yo ndiye ukunamiza anthu. Your DPP govt will neither steal or win.

  11. First offender says:

    No.35 you are not God the future of APM is in the hands of God not you satanist

  12. Wayu says:

    Wishing you all the best bambo Muthalika

  13. malawian says:

    mbwiyache mukamba za chisankho pano, m’alo moti mulosole kaye za chitukuko. eee chabwino mudzawina ndiye?

  14. DPP will win come 2019. I do not think is there any party in here to compete with dpp

  15. Omex70 says:

    That’s being stupid. Have you forgotten what your late brother used to say? People were crying due to hardships but he was arrogant. People are crying today but their cries are just falling on deaf ears. God will help Malawian in his own way and time.

  16. edda mwalweni says:

    Mukalamula ku Ndata komwekotu?

  17. zombo says:

    your brother had the same view,but look now will do the same to u.

  18. thosimo matapwata says:

    DPP will carry the day again. I don’t see MCP winning an election any more.MCP is a regional party for the Center. Go to the Southern Region, you will not hear about MCP. Its all forgotten. DPP is a national party if results of the 20 May 2014 elections are anything to go by. They swept more votes in the South, collected some votes from the center and north. MCP failed miserably in the south and do not expect any change. This trend will continue and MCP shall continue crying like that . DPP woyee!!!!!!!

  19. clement says:

    D P P can’t lose elections with the family parties. Boma mpaka 2090 woyee

  20. matchonisa says:

    Only ur wife will vote 4 u. U r de worst of all presidents Malawi has ever had. Your best achievement in zis contry is stealing votes and cashgating. I feel sorry 4 zis old thief.

  21. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    If APM and DPP continue on the path they are on, there is no stopping them from winning again convincingly, in 2019. DPP is now perceived by Malawians as a winner: and perception is almost everything in politics. Good job, so far!
    By then, MCP will have even less traction. DPP will be more competitive than last year, even in MCP’s own backyard, the Central Region. And MCP will continue crying foul, as they have always done since multiparty. Nothing new there.

  22. Chaghi says:

    wagulitsa MSB,INDEBANK,pano ufuna upange legalise homosexual,waonjezera 10% yama civil servant,ukuchedwetsa malipiro amacivil servant mpaka pa 45,ndiye uyembekezere kuwina 2019?,apo ndiye uyiwale.mulungu si joseph amaona.

  23. MAMA says:






  24. Polandos says:

    I doubt if your dry born wl live again

  25. Makhuwira says:

    Malawian are up to now sleeping people where we vote for someone who come from our tribe not a performer . Look at Zambia doing they vote for a person who will take the country from point A to B . And Edgar Chagwa Lungu is Tumbuka a minority because he can perform was elected . An underdeveloped and poorest country on earth Malawi where you can find jealousy people there is no way this country can develop .

  26. Senior Citizen says:

    Chi***ru azizakuvotera ndani. Kukamwa ngati wameza ndulu

  27. Zanga ziiii says:

    With or without MCP, DPP wont go through 2019. Nothing more to add, kill me or not. The Holy one of Israel is saying something to me.

  28. Chatty man says:

    You will be at the nursing home by that time sorry!!

  29. Mbuchindele says:

    Tachionani kukamwako ngati Chadza many*

  30. Dingi Mputeni says:

    Simalingana nanunso asazakupatseni dzina la Daniel Phiri 11 muli pa stretcher ulendo waku Joweni.Koma nkhalamba yamatama yokhala ngati chule wodumpha pamalo popanda dzenje sinawone.

  31. yosefe gambatula says:

    Poti alomwe akwa Goliyati amatha kukwatira ali zaka 12 muma tea plantation since they don’t have any entertainment ndipo azakhala atabelekana ngati ziyabwe.That might be possible if cardiac arrest will pity him.He think his friend Saulosi will have again the opportunity to tamper with the voting system?Mwagwanayo mbava inu.

  32. kenkkk says:

    Now that he has his own bank to bankroll dpp,who is going to stop them. They will indeed win again in 2019 and 2024. We the opposition are still sleeping.

    Mcp wake up and start doing something about mec and electoral reforms. Start by moving mec to Lilongwe,an important institution like that can’t remain headquartered in bt.

  33. captain says:

    Mr ibu . 2019 udzatani? Kkkk udzakhala utasiilatu kulankhula iwe

  34. Naphili says:

    Of course he will rule over stupid Malawians until 2024

  35. GIE says:


  36. thinktankmalawi says:

    He will be 84 by 2024…Still strong..Mcp can not win. .Will never rule’s a regional party

  37. mapwevupwevu president…

  38. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    That’s day dreaming like the rich young fool in the Bible who did not know that his life was needed in heaven.

  39. Kamwaze Bonomali says:

    Knowing how crooked Malawi politics is, APM has every right to be confident to retain power. This man won an election where we least expected him to win and from an impossible angle, become the first opposition leader to unseat a sitting president after multiparty democracy. MCP will do well not to take such utterances lightly becoz DPP carries the levers of power now. Honestly, the only elections where the opposition have a chance are the 2024 elections. Until then, keep on opposing and appraising while DPP is enjoying maphwevupwevu.

  40. Aferazao says:

    How can one rule a country while in the grave?

  41. George phiri says:

    If you dont die by then tidzangokulodza kapena tidzapitanso kwa tb joshua.

  42. Zulu says:

    That’s true DPP will continue ruling this country. I’m pleased with the way they are managing our economy with no donor support. This shows if donors were supporting this government, DPP would have been STAR performers. Peter, Goodall, Grace Chiumia and Saulos, Congratulations and keep it up! I love you. Mwaaah!

    1. zigawenga izi za dpp

  43. ujeni says:

    kulota sakaniza

  44. Omex70 says:

    This is chicken thinking by the so called president.

  45. Cockroach says:

    Malodza ndithu, why can’t you give Chilima a the mantle in 2019? You r too old

  46. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians, we don’t have any problem as far as you Muthalika don’t make our country the poorest in the world. What we want is change.

  47. Peter Benga says:

    Everyone dreams.That is just his dream.Nothing to comment on

  48. Bololo says:

    Koma ndiye tisauka osati pang’ono.

  49. jimbo says:

    I am sure Bingu thought he would be president until 2014, but look what happened to him! Why is APM so concerned about being in office for a further 5 years? A lot can happen in the next four years, especially when someone is 76 years old. APM needs to concentrate his mind on the present term of office and leave the future to take care of itself. If he is around for the next general election, he will no doubt win it like he won the last one! This man is greedy for power and all that it brings, not because he wants to make a difference to the development of Malawi. Even a President can have be involved in a road accident. Don’t count your chickens until they hatch!

  50. Nganga says:

    Yeah! He will steal the votes one more time. Poor malawians!

  51. Nabetha says:

    Yayikazi inde siyikoka ngolo komanso we don’t send a boy to do men’s job.

  52. MAN KENYA says:

    Man proposes, God disposes. What if God rules otherwise?

  53. ELHAPO says:

    Remember what God said to the fellow who was mesmerized with his harvest and was planning on building additional ‘Nkhokwes’?

  54. atate says:

    If you change , you will be able to do so and if not, am sorry Mr beloved APM

  55. chatonda says:

    Peter will have a mountain to climb. With MSB sale and 92billion kwacha case on his head? He should wait without making such fake promises. Let him work first and deliver and of curse change the economic landscape in the country. There will be acute hunger here and this will affect his credibility tremendously. Theft of public money is still taking place and nothing is happening to stop this and donors are aware of this. I doubt

  56. Suthasiri Mikaele says:

    Will he be alive by then?Just remind him how old his brother was when he kicked the bucket.

  57. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    How does he know he will go beyond 2019? Is he perhaps afraid of the cases to be resurrected after 2019? MSB sale 577 billion etc? Useless and clueless leader Wamuthanyula.

  58. nkhoma says:

    The Malawi Kwacha is already depreciating against the US$. Yet the tobacco selling season is not yet over. Posachedwapa mafuta ayambanso kukwera mtengo. Zinthu zonse zikweranso mtengo kutsatira mafuta, typical of our economy. Moyo omwe panopa ukuwawa, to quote one Lucius Banda, utentha.

    Posachedwapa a bwana kuli njala ya dzaoneni. People will be looking up to you to provide solutions. I don`t see you providing any meaningful solutions. Why spend forex to import maize instead of embarking on large scale maize production through irrigation and winter cropping and then importing small quantities to cover for the short fall.

    Za mmawa sizidziwika bwana you cant predict a landslide electoral victory for elections slated four years and nine years away respectively. Don`t play with the Creator, Mwina mukudalira rigging machine muli nayoyo. Zimenezo timaphwasula ndi payer as we did with life presidency, kenaka third term

  59. Mwipwa says:

    Really dreaming in black colours

  60. Ziess Namalanje says:

    if we are to see change of government the MEC headquarters should be transferred to the capital city. WHY Blantyre?

  61. shaaaa! says:

    KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK kadya kalista akutengani

  62. Malawian says:

    That is the problem with Malawi’s politics, we are perpetually in a campaign period. Mr President, please concentrate on developing the country instead of thinking of what you can do to win the next election!

  63. Professor Seyani says:

    Mr Ibu zowona zimenezo? Kapumeni plz

  64. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Keep dreaming.

  65. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    Mbuzi uli busy pano kuti udzabeleso chisankho mmalo motipatsa ife wanthu zomwe tikufuna taking Malawians for granted.

  66. BigMan says:

    Well, MCP is never going to rule Malawi again with their history of genocide. So DPP winning and winning is the logical conclusion.

  67. Stanley says:

    Advice to our opposition, please for your help unite this Mutharika is unstoppable, unfortunately for you he is delivering the deliverables, unfortunately for the MCP and others voters know which ones can be undeliverable

  68. JB says:

    He is God now?

  69. Mbewa ndi nchira says:

    Without my vote of course.

    Opusa ndi a MCP bwenzi utachoka iwe

  70. John says:


  71. Boyd Kilembey says:

    That is FANTASTIC and COCASTIC DR Prof Mutharika…

  72. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Boma ilooo!! DPP boma!!
    You deserve a third term bwana!!! Wamuyaya inu bwana.

  73. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Mwaiwala MSB,mWAIWALA 577kb, zikuonetsa kuti tsopano amalawi opusawa mwawabera kwambiri mpaka ku chalenja chomchi

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